15 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-17-23

  1. Nice stream in the header. Is it used for fly fishing? It looks like streams up in the Georgia mountains that are stocked with trout. We camped once by a stream like that, and I fished and caught a small sun fish which I released. It was one of those unforgetable fun days.

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  2. Good morning everyone! Beautify crisp sunny day here. Strangely, I don’t hear a sing chirp. I’ve seen a couple of male cardinals, a mockingbird, and a glossy black crow, but not a sound. Makes me think I should check the yard for Mr.Hawk. Yesterday, I heard the strangest thing. A neighbor somewhere was using a machine of some kind (maybe a weed-eater) that kept going off and on. And a bird close by my door (perhaps a mockingbird) seemed to be trying to mimic or dominate it! At one point, the machine stayed on longer than usual and the bird kept going with one long screech until it seemed to run out of breath. I think he must have felt a little crest-fallen because I didn’t hear him after that.

    Anyway, it’s a good day today. I’m taking dad for an outing this morning to Hardees. He likes their coffee and the regulars there will be wondering where he’s been. He took a tumble on the floor on Saturday because he wasn’t using his walker. He’s a little sore, but only his pride is really injured. He’s becoming convinced that the walker is necessary at least for the time being. Physical Therapy comes today after I go to work. Hopefully they are able to work with his new injuries.

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  3. On April 16, annually, a Chick-fil-A on the street our smaller street connects to celebrates being the first free-standing Chick-fil-A restaurant. It is on the same street my high school is on, and maybe two and a half miles from here. We have a much closer Chick-fil-A so don’t use that one very often.

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  4. Hope your dad heals quickly, Debra, and he uses the walker. That seems to be a real pride issue for so many people. I know many (like my mother) who just try to count on something to lean on. It can be scary watching them.

    We went to church yesterday, in spite of the weather, which became blizzard-like. We got more snow than we had expected. The poor birds are happy to at least find some berries and crabapples. I wonder what the robin thinks about having no nest in the wreath (which is also gone) since it had been here for a few decades. They had a split-level nest and now nothing.

    Your bird story is hilarious, Debra. Loved it.

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  5. Good morning, all. A beautiful day here as the snow is coming down.

    My dad does not use or even have a walker. Nor does he have hearing aids. But he puts or has put in his ears, devices that help him hear and has a large four wheeled contraption that he pushes in front of him while walking, but if you ask him. Nope. He does forget to use the walker at times and that is worrisome. Right now he is walking around his room, getting ready for the day, sidestepping around the walker.

    Brother comes today so that will be nice. Hopefully, we will get him out on another outing. He does enjoy them when he goes, especially when all three of his children are there. I am hoping to get him to the senior center but doubt it will happen. He would think it was for old people.

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  6. Debra, I hope that bird did not exhaust its life with that mimiking! I remember that Twitter post of the roostet that fell over backwards getting out a substantial long-lasting crow.

    Mumsee, perhaps you’ve discovered your father’s secret to long life.
    Denial. Denial. Denial.

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  7. Good Morning. It is beautiful here this morning with mild temps. Most the snow has melted away as we await the next round Wed through Thursday. It’s a constant shift between Spring and Winter around here 😊

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  8. Set Apart: A 6 Week Study in the Beatitudes by Jennifer Kennedy Dean is free fot Kindle at Amazon. I’ve done Bible studies by her in the past, and she keynoted a conference I attended with the WMU. Although she passed away a few years back, her writing will keep her alive in many hearts who gained so much from her teachings.

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  9. My MIL needed a cane for a while when she was recovering from a surgery. She would just drag it behind her. 😀 (Fortunately, she did not have a fall.)

    My dad was usually a sensible man, not given to pride or vanity, but in his time, I guess, hearing aids were considered to be for “old people”. He very much needed them, but never got them. It was obvious when he pretended to have heard you, but didn’t.

    I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I am amazed at how quiet various things get when I take out my hearing aids. One time, after having taken shower, I thought that someone had turned my music way, way down, but then realized that I didn’t have my hearing aids in. 😀

    A lady I once knew had taken care of both of her parents in her home as they aged. Her father needed a walker, and her mother had dementia. Her mother became non-verbal at some point, and would enjoy moving chairs around. My friend would have to gather up the kitchen chairs when it was mealtime.

    What was funny, though, is that the mom would abscond with the dad’s walker, giggling as he yelled after her. 😀

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  10. World Magazine:


    The future of Anglicanism is confessional

    Its global churches have a choice: contemporary revisionism or the “historic faith passed down from the Apostles”

    ~ … The majority of the world’s Anglicans have issued a stunning rebuke to the Church of England and by implication to all other “progressive” Anglican churches. In February, the Church of England voted to bless same-sex civil unions. This move stopped short of wholly approving same-sex marriage, but if anyone thought this would be a happy compromise, they were quickly shown otherwise.

    The Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches, a group representing more than 50 million Anglicans in more than 25 nations, immediately issued a statement declaring that the Church of England had “departed from the historic faith.” Importantly, the GSFA not only identified the Church of England’s position on sexuality as the problem but indeed the larger question of moral and theological foundations. The GSFA states that, in contrast to the Church of England, it bases its own understanding on the historic Anglican formularies. With this statement, the GSFA has declared that Anglicans worldwide are a confessional church.

    The future of orthodox Anglicanism is confessional.

    The presenting issue for the divide in global Anglicanism is the controversy over same-sex marriage. The Episcopal Church in the United States and the Anglican Church of Canada were well ahead of the trend, embracing same-sex marriage and even the ordination of openly practicing homosexuals decades ago. The Church of England is late to the party but is now ready to join the trend. To cynical onlookers, this is just the latest example of how liberal Protestantism invariably caves in to the pressures of modernity. But with Anglicanism the situation is different. And the difference is in Anglicanism’s global character.

    *** In God’s ironic providence, the national church in England became sort of an imperial church, establishing “Anglican” parishes across Africa, Australia, Asia, and the Americas. And now in a second twist of providence, many of these churches are saving the international communion from the mother church. ** Indeed, those churches based in the Southern Hemisphere, and especially Africa, have proved the most doggedly traditional. They will not change their faith or their practice. They have stood their ground against the more powerful Western forces, and now they are explicitly stepping up to take on worldwide leadership. ***

    More than just battling sexual immorality, however, the GSFA has pointed to the deeper source of the problem. They have declared that “the Church of England has departed from the historic faith passed down from the Apostles.” And they have identified this historic faith as “the 39 Articles, the Book of Common Prayer, the Ordinal and the Book of Homilies.” …

    … These were what it meant to be Anglican, they would say. And so the march toward doctrinal and moral apostasy went largely unchecked. Any ministers who tried to check it usually found themselves marginalized and eventually disciplined.

    But now, the majority of the world’s Anglicans have said otherwise. They have shouted “enough” on the matter of sexual immorality, and they have also pointed Anglicans to a fixed doctrinal confession. The historic Anglican formularies are the foundation of the newly emerging global Anglican fellowship. … ~


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  11. The church I attend is part of the The Anglican Church in North America. When the Episcopal Church split the church leaders with and put themselves under the Bishops of South Africa. It seems at one time one of the Bishops visited my church but I am not 100% certain. It may be that the Bishop who visited talked about going to South Africa and how they want to know your testimony more than anything else.

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