30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-20-23

  1. Happy President’s Day!
    Happy Family Day! How do Canadians celebrate this day? Sounds like a good day to have. Is there a whole lot of controversy now with all the versions of families?
    Speaking of Canada, it seems a whole lot of Canada Geese are proving the proverb about birds of a feather flocking together.

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  2. Good day for all those reasons and more! God made it for His grand purposes and Aslan is on the move!

    Nice capture of in flight, AJ.

    I am trying to do my PT exercises first thing, but in going to my PT app with videos, see where I landed? Procrastination😒

    Back to the stretchy band program.😀

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  3. Morning! Happy President’s Day and Family Day…

    Those Canada geese are finally scooting out of our area. They sure do like to poo on sidewalks!!! 🙃

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  4. Another Monday holiday! Except we’re working, of course.

    Annie’s feeling better, she’s back to annoying me, knocking stuff off counters and waking me up in the middle of the night for two bites of food.

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  5. Family Day. I’m at home working on house projects. Husband is working as he doesn’t get the day off since he is a federal gov’t. employee.

    Most families do stuff together. It’s free fishing weekend in the province so there is opportunity to learn to ice fish. Many place offer special family programs to get people outside and doing stuff together as a family.

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  6. It’s sort of the opposite here, government workers get virtually all the holidays off — which is why it’s often hard for us to work on these days, so many folks we need are unavailable if we are doing stories that involve reaching a government person or even other regular folks who are away for the 3-day weekend now.

    I’m doing a great horned owl story this week but the emails and messages I sent out late Friday to the city’s Rec & Parks Dept and a city-run museum won’t be responded to until tomorrow, most likely.

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  7. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood. Lots of rain. I will try to encourage my dad to get up and get out but it will be iffy. We also have the front porch as an alternative though it is not as long or scenic. But it is covered.

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  8. It does sound lovely there, Mumsee!

    I hear the little yipper nextdoor. I rarely hear that one so I am curious, what’s the occasion?

    It is a bright sunny day. Late yesterday I noticed the top bud on the Birthday Tree was partially open. Most of those trees are already full of blossoms. Isn’t it neat that I got a late bloomer that tends to hold out for Art’s March birthday? But with two days of 80° weather this week, maybe it won’t wait.

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  9. Family Day is a provincial holiday. Started with Alberta, then spread to other provinces. It’s nice to have a holiday in February – school break either starts or ends with the weekend. Federal employees have other holidays that provinces don’t have. It does get sort of confusing. :). Eg. husband gets Easter Monday but I don’t.

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  10. Beautiful day here. We’ll celebrate family day (which was a birthday party last night with most of them), by picking up our daughter at the airport.

    Back to Job prep for tomorrow.

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  11. I got clarification on my new green stretchy band. I thought I was going to add on some exercise using it twice a day. No. I am to totally replace the yellow with the green and do the whole routine twice a day insyead of once😳
    Since I am on the estrogen blocker med does this mean I will be building muscles😳
    The other was easy. This will be hard!

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  12. Thanks for that link Dj. One of my closest friends has been walking this path for the past few years and as the years go by it is more and more difficult. The peaks and valleys of emotions with the disease are palatable at times. Times of great encouragement and motivation to moments of giving up totally. There are moments of feeling totally helpless and she is the one encouraging us! Sweet blessed friendships are truly a gift of our Lord.
    As I pray for her I will be lifting Philip Yancey as well. ❤️

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  13. Abby was a little hard to handle on the walk late this afternoon, thanks to passing some barking dogs in a yard and then some gardeners working on a house across the street with some loud equipment.

    She’s like a bronco when she gets a little spooked. I may wind up with whiplash!

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  14. DJ, Kootenay is good and then becomes a kangaroo or a race horse or… The snow and ice do not help with the footing. But, we’ll get there. And so will Abby. 🙂

    BIL is in recovery – almost 5 hours. No other information.

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  15. I haven’t heard anyone ‘hating’ on the Asbury event — other than some non-believers in a post on Reddit referring to participants as “evangelical fanatics.”

    Personally, I’m just not someone who has ever felt easy in these ‘events’ and I know other believers who are the same — I remember attending a political rally in college, but stood way in the back, felt uncomfortable in the ‘mass’ movement of it all. Same with Christian gatherings, some retreats, that lean heavily on expressing a lot of emotion, with tears.

    Now me? I rarely get through a Sunday service without shedding tears during at least one hymn, but it’s a quiet experience for me, not a group-thing which I think can sometimes get a bit carried away in the emotion of it, especially with younger people; it can unintentionally mimic something something that isn’t real, just by the group nature of it.

    Referring to Asbury as a bonafide revival also might be premature, I’d say.

    That said, if it impacts some of those who attended, if it serves as a spark to bring new people to Christ — or to renew others in their faith — that, of course, is all good. Will it transform the society as did the Great Awakening? Probably not, I would say at this point. That’s where you wait and see if it bears more significant fruit.

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  16. I guess that is what caught my attention the “don’t hate on it” part. I know quite a few who attend Vanguard and found his connection interesting.
    I have watched some videos and find myself thinking “huh”? Not hating on it but pondering what’s going on…..all the while hoping there to be true transformation in the lives of those there for His glory and His only.

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  17. I finally made a spreadsheet with my bills and then printed it. Then I got out a calculator and added it all up. Using just my social security, I have enough for everything except food! Oh and HOA and property taxes.
    Time to set up a budget. I do have savings, just don’t want to use it. Of course propane went down this month and should be able to skip some months. A whole new way of living. PNG we had no heat and used solar hot water. One small propane tank, 30 gallons?, would last me a year and a half as it was only for my stove.

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  18. The language on “hating on” people or being “Pharisees” unless you’re willing to say this is definitely revival and from God is rather over the top. Here’s another good behind-the-scenes look at Asbury that takes a different approach, including addressing such accusations biblically (hint: we’re actually commanded to be like the Bereans and test things against Scripture; that isn’t hateful): https://slowtowrite.com/is-the-asbury-revival-a-real-revival/

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