28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-14-23

  1. Good morning from the freezing, no longer Hot’Lanta. It will be cold most of the week.

    Warm coffee helps, French Roast for today.

    It’s my Bible study day that will only be a prayer time this morning since the leader is out.

    First, I need to get with my morning PT routine. Will Miss Bosley be my helper with the exercises by sitting on my tummy while I do them?

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  2. I had forgotten about playing A Tisket, A Taskit. I did remember singing it in grade school.

    We never called it, Duck, Duck, Grey Duck, Janice. It seems my SIL from WI may have called it that, though.

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  3. Morning! I was up past midnight finishing my book and slept in this morning.

    It will be in the 50’s today. I shall pretend Spring has sprung and start freshening up this house with open windows and shooing winter out of here!

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  4. Good morning, all. A beautiful sunshine morning here with a fresh skiff of snow and about twenty degrees. Expecting rain and snow today and then clearing up for the next few days. That will be nice as brother comes on Thursday and we have plans to get my dad out.

    Did I tell you he went with me again to take daughter her food for the next four days and decided to get out to walk about in town? Very nice. This morning, he selected his clothes and put them on, hearing aids in, shoes and socks, and made his bed and hung up his pj’s. I am about out of a job though I did fix his breakfast: a bowl of instant oatmeal, one banana, a poached egg, one bear paw pastry.

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  5. mumsee, so good to hear how well your dad’s doing.

    It’s a dark morning here, awaiting the next atmospheric river rain deluge expected to arrive by noon and carry on through until at least part of tomorrow.

    I never thought I’d be weary of rain after all the parched, dry years we’ve had. Well, the “lawn”(mostly ‘weedy’ infill) is green again. And the Charlie Browns remain strong. And the Jeep looks clean and shiny.

    Glancing at the headlines, seems there’s unsettling economic and political news all around. But that’s the new normal for us. Prayers for the state of the nation, as always.

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  6. I’m glad my QoD yesterday generated so much discussion.

    Kathaleena was the one person I thought might call it Duck, Duck, Gray Duck. My two friends who are adamant that that is the proper name for it are both from Minnesota. One is from the Twin Cities area, I’m not sure where in MN the other is from. So it sounds like it might be just in parts of MN and WI.

    Now I can inform my two friends what a minority they’re in!

    Roscuro mentioned “What Time Is It, Mr Wolf?” yesterday. I know it as “What Time is it, Mr Fox?” It is a little dark, because when Mr Fox’s answer is “Lunchtime!”, everyone runs away from him.

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  7. It is Lunchtime here!
    I just got off my prayer call which went for two hours. We talked before and after prayer so maybe an hour of talk and an hour of prayer, but the talk was about things to pray about. One lady read to us some pages from a board book for little children about gender issues. She found it on the county library shelves. It was horrid! Prayer is what we can do when it seems nothing can be done.

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  8. We had big, fat snowflakes earlier that turned to rain after a bit. But the forecast is still saying that the real snow is still on its way, and we may get 8 – 12 inches of it, with gusty winds and possible/probably power outages.

    I am hoping that they are mistaken.

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  9. Good afternoon, all. I slept in today. My rhythm is apparently still messed up. But I’ve made it to work at least.

    It’s encouraging to hear that Mumsee’s dad is improving so well!

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  10. Sorry you have to wait for another storm dump, Kizzie. I hope it does not cause power outages. We just went through another chance for bad weather cpnsequences that did not turn out as severe as it could have been. Prayers for the same lack of severity where you are.

    Yes, so thankful to hear how well Mumsee’s Dad is doing these days. It really amazes me! Such a blessing from God to have his genes, too! Go, Mumsee, near Boise!

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  11. mumsee will outlive all of us.

    It’s raining here, not heavily yet, but steady, and is on track to continue without a break through at least late tomorrow morning with flash flood watches in place in LA through 6 a.m. Wednesday.

    It’s one of those ‘atmospheric river’ storms, California has had 11 of them so far this season. Most have come from Alaska, more recent ones from Hawaii, but they ‘catch a (weather) wave’ and surge in off the Pacific.

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  12. Mumsee is as ready to pack it up and head Home as Chas was. But while He still has a purpose for me here, I will try to stick to the duty He assigns. I believe my dad gets to live this long so he will have maximum opportunity to be made new. Of course, since that is in God’s hands and He could do it anytime, perhaps it is to give others hope that even in old age, God is still in control. Or perhaps God is just good.

    My grandfather died at fifty six, my grandmother died at forty eight. He is as surprised as anyone that he is still around. Comments frequently that he does not get it. His oldest and youngest brothers died in their seventies and the rest in their eighties. They led clean healthy lives as school teachers or coaches in California and most if not all were believers. He was the only one to leave California and not be a teacher.

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  13. The rain and wind are quite fierce here. Glad for clear weather yesterday when I had to drive so far. Tomorrow is supposed to clear up.

    Well, my friend was supposed to come today with more things for my room, but now she can’t come. However the promised visit did motivate me to clean up. That is always good
    Now I can rest. A good Bible study this morning. It was rather humorous. Turns out that each day had five questions and there were five of us. So I kept getting the personal questions. It was sorta funny.

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  14. Duck, Duck, Gray Duck? How long have you been with us?

    We also played the Rock, Paper, and Scissors game at times, and I may have messed up the order of that gameπŸ˜€


  15. Oh, Jo! After living in Val Marie, SK for 4 years I know how you feel. I used to like wind prior to that. Now I just get a sinking feeling when I hear the moaning and howling of the wind.

    Crank the music or the TV or something!!!!

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  16. Not much wind here, just a steady rain … I have soft Gregorian chant music on in the living room for Abby.

    I stepped out on the front porch after turning my story in and a squirrel popped up the steps to join me. I said ,”Well hi there,” he froze and stared. Then took off.

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  17. I hated the wind when we first moved here. We built in a field with no trees. Now they tower over the house and cut the wind nicely. Of course, no we have to be concerned about them falling on the house.

    I had a relatively unproductive day. Decided this was the day to drive the 65 or so miles to the biggest mall around here only to find the parking lot relatively empty and all the doors having yellow police tape over them. There were a whole lot of patrol cars and fire trucks on the other end. Unfortunately, the roof collapsed on one section. The blessing was that it was only 9 in the morning and there were no injuries reported. There would have been a lot more people later. I hope for the worker’s sake that it won’t have to stay closed for long. There is a foot or more of snow coming again this weekend. Snow weighs a lot, especially when it is so wet.

    The funny thing was that when I messaged my daughters to tell them about the incident at the mall, they already knew! We went to vote in our township election and my SIL said she had messaged her son in the state of Virginia, and he already knew! Lol. Bad news really does travel fast.

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  18. “Amazing how quickly bad news travels”, so true!,

    I hear crinkling noises tonight and wonder what Miss Bosley is getting into. Now she is with me so the noise remains a mystery at least until tomorrow.

    It is really cold here!


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