33 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-4-23

  1. It just gets worse.

    Democrats and the “intelligence” community used Twitter as their private censors, anything they didn’t like became alleged Russian disinfo.

    And plenty more, click and keep reading.

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  2. The State Dept got in on the action too, and yes, Trump too.

    Again, all to censor those who were daring to point out their Covid lies, and the origin of Covid.

    Plenty more too….

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  3. Dems were all in with censoring voices that pushed back on their false narratives and lies.

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  4. Note with all the above how the media eagerly pushed for the censorship, lies, and false narratives the govt was selling.

    Holding the powerful to account?

    Not. At. All.

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  5. That’s a dude, and was when he committed the crime too.

    “Wearing pink today in solidarity w/ #AmberMcLaughlin, scheduled to be executed this Tues evening – the 1st woman to be murdered by the state of Missouri since 1976. #ClemencyForAmber #EndTheDeathPenalty https://t.co/zYDBZMEH0y pic.twitter.com/iT6y41vzer

    — Natalie Pilgeram (@N_Zfinch) January 3, 2023″

    He was executed for his crimes last night.

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  6. Tapper is a hack.

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  7. Still hiding the truth.

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  8. Speaking of hacks….

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  9. The republicans need to get their act together and get moving!! I’m a tad bit sick of Broebert at this point and Goetz is getting on my nerves too!


  10. ~ “Utter, Unmitigated Disaster’: Karl Rove Declares GOP Infighting on House Speaker Just Beginning as ‘Chaos Brings About More Chaos’ ” ~

    This group is the right-wing version of The Squad.

    Blockheads, as Charles Schultz would have said.

    Way to squander what should have been a good cycle for conservatives.

    Someone needs to step up to get this unruly “burn it all down” classroom in order soon or ’24 will not be getting off to a good start (already isn’t if one is a conservative).

    Popcorn time for the Democrats! lol

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  11. Apparently some of the 20 dissenters have said they would vote for McCarthy if he allowed just one rep to call for the ouster of the speaker at any time. McCarthy countered with a minimum of 5 reps. If it’s any number between one and five, Democrats need to stock up on popcorn. This would continue the instability right to 2024.

    Anyone in the political centre usually votes for stability., so this doesn’t bode well for the Republincans. The left sided facebook groups I follow are having a meme fest on this. If Michael Moore gets any more excited he will have a heart attack. The lady who just nominated McCarthy called it Groundhog Day.

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  12. I wouldn’t call it the right wing version of the Squad. AOC, etc are far better at teamwork and playing the long game.

    Kristol and others are conservative. Spending on the security state (which includes IRS agents) is the most law and order conservative thing possible. Calling for the FBI to be investigated is not conservative; it may be right wing populism but it’s not conservative. There’s nothing conservative about right wing populism.

    I’m philsophically opposed to the death penalty. Looked into the Missouri case there are enough suspect legal issues to raise questions. Logically, the right’s position is contradictory. Most people on the right consider transgenderism a mental illness, normally mentally ill are not executed. Why the approval in this case.

    The twitterfiles is getting boring. As I said cultural Marxism claimed the media/gov’t/capital worked together to create a narrative. I do think twitter is the wrong medium for Tabbi to use. People only retweet certain Tabbi files that match their own bias. Hopefully, he publishes this in a book form soon. I’d read that as opposed to the twitter stream

    Of course, Musk is a hypocrite. He doesn’t endorse free speech just what he wants printed. As the owner that’s his prerogative but Schiff and others are right to call out his hypocrisy.


  13. Who cares that Dems are having popcorn and booze? Those are the folks who took our country on the fast track to destruction!

    “Last night people were frustrated. They wanted to go to parties, they want to take pictures with their families. But honestly, we find ourselves here in this chamber for the second day.” This is how Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) describes the priorities of the Representatives in the House?!!

    Everyday Americans are out almost EVERY DAY, not just two days, doing their part… sweating out the small stuff, paying bills, feeding their families – working REAL JOBS to pay the taxes that fund the elitist existence of those Reps- the least they can do is put their partying aside for a few days to try to right the ship!!

    We’re so sorry that you (elitists) are so frustrated. If you weren’t so far removed from the people who you’re supposed to be representing, you’d understand what true frustration feels like from their point of view.
    These are the small-minded folks making laws for the rest if us!

    What is happening now is that real debate and discussion is finally happening on the House floor. What is happening now is what led to this great nation being created in the first place – a small percentage of brave men and women standing up for what was right and just. These 20 principled Representatives are standing up for the American people who they represent. (Does anyone really believe that We the People want Kevin McCarthy as Speaker?) They are listening to us – it’s a shame that, so far, nobody else is.

    I don’t think the GOP as a whole understands just how ANGRY Conservatives are at Congress, the current state of politics, the GOP’s track record of inaction, and RINOs! They can no longer ride the “compared to the Dems we are the lesser of the two evils.” They have to get back to serving the American people, not corporate or global interests!

    We don’t want the destructive status quo – this is about saving the USA.


  14. Sorry to Rove, the establishment shill and lobbyist loving sellout and the rest of the pearl clutchers, but there are some who won’t roll over for the status quo any longer. Deal with it. This is how democracy works.

    Besides, here’s a newsflash, this is all just posturing anyway, from both sides.

    Reality is they’re complaining we can’t get to work on our agenda, but their agenda will go nowhere anyway. McConnell and his roll over for dems faction aren’t gonna vote for anything you pass in the House, and even if they do, the dems still have the majority in the Senate. And the idea that Biden’s handlers would let him sign it even if it did squeak by the Senate is laughable.

    Anything they pass will be just for show and DOA elsewhere. So, useless.

    That’s the reality and truth, so suck it up and quit yer whinin’.


  15. And so you know Dj, your “MAGA unleashed” comment and thinking like that is why you got Trump in the first place. You’re tone deaf to the wishes of 70million voters you need if you want to win national elections.

    You say you want limited govt and less overreach, conservative principles, but you want to support people who don’t vote that way. Sorry but a large faction of R voters are done with that. You want the uniparty to continue to lie to you. We dont.

    Sorry, but at least Gaetz and company are trying to get their principles included, to give folks what they promise during their campaigns. You know, honesty and effort, instead of rolling over for dems and putting 1.7 trillion dollar jokes on the country’s bill.

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  16. Reading the comments from Tychicus and AJ reminded me of leftists comments about the Democratic centrists; calling them DINOs. They refused to vote for Clinton despite Sanders campaigning for her. The centrists now point to the Supreme Court and say I told you so.

    Conservatives generally adhere to traditional values, are adverse to change, etc. They endorse capitalism unless it conflicts with their values. They also endorse limited gov’t except for law and order and the enforcement of morality. I don’t see Gaetz and Jordan as exemplifying these values.

    I do agree with Tychicus that there’s a lack of debate in the American legislatures. Parliamentary democracies have better debates. The other problem is the entrenchment of the two party system. A first past the post system doesn’t help but in the US the two parties have created additional barriers to make it difficult for other parties to run or at least be viable. Other first past the post countries have a more vigorous party system with more choice. Currently we have conservatives, liberals, socialists, Quebec nationalists and environmentalists all in our parliament. This makes for much more vigorous debate and at the same time far more compromise. The proportional represenative systems in Europe are far more demcocratic and allow for even more debates and prespectives.


  17. To back up DJ; the “burn it down” or “my way, or the highway” isn’t very conservative, it’s quite juvenile. It may be right wing but it’s not conservative. Conservatives value stability and tradition.

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  18. Wow HRW,

    I guess it’s a good thing no one cares what some random Canadian lefty thinks about US R party politics then. 🙄


  19. Also, same goes for your opinion on what a conservative is. Lol.

    I know when I need conservatism defined I always look for some lefty to tell me.

    Said no one ever…

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  20. I caught Boebert on Hannity.

    Words escape me (but not her, she would NOT stop talking, talking, talking, almost hysterically; not sure she ever made any sense but I guess that didn’t matter to her).

    Well, tomorrow’s another day. lol Seems like this group is definitely intent on blowing everything up but seem to have no clue, none, about what to do after that.


  21. Conservative friend who saw same program said: “when someone makes marjorie taylor green look sane, you know she’s in her own orbit”



  22. Trump, Gaetz and Boebert all seem to have temperament problems. And temperament, as well as personal character, matters in our leaders. Period.

    Thus I have a very clear conscience about how I’ve voted or, by conscience, chosen not to vote in recent years.

    I’m not elitist in the least, that’s almost funny. I come from a working class background and was raised with some common sense. I believe that the extreme wings on both sides of the aisle simply aren’t wise choices.

    I’m not alone, by far, trust me. I am part of what is a rather vast group now who find themselves politically homeless.

    But we will still vote.

    Vote to support and ultimately nominate some of these more extremist folks for higher office and they’ll wind up losing. It’s over.

    But folks have to do what they have to do.

    These groups aren’t new, btw, they were around in the 1960s (John Birch Society, etc.).

    The American people are nothing if not practical and down-to-earth. And sensible. And yes, fairly centrist. And we’re becoming increasingly weary of the spectacles that have overtaken our political process and parties.

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  23. Again, I’d urge us not to be rude or even personally sharp toward one another here in these discussions. I know tempers can flare, inwardly and outwardly — which is what makes (or should make) these topics really quite temptation-prone territory for us as believers, frankly. We all have strong feelings about particular issues and candidates.

    But hitting back at fellow posters personally really does just leave some hurt feelings. And, no, it’s not an oversensitivity. It comes down to the way we should all be trying, even when we fail, to conduct ourselves in the public square.

    If I’ve crossed a line and have offended someone personally, and am told about that, I want to know and apologize and be on guard and more careful, for my own spiritual growth and wellbeing, not to do that again.

    I don’t think personal rudeness is a conscious intent, giving it the benefit of the doubt, it’s more of a knee-jerk response and we can all be guilty (again, which also makes it so spiritually hazardous. It would be nice if coming here to share and, yes, debate, what sometimes are contrary and opposition opinions — which frankly should not only be “allowed” but welcome — didn’t get that personal.

    This is probably the most downright spiritually challenging (and dangerous) thread there is on the blog. Putting our faith in action as we deal with brothers and sisters in the faith over topics on which we sometimes disagree strongly.

    Politics is not our faith, political parties are not infallible (is that a vast understatement or what?). We all have differences of opinion and that should be accepted.

    I most definitely include myself in this when I say that maybe we all should work on holding strongly felt differences on these matters, when they arise, more lightly in deference to the higher calling of maintaining peace among the brethren.

    Sometimes, maybe more like often-times recently, I find it spiritually safer for me to simply stay away, completely, of this thread. That speaks more to my own spiritual weakness in this area, but knowing those weaknesses is why I have often elected to simply “stay clear” of the minefields.

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  24. dj: Who called you an elitist? I used the word in what I wrote, but I was referring to Reps in the House, as the context of the paragraph makes clear.

    Were you otherwise attacked personally?


  25. Ty, the problem I have with the tone of this thread is its hostility (and yes, rudeness at times) toward anyone who is in disagreement with the accepted views. HRW has taken — very graciously, I might add — some horrible treatment at times.

    My point is not a personal grievance, if you think that you’ve misunderstood me.

    Have you ever looked back at the news thread from some years ago? It was much different in tone, a number of folks, expressing a variety of views, shared on those threads, there was not the sense that only one view was “acceptable” and all others need to be browbeaten in a rather heavy-handed, sometimes rude way, for not being in step.

    There was actual discussion, respectful discussion, that went back and forth without the edginess and put-downs.

    I miss those days — and I’m guessing others do as well, thus the very limited participation anymore. There’s clearly no diversity of opinion, no real opportunity for a thoughtful and respectful discussion on the thread to speak of most days — because it’s seemingly not welcome anymore.

    It’s a thread that probably could benefit with some guidelines for how to interact with other posters who may disagree with each other. Those would be simple enough — respect for the individual, perhaps wait before responding if you’re feeling agitated, stay especially clear of anything that could be perceived as a personal attack (if you’re angry when you’re posting it, that result on the other end is likely).

    We live in a very trying time and social media has hardened and challenged especially believers. We haven’t always responded in good ways to those challenges, but instead have found ourselves caught up in the anger, the snark, the attacks and the unwillingness to even try to listen to each other and be civil, let alone mindful of our Christian calling on how to relate to and treat one another and all people.

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  26. Even among the few who post here I see quite a variety of views and diversity of opinion – that’s why there are (sometimes even strong) disagreements. I’m not sure what you mean by “accepted views.”

    If you didn’t have a personal grievance, then what in this thread prompted you to contend that posters are “hitting back at fellow posters personally”? (Was it Aj’s remarks at 6:10 & 6:13pm?)


  27. Tychicus – Those comments (at 6:10 and 6:13) are indicative of how AJ often rudely replies to HRW, but he can be the same towards some of us, too. There are at least a couple people that I personally know of who refuse to read the news thread, or have left the blog because of that kind of behavior.


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