28 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-21-23

  1. The Biden admin is dirty, from the top down.

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  2. And R’s in Congress are doing nothing about it.

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  3. Sounds like a good thing to me, less fake news.

    And less stupid.

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  4. So Fauci lied under oath too.

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  5. But parading GrandMas go to jail for years….

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  6. Of course, the Biden admin and FBI must protect the degenerates at all costs.

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  7. Weird, right?

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  8. Sometimes events have nothing to do with the moral panic of the day. Men walking in high heels in support of women has been going on for over 20 years all over the US and elsewhere


    My neighbourhood today was full of men wearing dresses and they even had their sons wearing dresses. Its Eid al Fitr and the mosque was busy. Like Catholics at Easter showing off their suit and dress, Muslims are in their “Friday best” and for men that means a full dress some with vibrant colours.

    The Oregon crossdressing article was weird. What exactly constitutes “encouraging” that’s way too vague to be useful? Personally, I find kids in drag as distasteful as child beauty pageants but I’m sure there are some who would approve of the latter but not the former. In each case, its about a child being sexualized with the intent of winning a prize or receiving money.

    Is it not normal practise to NOT release a shooter’s manifesto? I thought police stopped doing that as to not encourage others to seek the same attention?

    Apparently Musk is maintaining the blue check for some people like King free of charge; he needs to maintain the value of the mark. In any case, Musk is using twitter as his personal trolling device. I’ve seen less attention seeking behaviour from my students.


  9. Just one of the many examples of election interference that we knew about over two years ago. The coup to overthrow our government is finally (and slowly!) getting exposed. When do the trials for these criminals start?

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  10. It’s pathetic HRW, and does nothing to advance the plight of women. Especially when those same lawmakers support trans men taking over women’s sports. It’s shallow, pathetic, virtue signaling by a bunch of clowns, no matter what country it’s done in.


  11. And no, they release manifestos in nearly all cases where one exists.

    Also, the Muslim men aren’t wearing dresses, they wearing traditional outfits, called thobes.


    “The thobe is a long robe worn by Muslim men. The top is usually tailored like a shirt, but it is ankle-length and loose. It is usually white, but may also be found in other colors, especially in winter. Depending on the country of origin, variations of the thobe may be called the dishdasha (such as is worn in Kuwait) or the kandourah (common in the United Arab Emirates).”

    But nice try.

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  12. Tychicus,

    Agreed, bon’t hold your breathe.

    Republicans are mostly useless, and have no desire to hold their fellow uni-party pals feet to the fire.

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  13. See HRW,

    When leftists have the opportunity to actually do something beneficial for women, they do nothing.

    Virtue signaling again, but not for women. The perverts and degenerates always come first in the Democrat hierarchy. That’s a fact.

    “Zero Democrats Vote For House Bill To Protect Women’s Sports”


    “The House of Representatives passed legislation on Thursday to protect women’s sports leagues by banning male athletes who identify as females from competing.

    The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act of 2023 would amend Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 such that recipients of federal financial assistance which operate sports leagues cannot “permit a person whose sex is male to participate in an athletic program or activity that is designated for women or girls.” The legislation passed with 219 affirmative votes, all of which came from Republicans, and 203 negative votes, all of which came from Democrats.

    “The Democrats have gone to great lengths to call this bill extreme. The Democrats have gone to great lengths, being almost hysterical, to call this bill discriminatory,” Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), the chairwoman of the House Education and Workforce Committee, said in a floor speech on Wednesday. “It’s quite telling when the other party attempts to tear things down without offering an alternative vision. Democrats refuse to posit a reason for allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports that comports with principles of athletic competition.”

    Critics of allowing self-identified transgender athletes to compete in women’s sports leagues note that men have inherent physical advantages over women.”

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  14. Well media, you built this, so enjoy!

    “Biden Sits And Stares At Press For Almost A Minute As Handlers Scream At Them To Vacate Room”

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  15. Believe her!

    Or not.

    “CIA Accused of ‘Discouraging Women From Making Sexual Misconduct Complaints’

    A woman “alleged she was raped by a colleague at the CIA” in recent months. A second woman claimed, “the same thing happened when she was sexually assaulted by a colleague at work.””


    “Politico reported that the House Intelligence Committee has started investigating claims the CIA mishandles sexual assault and harassment accusations.

    It’s disturbing:

    At least three female CIA employees have approached the committee since January to tell them that the agency is discouraging women from making sexual misconduct complaints, according to one of the people, attorney Kevin Carroll, who represents the first employee who talked to the committee. He also said the CIA is making it difficult for alleged victims to speak to law enforcement.

    The allegations led committee chair Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio) and ranking member Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.) to send a letter last week to CIA director Bill Burns to ask for the agency’s help looking into the issues, according to another of the four people, who was granted anonymity to discuss the private letter. Burns responded within 24 hours and pledged full cooperation, according to a senior CIA official.

    Carroll said his client has told him that as many as 54 women at the CIA over the past decade have said they were been victims of sexual assault or misconduct by colleagues, and that their cases were improperly handled. POLITICO could not independently verify that assertion.

    A woman “alleged she was raped by a colleague at the CIA” in recent months. No one has punished the alleged suspect. A second woman claimed, “the same thing happened when she was sexually assaulted by a colleague at work.”

    A third woman said officials ignored her complaints of “a male colleague who had allegedly physically assaulted her and tried to forcibly kiss her repeatedly.”

    The woman didn’t complain once or to one person. She went to “numerous offices.” No one has punished the male:

    She also said she was told by officials in the CIA’s security office that if she reported the incident to law enforcement, they would not protect her anymore from the alleged assailant. She said she was warned that moving forward with the allegation could end her career at the agency, according to Carroll and the complaint.

    He said the CIA also threatened the women who were going to Congress with adverse consequences if they spoke out.

    Local law enforcement confirmed they’re investigating the woman’s case.
    The CIA has denied the accusations with the usual vanilla statement. “We don’t tolerate this behavior.” “We take every complaint seriously.” Yada yada yada.

    Well, Kevin Byrnes, a partner at the FH+H law, is also the Equal Employment Opportunity lawyer for the woman.

    Byrnes said, “he represents several other CIA employees who are alleging they were sexually assaulted or harassed in the workplace:”

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  16. Well…. yeah. You aren’t supposed to point out how compromised he is.

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  17. Truth.

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  18. But isn’t that a good thing that they are asking people to donate to the fundraiser for the policeman?

    I can’t imagine how one goes about writing an obituary for a son who did such an awful thing. In their eyes, he was their beloved son, but maybe it would have been better to not have an obituary printed, keeping it private for family and close friends.

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  19. People aren’t able to think straight when they are coping with a sudden and traumatic loss. I would give the parents a pass as long as they are not trying to draw attention to themselves unnecessarily.

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  20. Debra – I agree. They are grieving just as the other families are grieving, with the added layer of their son being guilty of this awful crime.

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  21. It probably should have come with an acknowledgement of what their son did. But that’s easy for me to say. It’s possible that they are in some level of denial about what he did and can’t fully acknowledge it to themselves yet. It happens.

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