17 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-24-23

  1. Send in the clowns… 🙂

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  2. The left will be gnashing teeth over this. 🙂

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  3. If this is your kid’s doctor, you need a new one pronto.

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  4. He’s trying to intimidate her. I’m surprised the rest of the media is OK with this, but then she is on the wrong side.

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  5. Yeah, he sure owned those stupid Republicans…. 🙄

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  6. At least he showed up, and did something to help.

    “Trump Brings Pallets of Food, Cleaning Supplies, and Trump Water to Ohio Disaster Site

    “We stand with you. We pray for you, and we’ll stay with you in your fight to help answer and [get] accountability that you deserve.”


    “Former President Donald Trump arrived at East Palestine, OH, to hand out food and Trump water to residents still reeling from the train derailment that spilled toxic chemicals.

    From The Daily Mail:

    The former president greeted crowds furious at the lack of action from the White House, 19 days after the disaster in Ohio, and brought in thousands of bottles of his own water, cleaning supplies and canned food.

    He then stopped at a local McDonald’s where he ordered Big Macs and handed out signed MAGA hats to the customers.

    Hundreds of people lined the streets waving MAGA flags and chanting ‘no more Joe’ to greet Trump after he landed in the community on his renovated Trump Force One jet.

    In a speech in the local fire department he praised the response from law enforcement and the ‘strength and courage’ of the residents, and said: ‘You are not forgotten’.

    He promised to return if the community didn’t get help from the White House and when a reporter asked what message he had for Biden, Trump said: ‘Get over here’.”

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  7. Thanks Joe.

    “401Krushed: Bidenomics and retirement are not good bedfellows”


    “Budgets are stressed.

    The fixed-income folks are taking it in the chops inflation-wise. One calculation I saw is that the average “family” has already lost up to $6000 of their purchasing power, so I imagine that was for a two-income household. How worrying must it be if you are living on a pension, Social Security and/or watching your hard-earned and lovingly nurtured 401K getting just crushed by Brandon’s awesome “working” economy?


    Retirees lost 23% of their 401(k) savings in 2022, Fidelity says

    In a year marked by stiff economic headwinds, retirement savers paid the price.

    Although the average 401(k) balance rose in the fourth quarter of last year, balances ended 2022 down 23% from a year earlier to $103,900, according to a new report by Fidelity Investments, the nation’s largest provider of 401(k) plans. The financial services firm handles more than 35 million retirement accounts in total.

    The average individual retirement account balance also plunged 20% year over year to $104,000 in the fourth quarter of 2022.

    …And despite the ongoing inflationary pressure straining most households, only 16.7% of plan participants had a loan outstanding from their 401(k) at the end of the year, Fidelity said.

    Fidelity wasn’t the only fund manager reporting the sobering numbers. Or that people were eating into their savings, emergency and otherwise, across the board meeting everyday expenses (That’s if they were lucky enough to have “emergency savings.”).

    …A separate analysis from Vanguard also found that average 401(k) balances fell 20% in 2022 to $112,572, and hardship withdrawals ticked up slightly.

    At the same time, many households also ate into their emergency savings over the course of 2022, other research shows.

    …The growing savings shortfall has many older Americans worried about their retirement security. Nearly half, or 48%, of retired Americans believe they’ll outlive their savings, a separate report by Clever Real Estate found.”

    “…More than 1 in 3 millionaires said it would “take a miracle” for them to retire securely, according to a 2022 survey from Natixis Investment Managers.. As for what it would take to step back from the workforce without financial worries, a new study from the Bloomberg MLIV Pulse may have an answer: More than 7 in 10 investors said they would need between $3 million and $5 million to retire comfortably.

    The findings underscore that anxieties are on the rise about retirement, especially after a year of brutally high inflation and negative investment returns. Workers are boosting their expectations of how much they’ll need to sock away in response to growing economic uncertainty — even as the typical American has saved far less than $1 million for retirement.

    …There’s a good reason why millionaires may be worried about retirement. Using the 4% rule — withdrawing 4% of one’s total retirement assets in the first year of retirement, and then 4% plus the inflation rate after that — translates into starting retirement with an income of $40,000 a year for someone with a $1 million saved.

    “I think a lot of people are shocked” when they see that figure, Goodsell said. “A lot of people have that belief that $1 million is enough.””

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  8. Another Biden/Dem scandal that most of the media will ignore.

    “Scandal: Two more Republicans say DoD leaked their files to Dem oppo-research group; Update: Follow the money?”


    “Drip, drip, drip. The politicization scandal at the Department of Defense grows a little each day as more Republicans come forward. Two more have gone public with notices from the Air Force that their confidential files got handed over to Abraham Payton of Due Diligence Group (DDG), a Democrat oppo-research firm that worked for House Democrats last cycle.

    And kudos to Politico for staying on top of it, too:

    Sam Peters, a Republican who challenged Rep. Steven Horsford (D-Nev.) in November, and Kevin Dellicker, who fell short in the GOP primary race to take on Rep. Susan Wild (D-Pa.), both received Feb. 8 letters from the Air Force notifying them that Abraham Payton of Due Diligence Group made “multiple requests” for their military personnel records last year.

    In both Peters and Dellicker’s cases, the Air Force identified Payton, a former research director for the Democratic group American Bridge, as having “inappropriately requested” copies of their records for “for the stated purpose of employment and benefits.”

    Yesterday we learned that Reps. Don Bacon and Zach Nunn also were among the eleven candidates whose files got leaked to DDG, increasing the pressure to get answers from the DoD. Committee chairs Mike Rogers and James Comer have already demanded documentary response from Lloyd Austin not just on the scope of the eleven leaks, but also on who was involved and what disciplinary and prosecutorial efforts are taking place within the DoD and the Air Force.

    The claimed technique involved here more than suggests that the effort may well go beyond the eleven cases cited by the Secretary of the Air Force. Want to bet that DDG pulled the same trick on the other service branches — assuming that this is even accurate? It worked on the Air Force, so why would Payton and DDG have limited it to just these eleven files?

    And even then, this explanation seems a little too pat to take at face value. Legitimate requests for records to verify employment and benefits would have to come with signed releases from the veterans involved. Either (a) someone forged releases, (b) the DoD records person on each request was unusually sloppy in handling confidential records, or (c) Payton and DDG have a source willing to leak the records. It’s difficult to believe that Payton would risk criminal prosecution with (a). It’s equally difficult to believe that he lucked out eleven times in explanation (b). Option (c) seems the most realistic — and if so, it won’t have stopped at eleven.

    Peters and Dellicker think that the effort may involve others, too. Like, say, the House Democrats’ own campaign committee:

    Specifically, the affected Republicans want to know what role, if any, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and their Democratic challengers played in receiving and using information that the Air Force improperly disclosed.

    “Look, you sanction a hitman to kill somebody, you’re guilty of a crime. You sanction somebody to steal, you’re guilty of a crime,” Peters said in a phone interview on Wednesday. “And the DCCC needs to be [held to account], and I fully intend on making sure they are.””

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  9. But the govt and medical community keep pushing these useless and harmful vaccines.

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  10. Correct!

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  11. This is what Dems didn’t want to hear about…

    Americans last.

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  12. But muh narrative….

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  13. Yep.

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