20 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-13-23

  1. Blue jays – beautiful birds with mean attitude. There has to be some spiritual application in a blue jay’s temperament vs its beauty.

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  2. That is the second backside of a bird I have seen in a photo today!

    A local Christian photographer who I follow on Facebook makes cards from some of her work. She posted the backside of a bluebird and spoke about the beauty of its folded wings.

    Blue jays and crows both seem to be in the classification of Aggravators in my book.

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  3. While working in my new Bible study workbook, Earl Grey with Ephesians (while drinking French Roast😀), I found this uplifting thought to share:
    We are twice chosen by God. First, He chose to create us, and secondly, He chose to adopt us into His family of believers. I know we all know that, but I had never connected the two points quite like that (a missing link).

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  4. I used to pray the blue jays would go away. When we did construction on our house they were the only birds around and they were so loud and raucous.

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  5. We used say Rain, Rain, Go Away …

    Our rainless years changed that.

    Cloudy but not raining this morning.

    A port commission meeting to cover (online) this morning, should be starting shortly. Coffee’s on.

    I see where Mary Quant died (at age 93), she launched the British fashion trends that we followed in the mid- to late 1960s.

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  6. Good morning, all, a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Sun and clouds and snow flurries and warm. The grandchildren are with their mom today, their dad is off to work and then Lewiston to turn in paper work concerning the divorce, then back to bring the children back for the next four days as per the custody agreement. Seems they are here about seven nights a week and six and a half days. Yet daughter is claiming fifty one percent custody. I am so confused. She is so intelligent and yet so irrational. My two youngest are out with sore throats and husband has taken his continual coughing back upstairs leaving my dad and I to handle the tv.

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  7. Dogs had me out and about at 5am. I heard something crunching up in the trees. Told Pip to hurry up as I didn’t want to be the next thing to be crunched out there in the dark!
    Just finished up my Zoom BSF class in Jeremiah. Mini session of 3 weeks in Jeremiah…they skip a lot!!
    Cloudy here today and the temps are hovering around 60. I smell smoke in the air which is never good. Tomorrow snow is promised in our area. ⛄️

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  8. Nightingale and Boy have had this week off, and thus have been around a lot. Today, they are off to the beach (about an hour and a half or so away), so it is just me, two dogs, and a cat here at home. Nice and quiet, except right now Janie is upstairs barking at something. (I will bring her down soon to go out for a little while.) (And now she stopped.)

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  9. A 4-hour port meeting, ugh. And 2 stories to write. But I have to take a break first.

    Coyote sighting 2 doors down in a backyard early this morning, a little too close.

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  10. I have made it to the marriage of Luther. I was rather shocked to hear of the custom back then that the consummation happened before the actual public ceremony, and that the consummation required there be a witness present. Difficult to process that thought!

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  11. It is unseasonably hot for us today (which is why Nightingale and Boy went to the beach) and will be so tomorrow as well, with temps in the high 80s. Thankfully, the humidity is quite low, so the house hasn’t warmed up too much inside.

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  12. Just got back from my golf course walk. I also had my friend meet me so that we could talk. Such a relief to be able to share what is on my heart.

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