61 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-28-23

  1. Hope everyone has a good weekend. It is way too cold here. There is an annual dog sled race that will go on. Makes me cold to think about it, however, the dogs have thick coats and will have boots on their feet. Isn’t it wonderful how God gave animals just what they need to survive such cold weather?

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  2. Today is beginning to unfold in an interesting direction. The children have a new supervisor. It used to be husband but with the dad’s and twenty one and everything else, it was more than he cared to do so the boss has found a new supervisor. Our twenty five year old daughter. The one who has resented the five from Texas ever since they displaced a trio of foster children who were scheduled to return to their family anyway. The one who is divorcing the son in law living with us and helping with the dads. Anyway, she will come and get them, take them to work, supervise them there and bring them home. Meanwhile, her husband will go to her house to supervise their children. Which leaves me here with my husband to care for the dads. Husband is not really a caregiver so he is on the fringes generally but this weekend his sister has come to visit. But she is really not a care giver at all and is mostly interested in talking about her new house which is being built and wondering why her dad does not want to play cards. So husband takes her upstairs so they can talk. Which leaves me to care for the two dads. Normally, I have at least one child here to help so this will be different.

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  3. Mumsee, change seems to be the definite constant in your household these days. My heart goes out to you as my prayers go up to God.

    I had a post earlier that did not stick. It basically said good morning from cold Atlanta that would warm up to the 50s. It’s partly cloudy with the sun peeking through.

    I had forgotten to include the two mainline Presbyterian churches we attended early on in our marriage that have noteworthy buildings I can find and post. One, where we got married in the chapel, is across the street from the state capitol. When Wes was born it was too much to attend in downtown Atlanta so we moved to the local smaller downtown, county seat town, church a few miles from home. It was a church with what seemed like a big focus on the wealthy congregants. It was the one that got rid of the lead pastor and then two more pastors resigned. That along with a planned Valentine’s Day ball that would require formal attire really led us to know it was not the church for us.

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  4. And a view of the inside of Central Pres. We sat in the balcony on the left side looking back from the front. This is known as The Church Which Stayed and has history of being used during the Civil War.

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  5. Another day, another mass (4) shooting here. Sigh.

    I was so tired after the week at work, I just crashed early (for me, 10:30?) and just got up at 8, though I was up a few times during the night for the cat.

    The heater’s on so it should warm up soon in here. …

    Can I sign Abby up for a dog sled race? She’s got morning energy to spare and discovered last night how to squeeze behind me on the couch. who needs a bolster pillow when you have an Abby?

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  6. Three, not 4, in that shooting.

    One of my aunts once told me that my grandparents were primarily Anglican/Presbyterian in church affiliation and background — which makes sense with our deep Scottish roots. But, according to her, they felt they didn’t have “nice enough” clothes to attend church in their little northwest Iowa town. Not sure how much truth there is to that, however. But my grandfather, who gave me my first Bible when I was about 10, was a nurseryman and they weren’t particularly well off, of course. But it seems like no one was back in those days, 1920s-30s-40s.


    We certainly are living in tumultuous times right now.

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  7. Wow, that’s like an entire campus/compound Michelle 🙂

    My former Presbyterian church was small, but also had “property,” which included buildings in which a Christian school operated along with a nice covered patio, yard space and a manse home next door. They’ve sold part of the land off since with the shrinking congregation and finances as the church went through a major reboot several years ago (and almost looked like it might have to be shuttered). My current church is helping to oversee its revitalization and several of our members and some elders, with our church’s blessing, have migrated over there to bolster the ranks.

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  8. That was a beautiful walk through photos, Michelle. So many wonderful things you have seen and done in your life!

    Sometimes you write about inner healing, and I am confused by the term when applied to you. Is it another way of saying you are examining yourself and trying to work on sanctification or is it something else? I think on that phrase as more of what a twenty or thirty something person might say about trying to forgive their parents for not showing enough love or affection, etc., when they were young. I have two friends currently, in their sixties, who seem to still feel hurt that although their basic physical needs were met, they never got hugged or heard their parents say, “I love you.”

    I sometimes think of ‘inner healing’ as being a New Age term. Just curious and not wanting to sound judgemental. I can see if someone had a traumatic event in their fifties or sixties then they might use that term.


  9. Janice, I hear that stuff all the time. One in particular is coming back to tell me all my failings as a parent. She and I have totally different memories! I don’t think my parents said the words but their actions did and I am content.

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  10. A quiet day today as I let my lower back heal. Better now, but I was shuffling this morning. Funny how i begin to understand those older folks who shuffle. I was almost ready to go buy a walker this morning.

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  11. I have 2 walkers — one stationary the other mobile version w/4 wheels — thanks to the knee surgery. But I only used them for a couple weeks afterward.

    I keep a couple walking sticks here, though, and used those at times before the surgery when the knee would really flare up. I still remember using one to head into PT after I’d had some weird set-back after making so much progress. Therapist saw me and looked shocked, ‘What happened?”

    I didn’t know, really, other than I did follow his directions to try a very easy, slow, short walk with the dogs (who were old and slow by then). Somehow, that just did the knee in again.

    Now the walking sticks are used mainly to barricade the couch to keep Abby off the furniture.

    But those can help and are much easier to grab and use (compared to a walker).

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  12. Christmas stuff is boxed and stacked at the back gate, ready to put back into the garage.

    Now to sweep away the dead poinsettias on the front porch; oh, and I still need to put the front porch wreaths — now stacked on a porch chair — in their wreath boxes for the garage, too.

    This is why I need 3-day weekends, at least.

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  13. We have several walkers here and a wheelchair. My dad insists he does not have a walker but he uses it every day. A rollator and a walker. Grandpa has a rollator and wheelchair. These days, he rides on the rollator. But mostly lies in bed or in his chair.

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  14. Yeah, virtual might not help.

    Wreaths are boxed, poinsettias bagged.

    Abby’s being weird

    I’ve never had a dog like this, while she’s coming along she has weird mental blocks, including associating the leash with walks, which she loves. I may have to start closing up her crate and closing the back door to get her leashed. She loves going for walks but is not connecting the words, the leash or my upbeat invitations (with cheese treats) somehow.

    Well, guess I’ll just go grocery shopping, will try again tomorrow with a better strategy. …

    She’s an odd dog in some ways (but I was told she was).

    She’s now still out in the backyard, all of a sudden not trusting me again.

    Won’t come to me for treats, won’t let me approach when she gets this way.

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  15. Maybe she was hit by a leash before and simply getting a different style will help. Maybe she did something wrong and is feeling guilty. Maybe she is mentally deranged.

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  16. Oh Abby is right.

    She spent 2 hours in the backyard tonight before she would finally come inside. Weird. I kept going out to call and talk to her, but she kept her distance, she won’t come to me yet.

    The retractable leashes don’t give you much control so aren’t encouraged (and aren’t legal here, either, city requires a 6-foot leash); I use a sturdy 6-foot leash that I can keep short for more control when needed, it’s a good option for her. She enjoys walking and is getting better at walking on leash. She is strong.

    Deranged? Hmmm. Well, she certainly has some “crossed signals” in that head of hers somewhere!

    I think I’ll have to just be more flexible going forward, leash her up when she’s close and I have the opportunity, take those walks when we can, not necessarily when I “plan” to as she’s simply not cooperating on my time schedule!

    She’s fine once the leash is on and walks out with me with no objection. I’m trying to also desensitize her to the leash, I have a couple leashes I use and am keeping them close and out in the open so she is used to their presence on the couch or hanging on the back of a dining chair, wherever.

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  17. I’m not a big fan of harnesses, and they’re hard for dogs to adjust and get into. Can’t imagine trying to wrangle Abby into one of those! They’re kind of a hassle to put on and take off, so simpler is better for her, I think. And me.

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  18. Good morning. I’d be at Sunday school right now if I felt I could be. It is such a good class.

    My friend who walked the putbull on the boardwalk with me used a harness. That was the only time I had been around one. It worked well in that particular situation.

    I heard this morning that the ‘peaceful’ protest group has chosen downtown Decatur as its new locale instead of the construction site for the police training facility. That’s probably why Google did not like me posting those pics yesterday. I pray it all remains peaceful.

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  19. Most, not all, harness walkers I have seen are being walked by their dogs. I am not a fan.

    Maybe just leave the leash on her all the time? Either dragging or folded and tied? Sounds good to have it out all the time.

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  20. Morning all. 3 degrees here and frosty pines all around us! Snow and ice on these roads has proven to be a headache for all. Church has been called off for this morning. We will read the Psalm 77 text in preparation for next Sunday’s service! 😊

    We use a harness on both dogs at times and for walking they prove to be beneficial for training to not pull. And we use retractable leashes most of the time as they help with keeping close or allowing to run ahead a bit. If they walk alongside well they are rewarded allowing to be ahead. If they don’t listen ahead of us we pull them back on a short leash. Pip mostly is alongside us, Lu wants to be the boss in charge ahead of us!

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  21. 16 degrees here, feeling like four, with a high of fourteen (how does that work?) and a low of one with wind chills fifteen below. I am indoors where it remains a balmy eighty.

    Good morning, all. The world continues to whirl about crazily while things here remain calm and peaceful. Sister in law has gone back to Boise after her visit.

    Husband may take one to church or may stay home. Son in law plans to go to church. Daughter plans to go to our church. I don’t know who plans to take the children. I just take care of the dads.

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  22. Y’all are making me feel cold from reading your weather reports. Brrr . . . I hope we do not get another Artic blast. We are suppose to get 5 inches of rain between this afternoon and Friday so we will probably make it within the top ten rainiest for the month of January.

    Today was the last of the annual January Soul Care sermons based on Psalm 119. We heard about God’s goodness even when things can look awfully bad: current examples of police violence in Memphis and war between Russia and Ukraine. He spoke sone about Joseph’s plight. Overall a very good and relevant message. He used my recent memory verse I had taken from the Bonhoffer book about afflictions being good for people because they cause people to learn or heed God’s statutes (119:71)

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  23. Prayers, Mumsee, for all who are affected by this, especially for your dad. Thankful that the destination was known so no fear of death and ample reason to feel joy in the midst of sorrow. It’s so sweet to trust in Jesus . . .

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  24. my daughter just texted me and she and her daughter are on the way to my house. She is the one who was angry and she hasn’t seen my house. Prayers appreciated.

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  25. Prayers for your visit, Jo. May there be a quick and sweet reconcilment. Glad you will have a visit and may it be the start of more good ones. May the Holy Spirit guide healing words on both sides. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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  26. Good visit, thanks so much.
    We looked around and then played boggle. They are both excellent players though granddaughter tends to make up lots of words.
    They also took the leaf out of my table which opens up this area.

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  27. Mumsee, I am thinking that this was Mike’s Dad from Florida???

    You know I can’t imagine having a more peaceful ending to my life than you gave him. What a way to bless him as he made his way to heaven. Thankful that God gave you the strength on so little sleep.

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  28. Kind of an interesting post by a local today:

    ~ For my #SanPedro peeps: These 2 events happened within 5 minutes of each other.

    To the woman who rolled down and shouted at me as I crossed into Averill Park, “Thanks for saving the world and wearing a mask while you are walking alone. (Blanking) ridiculous.”

    My response (which I didn’t get to tell her): Wow, who hurt you? I’m on Day 6 of COVID recovery and my doc told me to wear a mask, even outside.

    To the family near 9th and Averill who kindly left out free oranges from their tree so anyone could take them:

    My response: Thanks SO much! I’ve been house-bound because of COVID and had run out of fresh fruit. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am. And the oranges are very good.

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  29. Every now and then, someone would post on one of the local Facebook pages about how stupid it was for people to be wearing a mask in the privacy of their car. There would be some replies agreeing, but some kind and thoughtful people would reply that perhaps the person is going from one place to another, and it is just easier to keep it on, or there is someone in their car that they don’t want to get sick, or perhaps they were just so used to wearing it that they forgot about taking it off.

    But people – on this matter and others – are so quick to assume the worst and/or assume that others are stupid or ignorant or whatnot.


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