34 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-18-23

  1. Biden is intent on building a recession.

    “The war on those with good credit”


    “Here’s a story that hasn’t drawn nearly enough attention yet. A new change being driven by the Biden administration’s Federal Housing Authority will cause new fees and increased interest rates for home mortgages. Starting on May 1st, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will offer discounted mortgage rates to prospective home buyers with “riskier credit backgrounds” (meaning people with poor credit ratings) to enable them to qualify for a mortgage. But that will generate more losses in the system and that money will have to be made up somehow. So people holding lower-cost mortgages because they have a good credit rating will be charged more, leading to their monthly mortgage payments going up. I suppose this is the latest front in the battle for “equity.” (NY Post)

    A little-noticed revamp of federal rules on mortgage fees will offer discounted rates for home buyers with riskier credit backgrounds — and force higher-credit homebuyers to foot the bill, The Post has learned.

    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will enact changes to fees known as loan-level price adjustments (LLPAs) on May 1 that will affect mortgages originating at private banks nationwide, from Wells Fargo to JPMorgan Chase, effectively tweaking interest rates paid by the vast majority of homebuyers.

    What is it that we were always told? You have to be a responsible borrower and maintain a good credit rating so the banks will be able to “trust you” when you need to apply for a mortgage or take out some other type of loan. Those with poor credit ratings were either charged ludicrously high interest rates or turned down entirely when applying for a loan. It was always a somewhat dysfunctional system, but it somehow managed to work for all these years.

    But now, your credit history apparently doesn’t matter. Or at least it doesn’t matter for those with poor credit ratings. It definitely matters for those who paid their bills on time because their mortgage payments are about to go up. So we once again see the Biden administration punishing those who played by the rules and imposing yet another tax on working-class people who purchased a home instead of renting.”

    So the folks who do it right will be punished in the name of some sort of false “equity,” and the undeserving benefit.

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  2. Not surprising, but the 85 year old man who shot the teen in KC has been charged with 2 felonies by the DA.

    Not surprising, because the mob must be placated before the rioting starts.

    Now maybe we can hear the homeowners side. Sorry but I won’t react just because someone who’s reps and family have 1.5 million and counting reasons to push a narrative say so.

    The homeowner says the teen was trying to open his door so he thought it was a robbery.

    Note also after police saying race played no part, the black DA now says it did.

    Let’s wait.


    “Charges were filed Monday against an elderly Kansas City, Missouri, man who shot through his front glass door at a Black teen last week, striking the victim twice, Clay County Prosecuting Attorney Zachary Thompson announced.

    Andrew Lester, an 85-year-old White male, is facing one count of armed assault and one count of armed criminal action for shooting 16-year-old Ralph Yarl with a .32-caliber pistol around 10 p.m. Thursday.

    Yarl was released from the hospital Sunday and is recovering at home from gunshot wounds to his head and arm.

    Thompson said at a press conference Monday that “there was a racial component” to the shooting.

    “We understand how frustrating this has been, but I can assure you that the criminal justice system is working and will continue to work,” Thompson said. “As with any serious case, we approach this one in an objective and impartial manner.”

    Yarl’s aunt, Faith Spoonmore, wrote in a GoFundMe that her nephew was picking up his younger brothers at a friend’s house last Thursday evening and accidentally went to the wrong home one block away because he didn’t have his phone.

    Lester told police that he had just gone to bed when he heard his doorbell ring, so he picked up his gun and went to the door, according to the probable cause statement. He saw a Black male pulling at the exterior door handle and shot twice through the glass door because he thought his house was being broke into, the statement said.

    There’s no indication that Lester and Yarl exchanged any words, and no one else witnessed the shooting, the prosecutor said.

    There is also no home surveillance footage that recorded the encounter. ”


    How can the DA now say race played a roll, when no words were ever exchanged?

    Or is the DA saying he can read minds to decide intent?

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  3. I am glad that the young man will be ok. It sounds like a misunderstanding all the way around. But perhaps it’s time for the elderly fellow to give over his gun. I hope he doesn’t do jail time.

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  4. Judge Says He WasTold to Find No Evidence of Government Misconduct in Jan. 6 Case. (There, fixed it!)

    It’s awful hard to win in a trial when you’re “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” – just ask Pres. Trump. Corrupt judges are another source of our loss of freedoms. This current regime has our judicial system upside-down – it is blatantly making a mockery of Constitutional law.

    We are in for a long and terrible fight agains these tyrants…


    “The federal judge overseeing the Proud Boys seditious-conspiracy trial in Washington on April 16 rejected a defendant’s calls for a mistrial and his allegations of evidence tampering, withholding of exculpatory evidence, and government misconduct.

    In a 10-page ruling, U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly rejected requests from defendant Dominic Pezzola for a mistrial or dismissal of charges.

    Kelly called Pezzola’s conclusions “bizarre” and said they “lack legal and factual support.”

    Pezzola claimed he was deprived of exculpatory evidence from video footage aired in March on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

    Drawn from 41,000 hours of security video from the U.S. Capitol, the Fox broadcasts claimed that defendant Jacob Chansley, known as the QAnon Shaman, was escorted around the building by police on Jan. 6, 2021.

    “Pezzola identifies footage—of other people—treating the Capitol ‘respectfully’ after entering it,” Kelly wrote.

    “He concludes ‘that the Senate chamber was never violently breached’ and that there is no ‘evidence of any raucous or extremely disruptive or violent demonstration in the Senate chamber.’”

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  5. The problem with enacting a hate crime law is that one must read the minds of those involved in any crime. Sometimes there is ample evidence of past words or behavior, although even that doesn’t say for certain a motive at the time of the crime. Sometimes, epitaphs are screamed, so there is no or little doubt. Other times, there is simply no way of knowing and whoever’s agenda is strongest will result in a judgement, which may be unjust.

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  6. Weird, right?

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  7. The senile fool is just making @#$% up again.

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  8. There’s a lot of fake outrage everywhere; in fact the internet thrives on it. Ben Shapiro makes a living on it.

    Actually cheap credit doesn’t cause a recession it causes a boom. Of course there will be a bust if it isn’t managed properly but recession, nope.

    I read the tweet/FOX news bit about Jane’es Revenge. Apparently the DOJ has already been involved elsewhere and charged people with federal conspiracy type charges. So a little bit of false outrage there. And in the meantime,local police can investigate the vandalism.


  9. Random and mass shootings in the US always come accompanied by calls of gun control but sometimes people miss the boat. The Nordic countries, Switzerland and Canada have fairly high gun ownership yet they don’t have this problem so sometimes it’s more than the gun. It’s the fear. Its 10 pm and the doorbell rings. A person’s first reaction is to pick up a gun? You see a young person at the front door and you shoot? Why?

    The outrage machine. The media and politicians pump the airwaves full of fear. Right now the Republican party is shouting out a narrative of rising crime due to Soros attorneys. Jim Jordan is holding hearings in NYC to discredit the state prosecutor of Trump. However this doesn’t match reality. NYC is one of the safest cities in the US. The most violent states are those who voted for Trump. And Jim Jordan’s own district is more violent than NYC. But for those who listen to Repunlicans, FOX, OAN etc they are pumped full of fear and react accordingly. Shouting fire in a crowded theatre has consequences. The peddlars of doom and fear have to acknowledge their responsibility.


  10. “Its 10 pm and the doorbell rings. A person’s first reaction is to pick up a gun? You see a young person at the front door and you shoot? Why?”

    He’s old, so yeah, he was in bed.

    And he saw a young person trying to open his door, and thought it was a robbery.

    Why was the teen trying to open the door on a darkened home?

    Is it considered good manners in Canada to try and open a door after ringing the bell and getting no response?

    I can see why a homeowner might think it was a break in.


  11. “Right now the Republican party is shouting out a narrative of rising crime due to Soros attorneys.”

    And they would be correct, crime is up in big Dem run cities with Soros DAs.

    That’s a fact HRW. Perhaps you should read more of the links I provide. If you did, you’d already know this.

    Educate yourself.

    “Blue cities bleeding: Homicide rates surging in major cities run by Soros-backed DAs”


    “In fact, homicide rates rose by an average of nearly 10% in 50 of the most populated U.S. cities between the third quarter of last year and the third quarter of this year — and are still rising — according to a new study.

    WalletHub compared 50 of America’s largest cities based on per capita homicides for the third quarter (July through September) of each year since 2020, using locally published crime data to compile its findings.

    According to WalletHub, these were the ten cities with the highest homicide cases per 100,000 residents from July through September:

    St. Louis, Mo. (19.69)
    Kansas City, Mo. (14.86)
    Detroit, Mich. (13.24)
    Baltimore, Md. (12.45)
    New Orleans, La. (10.99)
    Milwaukee, Wisc. (10.46)
    Memphis, Tenn. (9.99)
    Philadelphia, Pa. (9.36)
    Norfolk, Va. (7.78)
    Chicago, Ill. (7.71)

    The top prosecutors in most of these cities are backed by progressive megadonor George Soros, a billionaire who’s spent the last several years injecting tens of millions of dollars into local district attorney races nationwide, backing candidates who support policies such as abolishing bail, defunding the police, and decriminalizing or deprioritizing certain offenses.”

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  12. “Apparently the DOJ has already been involved elsewhere and charged people with federal conspiracy type charges. So a little bit of false outrage there.”

    Again, maybe you should read the links provided.

    84+ crimes, 2 arrests.

    Yeah, they’re all over it. 🙄


    Jane’s Revenge is implicated in at least 17 attacks (they’ve taken credit for them), zero arrests.

    “Zero arrests in at least 17 Jane’s Revenge attacks on pro-life organizations”


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  13. If you count churches, it’s 150 attacks.

    Again, very few arrests.

    The DoJ is a joke.


    “It’s unclear whether the FBI has arrested a single person following at least 150 attacks, threats and other incidents against pro-life advocacy groups, crisis pregnancy centers and churches following the May 2 leak of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation.

    There have been at least 73 attacks on pregnancy centers and pro-life offices, along with at least 83 attacks on Catholic churches, since the court’s decision was leaked to the public, according to CatholicVote, a Catholic political advocacy group. The FBI says it is investigating these incidents, some of which are being viewed as potential domestic extremism, but declined to tell the DCNF whether a single arrest had been made in a series of pro-abortion attacks since May.”

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  14. The problem is obvious, but Dems would rather suck up to him and his billions than actually protect US citizens.

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  15. Folks should be outrage at the idiocy running wild in the world.

    Can we please stop funding the pedophiles at the UN?


  16. Donald Donald Donald….does he own stock in the company or something???? Go woke go broke
    Donald Trump Jr. expressed opposition to a conservative boycott of Bud Light and Anheuser-Busch.


  17. The kid did not enter the man’s house.

    As for “opening the door”, it was the outer door (a screen door, I would presume), and that is a common thing that people do to knock on the inner door, particularly when they think that maybe the doorbell or knocking on the outer door wasn’t loud enough.

    He thought that he was at the right house to pick up his siblings, so he wouldn’t think that he was doing anything wrong or suspicious.

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  18. Perhaps just a tragic misunderstanding — and a warning/reminder that shooting someone is a final solution?

    These incidents are rarely completely black-and-white (not speaking racially here) or quickly understand.

    Remember the Pelosi incident and how fast fingers flew (including on this blog) within hours after that? People were sure what that whole story was.

    We all need to take a breath, slow down and listen first. But everyone now is quick to come to a decision (based usually on their preferred politics) and organize a march or vent on Twitter.

    Still, the homeowner was guilty, whether it was a tragic misunderstanding or not. You can’t shoot someone who is standing on your doorstep (unarmed, I’d add), even if it was thought that he was planning to break in.

    It’s all quite sad, but I am so relieved the victim survived and it looks like he’ll recover.

    Still, it leaves scars and a price will be paid by all parties. It was a wrong decision and action, but it’s OK, too, to feel some sympathy for him as well based on how things may have felt or “looked” in the moment. Too bad he fired a gun. 😦

    But the result could have been so much worse. Thank you, Lord, that it wasn’t.

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  19. Appears to be guilty, I should clarify.

    An intruder (and this looks like it was not an intruder, only suspected of being one) must be inside your home, over the threshold, from what I’ve understood, before there can be any actual self-defense legal case made.

    We’ll maybe learn more as it goes on. Prayers for both parties until then, that justice will be done but also that the personal impacts can be resolved in their own lives.

    The problem is we immediately “want” to believe our own tribe in these things, we filter everything through our perceived and strongly held politics.

    Our “side” won’t always be right or innocent, and that’s where we need to seek Truth, not a political win in a quick argument.

    We’ve lost that in our culture. It’s all about politics and “winning.”

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  20. I’ve read that the kid has traumatic brain injury. Is that something that will heal eventually, or a long-term condition?


  21. Another complication is that Missouri is something called a “stand your ground” state (“private property” rather than crossing the “threshold” required) that may give more leeway in these cases, but the question still needs to be if a “reasonable” conclusion would indicate an imminent danger was posed.

    I suppose that’s where reactions based on race may come into play.


  22. Yes – people often open the screen door when knocking on the door in Canada. Yes – we answer the door without a gun. If you’re scared don’t answer the door. You have to ask why are people scared? Perhaps it’s the outrage and noise machine of the right wing media that tells them crime is rampant. Meanwhile, the top 10 violent crime rates by state are all Trump states except DC (not a state) and New Mexico. The same for homicide rates.

    As I waited for my laptop to charge to post this; FOX settled with Dominon. Which adds to my point; the noise machine made people angry.

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  23. I usually don’t open my door at night — Abby will bark (good dog), it’s normally just an Amazon delivery with a perfunctory knock. But generally I just let door knocks “go,” even during the day sometimes (probably a sales pitch).

    If someone needs me (and knows me), they’ll have my text or email, I’m easy to reach.

    And most any news cast these days (but maybe it’s just our “local” LA news lol) will show rather alarming footage of carjacking attacks, mobs running up and down streets, smashing windows, shoplifting …


  24. I do, however, leave my back door ajar for most of the day and evening, thanks to the dog who still won’t use the doggie door.

    But we do live in an age characterized by anger, outrage — and (naturally following that) fear.

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  25. I also don’t (and can’t conceive I’d ever) have a firearm in the house, however.

    Thinking back to a time when I was still a kid and a woman went screaming for help and running down the sidewalk on our block.

    My mom immediately opened the door and beckoned her inside. An abusive husband was after her.

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