32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-5-23

  1. Good morning, Kim. My PT lady does an Easter basket with beach towels and swimsuits like you put together. It’s a coastal thing!

    French roast coffee and Bible study are next up here while a load of laundry swirls in the washer.

    I hope everyone stayed safe fighting that fire yesterday, AJ.

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  2. Good morning all. We’re slightly overcast with the sun trying to peek through. Forecast calls for high of 83, but I really hope not. That’s way too hot for me this time of year, though I’d be thankful for it in July and August.

    The birds are all chirping and happy this morning. I looked out the bedroom door into the side yard and saw a beautiful red cardinal sitting on a fence a few feet away. He was just observing the trees and sounds all around him, cocking his head this way and that. I didn’t want to tell him, but about a month ago I saw a big beautiful hawk sitting on that same fence, just about where he was sitting this morning. I watched long enough to be sure there was no cardinal on the breakfast menu. But the back yard is a thickly wooded free-for-all, and a dangerous place for the song birds. It’s where the hawks and owls have permission to hunt at will, as they must eat too. Just not at my bird feeder in the front yard.

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  3. The past few years we have had a female cardinal build her nest in a sweet olive bush that is in front of one of our bedroom windows. While she is there we keep the blinds half closed so we can peek at her family but she doesn’t get spooked by us.
    I hope she comes back this year.

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  4. I think we lost one of our beautiful larger bushes to that Arctic blast last Christmas. Sad about that, but the thing to find joy in is that I have not seen any of those huge spiders and their webs yet. Waiting in hopes . . .

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  5. I thought I would share Bad Buddy and Jin with you. Buddy will be a year old in May and Jin was born in December. Buddy comes and goes with Little Miss and Jin is ours all the time. They wrestle and play and yesterday morning just wore each other out. The cat was asleep on the corner of the bed and Jin was alseep on the floor. Mr. P picked her up and put her on the bed next to the cat. They started to play but decided they were both too tired, so the snuggled up and went back to sleep.

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  6. Kim, Love the picture of the dog and the cat together. Cyrus has been talking about getting both a puppy and a kitten. I don’t know how the birds are going to like that…..

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  7. I still have gold and orange tumblers from Tupperware, along with other pieces. I recently bought a cover for the large rectangular container. I have another round cover I need to replace. It has a good warranty. I could have waited to get a free cover, but the postage would have been more than just buying the one I bought. I have relatives that have selling booths and often the Tupperware saleswoman has one at the same functions. The tumblers are almost indestructible.

    I bought a set of storage containers made by Tupperware. They are only a couple of inches or so wide and deep and stack together. The curious thing is that they have a hole in the bottom of each container and a loose plastic piece to cover it. I bought it at a garage sale because I was so curious about it. I have no idea what its purpose was, however. If anyone knows, please tell me.

    We had snow, rain and now more snow. Roads will not be the best. There are lots of schools and businesses closed. We will, carefully, journey to the music jam. It is not often cancelled because it is difficult to call anyone who might attend but do not live in the building.

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  8. Loved the puppy-cat nap love. 🙂 Very sweet. I still miss my kitty, a lot.

    I’d think maybe(?) the hole in the bottom of the containers is to drain excess moisture (from veggies or fruits?).

    “The tumblers are almost indestructible.”

    Isn’t that the truth? I honestly had some of those almost forever. I don’t remember getting rid of them, but I no longer see any in the cupboard, so I must have eventually transitioned them out after I moved here; they followed be everywhere for probably 2-3 decades!

    Gold and orange (and red) were big Tupperware colors as I recall, at least in the late ’70s when I bought into it.

    I really liked the little work-lunch carrier with small containers that all fit inside to hold and separate the contents — including one made to hold a sandwich, how cute was that? Irresistible, I had to have that.

    It feels like Monday today for some reason. Must be my mood. 😦 But the week is half over — actually more than half over for me since I’m taking Friday off (and Monday as well next week).

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  9. Good morning, all. A beautiful snowy day in the neighborhood. Brother plans to take Dad to Moscow and present him to the bankers as they question his existence and decision to give my other brother power of attorney. Protecting themselves from elder abuse issues.

    Meanwhile, children are cleaning to prepare for company.

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  10. We’re doing some traveling in a few months and neither trip was coming together–too many loose strings, too much waiting for others to confirm or deny.

    It was one more unresolved issue over the last month that was threatening to undo me . . . and then a friend prayed and the word came back to me to “wait.”

    Timing is ticking away . . . airplane tickets are ridiculous . . .

    It all came together for both trips on Monday. I’m now dealing with a schedule so I can figure out these complicated and expensive and poorly timed flights.

    But, then someone snuck in a local talk which helped clarify, too.

    Today, finally, I may be able to plan the flights–the venues are in order.

    When I sat down, my heart soared in excitement in a way it hasn’t over these last slogging months.

    Praise God. Amen.

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  11. Morning all. After a gloomy, snowy and freeeezing day we had yesterday today is sun shiny blue skies. Still freezing but oh what a difference the sunshine makes on my mood! The clouds will move back in early this afternoon and stay the rest of the day bringing us a predicted 4 inches of snow…. ⛄️ My neighbor and walking buddy escaped to Key West yesterday…smart timing!

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  12. It’s sunny here, and we’re expecting a “warming” trend.

    Grunion season story today (it’s a big deal on our local beach as well as others throughout LA & OC).

    Friday I have off and need to make the trip to the Credit Union to clear out most of that savings which are set aside for property tax (I’ll have to increase the amount as property taxes go up year by year). Also homeowners’ insurance — which also went up — comes around again a week later.

    And to payeth the tax man (who has been paid via credit card, it was pretty much a demand on their end, but I need to pay that credit card off now). (Wasn’t it protocol to have 30 days to pay those bills?)

    And I need to pay that $400 gas bill. And a $300 DWP bill … Yikes.


    Grateful I don’t owe any taxes this year, however — and I should get two refunds landing in about a month, I hope.

    Warmer weather means using the heater (or probably not at all for several months), so that’ll help.

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  13. I know, Dj, I know. Taxes were way too much. and those bills, oh my.
    Well I am learning, and we will see.
    Sunny, but cold here. Supposed to stay cold around here.

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  14. It is up to the 80s here and muggy.

    Miss Bosley snagged a bath towel for herself from the fresh out of the dryer pile to be folded. She is asleep on it now. I love her but admit, it is conditional love, and the conditions have not been met with that behavIor.

    And I ask why? It is warm in the house. Why does she need a warm bath towel?

    A guy stopped by a bit ago and asked if we still use the old Xfinity when AT&T optic fiber is available and used by all our neighbors. The Keeping Up With the Jones appeal. Art is finished with AT&T from experiences at the office. It matters not what our neighbors use.

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  15. Kind of hard to comprehend how it is snowing here and thirties and at Kim’s house, it is warm enough to carry the bed outside for sleeping!

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  16. And thanks again, big brother, for the daily reminders of what is coming at the end of this week and the beginning of next in our church calendar.

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  17. So interesting how folks have various experiences with internet and providers. I’ve had Cox, liked them, but all I see are complaints.

    I have AT&T now (and have for quite a while), like them ok (no issues, anyway), but see some complaints. There were AT&T problems at our former newsroom, for some reason it just wouldn’t work inside the building; AT&T came out numerous times, could not get it to hook up. It was a problem for me at the time as I had limited data on my phone and kept going over it as I used my phone so much at work.

    I wonder if it depends on the area where you live (or work) … Complaints about Cox, for example, seem to emanate mostly from our southern (coastal cliffside) neighborhoods, I wonder that that isn’t more the cause of issues like outages, etc.

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  18. In my town, we have Cox or Frontier (which is relatively new, compared with Cox, which has been available here forever). We have Cox. Some people will complain about Cox, but we have had good service with them.

    When it was time to replace the router that had conked out and our ancient modem, we considered switching to Frontier’s new fiber optic service which some people have raved about. That would have meant having to have some work done to bring the right wires into the house, which didn’t thrill me.

    Some advice that was given to me by someone whose opinion I sought was “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”, since all of these companies have complaints. (He was also impressed that Cox had gone above and beyond to fix a problem they had had, which took some investigation to determine that it was due to water in a line.)

    So I decided to stay with Cox, but upgraded our service. So far, so good!

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  19. I had to look up the Grunion run. It sounds like our smelt runs. I have only been to one of those once. The smelt from Lake Superior go up the rivers. You can net many of them for however long they run. They are very tiny.

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  20. I loved both of those Were You There songs. When I hear Cash I always think perhaps the guitar is being played by Art’s cousin, Marshall Grant. Fun to consider. He was on Art’s mother’s side of the family.

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  21. I love having the ceiling fan in the bedroom, and I sometimes run it on low even during cooler months (but not this year so much as it’s been colder than normal).

    During the summer, it’s a godsend, it’s made a huge difference in my being able to sleep during our heat waves.


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