21 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-3-23

  1. I have thought about the opinion shared by Michelle and am a bit put off by it. I do agree that we need to be careful about criticizing our fellow believers. Jesus even told his followers that if someone is not against him, they were for him. IOW, don’t worry about them. However, just because someone uses a lot of money, time and effort to ‘share the gospel’ does not make them immune from criticism in any way. Actually, even if I never share the gospel, that does not make everything someone one else does to share it immune from critique. If it were my children or grandchildren involved at the college, I would think nothing of checking things out. I, frankly, am not happy when I hear fellow Christians uncritically promoting The Chosen as if it were gospel (which I did recently). I have no problem with anyone using it as a tool to lead others to think about the actual word of God. I haven’t seen a lot of episodes but have seen some that I question the slant. I would not discourage anyone from the series, but I sure would caution against following it as the word of God. I would certainly caution anyone from following any movement as The Holy Spirit moving. I am old enough to have seen how so many have been deceived as things move along. At the same time, I do agree that a wait and watch is sometimes the best thing to do. We never want to quench the Spirit or deter unbelievers from that which may ultimately lead them to Jesus. God used an unbeliever to encourage him to dig into the Word. God uses all kinds of people and things. I am not the target audience for the commercials. I find them confusing and am not sure how helpful they are. However, I do pray that they lead others to ‘taste and see that God is good.’ Just my two cents.

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  2. I agree with you, Kathleena.

    I’m not a fan of The Chosen–I can take it or leave it and I have some major problems with how they have, in my opinion, distorted the Gospel for the sake of their “storyline.”

    I’m more irritated with everyone who cautioned against Asbury without 1. setting foot there, 2. only applying their denominational slant against people who reach God differently than they do.

    The Spirit moves where He wills. I became a Christian by being scared into the Kingdom of God by The Late Great Planet Earth.

    Once I began studying the Bible, I didn’t agree with the theology of that book at all.

    But, it opened my mind and heart to Christ, which took me into a rich life of walking with Him. (And not caring when He returns–I’ll meet him someday face to face when He determines it’s time to bring me home).

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  3. @10:55 I think all of us (as was said at the time, even with some of the questioning) hope and pray for the same happening to a number of those who attended that particular event.

    I had a restless night, capped off by the cat throwing up on the bed at around 5 a.m. So I had to get up, haul the big blanket into the wash, then try to get back to sleep (not very successfully). And I have a phone interview in a couple hours that I’m somewhat unprepared for (they approached me and it’s regarding an issue that came up at a conference I did not attend, I’m trying to see if there is a video of the particular session I can look at before the phone call).

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  4. Morning all! Gotta go out there and accomplish errands before the snow hits this afternoon. Rollercoaster winter season always trying to stay a step ahead!
    Everyone is feeling fine here and we are oh so thankful. Trusting in Him in all things 😊

    The Word continually warns us to be wise and discerning not to be deceived. So I see everything right in questioning.
    When the movie Paul the Apostle came out our small group decided everyone would go to the opening of the movie…except for my husband and me. The next week when we gathered again the others discussed the movie. The leader of our group, a solid believer and elder of our church, started talking about a scene in the movie and exclaimed “I didn’t know Paul did that!”. Well he didn’t. The movie makers decided to take artistic license and wrote something that didn’t happen into his movie.
    During Bible study there is someone who continually quotes “The Chosen” and not the Word.
    We must guard our hearts and minds. Stay in the Word. We need not someone else’s depictions of Who He is. We know from being in His Word.

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  5. NJ, glad to hear all are feeling well there! :–)
    Occurrences which claim to be a move of the Spirit should not be above questioning for sure. The written, inspired Word must be the measure of all things. And even when it is a move of the Spirit, it’s possible that not everyone experiences the same thing, or understands what they are experiencing in the same way. As happened when the voice came from heaven in John 12:29—some said it thundered, some said an angel spoke, but Jesus said the voice came for their benefit.
    I guess I’m out of the loop on the Chosen. I’ve seen the title online (probably Amazon, don’t remember), but never been tempted to watch it for whatever reason.
    We’re having a windy overcast day so far, and Peachy looks like he’s lost some of his flowers. But it’s not too cold so we’re still on schedule for peaches. :–)

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  6. I’ve seen ads for the Chosen, but never watched it.

    The sun is out today, though we’ll have more clouds and maybe a sprinkle or two over the weekend. Our temperatures are staying quite cool for us, in the high 50s, but also slipping some days into the low 60s. I think high 60s is more normal for us this time of year.

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  7. God’s word tells us to test the spirits AND it also tells us to not quench the Spirit.

    When I see what is going on at Asbury, I want to be cautious in how I think of it – not leaning towards taking it at face value, but also not dismissing it because it doesn’t fit what others claim revival should look like.

    It really is a delicate balance, isn’t it?

    Whatever is going on there, may God be glorified, and may many people be led to Him.

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  8. Good morning, all. A bit of snow over night but we were sleeping inside so were not really bothered. A beautiful day here, sun is shining.

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  9. A sunny day here, too. Which means that I need to get out and walk.

    Snow on the west coast is quite wet and heavy. Also the snow that falls is determined by elevation. So I am around 1500 feet and below the snow level. My daughter at 2500 feet or above had three or four feet. So nice to have such a nice day here. They have all been sick, so came and did laundry, she took a long nap and everyone got a shower. The youngest opened my frig and cupboards right away and found the treats. One thing I did tell her was being saved for Easter.

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  10. @1:14, it only felt that cold after I had to take the barfed-on blanket off the bed and toss it into the washer before dawn … That cat woke me up almost every hour, on the hour last night. I can usually go right back to sleep but not last night, for some reason. Strange dreams and lots of wakefulness.

    Meanwhile, I see California tax deadline is moved now to October? That’s nice for some breathing room. I already have property tax, homeowners insurance both due within the next 1-2 months — and it’s possible I may owe some on income taxes as well, but I hope not (and don’t think I will; still, never know … )

    Car insurance rates, by the way, are skyrocketing nationally right about now, a result of inflation, according to our local news broadcast. Sigh, sniff.


    I see that Disneyland has removed the Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (from Song of the South) line from it’s theme park parade musical lineup here.

    ~ … Disneyland has quietly cut a reference to the “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” song from the soundtrack of the Magic Happens parade that returned in late February after a three-year hiatus. ~

    One of my early memories as a very young child (movie, “Song of the South,” came out in ’48, before I was born) was sitting in a theater in Iowa with my mom watching it — and being tearfully terrified by the bull scene.

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  11. Big Bear residents in the mountains near us have been overwhelmed with the snow, many of them stuck in their homes and others, who were trying to return home, having to wait hours in a long line of cars that had to be escorted up the mountain.

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  12. I have not been to Asbury and have not watched the Chosen at all, but I do know God and know that He is beyond my understanding how He uses His tools for His purposes. But He gives me His Word to help me see Truth from lies.

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  13. Re- Asbury, He Gets Us and the Chosen: Paul said in Philippians 1:15-18

    “Some indeed preach Christ from envy and rivalry, but others from good will. The latter do it out of love, knowing that I am put here for the defense of the gospel. The former proclaim Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely but thinking to afflict me in my imprisonment. What then? Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed, and in that I rejoice.”

    We may not fully agree with what’s happening, but God’s word is being proclaimed and we should pray that it works to His glory.

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  14. So, my husband was cleaning the other day and knocked my iPod off the shelf and broke it. My iPod is probably over ten years old and was only used for music for my exercise so I quickly adapted to listening to moody radio. But husband was so sad about his action that he bought me an iPad Air, whatever that means. I am trying to do better at using devices so am trying to talk at you on it. I have no idea how to put music on it so for now it is moody for exercise.

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