39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-11-23

  1. Good morning and a most Happy Birthday to Art!! The Birthday Tree…a gift that keeps on giving!! 😊

    It is beautiful here this morning. 30 degrees, blue sky, sun shining and fresh pine scent air! Thank you Lord! ❤️

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  2. It’s the Birthday Tree!!!!
    All is good here. I have to finish getting my tax information ready. When I log into my i r s account they don’t show a payment I made in June, but I show it clearing the back account in June.
    I am in the 7th Ring of Tax h3((.

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  3. Happy Birthday to Art, and good morning to everyone!
    The sun is shining and it’s crispy cold here, but thankfully, no frost.

    The big red headed woodpecker has been to the feeder at least 3 times already this morning and that many times yesterday as well. That’s unusual activity for him as he usually shows up no more than once a day. He must be especially pleased with the blend of birdseed Cyrus found. It has peanuts and sunflower seeds, and he adds extra peanuts. Yummy.

    I saw another unusual interaction this morning . A female cardinal was at the feeder, and a male came up beside of her. She hopped onto the iron arm of the feeder away from the seed, and he sidled up beside her. They both shifted a little and settled side by side for just a few moments. Then they turned their heads to face each other. They were so close their beaks were touching! Now I seriously doubt that cardinals kiss, but that was exactly what it looked like: a romantic couple smooching publicly right there at the Birdie Buffet! Someone must be thinking about starting a nest. I hope it’s close by. :–)

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  4. Spring and bird romance must be in the air!

    What ever happened to Jo’s woodpeckers?

    We’re socked in with fog and rain — well, just fog this morning, the rain has stopped until another heavier rain-vortex stream swings through on Tuesday-Wednesday.

    The temps are warming up a a little though, the house was only in the mid-60s when I got up at 8 a.m. (usually in the 50s).

    And it’s Saturday.

    Tonight the time changes, which is both good and bad. Good because it’s more daylight at the end of the day (so it won’t be nearly dark by the time I’m off the clock); but not so good that we have to ‘spring forward’ and it always feels, to me, like I lose sleep; I never seem to catch up and feel normal for several days because of it. Darker in the mornings, that also makes it harder to get up earlier.

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  5. Good afternoon! That photo was taken while the tree was still in bloom. There are no blooms for Art’s actual birthday, a first.

    He made use of the new footrest/ warmer I gave him last night as he worked for hours on that which Kim used an appropriate expression for a client.

    I have been listening to a book, Station Eleven, that Wes is reading for a discussion group. It is not something I would have selected since it is not a Christian novel, but it is quite fascinating.

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  6. Something new to me: Yarn bombing. A Facebook friend in England lives by the sea and finds these on hrr walks.
    “Yarn bombing is a type of graffiti or street art that employs colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fibre rather than paint or chalk. It is also called wool bombing, yarn storming, guerrilla knitting, kniffiti, urban knitting, or graffiti knitting. Wikipedia”

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  7. Happy Birthday to Art!

    A couple weeks ago, at MakeItMan’s request on Facebook, I had written to my congressman, asking that Congress would take up and pass the bill that the Senate had already passed, to make DST permanent.

    He said that the Senate had passed the bill to keep DST without any discussion or real consideration. He says – and I have read other things that agree with this – that Standard Time is actually healthier for our circadian rhythm. (At this point, I would just like to have one time and keep it, but I get his point.)

    * Sigh *

    So we would need the Senate to have another bill to keep Standard Time, and then have the House vote on it, too. I’m guessing that’s not gonna happen for a long while, if ever. 😦

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  8. I think it’s all in process (for a final vote to make one time — or the other — permanent). I, too, have read that standard time, medically speaking, is better for our bodies and our internal time clocks; that DST sets us off from our more natural internal “time” somehow.

    Either way, I have come to see the time change as disruptive to our bodies and minds. Yes, we do eventually adjust, but I was glad to see it wasn’t just my imagination that it took a couple weeks for me to adjust physically and mentally (especially to this time change, where the hour is ‘lost’). I guess not being a morning person it also just makes mornings generally more painful (with the longer darkness at the front end of the day, at least for a while — it sort of evens out eventually, I know). I think, anyway?

    They’re messing with us.

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  9. DTS is sort of the “fake” time.

    But we all enjoy lighter/longer days in the afternoons, early evenings.

    Or maybe we can just all get let out of work and school earlier instead?

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  10. Our email from church this morning:

    ~ Daylight Savings
    Spring Ahead — Remember to set your clocks ahead an hour on Saturday night.~

    All that cheery talk about “spring ahead!” Groan. Can I just say no? I don’t
    ‘spring’ at any hour in the mornings.

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  11. Yesterday’s photo just didn’t look like Chas to me so I kinda stayed away.

    Finally I went through my ipad and found the one I had of when we met. I posted it on instragram. Today I noticed that Linda Shull saw it and made a sweet comment of how much we meant to Chas.

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  12. Yes, both Elvera & Chas looked different in their younger years, didn’t they? these photos probably caught them in about mid-life from the looks of it.

    One of our reporters will be inducted into the Surfing Hall of Fame, which is quite the honor. She covers beach/ocean and (yes) surfing stories for us.

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  13. Had a lovely walk with my neighbor friend. Blowy cold breeze but the walk was invigorating! 😊 tomorrow we will miss walking together due to cold front accompanied with rain/snow coming in for the next couple days!

    That photo of Chas and Elvera is just the sweetest. I always thought Elvera was the twinkle in Chas’ eye. How he loved his bride as I am certain she loved him!

    Went to the monthly HOA meeting this morning and it turned out better than I expected. My friend’s husband volunteered to vet the upcoming 400,000 contract before our clueless board president signs it! Friend’s husband has 41 years of experience in such matters and if I have to pay 2800.00 for this debacle at least I want to know a man of experience, wisdom and integrity has some oversight. Thankful!

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  14. After a run to Home Depot, I decided to stop off and check out the new dog park in town (which has been open at least 4-5 years but I hadn’t been to it; now it’s the only one in town, our old one was closed by the port who owned the property).

    Only a couple folks there on the big-dog side, but folks looked at me with all the suspicion we used to show when people would enter the park without a dog. What are they up to?

    When I got home, I told Abby I’d gone to a dog park but it would have been nice to have a dog with me.

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  15. So someone here was discussing Ruggables — Kim? And someone else? Kare?

    Talk to me.

    I just picked up some area rugs I’d bought at Target a while ago — they had to be dry-cleaned, something I didn’t notice when I purchased them.

    Couldn’t believe how expensive that was. (Rugs weren’t expensive, but cleaning them, yikes; made w/wool and had to be “sent out.”)

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  16. I’d like to know about Ruggables, too. In fact, I went to Home Depot to look at them before I pay so much money to try them out at home.

    They didn’t have any in stock.

    Does anyone know how to wash a rug without destroying the backing and getting it all over the inside of the washing machine?

    We had a break in the storms a few days ago, and I washed my Land’s End rugs. I could leave them out in the sun long enough to dry.

    But the backing is still trying to flake off, despite not going through the dryer. 😦

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  17. I’m currently talking with a BOT on MailerLite (New), who at least is apologizing for their exasperating (non)service.

    Actually, we’re not talking; it’s thinking and I’m waiting.

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  18. I was wondering about Ruggables. I haven’t purchased one. I decided the 14′ runner in front of my sink (to protect the hardwood from Duke’s toenails as that’s the main traffic route to the door) was dirty enough and old enough that I just threw it in the washer – came out great! I wish I had thought to do that sooner. Way easier than hauling out onto the deck and using a carpet cleaner.

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  19. Received my gas bill, only $380 this month. Better than last month’s $600, but still, this can’t really go on for most of us.

    I had a long work week with lots of running about and a night of OT driving and traipsing through LA; then a busy, errand-filled Saturday yesterday, so I’m live-streaming (in about 15 minutes) church this morning.

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  20. Good morning all. First walk in on a gloriously sunshine covered deck with just a whisk of ice covering the back stretch so we did not go there.

    I am coughing so stying home.

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  21. I just love my church even if I only get to watch online! We had rain and storms predicted this morning so I did not attempt to drive anywhere except to take my car out of the carport to the driveway to wash off the pollen.

    The pastor is still teaching in Acts and is stressing how the church grows when it is scattered. We had a new song this morning to become familiar with for Easter.

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  22. Janice, we sing that song at church sometimes. It’s a good one.

    It’s chilly and drizzling here a little this morning, but it was good to get out and go to church. Attendance was down a bit, probably because of the time change. I wish they would stop changing it back and forth. I don’t care where they leave it as long as they leave it alone. :–/

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  23. Debra, yeah, I think it’s the “changing” that’s hard on our systems, mental and physical. Harder than we once realized, the medical community seems to be picking up on that finally.

    This one (“losing” an hour) especially messes with me!

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  24. It was cold and windy this morning and remains to be so! Church seemed looooong but that could be due to my losing that hour of sleep and I kept yawning!! The one giving the message before communion preached a whole sermon (it is supposed to take about 5 minutes but he took 25) then our Pastor had a longer than usual sermon. It was all good but I could scarcely keep awake even after 3 cups of coffee this morning. The older I get the worse this DST is on my brain! And don’t even get me started on how it undoes my dogs…they stare at us begging for their food when they need to wait an hour! And Pip was up at 4 when it was 5 and we were all so very confused…we didn’t change our clocks before bed and before our first cup of coffee we were trying to figure out what day it was!! 😂 I took a nap when we got home from church…

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  25. I have about an hour and a half of listening left in Station Eleven. It has been made into an HBO mini-series. I read they changed it a lot for the film production. It really gives a person a lot to think about. It is not a Christian novel so has some ‘language’ I would take out. But overall it has nothing graphic to offend.

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  26. Hmm, I may check Station Eleven out tonight (the mini-series), seemed get decent reviews.

    Are we crazy for watching something about a pandemic??

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  27. Oh, wait. I just see I’d already had it waiting in my Kindle queue. So maybe I’ll go there first, just finishing up the last Connelly novel.

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  28. Tired today, but I made it to church.

    Tomorrow will be interesting. I told a friend that I would drive her to a doctors appointment that is almost 2 hours away. She wants to leave even earlier than i figured. She also said it will be a long visit.

    Should be a good day for driving, but storms coming in at the end of the day. Not sure when I will get home. She lives at least a half an hour away from me.

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  29. Then on Tuesday we finally have Bible study again. I think my group is bringing snack.

    Trying to clean up around here as the gal who has blessed my bedroom is coming with some more things. And someone else told me that she has a few things for me.

    I need help putting my book shelves together, too.

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