7 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 2-4-23

  1. 😀 Radiation treatments are over

    😒 Tax season has stsrted

    😀 I found a great vacation rental in the GA mountains that belongs to a friend for another friend to use

    😀 The spy balloon and wondering what Chas would say about it

    😒 Waiting to see if my skin will blister

    😀 Good creams and meds for comfort

    😀 Easy PT exercises

    😀 Online church service was excellent

    😒 My friend fell on her deck and has a concussion

    😀 My new church ladies’ Bible study starts back up this week

    😒 Will I have energy for two Bible studies on Tues.

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  2. 🙂 Husband is certified for another year and has had a heart change about his job. He was feeling that he was done, but even though this was physically challenging, it encouraged him when he met some of the young wardens he has trained and mentored over the years and they were still so excited to be doing their job and excited to tell him all their experiences.

    🙂 I survived the week with the pup. Husband is convinced Kootenay grew 2 inches while he was gone. I believe it – the first 5 days Kootenay was quite calm and quiet and slept a lot. I think all he energy went into growing some more. The last 2 days he was so energetic and into everything!

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  3. Thankful for wonderful brothers and sis in laws.

    Thankful for wonderful children and spouses.

    Thankful for Church family and their ministering, such an encouragement to receive a meal from them each week. A reminder that they are praying for us always.

    Thankful for a home where we can have our elderly folk live out their days.

    Thankful that we are in a place in our lives where husband can go bury his dad with a lot of support.

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