53 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-4-23

  1. Let’s try this again with my brain engaged.


    How is your husband after completing his treatments.

    And how are you dealing with it all?

    Praying it all works as designed and he’s free of this going forward.

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  2. Love the picture.

    Loved Peter’s bible verses on yesterday’s thread. So appropriate.

    So glad you were okay, Janice, and others who have had such storms. My grandson was without power at his university in Nashville. He went home earlier than he expected for his spring break. Not so nice for those who cannot go somewhere else. Just think how much power is used for today’s students.

    God blessed me with a unexpected meeting with an acquaintance, who is a contractor, who put in new windows for us years ago. I asked him about a reference for someone to replace our kitchen sink and he said he would be willing to do it. He is usually far too busy to do that! He came yesterday to take measurements. He will install not only the sink, but a new floor and countertop. We are still stuck in the 70’s and it is well overdue. Nothing will be done before April, but I am so happy to have this on the agenda. Of course, if Jesus comes first or I go to him, I will happily leave it all behind. 😉

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  3. Good morning, Wanderers. The header is a macro view of the tiny bridal wreath flowers. They resemble roses to me, much like the Mother’s Day roses I grow, but without the fragrance and a hundred times smaller.

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  4. Yes, Kathaleena, the storms that hit for some reason hit on college campuses (the evil one’s response to Holy Spirit activity on campuses?). Two campuses in Rome, Georgia got hit. One was Berry which may have the largest campus in the world.
    It was Wes’ second choice for undergrad school. It was where Truett Cathey (Chick-fil’A founder ) was highly involved in the past. The other school hit there was Shorter, a Southern Baptist campus that has a big focus on music.

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  5. Morning all!! Fresh layer of snow on the ground but the sky is a faint blue with sun shining.
    😊 Aj everything went well with no side effects except for being a bit exhausted. But when I say that he continues to run and hike daily for at least 10 miles…just thinking of that makes me tired!! Now it is a journey of wait and see. In His Hands we commit it all for He knows.
    Still not many know of his private journey not even our children (the one living with us does know)……just a couple very close friends and of course you. And knowing my dear friends here have been covering us in prayer has been a comfort to me.

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  6. Good morning, all, a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Saturday morning clean up is in the works. Exercise is done. My dad is napping which is rather unusual of late.

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  7. Hello all.

    This is the day I finally do my taxes. I’ve been waiting for a document from my investments. I haven’t seen it yet but I’ll dig in any way. One day I hope the GOP gets it right and makes taxes easier to do!

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  8. I don’t (can’t, trust me) do “my own” taxes, but I still hate tax season. I have been known to audibly groan when I see those folks dressed up like the Statue of Liberty dancing on our city street corners with their signs pointing to the nearest tax office. Nooooo.

    On the plus side this year, I’ve been good about keeping everything gathered together in a “spot” near the front of the house. And my tax guy told me the final statement I found and printed out from my EDD medical leave payments for the knee surgery will be sufficient, I don’t need to get a 1099 from them.

    Medical expenses? Hmmm. This was abnormal unusual “medical” year for me. I don’t think I’d have enough to claim the out-of-pocket stuff, but … ? Something else I guess I need to check before making the appointment and sending everything over to them.

    I hate tax season.

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  9. Son and grandchildren are off to town to play in the park and whatever.
    Husband and children are off to work.
    My dad and I are watching golf.

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  10. The day is bright and sunny but cool. Such a contrast to yesterday. When I walk outside there is still a wonderful fragrance from the Birthday Tree although most blossoms are gone after the pounding storm yesterday.

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  11. I liked NJ Lawyer and recall she didn’t want to follow us over here for some reason.
    I changed my identifying monikers for fear I may had shared too much for the general public. I noticed a comment on the other thread the other day and I didn’t know who they were. Like I said husband is very private and I felt safe here to share but perhaps not🥴

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  12. Seen on twitter:

    Failings, with conflict, in sanctification should not weaken the peace of our justification and assurance of salvation.

    ~ Richard Sibbes, The Bruised Reed

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  13. Who knew? … A few folks.

    I’d seen a social media post about this a couple weeks back from a former elder of ours who, along with his young family, were good friends w/her for many years. He gave a similar testimony about her faith.


    Not Just Another Pretty Face: Raquel Welch, RIP

    Steve Beard



    ~ … Growing up, the family attended a Presbyterian church in La Jolla and Raquel’s mother enrolled her kids in Vacation Bible School. The family was not particularly religious, Welch recalled, but her mom took the three kids to church every Sunday. Dad attended twice a year – Easter and Christmas.

    “On the day my mother died, some years ago, I felt as if I’d lost my only connection with God’s favor,” wrote Welch. “I figured that any standing I had in the hereafter was based on the life she led, not on my inadequate attempts at following His principles. At the same time, I was reminded of my own mortality. I also thought back to the countless times she had taken me to church as a child and remembered the wonderful sense of peace I’d felt when sitting under the protection and grace of my mother’s faith. Now that I had lost my bearings, I wanted to reach out and touch the strong arm of God again.”

    It had been five decades since she had regularly attended church. “I managed an awkward inept prayer to ask where I should look for such a sanctuary. It was embarrassing. I wasn’t sure exactly whom I was praying to anymore,” she confessed. “So I prayed to the God of my childhood and, lo and behold, he was still there. My journey had just begun.”

    Outside Beverly Hills, the starlet found a small church “on the way to Pasadena, where the pastor and congregation were very devout and really knew their scripture. I had come there because I’d heard the pastor speak on the radio, and it sounded like he might be a good source of information. That turned out to be true. Apparently, even inept, awkward prayers are answered.”

    Welch described the congregation as modest, unassuming, and friendly. “The people in this church weren’t Hollywood types,” she reported. “Even so, when I entered the chapel on that first day, I felt quite tentative. Maybe I didn’t belong among these people who actually practiced their faith. I didn’t look like them, sound like them, or act like them. I stood out like a sore thumb.” She sat in the back of the chapel.

    “By the time the sermon was over, I felt remarkably comfortable sitting among these parishioners; not one of them gave me a second look,” recalled Welch. She found the members refreshing. “Not a superficial bone in their body.” …

    … After her death, religion writer Drew Dyck revealed on Twitter that the church she was referring to was a small Presbyterian church (“maybe 30 people”) that he also went to during seminary. He reported that she attended Bible study and described her as elegant, “sweet and unpretentious … ” ~

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  14. Kootenay’s feet are officially wolf-sized. So huge! We know they’re wolf-sized because his tracks are the same size as the local wolf packs tracks. So crazy! He got a bath today and the hair on his feet trimmed really short. Tomorrow he will get the rest of his hair cut, although not as short as the hair on his feet. He’s 6 months old now and weighs at least 70 pounds. 🙂

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  15. I gave myself a haircut today! I imagine Kootenay got the better cut (hair off his feet). I cut four to five inches off. Art may be surprised when he sees me. Then again his eyes may be glazrd over by seeing too many tax clients today.

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  16. Janice, you would imagine wrong! I held a bully stick for him to chew while Tim trimmed – there are a few long stick out tufts which we may or may not get with a scissors yet.

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  17. Abby’s feet are really big. And her legs really long.

    I used to cut a few inches off my hair when I was younger and wore it much longer and straight, all one length.

    Now it’s kind of long again, but with layers and I let it curl naturally. I wouldn’t cut the length due to the layers, but I do cut the bangs. I’m way overdue for an appointment.

    Covid, long hair took off again.

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  18. So we went to see Jesus Revolution this evening. All in all, a good movie, some cool historical shots from the time. Kelsey Grahmer was good as usual, and so was the acting all around. Not bad.

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  19. I made a post on the rants and raves. So my friend found someone to make a delivery from her street to mine. Her grandson and friend came too. The guy with the truck also brought his little boy. He and my friend came upstairs to help me bring in stools. Peg was referring to him as the best guy. I guess he is in first or second grade. Then as they were leaving, she got really close to me to tell me that that boy needs my help. The school isn’t even doing any testing and moved him back a grade cuz he just can’t make it. Well I already have materials sitting in the garage. Must be time to open them up.

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  20. Saw something about the Jesus Revolution, I have no idea what that is … ?

    I was in the middle of a suspense movie when a text came through about 5 people being shot at one of our beaches … looks like all will, thankfully, survive, no suspect and no motive, sound (to me) like probably some sort of dispute, maybe a gang thing, but police won’t say yet.

    Anyway, editor asked if I could head down there as I’m close, so I wound up standing in the dark at the beach entrance and at the edge of the mainland interviewing 2 LAPD officers, the county supervisor and city councilman, writing in pitch darkness in a notebook that already had been used for another story 2 days earlier (so I was trying to find whatever blank pages there were, hoping I wasn’t just writing over something else) … Haven’t been called on to do that in a long time.

    Crime reporter on tonight was way far away so I got tapped to physically go there, but when I got back I was able to just feed her the info to write it up, which helped.

    I missed the end of the movie.

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  21. Good morning all. More snow here. Children are shoveling the deck and cars. Son will be taking the two grandchildren with him to Catholic church. Husband will be taking the two children with him to Baptist church and then potluck. He will also refill twenty one’s med dispenser for the week. My dad and I sit here watching golf.

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  22. Morning. Beautiful start to our day with warmer temps but a bit breeezy out there!

    Husband headed off to church and I have finally gotten the two younger dogs to settle for naps! Let sleeping dogs lie!!

    There is a guest speaker this morning and memorial for a member who recently passed away. Husband knew him from Bible study and I had never met him. They will have a pot luck afterwards.

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  23. Good afternoon. I finally made it to in-person Sunday school. I received a very nice welcome back. One lady told me she loved my ‘bob’ which made me feel much better since Art did not acknowledge it until I mentioned it. I know tax season does things like that, but when wifey goes from shoulder length to chin length, a husband needs to verbally say at the least, “I see you got your hair cut.” Another lady at church had bought a bottle of a blood pressure supplement to give me that her husband was having success with that we’d discussed by text. Wasn’t that sweet of her?

    A retired PT in the class was not aware of the specialty of oncology PT so she wants to talk more about that.

    The Sunday school leader for today said he and his wife saw Jesus Revolution and liked it. My friend, Beverly, also saw it and said it held her attention the whole time, and she would not mind seeing ig again if I would like to see it.

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  24. I can’t like things either, but I’m with Kare, I loved Jo’s post.

    We also loved Jesus Revolution–and sang along to the music.

    Prayer times went well yesterday and today–which I guess is really for the next page!

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  25. @3:20, Not that exciting, but some of it does help keep me moving.

    Ran into some sprinkles and then light rain on the way to church today. Sermon was on male/female roles within the church. I caught some of the apparently lively Q&A on YouTube when I got home, but will have to go back when the full video is ready to watch what I missed.

    Abby was very glad to see me when I got home, which is sweet. I missed those special dog greetings. No one’s as glad to see you as a dog.

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  26. Janice – The first time that I dyed my hair many years ago, Hubby didn’t even notice. I was asking him, “Do you notice something different about me?” and he still didn’t get it. 😀

    DJ – Heidi has always been thrilled to see me when I get home from being out, but as she has gotten older, she gets even more crazy-happy to see me. It really is a wonderful welcome home.

    Nightingale and Boy have been out all day. Fortunately, Janie has not been whining to come downstairs, although I made sure she has gotten out to go potty.

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  27. Personally, I just think most husbands are like that and it has nothing to do with tax season. I am sure there are exceptions.

    I had to laugh when I sent a picture to my daughters of a portion of a book I am reading and my youngest asked me if the book was, “The Daughter of Auschwitz.” Apparently, she also recently got this book from her library and was reading the book, although a bit behind me. It has been a fascinating book so far. It is the true story of this woman who was in a concentration camp as a little girl after living in the ghetto as a toddler.

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  28. Thanks for helping me to give grace to Art about his lack of noticing my haircut. I said earlier it was to my chin but that was when I cut it wet. After drying it went much shorter so just below my ears, so it is quite different from flaired out shoulder length.

    Has anyone played pictionary? We are having a ladies game night at church to play it and I am contemplating going. I am still wearing a mask. Would that be a hindrance?

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  29. Well, I just made a long post and lost it. Sigh.

    Janice – yes, go play even with a mask it will be fun!

    My husband also doesn’t notice such things. Or he does, but doesn’t realize he needs to say something.

    I appreciate when you all mention good books on here. I promptly go over to Libby and order it up.

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  30. Oh we played Pictionary all the time! It is so much fun. Laughter would ensue and we would have to take a break just to compose ourselves. (If you are a good artist perhaps it wouldn’t be quite as hilarious but we were all terrible artists!)

    I ran over to the salon this afternoon to get my hair trimmed after finding out my new stylist had some time to get me in. Husband didn’t notice😂

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  31. What a day!! I wasn’t going to church, but my friends needed a ride as their 4wd vehicle was in the shop. Roads were clear but the parking lot needed the 4wd. Friends brought a blanket for me. We had been forewarned that the power was out so no lights or heat. I needed that blanket for my legs.
    After fellowship we headed home. An hour later my daughter and her kids showed up and stayed until 7. Got laundry done and showers. A busy time together.

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  32. We used the hymnals and sang How Great Thou Art, Be Thou My Vision and several others. To worship like that was incredible. Had to turn sidewise to get a bit of light from the windows so I could read the words. I could see the pastor, but now with any detail.

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  33. Jo- Your service sounds great, except for the cold. Sometimes I think we get the idea that no electric power means we cannot have a meeting, but God can meet us anywhere, any time. Of course, some modern church buildings don’t have windows, so lack of light would be a problem. But we don’t need electrified music and projected lyrics to sing God’s praises.

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