36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-27-23

  1. Good morning. We are off to the funeral that my husband’s group has to do music at. He was an older gentleman with Alzheimer’s, and he loved the Lord. Relief and release in so many ways and yet the missing for his family and friends–so we will grieve with those who grieve.

    Hoping our roads are not too slippery. Thankfully, we are missing the worst weather again. There is some rain/sleet, however.

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  2. Good morning. The Birthday Tree has bloomed early, and this morning many petals are fallen on the driveway and under the tree. The neighbor’s pear tree blooms in the bacground, and the small cedar I planted that was the same height as Wes when quite young towers beside the pear tree.
    Spring mingles with summer at the end of February. By the end of the week we will go back into winter. Crazy weather!

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  3. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood here, again. Brother sent pics of the Northern Lights last night so had those to greet me as I continued in Colossians. The heavens declare…

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  4. Mumsee, if you got the photos by text message, there should be a little share button on the side. If you download the photo to your phone then you can email it to the wandering views address. I will post that after I retrieve it. That way everyone can enjoy it!


  5. Morning! Cold and windy here. But the sky is bluer than blue and the sun is brilliantly shining!

    The local weather guy captured the Northern lights up in Ft Collins last night. Breathtaking!

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  6. As most of you saw on FB over the weekend, we have opened our hearts and home for 5 pounds of adorableness. She is 11 weeks old. She is a Shi Tzu. I had been looking on line at adoption sites. I had seen her, then somehow Mr. P found the same one. He was just going to “check her out” Friday. He and Little Miss visited with her and we agreed I would go see her. Then he sent a text that he could just go ahead and bring her home. I have “Sucker” on my forehead and told him to go ahead and do it.
    Her name is JingTsu which is a Chinese girl name meaning peaceful bamboo. China also had the Jin Dynasty. We had also watched a series recently where one of the characters was Jen with the French pronounciation. She is Jin with the Jacques Cousteau sound.
    I think she is just what we needed.

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  7. Kim, I think of NJ (New Jersey) Lawyer, too, when I see nancyjill’s new “handle.”

    Kim, so happy for you — and a really young puppy at that! She’s adorable.

    Abby got spooked again last night when I was carrying a broom to the bathroom — she’s been known (fosters said) to be sensitive to brooms but it hasn’t happened since I’ve had her so didn’t think anything of it as I walked by her crate.

    She flipped, tore out of the crate and out of the house.

    It took me a couple hours to get her back into the house after that, using treats, sweet talk and, when that didn’t work, finally, a leash.

    No rain this morning, but we should get some through the lunch hour, then not again until tomorrow, so it’s all winding down. Our big storm is heading east now, just so you know.

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  8. I am thinking Abby’s had some abuse or tormenting in the past that involved an object, whether being hit or just being threatened. 😦

    Foster always thought she’d been abused.

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  9. just a little snow and sleet to enjoy here. I am so glad that I didn’t go to my dental appointment that is at twice the elevation. If it is snowing here, I would be in trouble there.

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  10. Wanted to get my hair cut but no go she isn’t available today.
    So I went to Sam’s and picked up a few things which meant I had to go to Marshall’s since it’s right by Sam’s 😊. Had to fill up the car then had to run into the Senior Thrift store since that is close to Safeway’s gas station.

    I didn’t get accomplished what I wanted to but it’s a nice day and the traffic in town wasn’t half bad!

    We are preparing for DJ’s weather to arrived Wed after we get blown half way to Kansas tomorrow!

    Got word of a childhood friend passing away this morning. Sad losing friends we have known for most of our lives . I know she would tell you she was a Christian but that is something He knows. I pray she knew Him. We have known each other since kindergarten, went to the same church ( we went through catechism together too!) and the same school all the way through high school. Her brother took me to our 9th grade prom 😊 The last time I saw her was 3 years ago when we went to an all high school reunion together💔 We were going to go together to our 50th reunion last Sept but I was having these medical tests and was advised not to travel due to covid. Her husband took her to that reunion and I am glad she got to see old school chums.

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  11. Very sad, NJ, to hear that. We never know from day to day who will be passing. And wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a pass or fail marked outwardly to know one’s final status? Maybe it is a kindness of God for us not to know, and since we are always to think the best of others . . . funerals so often have someone talking with what seems assurance that the deceased made it to heaven even when we don’t think it could be possible.

    Just this week, again, I was in discussion with my friend about God and she talked of progression of humans in interpretation of the Bible, etc. It finally got to the cliche saying of she has her truth and I have mine as she saw it. I countered with, “And God has His One truth.” So thankful to be given that to say. And then I spoke on how God never changes and used James 1:17 to support it , “Every good gift and every perfect gift comes down from above, from the Father of Lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.” For salvation she has to accept Him and His authority rather than a god made in her image of how she thinks things should be. It is not easy to have such hard discussions but if we don’t people think they are saved when they aren’t and they might miss salvation.

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  12. Janice, it sounds like you handled that conflict well. God can use those simple statements of truth to do more good than long drawn out arguments. Sometimes it’s hard to love enough to speak the truth. It’s usually easier to just let it go and pray for the person. Prayer is good but they need to hear it too .

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  13. Thank you, Debra. We have had many similar discussions so God is growing me in knowing what, when, and how. Loving her hopefully into real salvation on God’s terms, and only through promptings from Him. If I did not love her I would not care if she knew the truth. It is work to engage like that.

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  14. Good response @5:34 Janice.

    We’re all apologists and all theologians.

    Turned in a story a little late today, waiting on a response I needed to get in there, but it came just before the editor was going to hit the road. Whew.

    I took Abby out for a very brisk walk — I am SO glad I had that knee surgery, there’s no pain! It feels so good, too, to walk fast again. I remember after the surgery when I started those late-afternoon walks at the waterfront it felt almost strange walking again, just walking, you know? (This was before Abby arrived and after my other 2 dogs were gone). I can’t explain it, just that I felt like I had to re-learn the skill or something.

    Now it feels natural again. The dog pacing me helps, of course, but my legs and body just move like they used to before that knee injury.

    It’s still damp and cold out there — we had about 1-2 hours of rain today again.

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  15. I think Bob would have liked his funeral. The gospel was clearly given and that was very important to him. His favorite songs were also performed. There were no stories of his life told during the service, which is also something he wanted. There were some stories told during the luncheon.

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  16. ~ An evangelistic book that presents the gospel by unpacking the Apostles’ Creed.

    This book is our best shot at commending the Christian message to our friends and neighbours. It’s driven by the universal human instinct to increase the joy of finding a good thing by sharing it with others. We both think we’ve found a good thing‚ the best thing‚ in finding God through Jesus. We want to share it.

    Taking the ancient but timeless Apostles’ Creed as their starting point, pastor Rory Shiner and atheist-turned-theologian Peter Orr introduce you to the fundamentals of the Christian faith. Fast-paced, entertaining, personal, and compelling, The World Next Door invites you into a world where Jesus Christ reigns supreme and where lives are changed forever. ~

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  17. So happy for you. Dj, that walking feels natural again. I am having ups and downs with my energy level lately and I want that lively step feeling every moment. The hotter weather zapped me. I still remind myself I am recovering from radiation treatments.

    I met another dog, Jessica, a Golden Doodle (part Lab and Poodle?) this week attached to a family group with a baby in a stroller with a second dog. There was a man and two ladies. Maybe one lady was a sister, baby’s aunt. These days in this area you can’t make assumptions but can at least hope.

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  18. We went South over the weekend. On Sunday we visited the church D2 and family go to. They’re the ones we don’t see often since they are very cautious in this age of COVID. They did come out of the isolation balcony to greet us though. If it hadn’t have been so cold we could have met them at a park.

    Monday we went to the funeral of my son-in-law’s grandmother. His family was pleased we made the long trip (4 hours one way).

    So, Janice, how about that link to see the Hispanic pastor you mentioned yesterday?


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