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  1. Ruled by clowns….

    The un-self aware kind.

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  2. Clearly as bad as citizens using the actual laws passed by Congress to save money on their taxes. Only certain people should be able to do certain things. It has been so since the Garden of Eden, so to speak, however. Psalm 37 is surely a comfort these days.

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  3. Sorry cupcakes. Not how this works. Just ask Jan6ers.

    “Stanford Students Who Shouted Down Judge Demand Their Names and Photos be Removed From News Reports

    “California is a two-party consent state, and you have no right to publish this student’s identity/likeness/face without consent.”


    “The Stanford students who shouted down Judge Stuart Kyle Duncan last week have found something new to be outraged about. They don’t want their names or photos to appear in any news reports about the incident.

    Isn’t it a little late for that?

    FOX News reports:

    Stanford Law protesters demand to have names redacted from news reports: ‘Not how the First Amendment works’

    Last week, students at Stanford Law disrupted a Federalist Society event that featured U.S. Circuit Court Judge Kyle Duncan. Duncan was prevented from speaking by unruly protesters and berated by the school’s associate dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

    Now, some of the protest leaders, many of whom shared the names and pictures of Federalist Society members online and in posters, are unhappy because the Washington Free Beacon published their names.

    “NEW: The same students who plastered the names and faces of the Stanford Federalist Society all over the school are now demanding anonymity from the Free Beacon. They say we’ve violated their right to privacy by identifying them. You can’t make it up,” Aaron Sibarium, a journalist for the Washington Free Beacon, tweeted Friday.

    The Washington Free Beacon is right about this, of course:

    The school’s chapter of the National Lawyers Guild—the organizing force behind the Maoist horde of would-be lawyers—papered the hallways prior to Judge Duncan’s arrival with the names and photographs of the Federalist Society’s board members.

    Yet when Free Beacon reporter Aaron Sibarium quoted the group’s board members describing the protests as “Stanford Law School at its best,” and named those board members, we got a note from one of them, Lily Bou, demanding that we remove her name and those of her classmates. “You do not have our permission to reference or quote any portion of this email in a future piece.”

    That’s not exactly how the First Amendment works.
    We’ve gotten similar complaints about publishing images—pulled from social media—of Stanford Law School dean Jenny Martinez’s classroom, which protesters covered end to end in flyers after she issued an apology to Judge Duncan.

    We received the following note from Mary Cate Hickman, who identified herself as a second-year law student and describes herself on LinkedIn as “passionate about social justice” and a graduate of the Sorbonne.

    Hickman demanded that we “anonymize the face of the student in the red hoodie” because “California is a two-party consent state, and you have no right to publish this student’s identity/likeness/face without consent.”

    Aaron Sibarium wrote a thread about this on Twitter:”

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  4. When every single thing is an outrage, and everything you disagree with is a catastrophe, this is the result. Of course they’re miserable.

    “An interesting review of the ‘well-being gap’ between liberals and conservatives”


    “American Affairs Journal has published an interesting essay looking at what the author calls the “well-being gap.” Essentially this is the idea, which is apparently fairly well known among social scientists, that conservatives tend to be happier in general while liberals are more likely to be depressed.

    Author Musa al-Gharbi is a sociologist at Columbia University and he starts with a topic that I’ve raised several times recently: The fact that liberal teens are struggling with mental health much more than conservative teens, especially over the last decade.

    Although the study by Gimbrone et al. was focused on trends among young people, the well-being gap between conservatives and liberals is not unique to youth. The gap manifests clearly across all age groups and is present as far back as the polling goes. In the General Social Survey, for instance, there has been a consistent 10 percentage point gap between the share of conservatives versus liberals who report being “very happy” in virtually every iteration since 1972 (when the GSS was launched).

    Academic research consistently finds the same pattern. Conservatives do not just report higher levels of happiness, they also report higher levels of meaning in their lives. The effects of conservatism seem to be enhanced when conservatives are surrounded by others like themselves. However, in an analysis looking at ninety countries from 1981 through 2014, the social psychologists Olga Stavrova and Maike Luhmann found “the positive association between conservative ideology and happiness only rarely reversed. Liberals were happier than conservatives in only 5 out of 92 countries and never in the United States.”

    The reasons for this are not fully understood though there are many theories.

    Conservatives are more likely to be patriotic and religious. They are more likely to be (happily) married and less likely to divorce. Religiosity, in turn, correlates with greater subjective and objective well-being (here, here, here). So does patriotism. So does marriage. Consequently, some have argued that the apparent psychological benefit of conservatism actually comes from feeling deeper connections with one’s country, one’s family, and the Divine. On this model, conservatism itself would be largely incidental to the happiness gap. A liberal who was similarly religious, or patriotic, or had a similarly happy marriage, would be expected to have similar levels of happiness as conservative peers.

    In a similar vein, studies have repeatedly found that conservatives—both politicians and laymen—tend to be more conventionally attractive than liberals (and have better sex lives). Moreover, people who are healthier in childhood have been shown to be more likely to become conservative as adults.

    But while these things seem to often be true of conservatives, it’s hard to parse which factors are causes or if all of them are caused by something else. For instance, the author cites a study from 2020 that finds that even if you control for religiosity (how regularly someone attends services) liberals are still about twice as likely to have a mental health condition.”

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  5. Deep down, they know. It’s why they’re so conflicted and miserable.


    “Popular trans TV star realizes how wrong it’s all gone”


    “Born Jared Jennings in 2000, Jennings gained fame at a young age, barely 6, when he publicly identified as trans and received all the positive reinforcement from his mother and even celebrities like Oprah that any child could ever crave…

    Jared chose the female name Jazz after Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin, his favorite Disney princess. But now he says on his current TV show, I Am Jazz, “All I want is to be happy and feel like me, and I don’t feel like me, ever.”

    This video clip of Jazz has made it out into the wild and it’s hard to watch. The is someone who clearly seems to be melting down.”


    “The Spectator offers a brief, sanitized version of just some of the tribulations that Jennings has endured for more than fifteen years.

    Following the initial surgeries, Jennings gained over 100 pounds through binge eating and experienced a range of mental health disorders. Jennings’ mother, Jeanette, deflected theories that those difficulties were caused by the penile inversion vaginoplasty and argued that Jazz had long experienced mental health issues.

    By way of full disclosure, I have never watched this television show, though I was aware of it and I’ve seen some commercials promoting it. I recall initially being annoyed that Jennings had chosen the name “Jazz” because there are so few of us around. I’ve run across two girls in southern California using the name, though I believe those are short for “Jasmine.” Aside from them, there just seemed to be me and the trans television star. (I only recently learned that there is another Jazz Shaw who is a spokesperson for Cal Fire.)

    With that said, what was done to this young man as a child should have been illegal and his mother should have been locked up. I’m not going to go into the full depths of the specific medical procedures and the horror show that followed. But if you have the stomach for it, Megan Fox delivers the truly disturbing specifics. You’ve been warned in advance if you choose to click on that link. I’m going to have nightmares after reading it.

    It’s still not entirely clear if Jazz Jennings has reached the stage of full regret or if this was a temporary phase. But it won’t matter either way. It’s too late now. The physical damage done to Jennings as a child can never be reversed. He has no sex drive because of all the hormones he was given. He has never experienced an orgasm. He will never father children nor will he bear children. (Because he’s still a male.)

    Meanwhile, his mother has become famous and wealthy because of the reality TV show she launched. The abuse of her child was displayed for all the world to see. And she was held up as some sort of “hero” in the trans community for normalizing what was happening. If you know of any young people in your orbit who are experiencing gender confusion and talking about following this path, please print out that article from Megan Fox that I linked above and give it to them. I already knew that these experiments could produce very bad results for people, but until now I had no idea it could be this bad. And it needs to stop.”

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  6. Meanwhile Biden goes all in for child mutilation and targets parents concerned that their children are being preyed upon.

    “New Report Shows Extensive Biden Admin Collusion to Classify Parents as Terrorists”


    “A new report published by the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government and House Judiciary Committee shows extensive collusion between the Biden administration and the National School Board Association.

    The partnership came as the group drafted a letter calling on the Department of Justice to classify parents as domestic terrorists. The letter also asked Attorney General Merrick Garland to use the Patriot Act, implemented after 9/11, to go after parents expressing criticism over school lockdowns, critical race theory and inappropriate sexual content in the classroom.

    “Internal Executive Branch documents indicate that the Biden Administration’s use of federal law-enforcement and counterterrorism resources is an example of government weaponization against American parents. If the Justice Department performed any due diligence prior to the issuance of the Attorney General’s memorandum, it would have understood clearly and forcefully that federal intervention was unwarranted. Because that due diligence did not occur—and the Administration acted out of political motivations rather than for law-enforcement reasons—parents around the country had FBI “assessments” opened into them,” the report states.

    The report, which is interim as the Committee continues to investigate, gives a detailed timeline of the how the NSBA worked with DOJ, the Department of Education and the White House to push for federal law enforcement investigations into parents.

    “The NSBA collaborated with the Biden White House to develop the language of the NSBA’s September 29, 2021 letter to President Biden urging the use of federal law enforcement and counterterrorism tools, including the Patriot Act, against parents. The NSBA shared the draft language of its letter with the White House, which apparently raised no concerns with the reference to counterterrorism tools or the inclusion of the Patriot Act in the letter,” the report states. “Five days after the NSBA letter to President Biden, on October 4, Attorney General Garland issued a memorandum that inserted federal law enforcement into local school board meetings. Attorney General Garland established a task force—including the Department’s National Security Division, with responsibility for enforcing federal counterterrorism statutes—to examine school board-related threats and highlighted the FBI’s National Threat Operations Center to serve as a snitch-line for tips about parents at school board meetings.”

    After the letter became public, the NSBA apologized and a number of school districts ditched the organization. During testimony on Capitol Hill, Garland has denied any wrongdoing by DOJ.”

    The report is here:

    Click to access 2023-03-21-school-board-documents-interim-report.pdf

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  7. Yes please.


  8. Useless, unless you’re Democrats.


  9. More…..

    The diary was her’s, so when will the media be asking questions about the sordid details she alleged in her diary?

    You know, like they would be if it was Trump’s daughter’s diary?


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