28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-21-23

  1. Morning…I think. It’s very dark out there. Sis in law is up and outside with little Buddy. He and Pip have gotten along famously but Lu has had enough. 😊

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  2. Duck, Duck . . . But where’s the Goose?

    It was a cold morning to go to Sprouts at 7 a.m. I am still amazed that Art and I did the whole six weeks M-F of being out that early in the cold to do the radiation treatments. Brrr . . .

    My afternoon walk down the street yesterday surprised me with some flowers I found blooming. It’s below freezing again this morning and feels like January.

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  3. Good morning, everyone! It’s cold here too. Mr.Woodpecker has already been to the feeder for his peanuts twice this morning. I’m glad I refilled last night when I came home from work. They were flat empty! I’ve been a little busy going back and forth to the hospital and the feeder has been on the back burner. Dad is home now and doing well. I’m planning pancakes and eggs for breakfast.

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  4. Good morning.

    Thinking of Art’s comment about all the old people at the doctor’s office made me think of the evening we went to another church for a special film presentation. I was amazed at all the dark hair I saw. That is when I realized we are so often with all old people, both at church and a music jams, that I was used to seeing all those shades of gray!

    Like the friend who just got stopped by a highway patrol person, most of us talk about all the ‘teens’ who are doctors, highway patrol etc. They look, oh, so young!

    Commenting on a ten-year-old picture recently shared by one of my daughters, I said I should have appreciated my hair back then. She said she should have appreciated how thin she was. Makes me wonder what we should be appreciating now and will realize in another ten years. We humans are sure silly.

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  5. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood with light misting rain. My dad and I have already been out for the first walk but he decided to make it short as he did not want his slippers to get wet. They would not have but that was his thought.

    Sick husband and sick daughter are tending sick grandchildren in the playroom.

    Sick son is doing regular nebulizer treatments trying to kick that asthma problem. Dad and I are sitting here watching a peaceful wildlife video that has gone into buffering mode so I will find something else.

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  6. I got a new catalog from The Teaching Company. It is another of “the last catalog you will receive if you don’t order” catalogs that I may receive at least annually now. We did order quite a few of their offerings while homeschooling. I flipped through and saw a class on photography with a smartphone and also a tour of the Emerald Isle that are enticing me to buy for $35 each. I may see if the public library has them.

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  7. It’s a blustery, rainy morning here, trying to get back to my work routine but it’s hard. Told them I am available for any rain or school strike coverage as needed (LA teachers are walking out for 3 days in support of bus drivers, cafeteria and other classified district workers who are protesting stalled negotiation talks, so no school in session).

    I am going to have to get another cat, I think. Not right away. But I do so miss having a cat — Annie was the first cat I had (though I grew up with them) and they’re so different and special. Former reporter who lives a few blocks from me in a 1920s courtyard apartment building sent me a video this morning of mama cat under their building with new feral kittens (no, not thinking of going that route). When the video was playing with the kittens meowing Abby came rushing over to the computer and tipped her head rapidly, back and forth, from side to side, at the sounds.

    Angry longshore guy who’s been calling me about his brother’s suicide (which he thinks was a murder) keeps calling, I keep ignoring the calls as he worries me with his anger. I hate to block his number for fear of just making him angrier — and I do live in town which he knows — but I may have to do that. Will talk also to my editor or the crime editor about it, too, he’s been on their case in the past with similar non-stop calls.

    And life goes on.

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  8. Another free book for Kindle, Everyday Peace; Standing Firm in His Provision:
    “Everyday Peace—an easy-to-use, four-week study—will help you better understand how to allow the peace of Christ to rule your heart instead of stress, discontentment, and relational dissension. In as few as 15 minutes a day, you will gain a new understanding of the powerful truths in Philippians 4:1–13.
    Designed for those pressed for time but craving more depth from their Bible study, Everyday Peace offers a lasting approach for reading and understanding Scripture as you work through the FOCUSed 15 method each week:
    F—Foundation: Enjoy Every Word
    O—Observation: Look at the Details
    C—Clarification: Uncover the Original Meaning
    U—Utilization: Discover the Connections
    S—Summation: Respond to God’s Word”

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  9. Then, when you are tired of being walked by Abby and the other, and being startled by the cat and kitten knocking things off the counters (which are outside, of course), you can count sheep and get some shut eye!

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  10. I vote for a kitten. They are easier than puppies.
    Jin is starting to connect the dots. Sunday she was run over the the wee pad by the back door, leave a little dribble and sit for a treat.
    Such a smart girl. Her other human is smitten. She knows it.

    This morning he came to me and told me Jin was in Amos’s dog bed in the dining room. I said it was bound to happen. I was surprisingly ok with it. She was curled up with her head hanging over the side.

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  11. An older kitten might be best.

    Friend and former colleague adopted a 1-year-old orange tabby from the shelter — they’ve been dog people (sadly last two dogs snatched by a coyote, backyard is next to one of our canyons in town) but decided to get a cat which they hadn’t had since the 1980s — and they are loving it. They also now have a new dog.

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  12. My friend said they’re so happy with theirs, they were surprised how enjoyable having a cat (again) was. And they are easier than dogs.

    I realize this is politically incorrect, but I’d also want a cat that was used to (or savvy about) the outdoors somewhat. I have a doggie door so keeping a cat indoors 24/7 would be an issue — and I also don’t think it’s entirely healthy for cats.

    Yes, there are more risks outside, from cars to coyotes. But my vet told me some years ago that indoor-only cats were showing higher levels of cancer, though that was a while back so not sure if that research held up or not.

    I grew up with indoor-outdoor cats, indoor-only just seems too confining for their natures.

    I think a female is best — don’t they tend to ‘wander’ less? Annie always stayed pretty close to home, she’d enjoy the front yard and porch — though I’d see her dash across the street in her early days (cringe!). Later, she was mainly just a backyard and (mostly) indoor cat. I could tell when she began staying indoors more and more as the litter box got used so much more.

    She had a long life, no health issues or injuries. Maybe we were lucky, but she also was a young, outdoor cat when I adopted her so she was savvy that way.

    Indoor-only cats seem really quite lost and helpless if they happen to get outside.

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  13. In the first several years I had her, Annie would be sitting on the front steps when I’d drive up from work, waiting for me, so cute. Very dog-like.

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  14. I could be mistaken, but based on my vast (HAHA) experience coaching the 5th and 6th graders Pennsylvania Environthon program, they are Wood Ducks.

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  15. We get our cats from the SPCA Barn Buddies program. Grown cats that are spayed or neutered that were found roaming and no one wants because they’re not kittens. Without this program, they would likely be euthanized. All you have to have is a heated out building for them to live in (our current cat, Zeke, would make a lovely house cat but for severe allergies). He’s a gorgeous grey tabby with minty green eyes. He’s supposed to control the mice in our shop 😀. He and Duke have their annual vet checks on Thursday.

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  16. But an adult cat would already have an opinion about dogs. A kitten wouldn’t know any better.

    Adorable’s border collie is here for five days. I don’t believe our cat will leave the bedroom upstairs for the next five days–the border collie constantly hunts her own cat at home.

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  17. We have not had a problem with fixed males wandering anymore than fixed females. Without that, both were prone to wandering. But with the urge gone, they are pretty content to just hang around, playing with mice and things, killing weasels and snakes and other things.

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  18. Well, Abby is very cat-friendly; Tess would give Annie the border collie eye and herd her into corners so the cat learned to keep her distance somewhat from her.

    I’m thinking a kitten though not a tiny baby kitten … an older kitten.


    My family inherited a big, gray tom cat when we moved into the house we’d stay in throughout the rest of our lives as a family (I was in 3rd grade). We called him Tom and my mom, who grew up with numerous cats in Iowa, made it her mission to cultivate him into a family pet which took a very long time.

    He was never neutered — many pets weren’t back in those days — and would vanish for long periods of time, leading us on a couple occasions to conclude he may have died.

    I would cry and hope it would be like the Lassie-come-home movies where he’d still show up, against all odds.

    And that he did, amazingly, scratched and beaten, filthy and thin, but very much alive following what must have been quite an adventure.

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