20 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-28-23

  1. Like Jo, we got our first snow of the year last night. A couple of inches. Now it’s sleeting and supposed to end as all rain.

    But today is the last day of Feb., and I can see Spring on the horizon. 🙂

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  2. Good day for two Bible study groups! And Art has a doc appointment mid day so is taking the day off. Why did it have to fall on this day when I am already committed to be so busy? Well, most likely he will be at work on his computer while here.

    I am enjoying my PT app to keep me motivated. Do any of the Wanderers have a favorite app to share that others might like? I also like the Glorify app which is the Brittish devotional I use each day while walking.

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  3. I really like your photo header, Jo. My poor vision makes it difficult to distinguish the details. Are those flowers and grasses? It looks like a beautiful naturalized area that would be a great spot for a prayer bench.

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  4. I desperately wanted a coati mundi when I was young. They had them in the local pet store. Along with kinkajous which I also desperately wanted. Or a spider monkey. My parents denied them all to me. But I survived.

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  5. Morning all! If you have anything you needed to get done in Feb you better get er done today….how I miss Chas reminding us!!

    I thought how funny that those animals would run backwards…then looked at your post again Aj!

    We had dogs, cats, guinea pigs, goldfish and turtles when we were children. I had no aspirations for the more exotic species. 😊

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  6. Good morning everyone! It’s a particularly beautiful sunny day today. I don’t feel like we’ve had enough Winter and I’d rather not see Spring come this early, but for Peachy’s sake (and our future peaches this year) I hope it has. Now I’m starting to think about getting out those hummingbird feeders for any early comers.

    I’m not a good photographer like some of you, but I’ve decided to put a little effort into it this year. There are always such beautiful pics in the headers—from the Gemma-bunny to the budding trees and today’s landscape. Is that a house I see in the background, Jo? What a lovely view!

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  7. I can see that spot from my window. I took another picture of the deer that were huddled behind there for an hour yesterday.

    The wind is fierce today and I am watching the trees sway. I am below the snow here, but in town it is supposed to snow all day. Good day to stay home. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny. Dug out my warm, flannel nightgown last night as the weather called for it.

    I feel like I am learning to walk again. My kneee still hurts, but I am able to get up and walk easily. My chiro told me to pull my knees to my chest everyday and it is making a great difference. But I will not be going out to walk in this storm.

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  8. We have had six to eight inches of snow overnight, and there are still flurries out there. There was a lull in it when I got up this morning, so I got out there as soon as I was dressed, and shoveled off the back porch, which is my area of responsibility when it snows. Nightingale and Boy (mostly Boy now that he is older) take care of the front porch and such.

    Although the temperature is at freezing, with a “feels like” of 25, the snow that is coming down on the back porch now is melting.

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  9. Good morning, all, another beautiful day in the neighborhood. Sun is shining above the clouds. Dad and I ought to be heading out on our first walk of the day shortly. He dressed himself completely this morning, including shoes and socks. He has come a long way in the past three months! May he hear the Truth through our actions. God continues to speak: through His creation, on the news, in our lives.

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  10. Today is Nightingale’s day off and Boy has no school due to the snow, so Nightingale made us a nice breakfast – scrambled eggs with shredded cheese on top, turkey (or chicken?) sausage, English muffins, and there were strawberries, too. We also each had coffee, as Boy is allowed to have a coffee every now and then. (He likes his coffee iced.)

    We were talking about how we like our coffees, and I said that we are like the Three Bears. Boy likes his too sweet, Nightingale likes her very sweet (to me), and I like mine lightly sweet (to them). 🙂 (But I do think my coffee is sweet, not merely lightly. Theirs is too sweet to me!)

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  11. No snow here, sadly. Not that I like it, but we’re in a drought and could use the sustained misture snow provides. As my friend says, “Snow is the nature’s fertilizer.”

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  12. Oops! I posted this on yesterday’s thread instead of today’s.

    We went South over the weekend. On Sunday we visited the church D2 and family go to. They’re the ones we don’t see often since they are very cautious in this age of COVID. They did come out of the isolation balcony to greet us though. If it hadn’t have been so cold we could have met them at a park.

    Monday we went to the funeral of my son-in-law’s grandmother. His family was pleased we made the long trip (4 hours one way).

    So, Janice, how about that link to see the Hispanic pastor you mentioned yesterday?

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  13. We had rain through at least part of the night and early morning, but the sun is out now, though the air is brisk and temps still quite low.

    Had to do a video staff call this morning (we usually just phone in) as we have a new reporter in our micro “coastal” coverage group, filling a much needed vacancy. I manage to get the google video call app downloaded last night on my phone and it all worked quite easily. Editor’s cat spilled coffee all over his desk during the call as an added bit of visual fun. (We’re all still working from home.) I was sporting my usual wet hair this time of the morning so was looking, well, wet.

    Gardeners made a long-awaited return appearance also this morning, they’ve been rained out much of this month. Lots going on already for so early in the day.

    Hmm. I think I even see Annie walking in the backyard, unless it’s LiLu, the neighbor clone cat whom Annie hates … Yeah, I think it’s LiLu, only difference is her nose is pink & white while Annie’s is black. LiLu visits often.

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  14. Kizzie unintentionally convinced me, through her post, that I needed to have some eggs this morning, I usually grab yogurt (most often) or toast or cereal for breakfast, but just made an omelette and am really enjoying that on this cold morning. Hits the spot.

    Now, coffee.

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  15. Just in from our second walk of the day. It was snowing, well, groppling. And cold wind but we stuck it out for the four laps. Brother arrives today so that will be good. Laundry is still clogged so that is not so good. Roto rooters to the rescue but won’t be out until Friday.

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