16 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-29-23

  1. Once again, the media beclowns themselves.

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  2. This is exactly the kind of “pastor” the term “wolf in sheep’s clothing” refers to.


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  3. Dems love promoting violence against their political opponents.

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  4. And as always, the usual idiots on our “side” are in on this too.

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  5. Of course….

    “RESTRICT Act is Not About TikTok: ‘It Gives the Government Authority Over All Forms of Communication Domestic or Abroad’

    The bill doesn’t even name TikTok!”


    “When will people ever learn that if you give the government a centimeter, they will go a million miles?

    The Biden administration told ByteDance to sell TikTok to a U.S. owner. If it doesn’t, then America will ban TikTok on everything.

    Oh, Congress quickly jumped on those threats!

    The Senate boasts that the Restricting the Emergence of Security Threats that Risk Information and Communications Technology (“RESTRICT”) Act targets China’s TikTok.

    Then why doesn’t the bill name TikTok?

    That’s because it includes all forms of communication, mainly technology from China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Venezuela.

    “The RESTRICT Act comprehensively addresses the ongoing threat posed by technology from foreign adversaries by better empowering the Department of Commerce to review, prevent, and mitigate ICT transactions that pose undue risk, protecting the US supply chain now and into the future,” Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), the bill’s sponsor, wrote in a press release.

    All in the name of national security. It’s another freaking Patriot Act. It’s an act that gives the executive branch way too much power. The bill allows the Secretary of Commerce to review and prohibit certain transactions between persons in the United States and foreign adversaries, and for other purposes.”

    The bill identifies other “relevant executive department and agency heads” who will have a role: Secretaries of Treasury, State, Defense, and Homeland Security, attorney general, U.S. trade representative, director of National Intelligence, administrator of general services, and FCC chairman.

    Those names are important because the Secretary of Commerce will work with those people to “take action to identify, deter, disrupt, prevent, prohibit, investigate, or otherwise mitigate, including by negotiating, entering into, or imposing, and enforcing any mitigation measure to address any risk arising from any covered transaction by any person, or with respect to any property, subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.”

    By any person. Anyone.”


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  6. This is clear evidence of the DOJ’s willful failure to enforce existing laws, based solely on partisanship. This is clear evidence for Garland’s immediate suspension, pending his impeachment proceedings. (Impeachment proceedings are already underway for Mayorkas due to his willful and blatant failure to enforce existing laws at out lack of a southern border.) Biden is next. He carried out the wishes of his Marxist puppet masters in appointing Mayorkas and Garland, and he has his own plethora of examples of influence peddling together with his crime family.

    Garland is able to lie with a straight face, even when he knows that it is an obvious lie. He is by far the worst AG in US history. His goal is to destroy the system of justice guaranteed to Americans under the Constitution.


    “A Senate Republican revealed during a March 28 hearing that an internal Department of Justice (DOJ) memo dissuaded U.S. Marshals from arresting protestors in violation of laws against picketing the homes of judges.

    The materials revealed during the hearing show that U.S. Marshals were explicitly directed not to arrest protestors at the homes of Supreme Court (SCOTUS) justices.

    “People want justice to be blind,” said freshman Sen. Katie Britt (R-Ala.), who unveiled the findings during a hearing of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Attorney General Merrick Garland appeared before the panel to testify on the DOJ side of President Joe Biden’s proposed budget.

    Section 1507 of U.S. Code prohibits the picketing of Supreme Court (SCOTUS) justices or other federal judges to change the outcome of a legal case. But when protestors demonstrated at the homes of conservative justices to protest their leaked abortion decision in June 2022, U.S. Marshals made few arrests in connection to the statute.

    This, Britt revealed, was not a mistake. Rather, she showed that a DOJ memo had directly dissuaded agents from making arrests on the basis of Section 1507, instructing them to arrest protestors only as a “last resort” to protect the justices.

    Section 1507 explicitly prohibits “picketing” or “parading” near the residences of judges or justices in order to influence the outcome of a case.

    A few weeks earlier, Garland fielded questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee on his agency’s failure to prosecute those picketing the homes of justices.

    During that and other testimony, Garland has insisted that the decision to arrest protestors lies with U.S. Marshals.

    “U.S. Marshals have the authority to arrest anyone under that statute or any other federal statute,” Garland said. “The attorney general does not make the decision to arrest. The Marshals on the scene—they do make the decision of whether to arrest.”

    But newly uncovered materials used to train Marshals to protect the homes of SCOTUS justices show that they were “actively discouraged” from making arrests on grounds of this statute, Britt said.

    “Those materials show that the Marshals likely didn’t make any arrests because they were actively discouraged from doing so,” Britt said.

    The training materials told the Marshals “to avoid, unless absolutely necessary, any criminal enforcement action involving the protestors.”

    Marshals were also told, “Making arrests and initiating prosecutions is not the goal of the [Marshal Service] presence at SCOTUS residences.”

    “The ‘not’ is actually italicized and underlined,” Britt noted.

    The next slide of the training “not to engage in protest-related enforcement actions, beyond those that were strictly and immediately necessary and tailored to ensure the physical security of the justices.”

    Marshals were also explicitly instructed not to enforce Section 1507, as training materials informed them that there “may be a First Amendment right” to protest at the homes of SCOTUS justices.

    “Regardless, any arrests of protestors are a last resort to prevent physical harm to the justices or their families,” the training materials told Marshals.”

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  7. AJ – re: your 6:57am post – I am highly skeptical of a Twitter post by a person without a full name merely sharing a photo and wanting us to trust him. Some of the Twitter posts that you have shared have turned out to be either misleading or false. That tweet in particular offers no further attempt to add any proof to the photos.

    Finding the definitive statistics is hard because there are different definitions of “mass shooting”.

    This piece shows that the race of mass shooters generally is in alignment with the percentage of the races in our population. So whites are not more likely than other races to be mass shooters, but other races are not more likely than whites, either. Other sources I looked at were similar.

    “Mass shootings in the U.S. by shooter’s by race/ethnicity as of March 2023
    Published by Statista Research Department, Mar 28, 2023

    Between 1982 and March 2023, 73 out of the 141 mass shootings in the United States 73 were carried out by white shooters. By comparison, the perpetrator was African American in 25 mass shootings, and Latino in 11. When calculated as percentages, this amounts to 51 percent, 17 percent, and seven percent respectively.”



  8. Sure clown.

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  9. She’s as knowledgeable as her boss.

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  10. Nope, no regrets here….

    Sure they just armed and bankrolled one of the biggest terror orgs in the world, so what’s to regret?

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  11. Another unqualified Biden admin clown.

    But no mean tweets, so there’s that at least, right?

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  13. Truth.

    “Nashville Tragedy Shows Why It Isn’t Compassionate To Fuel Mental Illness”


    “It’s difficult to fathom that several families started their day with one less precious child around the breakfast table this morning. It’s also hard to fathom responding to that reality — caused by a transgender mass shooter who left three 9-year-olds and several adults dead in a “targeted attack” at a Christian elementary school — by confessing you misgendered the murderer and blasting your political opponents over the same tired gun-control talking points.

    But behind all the partisan smoke and mirrors of the Nashville story is an unmistakable and unavoidable reality: Our modern mental health crisis is out of control.

    You don’t even have to dig into the glaring transgender element of the case to acknowledge this fact. No mentally healthy person blasts their way into a building of defenseless children to murder them in cold blood, much less devises a detailed plan literally mapping out how to make it happen. Transgender perpetrator or not, this sick pattern has repeated itself with unsettling frequency.

    And though President Joe Biden, his press secretary, and other politicians disgustingly spun the attack to blame so-called “assault weapons” and imply conservatives are complicit in mass murder, the simple reality is that over the past handful of decades, firearms have changed very little. Meanwhile, mental illness has proliferated and our culture’s conception of it dangerously evolved.

    That’s why the transgender identity of the shooter can’t be fully ignored — not for those who truly care to understand the gnarly roots of this violence. Despite the protestations of LGBT apologists, gender dysphoria and trans-related narcissism are inextricable from America’s broader mental health emergency.

    A Celebration of Sickness
    The psychological pendulum has swung woefully far: Illness that was once stigmatized, often to the unhelpful point of suppressing it instead of encouraging the sufferers to seek help, is now celebrated and socially encouraged. If it isn’t teachers brainwashing impressionable kids with sexual confusion and instructing them to keep it secret from their parents, it’s parents catechizing their own children in fallacies. Spend just a few minutes on TikTok, and you’ll get a glimpse of the affected masses — self-loathing, split personalities, nonsensical pronouns and sexual identities, desperate androgyny, narcissism, bipolar outbursts, and more.

    Examples of encouraged mental illness abound — even medical doctors fuel delusion by pretending sex is “assigned” and asking for patients’ preferred pronouns — but here’s one directly in response to the shooting. A group called the Trans Resistance Network made the shooter out to be a victim, blaming the “avalanche” of legislation seeking to protect minors from chemical and surgical castration and accusing conservatives of “nothing less than the genocidal eradication of trans people from society.” Many trans-identifying people suffer from “anxiety, depression, [and] thoughts of suicide,” the group correctly noted, but then associated these struggles not with broader mental unhealth but with “lack of acceptance” of gender dysphoria from “religious institutions.”

    Note the group’s promotion of mental instability:

    It is a testament to the inner strength and beauty of transgender people, that despite the … constant anti-trans bigotry and violence, so many of us continue to persevere, survive, and even thrive. We will not be eradicated or erased.

    The same can’t be said for the innocent lives that were snuffed out in an instant in the Nashville shooting. Where derangement is considered “inner strength and beauty,” mental sickness thrives, and now children, not angry activists, are the ones who have been erased.

    At least in part. There’s more to the story for these Christian families, who can cling to the assurance that for a follower of Jesus to be absent from his body is to be present with the Lord. This violent and sin-marred world is not our home, and it’s the closest to hell Christians will ever get. No religious hatred, mental affliction, or targeted attack can eradicate that sure hope.”

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  14. From Twitter:

    ~ For the believer, prayer isn’t a substitute for action, it’s a prerequisite for action. It grounds us before we serve others. It grounds us before we speak in the public square. Prayer helps us grieve, prayer helps us hope, and prayer helps us act ~

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