44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-3-23

  1. Remind us about the picture. I remember seeing it before but have forgotten the details.

    Good morning to all. Hope you got some sleep, mumsee.

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  2. Morning all.

    That header photo looks to be picture perfect of New England. What a beautiful setting

    A bit of snow overnight and the sun has decided to make an appearance this morning. Absolutely beautiful are these woods today.

    12 years ago today my Dad went to be with our Lord. It’s those anniversaries that cause use to breathe deep and ponder of how life changes. Bringing with them smiles, tears and reflection upon just how closely our Lord walks alongside us on this journey…as we look to Him. Thankful.

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  3. Morning all. In the night I started thinking about what has been happening in the last week. As I thought, I began to feel that I am under attack and need to be praying. I went over some verses, not many, that I have memorized and then just began singing the name of Jesus. Then on to some hymns and then praying over my home and for His protection.
    It is all little things, my health is good, but those missing credit cards are rather alarming.
    But, God is good and He is taking care of me.

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  4. The large dog bed I ordered for Abby gets delivered today. (I bought a secondary one, smaller, at PetSmart last Saturday, she’s really needed something more comfortable to lie on instead of my furniture (which is now off limits) and the rather flat crate pad.

    It’s filling up around here with this dog and all of her “stuff,” though.

    I left the crate door open last night so she had a little bit more freedom (and also could use the new smaller dog bed for comfort; I got up a couple times in the night and that’s where she was sleeping.

    I’ll move one of the dog beds into my bedroom, can’t have both — along with the gigantic crate — all in the living room.

    All this will change and adapt with time as she becomes more acclimated and we figure things out a little better.


    NancyJill, the anniversary of the loss of my dad comes up in March (12) and it’s still poignant — it will have been 53 years ago this spring.

    My mom died on Jan. 25 just 33 years ago this year.

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  5. Misplacing credit/debit cards is disconcerting, I will usually find them loose in a larger bag somewhere or in a jacket or jeans pocket — after not putting them back into my wallet, usually due to fumbling after paying for something on the fly.

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  6. It rained most of yesterday and all night long — and it’s still raining this morning; not hard, but steady, the kind of rain that gives the ground a good, deep soaking which we so desperately need.

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  7. “They” anticipate the wetter areas of my county will see up to 8 inches of rain Wed-Thursday. Battening down the hatches–which is what the paper advised us to do today!

    Anything is welcome. The reservoir–normally at 87% full this time of year–is only 49% full.

    This is catch up/prepare week for me. So much has gone by the wayside trying to get through a busy Christmas season. So glad we got rained in during our four days in Seattle! (Where I did NOTHING!)

    Nieces are off, school is back on tomorrow, and Mr. Retiree is at his first men’s Bible study in years this morning.

    God is good.

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  8. More from Ministry Watch on the UMC split:

    ~ UMC’s North Georgia Conference Blocks Church Departures

    Disaffiliations ‘Paused’

    A regional body of the United Methodist Church in Georgia will temporarily block member churches from leaving the denomination, citing the spread of “defamatory” misinformation about the United Methodist Church and its disaffiliation procedure. ~

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  9. My parents had been members of the UMC since the EUB church united with the denomination. They attended and served faithfully.

    They attended up until Dad passed away. Mom would continue to attend until the time she couldn’t. For a while an older couple would come over and officiate communion to her. Then that couple left the church.
    The church continually hounded my Mom for her tithe. Never asking if there was something she needed. Their “new” Pastor even called on Mom to convince her that her views of homosexuality was wrong and unbiblical
    The “progressives” running the church decided to allow the “gay community” to have church in the building after the morning service. Then they decided to merge the two and berated the older members for their objections.

    So now the UMC is going to cite “defamatory” against those holding firm to biblical authority and truth?


  10. Good afternoon. I had the early morning treatment, ran an errand with Art, did my Wellspring ladies Bible study, made some lunch, and finally got here. When I arrived home from treatment I found Miss Bosley had placed her comfort toy on the bed where I sleep. Often she leaves it by the
    carport door. She never stops amusing us.

    Art and I rode the elevator down to the Tunnel (Tunnel of Torture) where radiology oncology is located. We rode down with an employee who I said hello to. No one was at the receptionist desk. The employee said she could check me in. I needed to give her the name of one of my radiology team members. My mind went blank and finally I remembered one. She got my name and walked me back. Suddenly I realized she was herself one on my team. I said, “You are K, aren’t you?” I was glad I remembered after all. She recognized me as a patient but did not remember my name. 7:30 a.m., without coffee, is too early!

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  11. You’ve probably seen the new multi-million dollar “Jesus, He get us” campaign.

    They’re all over tv.

    It’s a movement financed by anonymous donors, and doesn’t do Jesus the justice he deserves.

    Here’s a good explanation as to why. In their rush to “humanize” Jesus, they leave out the most important parts.


    “In case you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a $100 million advertising campaign that launched this year across the United States and is aimed at helping rescue Jesus’s reputation from the “damage” done by His followers. It features a website, billboards in major cities, and ads that have been viewed 300 million times. “He Gets Us,” as the campaign is known, is funded by anonymous donors. If you haven’t seen the ads yet, you likely will soon.

    Many Christians immediately have a problem with the idea that Jesus would in some way be “marketed.” As a former marketing executive and adjunct market research professor, I don’t necessarily think such a marketing campaign is inherently problematic. Marketing is simply the discipline of effectively getting a given message to a given audience. If your church has a website, you’re “marketing.” If you have a board in front of your church that announces the weekly sermon subject, you’re “marketing.” If you pass out tracts about Jesus, you’re “marketing.”

    In other words, if donors are paying to tell the world about Jesus on a grand scale so that more people may come to a saving knowledge of Him, praise God.

    But the message shared better be an accurate message about Jesus, lest you’re actually leading people away from Him in some way.

    And therein lies the problem with He Gets Us. The Jesus of this campaign is nothing more than an inspiring human who relates to our problems and cares a whole lot about a culturally palatable version of social justice.

    Since many people will be discussing the campaign in coming months, I want to highlight seven significant problems to watch out for and to share with friends who may be misled by what they see.”

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  12. I have not seen anything on the He Gets Us campaign. Can it be redeemed as a conversation starter about the true Jesus of the Bible? Fodder to point people to God’s Word to find out the truth for themselves rather than being spoonfed an adulterated version? I know the problem is that not so many people are readers today. There lies a mission field.

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  13. Jo, I sure hope you were able to find your missing cards.
    I love your idea of reaching out to the other single women and making them feel loved and special. I have been struggling with what I can do in my church. We live an hour away, so I can’t participate in most of the weekday things. On Sundays we’re already gone from home for 4 hours with the drive both ways, the service and a quick fast food lunch pick up. Can’t really do longer with a puppy and there’s not much serving I can do on Sundays either. Hmm.

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  14. Jo, did you possibly pull them out to order online and not put them back? Where would you have been sitting or standing to do such ordering? I have been known to do that. Or pulled them out to get to a Medicare card or ID? Maybe check where you last went for a medical appointment. Clerks don’t always have time to call those who leave cards until several days or weeks pass, but they hold them for a client’s return.

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  15. Kare, you could do a card/little memento ministry through the mail to make people feel cared about. My friend, Florence, 93, sends out cards regularily and by including personal notes, she makes it feel like she is sharing her heart. I am sure older people would love getting notes from younger people who have pictures and stories about their dogs to share and the recipients might share back about their own pets.


  16. Conversation starter.

    Commercials are actually rather compelling and well done, though their background isn’t very doctrinally sound.

    Still …

    “Let’s talk.”

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  17. I’ve only seen a couple of the earlier commercials, not the one Kim posted I don’t think from the photo anyway, but those things can open conversations with those who have long since rejected the gospel and anything having to do with Jesus.

    They are, for the most part, likely uninformed but (like all folks everywhere) are searching though they may not realize it.

    Everyone believes in God, according to the Apostle Paul who addressed many of these issues in his day with folks who worshiped other things.

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  18. Jo, I guess if I’d looked everywhere and the missing credit / debit cards weren’t showing up I’d (reluctantly) report it just to make sure they hadn’t been stolen. But that’s a hassle, of course, especially if it’s all your plastic resources.

    I’d guess they were taken out and left around the house — or in the car? Or somewhere and you just need to locate them.

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  19. And … remember, many people today often have had NO, as in zero, exposure to the gospel, unlike in earlier times when most everyone had at least a cursory exposure to church growing up.

    I love the sound of a dog barking in my house again. 🙂

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  20. I just had a conversation with my friend, Karen, about He Gets Us. I asked if she knew of it and at first she said no but then remembered seeing one of the tv commercials which she liked. I said that it might not be portraying Jesus as He actually is. She said I should reserve judgement until I see it. I said that is why it is important to read and know the Bible, so one can know if what they are told lines up. Trouble is that she still is not reading the Bible with her excuse being her sight so I said she can listen to it. And again we are at the same place. Her husband interupted our conversation so she weaseled off the hook again. If a fake Jesus gets us, what does that value anyone?

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  21. I love the sound of a barking dog in your house, too, Dj. It’s much nicer than the sound of barking dogs on my street!

    We are having big storms and a tornado watch until 9 p.m. It just poured down something fierce, more like elephants than cats and dogs.

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  22. Janice, you had a busy morning. And I was thinking of you in GA with that post about the UMC.

    Our local UMC has turned quite liberal as well, I feel for the older folks still attending. The last minister decided to put the Christmas tree in the sanctuary “upside down” — it’s part of a message that I forget now.

    Eventually the main denomination will empty out, most likely, or close enough to it. My liberal Christian friend — I believe she’s a believer but mostly take her at her word on that point — was raised Methodist and is now just adamant about only joining a church that is “inclusive.” She has very strong feelings in favor of gay marriage (but currently is not attending church anywhere).

    I try to share pieces of Scripture and the gospel with her without going toward the issues that do divide us.

    Ultimately, folks have to contend with the authority of Scripture on all of those points. That is, after all, the core issue behind all of that.


    Back to the ad campaign, I really don’t think folks won’t likely call or contact whatever source is included on those spots. But the ads could catch their attention and, knowing they have a friend/acquaintance/co-worker/neighbor (you and me) who are Christians, it could make ears more receptive.

    I had an interesting story to do today that has national political elements to it. Posted it on FB & Twitter if anyone’s interested.

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  23. Back to the ads

    I still think we can comment on part of what the ads get right — Jesus does passionately care about people, he identifies with those who are struggling through this life.

    From there, of course he calls us to repent

    But who isn’t moved by Jesus’ initial encounters with people, average, everyday people, struggling people (though they may be acting otherwise), but also who probably know they aren’t “good” …

    And building on that, come to see Jesus is the answer to all of that, that none of us is “good.”

    The rest of the story, as they say, can be added to that.

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  24. The problem, IMHO, is not that he “gets” us but that what he often sees is our damaged self, wracked and trapped by sin.

    He wants to set the captives free–from sin, our iniquities, and grief.

    Is that what is portrayed in the commercials?

    I can scarcely walk through a parking lot without seeing people displaying their brokenness in outrageous ways–repelling me–without remembering Jesus/God/the Holy Spirit sees the same thing and loves them, all the while seeing the same brokenness.

    He gets my brokenness and WHY I’m broken–and He wants to love me back to intimacy with him.

    But can I be intimate, close to God if I don’t want to recognize I was the one who moved away?

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  25. He knows us as we are. I’m suggesting that’s not a bad starting point to tell the rest of the message.

    The ads I’ve seen are extremely brief, they don’t purport to explain much of anything, other than he “sees: us and understands us. So I see that as a launching point

    No, the “ads” aren’t perfect. It’s not a doctrinal dissertation. But … the Apostle Paul knew how to use all or any of that to preach Christ.


    Well, Abby managed to get out a little while ago, the gate on the other side of the house was open — found an amazon box inside the yard, who would have left that there, and it was soaking wet, of course.

    I found Abby just a few houses down the street, bouncing and having lots of fun on one of the elevated front yards as a dog one house over was barking at her from inside.

    She came readily when I called, ran up our driveway and I let her in.

    Neighbor will take a look at that gate tomorrow, it’s given me problems before and now appears to be completely swollen from the rain and it won’t even shut. I have it barricaded from the inside for now and will be sure to go out with her tonight and in the morning. Early. Groan.

    The rain just won’t stop here, it’s light but steady and everything’s pretty soaked at this point.

    I’m not complaining though. Really. lol

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  26. I’m thinking Amazon set the box inside and then realized the gate didn’t fit or latch, so just shoved it but it swung open afterward. Argh.

    The gardeners made that gate for me, I may see if they can come in and fix it right; my neighbor, though, should be able to wire it temporarily shut in the meantime.

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  27. Good interview with former NFL QB Deshaun Watson on Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN tonight — the gospel was was preached. No, not in full with every point and detail covered; but still preached.

    Those with ears to hear

    will hear.

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  28. I thought that photo looked familiar, but I guess not if it is the first time you posted it, Aj.

    My dad died the end of December on one of my daughter’s birthdays, Nancy Jill. Sad the way your mom was treated.

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  29. Once again it is storming and pouring rain. I need a good night’s rest. Storms in the night and good rest usually don’t mix . . . strange bedfellows, etc. The rain soothes until the thunder pops. Lightening too close means I will be jabbed by wild cat claws.

    Loving all I hear about Abby the Wonder Girl Dog.


  30. we are expecting a powerful storm tomorrow. May be some trees falling with all the wind since the ground is already saturated. And that means we may have some more power outages.


  31. And have now seen a God Gets You ad in the fall 2022 edition of Christianity Today Pastors edition.

    It just announced a new campaign on a 2-page spread. It did include a link to who is behind it, but I was looking at the print edition.


  32. I think Abby’s in her “testing-me” phase.

    How far can I go, how annoying can I be, she wonders?

    She was not settling down earlier tonight after we got home from her breakout, so I put her in the crate for a while. She let out a very loud, shrill BARK! … in protest.

    But she did settle down. I let her out after about 20 minutes.

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  33. I guess we’re in for much heavier rain starting tomorrow, with more snow in the mountains. “Major storm tomorrow night through Thursday” with possible thunderstorms and heavy downpours. As much as 8 inches here, too, apparently.

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