19 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-15-23

  1. I did not get, nor expect anything for Valentine’s Day. My husband didn’t even give me anything on that day when we dated. Now that was a disappointment. He never had role models for any of that. I do think it is good to celebrate whenever you can myself. However, there can be all kinds of gifts for occasions that really mean nothing in the heart. The heart is what matters.

    New furnace sounds like a good plan, mumsee. We have to start our back-up propane stove and I have been after my husband to put in one that will automatically start if the temperature goes too low.

    Terribly windy here with snow blowing on ice covered roads. Very thankful to be able to stay in today. We will have gigs on the next three days, and none sound pleasant to be out and about in.

    Honey oatmeal bread is in the bread maker. So many blessings!

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  2. Oops! For some reason I thought it was Tuesday. I guess we will be driving today. 😦 Lol. No wonder I was confused when I looked at the devotional and did my bible study. Glad I started the bread early!

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  3. It’s so easy to get confused on the days, Kathaleena, as we get older. They pass so quickly! It helps me a little with Art still working, but since he works seven days a week, it can still get confusing.

    I am being invited on outings by friends who are hopeful to see me out and about. I just don’t feel ready yet. I am hopeful by March I will be more perked up.

    Honey oatmeal bread sounds divine!

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  4. Enjoying the quiet, peaceful morning. Off to BSF later. So glad for this propane stove and the furnace. The furnace is set for 59 so comes on if the house gets too cold. Blessed

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  5. Just in from a three-hour visit to the ER with a friend.

    It was a kidney stone–which has now passed.

    Because of my experience, I always bring a book to read. In this case, the patient was cognizant enough to listen, “to your warm encouraging voice.”

    The book?

    A commentary on the book of Job–which I will start teaching next week!

    Pain and suffering? Oh, my, yes!

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  6. Morning all! Oh to look at “Spring” up there once again as I gaze out of this window on this frigid snowy morn! 9 degrees, “feels like” -3 and 6 inches of new fallen snow on the ground. At least it wasn’t the foot but…they predict 3 additional inches as it snow all day long! Icy roads, drifting snow and daughter must drive to work at noon. Husband may attempt the drive into town but we shall see.

    Thankful for our warm home and now I want oatmeal/honey bread! 🍞

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  7. Ah, Job. Yes, very cheery reading in a hospital! lol But it’s where we often “are” in life, all of us.

    So glad you’re able to be there with a friend, ER’s no fun and so much waiting. I remember spending more than a few times with Carol in those situations.

    Abby’s all keyed up this morning. Play-play-play!!! Why won’t the cat ever play??

    Abby’s starting to spend more time overnight sleeping in the bedroom with Annie and me, on her plush and very large Chewy dog bed on the floor right next to my bed. She didn’t use it much at first but now seems to be settling in to it. She has a good, cushy dog bed also in the living room, her crate of course, and a very cheap dog “pillow” I grabbed at the check stand on my first shopping outing for her at a pet store. She uses them all and it’s kept her off the furniture which was the goal.

    Work week is just about half over, galloping along, going fast.

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  8. Good morning, all. Talking quickly before the power is out again. My dad is watching CSpan on Nikki Haley.

    We keep an up to date schedule with today’s name and date right in front of me so I can keep up with the days. It was put in place for the grandpas but works for us as well.

    Snowing here, again. One expects that in February in Idaho so we will enjoy it while getting the deck cleared for grandpa’s walks.

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  9. It is drizzily rain here which made my trip to Sams pretty messy. I had to pay the bill and pick up a few items. I really like their Greek yogurt. I also got some Sweet Kale chopped salad kits. Wes loves those for lunch so I tried them and liked them. A great buy at Sams, about half the price of what Publix or Kroger salls.

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  10. Snowing still. Temp has fallen to 5 “feels like” -8. I shoveled off the deck and let the dogs chase the squirrel from the bird feeder. Mr Squirrel flattened himself on the backside of the closest tree and they missed him altogether!! The Juncos are loving the ability to access the seed from underneath the patio table. Free from the falling snow.

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  11. Husband made it to town for treatment and daughter made it to work. Roads are awful but with all schools , banks and county offices closed there is not much traffic out there. 😊

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  12. _______________

    LA Times
    The gas bill is $907.13? Sticker shock for Californians as prices soar


    Mine wasn’t *that* high. But it still took my breath away.

    I scheduled half of the payment just now on my online banking site and got an alert that said, “this amount is significantly higher than what you normally pay for this bill.”

    Um, yeah, I know, and that was only half of what is owed. Sadly, not a mistake.

    I’ll throw them the 2nd half when I get paid next. Sheesh.

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  13. Discouraging report from our fledgling union which keeps trying, but …

    ~ Management is offering us no change in health insurance, no 401k matching contributions and no company paid parental leave. ~

    (And no cost of living raise which, along with any more substantial raise, hasn’t been provided in well over a decade now).


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  14. Job is a great peak behind the curtain, so to speak. I am doing an online study this year with my daughters plus a lot of other women. It is one that finishes the bible in a year. Two of my daughters just mentioned they are big not fans of the book of Job. I would not want to always study the bible at this pace. Way too much to digest. It is good exposure to the bible and there is always something new to learn, however.

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