26 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-28-23

  1. Tell me why he’s wrong…..


    “Elon Musk: Media Climate, Education System Are ‘Racist Against Whites And Asians’”


    “Elon Musk commented on social media that the nation’s education system and media atmosphere are “racist” against white and Asian people.

    The remarks from the world’s second-richest man came as several newspapers dropped the “Dilbert” cartoon after creator Scott Adams remarked that nearly half of black Americans could not agree with the phrase “it’s okay to be white” in a recent survey. Adams jested that he has been “identifying as black” for some time but must have accidentally joined a “hate group” and recommended that white Americans “get the hell away from black people.”

    Musk responded to a social media post noting that outlets such as the San Francisco Chronicle called Adams racist but gave black Americans who do not believe “it’s okay to be white” a free pass. He observed that American media “was racist against non-white people” for a very long time but is now “racist against” whites and Asians. “Same thing happened with elite colleges and high schools in America,” he added. “Maybe they can try not being racist.”

    Media outlets have advanced the notion that purported white supremacy is a primary threat to the population of the United States. New York Times and Daily Beast contributor Wajahat Ali recently said during an interview on MSNBC that Republican presidential candidate and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley “uses her brown skin as a weapon against poor black folks and poor brown-black folks” and to “launder white supremacist talking points.” Left-wing commentators blamed the March 2021 shooting at a supermarket in Colorado on “white violence” before news broke that the shooter was a Syrian Muslim immigrant; The Washington Post then ran an article stating that one’s verdict on the matter “depends on how you define white.”

    Such assertions have gained a foothold in the federal government: the Biden administration has ordered internal efforts to “root out white supremacy and extremism” within agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, while Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) filed legislation to codify “conspiracy to commit white supremacy” in federal hate crime laws.”


    And on a related note….

    “California School District Cancels Honor Classes In The Name of Racial Equity…”

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  2. ““The big lie of the diversity, equity, and inclusion industry is that we are a systemically racist country”

    My interview on The Daily Signal Podcast about the launch of The Equal Protection Project to fight equity discrimination: “…. In fact, we are a systemically not racist country. From the Constitution down to local ordinances, we prohibit and make unlawful discrimination on the basis of race. We need to enforce those laws.”


    “Head over to The Daily Signal to read the whole write up, here’s the intro:

    “The remedy for racism never is more racism.” That’s the guiding principle behind a new initiative called the Equal Protection Project.

    Through education, investigation, and litigation, the Equal Protection Project is working to expose instances of racism in America, such as a school district in Rhode Island that announced it was holding an event for non-white educators only.

    “I mean, racism’s been around in various forms for a long time, but now it’s done in the name of diversity, equity, and inclusion,” says Bill Jacobson, founder and publisher of LegalInsurrection.com.
    That’s a reference to the likes of Ibram X. Kendi, who in his book “How to Be an Antiracist” insists, “The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination isfuture discrimination.”

    Jacobson joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to explain how the Equal Protection Project is working to promote the “fair treatment of all persons without regard to race or ethnicity.””

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  3. Another lefty narrative dies….

    “Sorry, Buttigieg. Even WaPo Admits Trump’s Regulation Rollback Didn’t Cause Ohio Train Derailment

    More proof Buttigieg has no idea what he’s doing.”



    Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg blamed the toxic Ohio train derailment on rollbacks in regulations during President Donald Trump’s administration.

    Man, the left and Democrats *pounced* on that idea!

    Except…it’s a lie. Even The Washington Post‘s fact-checker Glenn Kessler admitted the regulations didn’t cause the derailment due to a thing called electronically controlled pneumatic brakes.

    Kessler relied on the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) preliminary report.

    NTSB Report
    The NTSB found that the Norfolk Southern crew received an alarm from the hot-bearing detector to slow down and examine a hot axle. The train engineer tried to slow down and stop the train. However:

    After the train stopped, the crew observed fire and smoke and notified the Cleveland East dispatcher of a possible derailment. With dispatcher authorization, the crew applied handbrakes to the two railcars at the head of the train, uncoupled the head-end locomotives, and moved the locomotives about 1 mile from the uncoupled railcars. Responders arrived at the derailment site and began response efforts.

    Investigators found:

    NTSB investigators identified and examined the first railcar to derail, the 23rd railcar in the consist. Surveillance video from a local residence showed what appeared to be a wheel bearing in the final stage of overheat failure moments before the derailment. The wheel bearing and affected wheelset have been collected as evidence and will be examined by the NTSB. The vinyl chloride tank car top fittings, including the relief valves, were also removed and examined by the NTSB on scene. The top fittings will be shipped to Texas for testing under the direction of the NTSB.”

    “Kessler’s Fact Check

    The train was not equipped with ECP brakes; instead its locomotive used dynamic braking — electric traction motors acting as generators, which slow the train and dissipate mechanical energy as heat. When the crew received the alert about the overheated wheel bearing and engaged the dynamic brake, an automatic emergency brake application kicked in to stop the train, the NTSB said. That’s a full application of a train’s main air brakes that takes place when the train senses that air-brake hoses between rail cars have been disconnected — indicating the train had already derailed.

    The Obama administration had a rule requiring a two-person crew with only one person after a crash.

    Trump’s administration repealed the rule in 2019. But the Ohio train had a two-person crew, which means the Biden administration cannot use this repeal against Trump.

    Trump’s administration also “revised minimum safety requirements for railroad track.” The NTSB found no problems in its investigation.

    Trump’s administration “adopted weaker standards for regulating emissions of ethylene oxide,” which is one of the toxic chemicals spilled in the crash. But the rule is all about emissions, “not the synthetic chemical.”

    I completely missed this. Someone should alert Buttigieg and those at DOT to stop lying.”


    And once again, Kessler and his fact checks are trash.

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  4. Nice to see Ohio’s Dem Senator is all over this and aiding his constituents in this difficult time.

    Oh wait…. no, that never happened….

    J. D. Vance, the R Senator from Ohio has been all over it, and on the ground in East Palestine numerous times. Brown’s too busy with fundraising and blaming Trump on MSDNC to actually be useful.

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  5. Remember kids, always believe the media and govt….

    Trump was right, but TDS prevented folks from listening to the truth.

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  6. The “experts” and media who pushed what they said as truth have been wrong on a lot of this.

    Let us count the ways…..

    “10 myths told by COVID experts — and now debunked”


    “In the past few weeks, a series of analyses published by highly respected researchers have exposed a truth about public health officials during COVID:

    Much of the time, they were wrong.

    To be clear, public health officials were not wrong for making recommendations based on what was known at the time. That’s understandable. You go with the data you have.
    No, they were wrong because they refused to change their directives in the face of new evidence. When a study did not support their policies, they dismissed them and censored opposing opinions.

    At the same time, the Center for Disease Control weaponized research itself but putting out its own flawed studies in its own non-peer-reviewed medical journal, MMWR.

    In the final analysis, public health officials actively propagated misinformation that ruined lives and forever damaged public trust in the medical profession. Here are 10 ways they misled Americans:

    Misinformation #1: Natural Immunity offers little protection compared to Vaccinated Immunity

    A Lancet study looked at 65 major studies in 19 countries on natural immunity. The researchers concluded that natural immunity was at least as effective as the primary COVID vaccine series.

    In fact, the scientific data was there all along — from 160 studies, despite the findings of these studies violating Facebook’s “misinformation” policy.

    Since the Athenian plague of 430 B.C., it has been observed that those who recovered after infection were protected against severe disease if re-infected. That was also the observation of nearly every practicing physician during the first 18 months of the COVID pandemic.

    Most Americans were fired for not having the COVID vaccine already had antibodies that effectively neutralized the virus, but they were antibodies that the government did not recognize.

    Misinformation #2: Masks prevent COVID transmission

    Cochran Reviews are considered the most authoritative and independent assessment of the evidence in medicine. And one published last month by a highly-respected Oxford research team found that masks had no significant impact on COVID transmission.

    When asked about this definitive review, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky downplayed it, arguing that it was flawed because it focused on randomized controlled studies.

    But that was the greatest strength of the review! Randomized studies are considered the gold standard of medical evidence.

    If all the energy used by public health officials to mask toddlers could have been channeled to reduce child obesity by encouraging outdoor activities, we would be better off.

    Misinformation #3: School closures reduce COVID transmission

    The CDC ignored the European experience of keeping schools open, most without mask mandates. Transmission rates were no different, evidenced by studies conducted Spain and Sweden.

    Misinformation #4: Myocarditis from the vaccine is less common than from the infection

    Public health officials downplayed concerns about vaccine-induced myocarditis — or inflammation of the heart muscle. They cited poorly designed studies that under-captured complication rates. A flurry of well-designed studies said the opposite. We now know that myocarditis is six to 28-times more common after the COVID vaccine than after the infection among 16- to 24-year-old males. Tens of thousands of children likely got myocarditis, mostly subclinical, from a COVID vaccine they did not need because they were entirely healthy or because they already had COVID.

    Misinformation #5: Young people benefit from a vaccine booster

    Boosters reduced hospitalizations in older, high-risk Americans. But the evidence was never there that they lower COVID mortality in young healthy people. That’s probably why the CDC chose not to publish their data on hospitalization rates among boosted Americans under 50, when they published the same rates for those over 50.

    Ultimately, White House pressure to recommend boosters for all was so intense, that the FDA’s two top vaccine experts left the agency in protest, writing scathing articles on how the data did not support boosters for young people.”

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  7. Sure….

    I mean who doesn’t believe he’ll solve a problem he created?

    “Biden administration plans to crack down on migrant child labor exploitation”


    “Who could have imagined that hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied migrant minors crossing the border could possibly end up as child laborers? Yes, anyone with a working brain cell or two could have done that. Now that the New York Times has published findings from an investigation into child labor exploitation, suddenly the Biden administration realizes the very dark and seedy underbelly of illegal immigration includes human trafficking and the horrors that accompany it.

    There are illegal migrant children working in dangerous jobs across America. That’s what the NYT investigation discovered. So, on Monday, the Biden administration announced it is launching a crackdown on the labor exploitation of illegal migrant children which will include more aggressive investigations of companies benefiting from their work.

    As part of the new effort, the Department of Labor, which enforces these laws, said it would target not just the factories and suppliers that illegally employ children, but also the larger companies that have child labor in their supply chains. Migrant children often use false identification and find jobs through staffing agencies that do not verify their Social Security numbers.

    Companies have escaped fines in the past by blaming those agencies or other subcontractors when violations are discovered.

    “Too frequently, employers who contract for services are not vigilant about who is working in their facilities,” the Labor Department said in a statement.

    The department will also explore using a “hot goods” legal provision that allows it to stop the interstate transport of goods when child labor has been found in the supply chain.

    The NYT investigation found products made with child labor in the American supply chains of major brands and retailers. These include Ben & Jerry’s, Fruit of the Loom, Ford, General Motors, J. Crew, Walmart, Whole Foods, and Target.

    The Department of Labor has begun an investigation into Hearthside Food Solutions, a company that makes and packages food for other companies, including General Mills, Frito-Lay, and Quaker Oats. Children in Grand Rapids, Michigan were found working late nights at plants operated by Hearthside. Administration officials plan to initiate investigations in parts of the country more likely to have child labor violations. They will also ask Congress to increase penalties. There will be a joint task force created between the Department of Labor and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to share information. HHS is responsible for child migrants.

    I have a suggestion for the Biden administration – close the southern border. This problem can be directly traced to Biden’s border crisis. More than 250,000 unaccompanied minors have come into the United States in the last two years, mostly from Central America. Many are under pressure to send money back to their parents and some have to pay thousands of dollars to human smugglers. Some sponsors demand to be paid rent and living expenses.

    The minors are taking jobs in slaughterhouses, construction sites, and commercial bakeries. Biden’s America is one that conjures up visions of a Charles Dickens novel. The humanitarian crisis on the southern border has produced a resurgence of the bad old days before child labor laws. Where are the labor unions? Why are they allowing this child exploitation to happen without blowing the whistle on the companies guilty of this abuse? Isn’t the Democrat Party always telling us they are the party that cares about children? “It’s for the children,” right?

    Is this brewing scandal and crisis the reason that Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh left the Biden administration earlier this month to take a job as executive director of the NHL Players’ Association? Pretty convenient timing, isn’t it? It sounds like the Republicans in charge of government oversight in the House have some questions for HHS Secretary Becerra.

    A spokesman for Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Xavier Becerra, the secretary of health and human services, “cut corners on vetting procedures to prioritize the expedited release of minors, and as a result more migrant children are being handed off to traffickers and exploited.”

    Republicans on Capitol Hill immediately began launching investigations and discussing legislation, including plans to demand the Department of Health and Human Services to track and provide better care for children after they are released to sponsors. Democrats are also considering new measures.

    Both the House Judiciary and Oversight committees pledged investigations, and Representative Jim Jordan, Republican of Ohio and the Judiciary chairman, demanded in a letter sent Monday that Robin Dunn Marcos, the director of the division of H.H.S. in charge of child migrants, submit to a transcribed interview.”

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  8. But don’t you dare call it what it is, a recession.

    “Stupid Slow” – Dallas Fed Manufacturing Production Plunges Into Contraction”


    “For the 10th month in a row, The Dallas Fed Manufacturing Outlook survey printed negative (signaling contraction) with the February print dropping to -13.5 from -8.4 (-9.3 exp).”


    “Under the hood, the new orders index was negative for a ninth month in a row and moved down nine points to -13.2. The growth rate of orders index fell from -12.3 to -16.9. The capacity utilization index returned to negative territory after two positive readings, falling 10 points to -4.1, while the shipments index was largely unchanged at -5.0.

    Perceptions of broader business conditions worsened in February as pessimism increased, as evidenced by comments from survey respondents:

    Primary metal manufacturing: “We expect recession in the second half of this year. We already had a first round of layoffs. We are looking at each employee very carefully to learn who may have to be in a second wave of layoffs, if and when business slows down again.”

    Printing and related support activities: “It seems like someone turned off the spigot, as we have gotten stupid slow, as have others in our industry. We are not sure if it’s the Federal Reserve jacking with interest rates, or else some sort of cyclical slowdown, but it feels like business has ground to a halt. We have some nice work planned for later on this year, but right now we are just stupid slow.”

    Printing and related support activities: “Our residential building and construction business has decreased drastically over the past few months due to mortgage rate increases, inflation and other factors. One major factor affecting our industry is foreign competitors dumping product into the U.S. at lower prices than their domestic prices—and lower than U.S. producers’ prices. Mexico, India, Colombia, Ecuador, Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey and Poland are among countries exporting aluminum extrusions to the U.S. at record levels.”

    Computer and electronic product manufacturing: “I am currently worried about the time I am seeing it take for my customers to pay me.”

    Plastics and rubber products manufacturing: “Revenue dollars per sale are going down. People are watching their money.”

    Textile product mills: “February has been a slow month; it is hard to know why, but our outlook has worsened for both our business and retail activity in general.”

    Miscellaneous manufacturing: “All markets served have slowed down and are ordering lower quantities as compared with last year. Automotive OEM [original equipment manufacturers] customers’ volumes are most affected by lower quantities.”

    Transportation equipment manufacturing: “There is nothing positive with respect to the economy.””

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  9. “Safe and effective”

    I don’t think those words mean what Pfizer thinks they mean.

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  10. But no mean tweets, right?

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  11. Reuters running cover for the criminals….

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  12. Arizona has some questions that need answering.

    First off, who isn’t corrupt?

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  13. Hello?


    Where are you?

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  14. Perhaps those who disagreed with “It’s okay to be white” understood what was behind the saying.

    “The phrase “It’s Okay To Be White” is a slogan popularized in late 2017 as a trolling campaign by members of the controversial discussion forum 4chan. The original idea behind the campaign was to choose an ostensibly innocuous and inoffensive slogan, put that slogan on fliers bereft of any other words or imagery, then place the fliers in public locations. Originators assumed that “liberals” would react negatively to such fliers and condemn them or take them down, thus “proving” that liberals did not even think it was “okay” to be white.

    Whether the original trollers were white supremacist or not, actual white supremacists quickly began to promote the campaign—often adding Internet links to white supremacist websites to the fliers or combining the phrase with white supremacist language or imagery. This was not a surprise, as white supremacists had themselves used the phrase in the past—including on fliers—long before the 4chan campaign originated.

    The original flier campaign occurred in late October 2017 and a similar campaign took place at the same time in 2018, but use of the phrase has extended far beyond the flier campaigns.”



  15. Quite frankly, even if the poll’s results could be taken at face value, that still would not excuse Adams’ words. He can think what he wants, but as Christians, we cannot endorse such a view or attitude.


  16. I don’t see Christians necessarily agreeing with his choice of words, but you cannot deny there is a problem with reverse racism.

    There are thousands of videos on Twitter that prove what he’s saying.

    If you’d like I could show you numerous examples of the racism he’s talking about. It’s clear and obvious. Most news sources you prefer won’t dare speak of it, but the proof of what he’s saying is out there. There’s a big problem in inner cities, if you’re white. You should avoid those areas. It’s why most PA residents no longer set foot in Philly. It’s not safe. So his point is ringing true to folks who’ve experienced it.

    And the ADL?



    “The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has a new definition for racism: “oppression of people of color through systems that privilege White people.” It seems that–yet again–the organization has caved to ideology from the far-left in an attempt to appease them and be liked, despite the far-left regularly labeling the ADL as a “right-wing and racist organization.” Naturally, the ADL has generated outrage with this new definition. ”

    “According to the ADL definition of the word, the following list of atrocities cannot be considered as being the consequences of racism:

    The 1915 genocide by the Ottoman Turks of millions of Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians. (Perhaps this shouldn’t come as a surprise; the ADL lobbied against congressional recognition of this as a genocide for many years.)

    The Istanbul Pogrom of 1955 by Turks against Armenian, Greek, and Jewish minorities.

    The Burning of Smyrna’s Greek and Armenian Quarters by Turkish Nationalists in 1922.

    The 1994 Rwanda Genocide of Twa & Tutsis by Hutus.

    The 1980s Al-Anfal Campaign of Genocide against Kurds by Saddam Hussein’s Arab Supremacist regime.

    The Khojaly Massacre of Azerbaijanis by Armenian forces.

    The Baku Pogrom of Armenians in the Azerbaijani capital.

    The “Rape of Nanking” by the Japanese Empire. Or, for that matter, the mass rape of Korean “comfort women” by Japanese imperial troops. Both were made through systems that privileged one ethnic group over another, but since the perpetrators are Japanese and not White, this cannot be racism, according to the ADL.

    The Farhud and Hebron pogroms of the early 20th Century by Arab Nationalists against Jews.

    The 2000s Darfur Genocide in Sudan by Arab Nationalists against indigenous, Black African communities.

    Given that the ADL is supposed to be an international organization that promotes anti-racist work around the world, one would think that such insensitive, ignorant, Western-centric ideas and definitions of racism would never be given such a stamp of approval. Yet the ADL has been rather disappointing as of late. Rather than adapting to the current waves and ideologies of hate faced by new, tech-savvy generations, the ADL continues to be bogged down in the battles of yesteryear. At the same time, it continues to do the equivalent of getting down on its knees and begging for approval from a cadre of extreme activists who loathe the organization.”


    Your sources may be why you don’t see his point in some cases. The ADL says all extremist mass killings in the US were white. This is clearly false. The black racist who mowed down crowds at a parade admitted he did it because they were white. There are numerous other examples, but they don’t fit the ADL’s narrative so they pretend they aren’t happening.

    Racism is wrong no matter who does it. But pointing out inconvenient facts doesn’t make one racist. It just shows they see the obvious that others choose to ignore.

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  17. These are just some quick ones from a Twitter search.


  18. I skipped the violent ones, and there were quite a few. Mostly groups of young black males targeting lone Asian or white people, women included.


  19. AJ – My point had nothing to do with whether or not blacks or other minorities could also be prejudiced. All types of people throughout the world are racist/prejudiced against other colors or nationalities or religions. That was not my point. I was specifically referring to the poll itself and to Adams’ words.

    That poll was a “gotcha” kind of thing. Some people would understand what the statement really referred to and others wouldn’t, so the results don’t really prove anything.

    I chose that article because it was concise and explained the situation, but there are others that would explain the same thing. Adams’ saying that whites should stay away from black people is a horrible thing to say. (Now he is claiming that it was merely hyperbole, but it was still an ugly thing to say.)

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  20. North Americans don’t like to discuss “class” so “race” is often used as a substitute. By “white”, many non-whites are referring to middle class white suburban residents. My students will complain that the principal is “too white”. When I point out my skin is even whiter, they will tell me I’m barely white and I know what they mean. What they mean is simple – he is a white middle class suburban male and I am not. As someone with an immigrant working class background and retains that attitude, they relate to me and don’t regard me as “white”. Similarly I have working class white kids from the housing projects who will also say they aren’t white (some will say “white trash” or other similar terms). If I asked my students if it is okay to be whtie – some would ask for clarification – if it means middle class suburban white, they would say no. So the question is simplistic and a gothca kind of thing.

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  21. Apparently there are over seven intelligence agencies investigating the origins of Covid – 19. Gov’t make work projects, mission creep and duplication of work. Only the Department of Energy has concluded it came from a lab and apparently they have a “low level of confidence” in this finding.

    Of course, this hasn’t stopped the twitter storm of self congratulations amongst the right. They are adding this to their list “myths debunked” which more accurately should be called “strawmen erected to be knocked down”

    Sometime ago, there were complaints about migrant children receiving welfare, my reply was well what do you want them to do instead. If the gov’t won’t given them welfare child labor is the solution. Some on the far left have been pointing out the problem of child labour in the US for years and both parties have ignored it.

    I’m glad to see the focus is on the companies that profit from this exploitation. If corporations suffer enough fiancially, child labor will become less attractive. And if we throw the CEOs in jail, even better. Though, I do have my doubts that Jim Jordan is the man to protect the children from exploitation.

    Where are the unions? Only 6% of the private sector in the US is unionized. If the Republicans want the unions to get involved perhaps they should make it easier to unionize and more difficult for corporations to engage in union busting.

    For legal purposes, journalists often use the phrase “suspected”


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