34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-2-23

  1. The ground hogs around here can see their shadow, so I guess we’re in for 6 more weeks of winter weather. We’ve had so little snow or rain that I think I could survive it, as long as the temps stay in the 20s or higher.

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  2. Good morning! It’s very rainy here and cooler.

    The question of the day on our local Fox news is asking what are some of the things you’ve found in your couch. A watcher responded with a dead flying squirrel attributed to the cat. I have found crumbs, little paper scraps, and maybe snack wrappers but nothing exciting. I think chances of finding treasures goes up with the number of children in the familyūüėÄ

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  3. The ground hog did not see his shadow here in Georgia today! And I saw my neighbor’s daffodil in bloom yesterday on the first of February. We have that for our sunshine on rainy days and nights in Georgia.

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  4. Morning all! Christiana Bitler‚Ķage 5? What lovely work of days gone by. My heart swoons when I spy these all but rare works in antique shoppes. No ipads, no iPhones, no tv‚Äôs. Just sitting by the fire stitching ‚ô•ÔłŹ

    If the groundhog was in CO he would have seen a shadow for certain. Blue sky and nary a cloud to be seen. Although we wouldn’t have 6 more weeks of winter as our winter usually lasts through May!

    And I did notice Makeitman posted daffodils on his FB page. Spring is making an appearance in GA!

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  5. Hello Everyone. I have been distracted.
    I have posted on FB but not here. We are adjusting to life without Amos. I have his ashes. The vet did his paw prints on some card stock and the office sent a nice card. My company sent flowers and one of my agents send a candle in his memory.
    I am becoming used to him not being in the bed beside me. He really was a Love Puppy.
    Other than that life marches on…

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  6. I think it is Christina Bitler: her work, 5. It was customary for young girls to do these samplers to practice their handwork.

    It will be way too cold here later in the day. Unfortunately, we have to go to a gig. Windchills from -40 to-50 are too cold to be out in for no good reason. It is, ironically, the sunny days that are our coldest. Thankfully, this is shortlived.

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  7. Good morning here. We have already been out for our first walk about of the day. A cool breeze blowing, making the thirty four temp feel like twenty four. But we dressed for it so all was good.

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  8. We had our first 3 kids yesterday afternoon. All females. Black (smiley) , brown (coffee), an tan (Chia). I have another 2 who look pretty close. At least they did not pick the coldest day of the year to make their appearance.

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  9. Did you know that public libraries allow their patrons to request book purchases? I’ve started asking for books from my local library that I would like to read and I believe others could benefit from reading, too.

    My liberal library allows us to make 10 requests per month. Maybe yours does to? Let’s start asking for the books we’d personally like to read.

    This was today’s request:
    More Than a White Man’s Religion: Why the Gospel Has Never Been Merely White, Male-Centered, or Just Another Religion
    By: Abdu Murray

    It took me 5 tries to get into the library website. Computer issues, but I got the request made.

    You can find all the details on the book’s Amazon page. I requested Olasky’s most recent book about the history of abortion two weeks ago.

    Not only is it an important “other side of the story,” but it also cost $30! Much better to check it out of the library . . .

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  10. I got a gift in the mail from someone yesterday thanking me for my years of service. So sweet. Wanted me to spend it on something for the house. Well I have a long list, so we will see.

    I considered going to Ikea today but it is a long drive of 1 1/2 hours and I would be tempted to spend a lot.

    I would also like to get a printer, any ideas? I will not print a lot, but there are things to print, like my tax documents.

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  11. Does a request for a library to purchase a book always get a positive answer? I seem to remember making a suggestion to the library here that patrons might be inclined to buy a new book for the library if they were allowed to be the first to read it. I was thinking it would be the buyer’s choice, but I think they did something like this only the staff at the library had their own list of books that patrons could choose to donate. This was years ago so maybe I just dreamed itūüėÄ I did work one summer at the county library while in college and later while I homeschooled, the library was our second home. We’d sometimes hit two in a day as each library had its own specialtirs and programs.

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  12. I found this on the county library site:
    “Mate¬≠ri¬≠als Selection

    The library col­lec­tion will include as wide a selec­tion as pos­si­ble with­in the con­fines of bud­getary and space lim­i­ta­tions. Cri­te­ria to be con­sid­ered in adding mate­ri­als to the library col­lec­tion are:

    Rel­e­vance to the needs and inter­ests of the community

    Mate­ri­als of long-last­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty or importance

    Reviews by approved media or experts in the field

    Price and bud­get considerations

    Suit­abil­i­ty of sub­ject, style, and read­ing lev­el for community

    Works of region­al inter­est or works by local authors, artists, pub­lish­ers or producers

    Con­ve­nience of access and ease of use

    Con­tri­bu­tion to diver­si­ty and scope of the collection

    Accu­ra­cy and timeliness

    Suit­abil­i­ty of for­mat for library use and qual­i­ty of tech­ni­cal production

    Rep­u­ta­tion, sig­nif­i­cance and qual­i­fi­ca­tions of the author, cre­ator, pro­duc­er or publisher

    Receipt of nom­i­na­tions for rec­og­nized awards, prizes and notable lists

    These cri¬≠te¬≠ria are not list¬≠ed in order of impor¬≠tance. The num¬≠ber and weight of them may vary in pro¬≠fes¬≠sion¬≠al selec¬≠tion decisions.”

    I think the first bullet item about the needs and interest to the community says a lot since we live in a very liberal-minded community.

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  13. Janice @9:49 — or pets.


    I have a basic cannon color printer that’s lasted quite a few years. Only hassle is getting the “hooked up” to your computer so they recognize each other. So mine’s connected to my old MacPro, not my new MacAir laptop.

    Ink is expensive, but to bypass that you have to buy one that costs a lot more up front.

    I use mine quite heavily, mostly for work hard-copy printouts of agendas, old articles for reference, etc.


    Wheel chairs (old) in the work room (had to put new wheels on it last year, a nice padded one I bought from staples many years ago).

    Other one is on an antique old LA City Hall wooden chair I bought also many years ago from a local antique shop. Neither are the new back things that I suspect cost a whole lot of money. I use chair pad on wooden chair & a bolster pillow at the back on the larger padded one I use all day, Amazon pillows.


    Crazy morning, got out of the shower to learn my editor wanted me to head to downtown LA like instantly for a morning press conference on a bunch of “peace and harmony” centers the city is rolling out.

    Breaking any peace or harmony I may have had, I had to charge into action to get dressed, grab the press pass and keys and a notebook, forgot my wallet of course, load the GPS instructions on my phone, and race out of here with my hair still wet.

    I was late, had to wait for a parking spot and then had to parallel park, found the press contact guy, got there in time for the last part of the media tour, found our freelance photographer who also was rousted out of his morning jogging routine to get there on the fly.

    Eating lunch now, it’s going on 1 p.m. here.

    Oh, and the GPS had to be hooked through my car “media” channel which featured a full complement of Christmas songs that apparently are deeply embedded somewhere on my phone. Beach Boys, Nat King Cole, Gene Autry, Bing Cosby, Elvis, everything from Oh, Holy Night to Santa Baby.

    Ah, and when Cosby came on, I thought: “It must really be Christmas now!” Hat tip to Chas.


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  14. looks like hardcover price is down to $23 (amazon)


    Kim, I so feel what you’re going through.

    I’ve also gotten pawprints (but while dogs were alive) for at least some of my former pets. I’d waited too long for Tess (had Cowboy’s done a year earlier) and had to get her imprint as we were heading out the back door to the vet’s for the last time, which made the day even more poignant.

    I used a ceramic person in Northern California who specializes in those kinds of mementoes. They’re very nice, you can pick colors, and hang them on a wall if you want. Only ones on my wall were two terriers from a long time ago, those I got at a pet store that was hosting a “paw print” event with a vendor back in the 1990s.

    I missed several dogs in between, though.

    My vet also sends cards.

    It’s just always so sad, no way around it. Praying you continue to heal. Amos was a very special friend. And so adorable besides, right? :-).

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  15. Sure, I could buy it–but it meets a need in a community, IMHO, whether they realize it or not.

    Last time I ordered a book it took nearly a year to arrive. I didn’t care if I was the first reader or not, but I was. I really liked the novel (based on a Laura Ingalls Wilder story) and I think others would, too.

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  16. Jogging my brain about when I made that suggestion about library books. Back then we had a young black family man who was our county CEO. He was very communicative with constituents. He regularly sent out emails and was asking citizens for ways to help with the county budget. I think there were no funds to buy new library books so I thought of that as a possible solution. No one got back to me but I kept watching the library site and saw what they came up with. They wanted control of what got donated according to political agenda.
    That CEO later broke the law and got convicted and put in jail. I felt sad for his family. He had seemed like a really good leader ready to listen to people.


  17. New kitchen faucet installed. Noticed a leak, called the guy from church, he came out with a new faucet he happened to have and got it installed just like that.

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  18. Peace and Healing story is in.

    Then I caught up with the LA schools guy who sent me a release probably 2 weeks ago I still haven’t gotten to, but will move it up on the list. Guess we hadn’t talked since graduation, but I’m not the schools reporter, only connect with him when it’s more a community school news kind of thing. They have a new superintendent they’re also now dealing with, so some shake ups going on.

    I have Bible study tonight.

    Next door neighbor goes in (finally) for the first of 2 knee surgeries tomorrow (surgery at noon, they leave here at 8 a.m.). Pray that all goes well and it doesn’t get canceled for some strange reason again. They’ll keep her overnight, maybe 2 nights, depending, she said. She sounds ready, not too nervous, they’re catching up with laundry over there today.

    She’s set to start PT on Monday, provided she’s home and ready. They like to get you into that asap. And she’s having 2 full knee replacements, needed for years but postponed for various reasons. So it’ll be quite a year of recovery for her.

    No suggestion of when 2nd knee will get done yet, I’m sure they’re waiting to see how this one goes first, but my guess is they’d like to do that one soon so the full recovery process can get underway.

    While I was writing my story I glanced out the window at the backyard and saw poor Abby playing by herself, jumping around, leaping. ūüė¶ I need to get her to a dog park, she’s lonesome and the cat won’t play.

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  19. Duke and Kootenay are the same size now – so they’re playing is pretty equal. And Koot’s teeth aren’t quite so sharp so Duke is more willing to play. Soon Kootenay will be bigger and we’ll have to monitor so that he doesn’t tire Duke out too much.

    Husband is surviving his training. Only one more day to go. I will be glad to have him home again.

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  20. Kare – It was funny to watch Janie as a puppy start out smaller than Heidi, but quickly catch up to her in size, and then grow taller and longer.

    That reminds me of when we first got Heidi. She was only five pounds, and tiny. The cats were about 12 pounds each, and looked so much bigger in comparison to her. It was hilarious when they ran under the bed to get away from her, and she ran right under there with them! ūüôā

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  21. Speaking of Heidi, as I’ve mentioned before, she is now 13 years old. Nightingale says she thinks that Heidi has doggie dementia. I don’t know about that, but I do know that she acts differently than she used to in certain ways. And in the evenings, she acts in a way that reminds me of the term sundowning, which refers to humans with dementia who become more confused at the end of the day, when they are tired.

    It used to be that Heidi would mostly be snoozing or just hanging around in the evening. These days, almost each evening she goes through a period of time when she seems to be on alert, as if something may be happening in the house. She sometimes sits alertly on the couch (sorry, Mumsee), intently looking towards my “apartment” door (which is a few feet directly across from the living room door). When she does that, she looks a little nervous or concerned. She will do that for quite a while before getting sleepy and taking her pre-bedtime nap.

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  22. A pre-bedtime nap sounds pretty good.

    I went outside and saw that there was an old dog toy that Abby was probably playing with, she’s dug a hole and I found it in there, not covered up. I took it out and covered the hole, but it’ll probably be re-dug by tomorrow.


  23. Abby would have done better as a “second” dog. Another resident dog not only would have given her more play company but also would have probably showed her “the ropes” around here, from the dog door to car rides.

    But there may be a companion for her at some point.

    Annie’s picked up some strange overnight habits now (she’s 15), meowing loudly, pawing at my face — basically getting me up a few times during the night.

    Sometimes it’s really annoying.

    Well, usually it’s really annoying.

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  24. Asking the library to order books is a good suggestion. No, they will not always do so, however. Our library seems to have many, many more left leaning books than any from the right. It can be good to get on the board, as well, that helps select the books. We can also get books from all over our county. They will be sent to our library and then we can return them there.

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  25. When lived in a small town in Iowa the library would get the books our children ordered. Of course, they would also check out 3 or 4 each when they went once a week.

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