27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-28-23

  1. Good Tuesday morning, Y’all! Sweet bird in the header. Were you that close to it or did you use a special lens, AJ?

    A lawnmower buzzes nearby. I need to figure out how to make that happen in our yard.

    It’s gotten cooler again in this yo-yo weather cycle.

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  2. Morning! 12 degrees here with 3 inches of fresh snow all around. Sky is blue and we are hoping for a reprieve of this cold blowy weather!!

    That looks like a junco up there and he appears to be well fed😊

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  3. Good morning, all. Nothing but sunshine here and a crisp thirty one.

    Moscow brother came down yesterday. He brought a bookcase and the dining room table that my folks purchased while I was still living at home nearly fifty years ago.

    Today, my Boise brother may come up to lend a hand for a few days but he got sick last time and may not be quite up to it.

    Husband has fluid in his lower lobes and lots of crackling so is on antibiotics.

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  4. LA courts caught up with me, I received a “Notice of Failure to Respond to Your Summons” card in the mail yesterday, indicating I can be fined $1,500. (I’d received a summons last fall, shortly after my surgery but after I’d returned to work and was super busy, was intending to call the number to request a delay, forgot to do that, remembered like a month later (!!) and no longer could find the summons.

    They’re going to send me another one, I called the automated number for scofflaws and bad people today.

    A cold rain returns by tonight and will hang around for a day or two.

    Arm and shoulder seem to be healing up fine, thankfully.

    I ordered a 30-page downloadable training book: “How to Handle a Hyperactive Dog.”

    They teach you how to install an “Off” switch. (via commands)

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  5. Glad I showed up, mumsee. But this is a slow start …

    Hope your husband’s lungs clear up soon with the medications.

    Friend just got back from a vacation river cruise trip in the South — he now has Covid.

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  6. Do we have an outlaw among us??!!! 😳

    I shoveled the driveway then took Pip for a walk…brrrrr
    It might look inviting out there but that freezing wind takes your breath away!!

    Dj I have a friend who enjoys river cruises but every time she has gone she comes back horribly ill… 🙁.

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  7. Hope husband’s lungs clear up quickly, Mumsee. How exciting to be getting furniture from your childhood! It’s the kind of thing that can an bring back memories.

    I like that junco in the header, AJ. We’ve had lots of them this season. I don’t remember them being so plentiful last year. Many of them are very small. I’ve begun to wonder if fledglings have hatched already. It seems early, but you never know with our feathered friends.

    DJ, if you ever discover how to install that “off switch”, please share. It could come in useful before too long. :–)

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  8. We have a pretty thriving cruise industry in the port now, with plans to expand it further — and those “sick” spreads happen, Norovirus seems to be the leading culprit as it spreads so easily on surfaces touched by so many, but omicron probably as well now.

    Covid shut down the industry almost completely for those 2-3 years, remember those ‘ghost’ ships that were stuck at sea with people succumbing and some dying onboard? Horrific to be on one of those.

    You’d still see the empty ships sitting outside the port from time to time, waiting to come in for servicing. They had minimal operating crews onboard who had to come ashore periodically for supplies; the vessels had to keep moving or they’d have mechanical issues.

    The industry has tried to implement new cleaning protocols with lots of thorough disinfecting procedures at every stop, but with that many people and crew onboard, it’s hard, especially with airborne and touch-spread viruses. The ships also now are huge and only getting bigger.

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  9. Last night, I was up later than I wanted to be, trying to figure out how to connect our printer to the new wi-fi. We used to do that by inputting the wi-fi password into the right place on my laptop. At least, I think that’s how it was done. After taking way too long to find the right place, I found what used to be the right place, but it wouldn’t accept the numbers.

    Finally, at a time when I should have been going to bed, I decided to google about it. A YouTube video came up that looked promising, so I checked that out. What I had to do, I guess, would seem a simple thing to more techy people but to me, it was a new step into more techy-ness. 😀

    First, I had to install the HP app on my phone. (I don’t have many apps that I have installed on my phone, but I am learning that they can have a use.) Then I had to press two buttons together on the printer, having the printer, new router/modem, and my phone all in the same area. The printer and router/modem are already next to each other, so I had taken my laptop into my room, to continue with the video.

    The phone communicated with the other two, and – Presto! – my printer was finally connected with the wi-fi. Oh, what a relief! Plus, I was kind of proud of myself for not giving up, and for doing something outside of my usual skill-set, that made me unsure of what I was doing.

    So although I went to bed almost an hour later than I had wanted to, and then had trouble falling asleep, I was and am glad that I put in the time to figure it all out, and accomplished what I wanted to accomplish.

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  10. NJ, we are hoping to, but have not found the one for us yet. There is a mini-dachshund breeder near us, but I’ll have to work some overtime to afford him. Dad thinks it’s very strange to pay money for a dog. They never did such a thing when he was a child. :–)

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  11. I got to pet a four-month-old dachshund yesterday while I was driveway walking. A teenager or college student gal walked by with it on a leash. It was thrilled to visit me and jump all over me and whip me with its sleek tail. It was the cutest. I asked it if it smelled my cat on my slacks😃 i don’t have to own a dog here😀 I get to visit with them daily when I walk.

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  12. I installed a Guttenburg app yesterday after a friend told me I can get free audiobooks on the public domain through that app. FYI in case anyone wants to listen to old classics. Without buying through Audible. The quality is probably not the same. Some Audible narrators make a good story even better.


  13. Since it’s only a week and a half til Easter, how about some seasonal music? Of course, we celebrate the resurrection every week, but still, let’s do it.

    Here is a song from Keith and Kristyn Getty.

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  14. What good news, Dj. Praying for the same here.

    I went to Bible study and then waited around a bit, went out to lunch and then to my hair appointment.Just as she was getting started on my hair, it started to snow. By the time she was done there were several inches on the ground. quite the interesting drive home, at least 20 miles, okay maybe 15, but when you are going so slow it took a long time at 20mph. And the snow continued all the way down the hill to my house.

    A little bit of sun right now. Neighbors lost a tree, but it isn’t blocking anything. I parked inside my garage, which will be funny later as my car was covered with snow. I will have quite the puddle in there.

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  15. Have you installed the app for the brand of your printer in your phone? I would never have thought to do that if I hadn’t seen that video.

    Hope it all works out for you soon. Technology can be so frustrating!


  16. My printer is still on the fritz. I now have to wait until the 19 of April to have it looked at. It just keeps saying there is an ink error and will not let me print at all. I already did everything suggested online. I hope the tech guy can fix it. Otherwise, I will have to get a new one. I haven’t used this one by WI-Fi at all. I just plug in my laptop. I do very little on my phone. Even though it is a larger model, my eyes just make it difficult.

    Good for you, Kizzie, in sticking with it and finding success.

    Ugh, Jo. That is no fun to have to drive through. We are supposed to travel this weekend and the weather does not look promising.

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  17. Connecting wifi printers really should be easier by now, right? That’s always been a bear and I’m surprised that it’s not much simpler at this point.

    My printer is still connected to my old Mac laptop that I still use for work, so no problem for now, but I should get it also connected to my new Mac laptop that I use mostly for personal stuff.

    Took Abby on a shorter walk tonight, kept both hands on the leash and kept the leash short, my arms close to my body.

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