24 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-29-23

  1. Good Saturday morning, Wanderers!

    Muss Bosley says it’s time for a nap after First Breakfast.

    No.Can.Do. PT exercise, Bible reading andcstudy, prayer, shopping, cleaning, organizing, litter box, cooking, weeding out clothes, and perhaps a visit with a friend. Also, there is a lawn to mow and more clearing of the lower 40 (feet).

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  2. Who knew someone had a western saddle in her living room and that it is a good place to put keys and the dog leash? 🙂

    Janice, Lee Strobel’s book, “A Case for a Creator” brings up those important facts you were talking about yesterday. Thinking it all just happens seems so foolish.

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  3. Morning! Going to reach 60 degrees today and all that wet snow will be but a memory.
    I had to go back to find out who lost their keys…a saddle? I do love the smell of the rich leather on saddles. A coffee shop had opened up a few years ago having saddle stools instead of chairs. It was a bit weird sitting that way… the shop closed in less than a year

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  4. That is a beautiful church building and I hope they still ring that bell ! 🔔
    There is a church down the road that has the graveyard on the property. One must be a member to be buried there…

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  5. The Mr. McK had a camel saddle that he inherited from his dad. His dad was posted to one of the Arab nations for a while, I think, while in the military.

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  6. That is a beautiful church building. I very much enjoy seeing the variety that house all kinds of congregations.

    We had someone visiting from a different denomination from Sudan last week. Wondering if maybe they were looking to have a church meeting place at our site for their people leaving the war torn nation.

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  7. I visited my 93-y/o friend today and left two sad looking violets with her that I have not been able to provide for during the past year. She truly has a green thumb. She has a small sunny room with her washer and dryer surrounded by plants. She gave me a very small Christmas cactus to bring home. Not sure I should have taken it. There is one pink bud tip showing.

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  8. My mother had quite a green thumb. I do not.

    In case anyone wonders why I wrote “The Mr. McK. . .” it is because I started the sentence off as “The McK dad. . .” and then changed it, but missed the “The.”

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  9. I don’t have a green thumb either, but my mom sure did. I’d be asking her all kinds of advice now if she were still alive.

    I’m thinking it might be time to water today, we haven’t had any rain for a couple weeks. But I think we may be getting more this coming week, I haven’t double-checked that forecast for details or confirmation, though.

    Peter. Ouch.

    (Kizzie, “… changed it, but missed the ‘The'” — you’re taking a page from my posting habits)

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  10. Today has been tough. I did get “porch time” with my friend M so that filled my bucket.
    I am somewhat having a hard time with the age I am even though my birthday was in January. You should have seen M’s face when I was showing how I was trying to help Little Miss do a cart wheel.
    Yeah. I probably need to stop doing that.

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  11. My mother had a terrific green thumb, while I do not. However, the truth is she just enjoyed gardening and worked at it. She studied to achieve that green thumb. I just did not have the desire to do more than the bare minimum to have some decent plants growing around me.

    Kim, hang around with really old people and you will feel quite young. We do that regularly with my husband playing music for so many assisted living facilities. Of course, you also see your possible future, which can be good or bad. There are some very, very old people who simply amaze me.

    I was reading a book from the library about a family who lived and cared for a lighthouse on the north shore of Lake Superior. I came upon the story about my dad’s uncle who drown while fetching the mail by boat. The other fellow assistant keeper with him also drowned. It was sad reading about his young wife leaving the lighthouse. Their bodies were never recovered, but the boat was found. They were told to never tie off the sail and when the boat was found the sail was, indeed, tied off. That disobedience led to their deaths.

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  12. That is so tragic, Kathaleena.

    Kim, I am glad you felt able to try and teach cartwheels😀 So often as people age they try to push the boundaries to what they are able to do. Accidents and injufies happen. It is a wise one who gradually slows down to avoid injury. Recently a friend my age fell off a ladder doing yard work. Banged up but thankfully not broken. She won’t do that trick again.

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  13. It is a rainy morning so I am not driving to church given my poor vision.

    My vision and driving skills got a workout yesterday. Part of the main route to my friend’s home was shut down so I had to drive into downtown Decatur and on toward downtown Atlanta to then turn back to go toward her street. So thankful to still know my way around as well as I do. It took about an extra hour in making the round trrc ip to see her.

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  14. Good morning, all. Sitting out on the deck, praising our Creator. Birds are singing, hummingbirds are humming, farmers are farming, leaves are bursting forth as we speak and all the others are inside.

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  15. Morning! Beautiful sun shiny day and I have been up since 3am.
    Husband’s birthday today and he is driving to AZ to crew and pace for a friend in a 6day 250mile uber ultra race. Yesterday it was 100 degrees there. I keep telling him to remember how old he is but he doesn’t pay attention to age numbers…only weird engineering mind twisting numbers!

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  16. Our pastor, former track & field and beach volleyball standout, but is now probably in his mid-60s?, played in a beach volleyball tournament this past week with his college-student son.

    But when a spiked ball shot straight up in the air and he looked up, realizing it was coming right for him (“I can still calculate, I just can’t ‘move'” he joked), he was able to swiftly dash sideways so his teammate could take it.

    Good being in church and catching up with a few folks. My elder who had the surgery was well, wearing a well-fitted medical mask which I was glad to see (doctor’s orders, I’m sure). He started chemo Friday and said so far he’s good, no particular ill effects, but that may not last. But he said the surgery went well and he’s feeling “almost” completely back to normal now, he seemed cheerful. So good to see him.

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  17. We had a smattering of rain again this morning. It’s just cloudy now, expected temps this week in the low- to mid-60s. Very cool for this time of year for us.

    Abby got scared last night, something shifted on the floor while she was hovering around me as I was watching a movie and suddenly a nearby leaning baby gate became unstable and crashed down on the floor with a terrific clatter.

    Abby turned into one of those cartoon dogs, spinning and spinning in circles, feet frantically running in place as her nails failed to get a grip. She was a black and white blur.

    When she finally got her footing she sped in a flash to the backyard in a terror, probably convinced her first fears about me were coming true, I was surely out to entrap and have her for dinner!

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  18. I found out today that the small town where my church is located within the city limits is trying to put through s city ordinance that would make trans rights override religious freedom. The pastor had a very good sermon based on Ephesians (identity in Christ) and Genesis (God made man and woman in His image). I am in awe of how he spoke love and truth together about the situation. Effort is being made to revise the wording of the ordinance to preserve religious freedom. I liked how the pastor spoke of Finland, Sweden, and Brittain, countries which have revised previous thinking based on the latest research about those identifying as trans.

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