45 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-14-23

  1. Republicans are compromised.

    They won’t help. they’re just the other side of the same uni-party coin.



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  2. And what is that scandal you ask?

    The DoD doing domestic law enforcement, which is unconstitutional, and illegal.

    The govt lies about everything Jan6 related.

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  3. Fed op.

    And hiding the evidence….

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  4. Oh look, yet another Dem “rising star” is just a common street punk.

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  5. Yep.

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  6. Ruled by clowns…..

    The entire transcript. 25the Amendment this senile fool.


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  7. If you actually believe Biden needs 87,000 IRS agents to target a few hundred millionaires, you should slap yourself for being such a sucker.

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  8. Then and now. Not all clowns work in our govt. The media has their fair share too.

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  9. Head east.

    “Cascadia fault line could be ready to shift. And that would be VERY bad”


    “Oceanographers working off the coast of Oregon have made a potentially alarming discovery. They’ve found a vent in the ocean floor that is pushing out warm water. On the surface, that may not sound all that remarkable or dangerous, but the chemical composition of the water suggests that it’s coming up from a deep vent and it’s located on top of the Cascadia Subduction Zone. We’ve covered this topic here in the past, but if you’re not familiar with the CSZ there are some good documentaries online where you can learn the details. The short version of the story is that the CSZ “slips” on a regular basis every 300 to 400 years. When it does, it causes an earthquake of at least magnitude 8 or 9. And very shortly after that, a tsunami that looks like nothing seen in our lifetimes comes ashore from southern Canada to northern California destroying everything in its path. This leaking vent in the seafloor could be an early indicator that the next slip is on the way.

    The Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) is a massive fault line stretching from Vancouver Island to Northern California—and it’s the source of the vast majority of earthquakes and tsunamis in the region. In fact, scientists believe that the fault line will likely be the source of the next Big One, an anticipated megathrust earthquake so powerful it’ll wreak death and destruction the likes of which we’ve never seen before from a geological event.

    So, it goes without saying that researchers have a special interest in studying the CSZ—and they may have uncovered something that could clue us in on what’s going on with the incredibly powerful ticking time bomb.”


    “The last CSZ quake happened in January of 1700. The Native Americans still talked of it in their oral traditions and told the first European settlers arriving in the region about it. The death toll was horrific, though there was very little in the way of construction to be destroyed in the region at the time. It’s a given that another one is coming and we’re already in the window of time when it would typically happen.

    The question is, what are we supposed to do with this information? We’ve known this is coming for quite a while now and back in 2016 officials were conducting emergency evacuation drills in Oregon to try to prepare for it. But there’s only so much you can do, realistically. Scientists believe that from the time the fault slips and the earthquake hits, it will be as little as 30 minutes before the wave hits. There are three-quarters of a million people in Seattle. There are nearly as many in Portland. You simply can’t evacuate that many people in half an hour, particularly when they’re already scrambling through the wreckage of a category 9 earthquake.”

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  10. Hello?


    “Ex-Obama Staffer: Joe Biden Conducted ‘Malfeasance in Office to Enrich His Family’

    “Joe Biden is a criminal. He was conducting malfeasance in office to enrich his family. Jake Sullivan is a conspirator in that, and there’s more… Obama officials involved in it, I believe.”


    “In February, I went to the FBI and filed one of their tips on their website. If you do that, and you’re lying to them, you go to jail. I’m not lying. I’m telling the truth, and I’m not going to jail,” McCormick said Thursday. “Joe Biden is a criminal. He was conducting malfeasance in office to enrich his family. Jake Sullivan is a conspirator in that, and there’s more… Obama officials involved in it, I believe.”

    Sullivan worked as the national security advisor to then-VP Biden from 2013-2014. He now works as the national security adviser to now-President Biden.

    McCormick recalled a conversation between Biden and Sullivan on Air Force Two on April 21, 2014, before they went to Kyiv, and three days AFTER Hunter joined Burisma:

    Sullivan, who is the current national security adviser, outlined in a White House transcript Biden’s priorities for his trip to the country, which included U.S. investment in the Ukrainian energy sector days after Hunter joined the board of Burisma, according to the New York Post.

    Months later, and well after the trip, Congress allocated $50 million to Ukraine’s energy market.

    “I’m sitting back there with a tape recorder. Jake Sullivan comes back and somebody asks about fracking. His answer is, well, we’re bringing a lot of American assistance over for fracking. Burisma was the direct beneficiary of that fracking, and that’s what I recorded, and that’s in a White House transcript,” McCormick said.

    “In the transcript, you don’t know who Jake Sullivan is. It’s a senior administration official. I’m the witness that says Jake Sullivan is the guy who said it and he should be investigated because at the time Hunter Biden was on the board of Burisma and Joe Biden is bringing American taxpayer money to enrich that company and himself and his family,” he continued.

    McCormick wants to testify before the grand jury in the case against Hunter regarding his business dealings.

    McCormick said if U.S. Attorney David Weiss doesn’t have him testify, then it’s “a fraudulent grand jury” and a fraudulent use of the American judicial system to cover for Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s crimes in office.””

    Biden is as dirty as the day is long, and so are the feds “investigating” him and Hunter.

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  11. Sure, this leaker they find in days, but the Supreme Court leak, also with a limited number of possible suspects, because only some had access, remains unsolved. Go figure.

    “FBI Arrests Massachusetts Air National Guardsman in Connection With Leaking of Classified Documents

    The suspect is 21-year-old Jack Teixeira.”


    “FBI agents arrested 21-year-old Jack Teixeira concerning the leaking of classified documents.

    The documents detailed America and South Korea’s involvement in Ukraine:

    Some of the most sensitive material — maps of Ukrainian air defenses and a deep dive into South Korea’s secret plans to deliver 330,000 rounds of much-needed ammunition in time for Ukraine’s spring counteroffensive — is revealed in documents that appear to be barely 40 days old.

    The 100-plus pages of slides and briefing documents leave no doubt about how deeply enmeshed the United States is in the day-to-day conduct of the war, providing the precise intelligence and logistics that help explain Ukraine’s success thus far.

    They also reinforce how deeply American spy agencies have penetrated nearly every aspect of the Russian intelligence apparatus and military command structure.

    The United States is providing detailed targeting data. It is coordinating the long, complex logistical train that delivers weapons to the Ukrainians. And as a Feb. 22 document makes clear, American officials are planning ahead for a year in which the battle for the Donbas is “likely heading toward a stalemate” that will frustrate Vladimir V. Putin’s goal of capturing the region — and Ukraine’s goal of expelling the invaders.”

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  12. But parading GrandMas get the book thrown at them.

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  13. Oh look, another mentally ill leftist announced his plans for a mass shooting.

    The cops took his guns away, but he’s not been locked up.

    But parading GrandMas are….

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  15. And yet so many sit in the stands eating their cotton candy and popcorn cluelessly enjoying the show



  16. AJ has been mentioning/insinuating that Biden works Satan. This morning, I stumbled upon a different reference to certain personages being used by Satan. Referring to Tucker Carlson and others on Fox who have said things on-air that off-air they have indicated they do not believe (i.e. lying), a Christian friend reminds his friends that “Satan is the father of lies.”

    He adds, “I didn’t diminish Dan Rather’s guilt by ‘both-sides’ excuses. Nor will I diminish this guilt. Of course, there’s a difference. CBS fired Rather. FOX has not fired any of these. It fired Chris Stirewalt, for telling the truth.”


  17. Tychicus – I was referring to a Facebook friend, a fellow believer who tends to be well-read and thoughtful. Unlike many on social media, he does not make knee-jerk reactions based on a person’s political “label”. He has given due credit and due criticism to folks on both sides of the aisle.

    The lies he is referring to are what was revealed by the internal Fox emails that were exposed. Tucker Carlson in particular made it clear that he hates Trump and thinks that he was a bad president, but then goes on the air and lauds and defends him.


  18. I take the words and views of Trump supporters and so-called “Never-Trumpers” on a case-by-case (or comment-by-comment?) basis. Something I have found is that a person or source that I usually disagree with can sometimes (or even often in some cases) make a good, rational point that I might have missed or ignored if I dismissed them out-of-hand.

    Some people on social media want to totally dismiss whatever their “opponents” have to say, but would like those “opponents” to listen to the views on their side. It should be a two-way street.


  19. BTW, not everyone who dislikes Trump is a “Never-Trumper”. That just sounds like a convenient way to totally dismiss what someone may have to say.


  20. Tychicus, The FOX emails that were revealed due to the Dominon lawsuit are fairly well known and expose FOX quite well. Murdoch and others discussed how they would handle accusations of election fraud and despite acknowledging in their emails that Trump was lying decided to allow their hosts to continue their support. As Kizzie notes, Carlson and other hosts can’t stand Trump and wished he would disappear but on the other hand he’s good for the ratings. Carslon in particular criticized a staffer for fact checking telling her it would lower the share price.

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  21. House Republicans won’t investigate Jan 6th because it will compromise some of their members who actively support the protesters. They also know that their poor showing in the mid-terms was partly due to voters opposing the Jan 6th protest, opposing Trump, and opposing the antics of some Republicans.

    Julie Kelly is blown away? please the hyperbole is amusing. The FBI etc response to the Jan 6th protest was standard police work for a major political demonstration. Nothing more. Its not a conspiracy its standard police work.

    So tossing a traffic cone into an open window is aggravated assault? No wonder charges were thrown out. The video is fairly low key – I wonder if the other driver was charged for hitting a protester. Not unusual for leftists leading protests to be charged but then thrown out as a jury would never convict. My current provincial representative was charged with assaulting police — they threw it out when they couldn’t prove if the police step in front of her moving wheelchair or she moved the wheelchair after the police moved in front of her. This and a few other actions prompted many outsiders to wonder how we could possibly vote for her. We on the other hand can’t understand why people vote Liberal let alone Conservative. In the same way, gerrymandering allows Boebert, Greene, Gatz and Jordan to keep their job, I ‘m sure Jordan and the rest will be reelected.


  22. Opps that should be Jones will be reelected.

    Why oppose the Tennessee Republican bill? Because that’s what an opposition party should do – oppose and put forward their ideas and plans. Any plan that doesn’t include gun control is a waste of money and I can understand why they voted against it. I’m actually surprised other Democrats voted for it.

    For the last week, people debated whether the Ukraine leak from the Pentagon was purposefully done to plant misinformation and mislead the Russians. Apparently not.

    I read the articles on the Floirda teacher. I agree their guns should be confiscated but I find it doubtful they are a risk to students. Unless, of course, you feel a trans teacher is innately a risk. I do find it weird that their wife is suddenly a lesbian and he is trans — they might want to sort out personal life.

    Trump will win the primary and Biden will win the general. Late night comedians do mock Biden – his forgetfulness, etc. But in the end their audience will vote for Biden because well look at the alternative. Republicans are the minority party. They will lose unless the Demcratics can’t motivate their base — Trump motivates their base.


  23. DJ and Debra – enjoyed your discussion on just war theory; brought me back a few decades. I concluded long ago that modern warfare could never be justified. The means rarely justified the end in modern war.

    Strategically though for the West it makes sense to support Ukraine and if the war drags on into a stalement cynically I’d have to say that is what the West wants. Ukraine will become a mess for not only Putin but other authoritarians worldwide – Orban and Erdogan are quiet and better behave; Modi and Xi are heistant, etc.


  24. Speaking of the Fox case, this came up today:

    “See what Fox News tried to redact in the Dominion defamation case”

    “What came out was information that cast Fox News in a bad light, with some hosts disparaging their guests and acknowledging that the election conspiracy theories were off base.”


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  25. Kizzie,

    I notice amongst your Facebook pals a total lack of interest in the Russia, Russia, Russia, narrative collapse. You know, the farce they were all into until it became clear it was a hoax. But strangely they never mention that.

    Or the travesty happening to Jan6ers.


    Because their disdain for Trump is clear, except maybe to like minded fellow travelers, like you. They’re still dwelling on affairs that may have happened a decade ago, the idea of forgiveness totally alien to their kind of “true believer.” It’s glaringly obvious.

    But you all are so sure in your wrongness on certain things, and quite smug about it (lookin’ at you DN), so why bother engaging?

    It’d be fruitless. Facebook is useless for real debate. Enjoy your never Trump echo chamber, where no one will ever disagree with you regardless of the evidence.

    And a hint, news people lie and dislike folks just like us. Tucker being just one more is not the win you think it is.


  26. While you’re busy bashing him, he’s busy exposing the clown in the WH.

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  29. AJ – How do you know what my Facebook friends are saying? There may be one or two who post on the Public setting, but most others do not, so you would not see what they are posting.

    In actuality, my Facebook friends are a mix of political views, from the far-left to the far-right. Some who are actually close to me (whom I know in real life) are big Trump supporters. Many never or rarely post on politics. You may be surprised to know that one “friend” was so very anti-Trump that I stopped following him because that was all he could post about.

    Quite frankly, I do not remember anyone harping on the Russia, Russia, Russia thing. So no, they weren’t “all into” that. Where do you get that?

    “Facebook is useless for real debate.” So is this news thread, quite frankly. You do not debate, you attack.

    Just because DJ and I disagree with you on Trump or other matters, that does not make us smug. Why the constant need to insult and ridicule? That is not debate. Intelligent debate does not do that.


  30. As for Facebook discussion, I have learned to pick and choose whose posts I comment on. I do actually have at least a couple Facebook friends who have interesting and intelligent discussions on various matters with people of different views. Sometimes just reading the comment threads is enlightening.


  31. @ 3:32: Thanks, HRW — And I would tend to agree with your comment on Ukraine.

    War is an evil but will always be with us, sadly. And “managing” or controlling it, while worth the effort and discussion in cases where it’s deemed absolutely unavoidable or necessary for the larger good, ultimately will escape us, most likely, because of the nature of what it is.

    I’ve said there are worse things than war — which is what makes war regretfully necessary in some cases.

    “Fellow travelers,” now there’s a term I’ve not heard in a long time — it predates even me, lol

    I suspect we all have FB friends who think all kinds of things we aren’t necessarily in agreement with?

    I certainly don’t mean to come off “smug” (if you were saying that about me?). I only hope we can have respectful discussions without the personal slights or slams that really can be hurtful and are not to characterize our behavior as believers. I don’t believe Kizzie or I have engaged in that. Not being smug, I’m just appealing to a standard of personal courtesy even when we disagree.

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  32. To clarify a couple things: In response to your comment that FB is “useless for real debate,” my reply was, “So is this news thread.” To modify that a bit, I will say that there have been some good debates/discussions between DJ and Debra lately. Once or twice lately, there were some discussions among others in which firm views were expressed in a respectful and polite manner.

    As for “DN”, he is a very intelligent man, educated in statistics and logic. Having said that, though, there are a lot of things that he posts or comments that I disagree with. So please don’t think that I agree with everything he posts. (I know that you can see his posts, because he posts on the Public setting.) He and “MakeItMan” also agree on a lot, but disagree on a lot, too.


  33. Apologies, you apparently were referring the Kizzie’s FB friend in that comment about being smug. (Not that that’s OK, either, though.)

    This will be a long election season and we have some strong disagreements here; I just hope we can be civil and not make these differences completely define our relationships or interactions with each other on a personal level. That’ll take some intentional work for all of us.


  34. Okay, one more comment, at least for now (I think 🙂 ).

    DJ – AJ’s comment was, “But you all are so sure in your wrongness on certain things, and quite smug about it (lookin’ at you DN). . .” Starting out the way it does, it does look like the “smug” was aimed at us as well as DN.

    AJ – re: your “Enjoy your never Trump echo chamber, where no one will ever disagree with you regardless of the evidence.”

    That was insulting and uncharitable.

    To reiterate what I said earlier, I am definitely NOT in a Never-Trump echo chamber. I see plenty of pro-Trump posts. In fact, I probably see more pro-Trump posts than anti-Trump posts.


  35. Not grooming students nor trying to distract you say? He should add narcissist to his resume 😡 (along with disgusting pervert and liar) parentheses with correct pronouns added by me… just helping the NYP “journalist” out where I can!

    Canadian trans teacher confronted by reporter after she (he) was spotted leaving mall without Z-cup prosthetic breasts
    By Emily Crane
    The Canadian transgender teacher who made headlines for wearing fake Z-cup breasts to class was confronted by a reporter after she (he) was spotted out in public — for the second time — without her (his)prosthetics.

    Kayla Lemieux was recently approached by a Rebel News reporter as she (he)was leaving the Mapleview Mall in Burlington, Ontario, footage of the encounter shows.

    “Mr Lemieux, where are your breasts? I thought your breasts were real. Where are your breasts?” the reporter, David Menzies, shouted at her (him) as she (he) attempted to get into a waiting Uber.

    Lemieux, a shop teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School, was put on leave last month after The Post revealed she (he) often goes without her (his) prosthetics outside the classroom.
    Post photos showed a dressed-down Lemieux wearing men’s clothing — with no sign of her (his)wig or makeup.

    The controversy erupted and gained international attention after photos and video of Lemieux wearing the prosthetics inside her (his) classroom went viral.

    In a sit down with The Post, Lemieux said she (he) began undergoing hormone replacement therapy in 2021 and was in “transition.”

    She (he) also said her (his)breasts were caused by a condition called “gigantomastia” – which is caused by excessive breast tissue growth. Lemieux, however, did admit that she (he) had never been officially diagnosed

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  36. AJ – The “leaked” documents don’t reveal a lot. And some of the documents have been altered. NATO (and by extension the US) has been providing intelligence from day one – it’s well known that many times NATO will direct Ukraine artillery based on US satellites.

    However, Carlson’s commentary is so biased that Russian television will often rebroadcast him uncensored and uncut. Even in the tweets you posted, he’s lying. Ukraine is not losing nor is it winning – the war is a stalemate. The casualty rate is not 7 to 1 in favor of Russia – that’s insanely off. For the longest time, various sources reported similar numbers for both sides; ie about 120 000 killed or seriously wounded. In March and April, the Russians and Wagner used the penal battalions as cannon fodder forcing them forward until the Ukrainians were forced to shoot and reveal their defensive positions around Bakmut. At that time, Ukraine claimed the casualty rate around Bakmut was 7 to 1 in their favor instead of the usual 3 to 1 ratio you would expect in an offense vs defense. Allowing for exaggeration, the last two months have been hard on Russia as their penal battalions are wiped out and Wagner troops (their best soldiers) are cut in half.The latest numbers from various sources have Ukraine at about 150 000 killed or seriously wounded and Russia at 200 000 killed or seriuosly wounded. The numbers make sense as Russia has been on the offense in the last two months.

    Think WW1 history – if you went on the offense, you had more casualties.

    The one thing the documents may reveal to those not paying attention or thinking is that NATO is quite happy with a stalement. A lot of western supporters of Ukraine want a victorious Ukraine – but it’s actually in the West’s strategic interest to let this drag on.


  37. None of this is in the real interest of the West. The people whose interests are promoted by letting this war drag on are those selling weapons, and those making them. It’s grossly unjust by any measure. And the US ought not be involved in the incitement, the funding, or the waging of this war. If things keep going the way they are, the American consumer [so called because consumption appears to be our only real ‘moral’ imperative] is going to feel the result of more and more countries not using the US dollar as their default in trade. I doubt most people will understand what the collapse is about, but it will hurt badly.

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