34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-4-23

  1. Good morning. Looks like a cozy little home there.

    I am thankful we have a high predicted in the low 20’s. That is about a perfect temperature for the festival we will attend. It is cold enough to keep the snow hill from melting, but not so cold no one wants to be outside. We will be inside visiting, playing music (I will be listening) and shopping and watching any new demonstrations of crafts we haven’t seen a million times.

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  2. Pretty but cold picture.

    The heater’s cranking but I’m still wrapped in fleece throws until it warms up in here a little more.

    Hoping Kizzie still has power and heat.

    I have some errands to run today, a dog to walk (have a new double-handle leash thanks to a good suggestion from Cheryl — and a Martingale slip-over, rolled leather w/front chain collar for walking. I used those on my other dogs for walks but theirs were too small for her, so I’ve been trying to order one the right size — first was too small again, but a 2nd larger one I ordered is a perfect fit; sending the other one back for refund).

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  3. (Double-handle leash has a second hand opening near the collar — called a traffic handle — that allows you to hold them closer when needed as in crossing streets, going through crowds or just for some extra control.)

    Ugh. Now the cat is doing her morning “thing,” knocking things off the the counter in the kitchen. She broke a ceramic crock the other day.

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  4. Good morning, all. With brother gone, it was another busy night. My dad could not remember how to eat his breakfast or take his meds this morning so it was a play by play event. Sleeping contentedly now. He does not normally sleep in the day time.

    Husband will be off soon to pick up the three visitors flying into Lewiston at noon ish. He will also pick up some grandchildren clothing for visits to granny’s house. Apparently they were only sent with a pair of pj’s and the clothes they had on. And so it goes.

    Fifteen is cleaning her room for one of her older brothers to stay in. Possibly, she and her niece will share the children’s playroom. We will see how that goes.

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  5. Morning all! Isn’t that your church Aj? It is incredibly beautiful with snow all around.

    Beautiful day to do a bit of Spring cleaning before it snows this coming week. Current snow on the land is melting in and the road out front is clearing finally.

    Dj I am going to look up that leash you have. Pip could use a bit more direction in the area of walking and not pulling!

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  6. The martingale collars also help with pulling, plus they can’t slip out of those — which is why I started using them years ago.

    But I like the ones you can just slip over their heads (on top of their regular collars) only for walks and outings — the fosters for Abby had her in a regular cloth (full-time) martingale collar (it’s still on her) but I’ll switch that out to a buckle collar and then use the slip-over one when we go out.

    The double-handle leashes seem handy, I’d thought of those for Abby (never had one but have seen them) but forgot about it until Cheryl mentioned in an email that she used that for Misten, so I ordered one.

    Abby is strong and on one of our walks we passed by a yard with two barking dogs out front (but behind a chain link fence); Abby really yanked on the leash and I realized she’s stronger than I am when she does that, not a good thing!

    mumsee @12:12 lol

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  7. oh, who will be in control if it is a question of strength. Besides walking you are going to have to lift weights. What a way to get in shape.
    Glad that you are finding ways to do things.

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  8. Because life happens. Second son and his daughter missed their connection and are stuck in Denver. Options? Spokane (three hours to the north) or Boise (four hours to the south) at nine tonight.

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  9. Here in Connecticut, we have had a very mild winter so far. We’ve had snow a few times, but it always melted quickly or was rained away, because we’ve had a lot of rain this winter. Very odd for us.

    Well, winter decided to show up and give us a condensed dose of cold weather for a couple days to make up for the lack of it. It was several degrees below zero last night, with an even colder windchill. (The wind was crazy! Lots of downed branches, including most of a whole tree, with some causing downed wires and power outages.) We have hit today’s high of 12 (with a “feels like” of 5), and will have a low of 10 tonight, which is better than last night, but still pretty cold.

    Tomorrow and next week, we go back to milder weather. Yay! (The expected high for tomorrow is 44.)

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  10. We use/used the martingale for our dogs. Worked so well with Keva. Duke’s tends to fall off when he lowers his head as his neck is the same size as his head, but if we keep his head up it’s good. Kootenay is still using a soft slip leash, but he is very strong. If we manage to keep it up high behind his ears, it works like a charm. 🙂

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  11. Our mild temp today is 70! Feels good after what’s been a rather chilly and wet winter here for us. We may get light rain tomorrow, and temps going back down again, but not sure for how long.

    Got my errands done, including (drumroll) getting a new battery for the ceiling fan/light remote at Home Depot. And the fixture works again.

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  12. I’m working with Abby to sit without running inside her crate first. It’s so funny, I say the word and she takes off for the crate, turns around, and sits.

    Um, Abby? You don’t have to go to the crate to sit and get a treat. … It’s like hard-wired in her, but we’re slowly sort of breaking it, with at least some success, some times.

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  13. All the balloon talk in the news has made me remember that old movie, Around the World in 80 Days. It’s one of my very early childhood memories — when my dad and I dropped my mom off to see that movie at a theater in Hollywood where we still lived at the time. I must have only been around 4 or 5 years old.

    I know, this is not that kind of balloon. But the song kind of goes through my head when I’m seeing the film clips …

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  14. It was 33° here this morning which is not far off average for this time of year. We have had 8 inches of rain in the past month. That is well over average.

    I finally did my new PT exercises. I have a stretchy band for some resistance routines, a yardstick to use as a wand, and a jar of applesauce for a dumbell. The big hindrance is Miss Bosley, the Not So Dumb Belle.

    I found some church history about my new church. This explains why I thought it was a black congregation when I would pass by it. This was from right before my pastor became the lead pastor. It is all pretty fascinating.

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  15. Janice, @4:37, fascinating history, would that more churches were so diverse culturally and nationally. And also a testament to how churches that own facilities can make use of property they invest in and own.

    Our church started out many years ago (30?) as an independent congregation with links to a mildly charismatic denomination out here called Hope Chapel. The thinking way back then — and with that theology that included the idea that “the end” might be somewhat close — was property was a waste of money that should be used in other ways by the church.

    Now, we’ve probably spent untold hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars, who knows how much — math isn’t my forte — for years and years — on … rent.

    And now, of course, property is very expensive especially out here.

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  16. Made me laugh.

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  17. Our snow pack is at 200+% of normal for this date (I can’t remember if it’s 208 or 280!), and officials are excited–while at the same time warning us we’re still in drought.

    Major concern, now: flooding in the spring. Sigh.

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  18. Thoughts from Keller:


    American Christianity is Due for a Revival
    Opinion by Timothy Keller


    ~ … First, as I see it, growth can happen if the Church learns how to speak compellingly to non-Christian people. For a millennium, Western institutions instilled in most citizens Christian beliefs about morality and sex, God and sin, and an afterlife. If non-Christian people entered a church, what they heard was likely not strange or offensive to them. That has changed, but the Church has not yet learned how to communicate to outsiders. As a result, most evangelical churches can reach only the shrinking and aging enclaves of socially conservative people.

    But change is possible. In our church in Manhattan, over the years, we learned to reach young secular progressives by adopting the way St. Paul told the good news to nonbelievers in his own day, as described in I Corinthians 1:22–24. He affirmed their best aspirations and longings, yet challenged the inadequate ways in which they were seeking to realize these hopes, and redirected them toward Jesus Christ.

    Second, the church in the U.S. can grow again if it learns how to unite justice and righteousness. I have heard African American pastors use this terminology to describe the historic ministry of the Black Church. By righteousness they meant that the Church has maintained its traditional beliefs in the authority of the Bible, morality, and sexuality. It calls individuals to be born again through faith in the atoning blood of Jesus Christ. By justice they meant that the Church has an activist stance against all forms of oppression.

    White Protestant churches in America tend to pick one or the other. Liberal mainline Protestantism stresses justice but has largely jettisoned ancient affirmations of the Christian creeds, such as the preexistence and divinity of Jesus, the bodily resurrection, and the authority of the Bible.

    Evangelicalism stresses righteousness and traditional values, but many congregations are indifferent or even hostile toward work against injustice. However, if the Church at large could combine these two ideas the way the Black Church has, it can begin to rebuild both credibility and relevance, rebutting the charge that it is merely another political power broker. A church that unites justice and righteousness does not fit with the left on abortion and sexual ethics or with the right on race and justice. Instead it is a community that addresses the timeless longings of all people for meaning, hope, love, and salvation.

    Third, the Church in the U.S. can grow again if it embraces the global and multiethnic character of Christianity. By 2050 nearly one in five Americans will be foreign-born, and these immigrants will likely come from the more religious parts of the world. Immigrants bring their faith with them.

    Christianity in East Asia grew from 1.2 percent of the population in 1970 to 10.5 percent of the population in 2020. In turn, Chinese and Korean immigrant communities have started as many as hundreds of churches in New York alone since the late 1970s. Protestantism in Latin America has also grown explosively, particularly through the Pentecostal and evangelical denominations, and these Christians are coming to the U.S. The combination of secular Americans having fewer children and the increasing immigration of religious people leads some observers to argue that secularization is likely to stall in America by 2050. …

    … Is Christianity going away in the U.S.? No. And although no one can predict when it will happen and how rapidly it will happen, there are many reasons to believe that growth will resume.

    But it will not happen until the Church applies this famous saying of Jesus to itself: “But whoever would be great among you must be your servant … even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve.”

    If the Church aims at loving service to one’s neighbor while clearly speaking the truth, it will grow again and may have cultural influence. But if it aims at influence rather than humble service, it will have neither. ~


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  19. Our pastor is out of town for his daughter’s wedding so one of our elders preached today, in part, on humility, “the way up is the way down.” Good sermon. Christians are part of an upside down kingdom.


    And an amusing slip of the tongue earlier in the service when another one of our elders took the platform for the congregational reading. But instead of ‘congregational,’ he said ‘congressional’ reading.

    But it actually would, as he added as an aside, be quite appropriate to be read in Congress …

    * The Greatest Commandment Matt. 22:34-40

    Leader: But when the Pharisees heard that He had silenced the Sadducees, they gathered together. Then one of them, a lawyer, asked him a question, testing Him, and saying, “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the law?” Jesus said to them,

    All: ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.

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  20. Church message Psalm 77. Good word and excellent focus from our young Pastor this morning.

    Have been reading the journals of David Brainard as husband is reading the Jonathan Edwards book on Brainard’s diary. Sobering and encouraging for us to be certain.

    Ran over to the grocery after church to pick up last minute items for our dinner with neighbors tomorrow evening. Dropped off yet another bag of clothing and a couple boxes of items spied in the top of the upstairs closets. Of course when dropping of at Goodwill one must run in to see if there is anything one needs…there wasn’t! But there was a very cute primitive oak splint bottom rocking chair for 25 dollars!! It was still there when I left!

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  21. So will you go back?? 🙂

    I love rocking chairs, but I have 2 — one antique hand-made rocker given to me by my mom at Christmas many moons ago (rustic pine branches hand-carved into the back slats, chair is painted black); and the other, my grandmother’s small “sewing” rocker.

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  22. Loved the flannel sheets that arrived yesterday — washed them up and put them on the bed right away, so nice.

    We had just light rain through the night; it’s chilly but mostly sunny today.

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  23. oh my goodness how tempting it was to just snatch that chair up and bring it home but my better senses took over! No more stuff that I really have no need! Someone will get it and be very blessed I am certain.

    I found some flannel sheets last week at Bed Bath and Beyond and put them on yesterday. Oh my word they are luxurious! And they were only 35 dollars for king size. Best night sleep! I hope they last forever….

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  24. My pastor was preaching about the requirements to be a deacon along with the division in the church when the Greek speaking widows were not receiving the same treatment as the Hebrew speaking widows. He managed to work in some more history of the church and Black History month. The church began in the 1850’s and he gave credit to the enslaved who probably built the first church building thr land owner was paid around 119.00 to construct it. What a lot of history he gave. I had no idea how many of the enslaved attended Baptist churches back then. The pastor is gifted in relating how people were unfairly treated in the pages of the Bible to other periods in time.

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  25. Good morning, all, or afternoon. A beautiful day here. Nice visit with two sons and granddaughter. They are off now with husband to Boise for the burial on Tuesday. Church sent a nice meal today so we were able to enjoy that without further worry. Nice!

    Interestingly, my dad remembered second son as they used to play tennis together once a week when son was in college at U of Idaho. Dad commented that it was interesting my grandson was friends with them. I am afraid my dad still does not grasp that I am his daughter and my children are his grandchildren but it was neat to see him remember second son. Sadly, he seemed to have no recollection of first son, though he did stare at him a bit as though he recognized something there.

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  26. Dj, my pastor has been doing a series. Or, actually, more than one pastor as been a part. It was on the greatest commandment and then this month has been on the second greatest, To love your neighbor. We finished in 1 John 4 today.
    Then we had a meal together. Turned out to be pulled pork sandwiches or hotdogs instead of hamburgers. Actually what I had asked for my birthday so a special treat.

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  27. Then we had our first ever indoor baptism. Very moving and special to hear the testimonies. We don’t have a baptismal so they brought in some sort of a tub. I was at the back of the gym and couldn’t really tell.

    Usually our baptisms are at a camp with a pool or at Lake Tahoe.

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