Our Daily Thread 12-31-22

Good Morning!

It’s New Year’s Eve!

So as Chas used to say, if you have something to get done this year, you better get to it. 🙂


Anyone have a QoD?


40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-31-22

  1. Good Morning. I got my flu shot and Covid Booster yesterday. It was either that or get a divorce. Mr P is very rigid on some things. This morning I mostly feel like death eating a cracker. My head is pounding, I’m cold then hot, and I don’t have enough energy to get out of my own way.
    One of the questions was when was your lost whooping cough vaccine. I put 1975. I’m sure it was a nice year.
    One of my aunts died last week. The funeral was yesterday. None of the siblings nor cousins were allowed to attend. This was my Aunt Emily. The really mean one who stood at my father’s funeral and called him a son of a ——.
    I talked to my Aunt Charleen for a long time yesterday. We talked about how mean she was and how twisted I am because I absolutely fawned over Emily at family occasions. I would fix her coffee for her, carry her plate for her. All sorts of things then tell the others I didn’t spit in it or anything. 😂. I was determined to be a better person than she was.

    I started taking down Christmas yesterday and have to have it finished by tomorrow night. I have a woman coming to deep clean the house on Monday. Mr P too ok I’d both people we interviewed that his mother would not be pleased we were hiring someone and not doing it ourselves. He explained to them that he was disabled and I don’t have the time. My big challenge is going to be to get him out of the house Monday so he doesn’t keep telling her, “Oh don’t bother with that”. Yes!!!! I want her to bother with everything.
    She is a single mother with a special needs son. Her parents watch him so she can supplement her income. We both felt the most comfortable with her. Fingers crossed.

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  2. Pretty tree in the header! Thanks, AJ, for the Chas quote. Been missing him this week.

    Oouch, Kim! It’s that Covid shot doing the number on you. Even I was barely affected by the flu shot.

    My shoulder has some pain and stiffness from the treatments. I let Miss Bosley sleep on my left shoulder which she has not had access to since surgery. She was like a happy heating pad. For quite some time (end of August) she has felt rejected by my left side😀

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  3. Good morning, all. A good night of sleep as grandpa recovers from the meds we were giving him that were not helping but harming. He slept in the living room recliner so husband slept on the couch nearby. Usually it is me on the couch though sometimes we switch. The couch is centrally located and I can hear both dads if they need something. When husband sleeps there, he does not usually hear either of them. And if we are both in our room, I can’t hear them over his snoring. So it was nice to be able to stretch out and sleep comfortably. I only needed to get up three times. Twice when I heard my dad open his squeaky door to look for the bathroom (which is actually off his room so he doesn’t need to open the squeaky door but he is disoriented) and once when it seemed time to check the stove (it was. So feeling much more awake today. Right now, before anybody else is up.

    I imagine it is a beautiful day coming. The roosters are crowing as though it is.

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  4. Both trees are “nude”. No ornaments, ribbon, not lights. One is in the box in the garage. The other is going to have to wait a while.
    Mr P’s Baby Boy is going to have to come help me get it all back on the attic. I really think we are going to have to come up with a different storage solution. I can’t do it by myself and Mr P isn’t going to be able for a while.

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  5. Morning all! I have always enjoyed those type of trees with the fruit as the ornamentation. So natural and simply beautiful..lovely photo!
    I was just recalling yesterday how Chas would remind us to “get it done” on the last day of the month…how sorely he is missed….

    Kim hoping you feel better soon. And I am getting to the place where I believe I would like to have someone come in and do a deep cleaning. I simply don’t have the get up and go any longer to do all the baseboards, sinks, bathrooms, kitchen. Once I get the rooms like I want “someone” comes in and leaves fingerprints and drips everywhere and I find myself muttering “what’s the use”!?

    Thankful for your living breathing heating pad Janice! She even provides the vibrating purr!

    Mumsee I pray you all have a most restful day…and I can just imagine hearing a rooster crowing to awaken the household…just lovely…

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  6. I’ve been paying Molly Maids to come in once a month and clean. I can manage the rest of the time.

    A total indulgence, but it’s hard for me to settle down and think if my house is disordered.

    I don’t like the overhead storage either, Kim.

    The garage junk is the next area o begin paring down.

    But at least I have an empty closet in the guest room.

    Pouring rain again.


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  7. Everything is now in the garage. When I have the energy I will vacuum the main living area.
    It is very hard for me to realize I’m not as tough and strong as I once was.

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  8. The fruit in the tree reminds me of Revelation 22:2 – “through the middle of the street of the city; also, on either side of the river, the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit each month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.”

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  9. We knew that, Kim.

    When my dad was a city councilman, he had to decide whether to run again. He put many hours into research of the things they were voting on and worked tirelessly to get that info out to the public. But people did not want facts, they wanted what they felt was right to happen. He decided not to run again. After that decision, his wife told him if he had decided to run again, she probably would have left him. He was basically absent for three years of city service.

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  10. It’s raining here and I have a very wet Abby dog. But it’s all good.

    They kept saying you could get the flu shot and new covid booster together but I didn’t, I got the flu shot first and waited until December for this more recent booster (as I’d had covid in September and they advised waiting a few months). No real reaction from either for me, though Covid shots have in the past caused fatigue and headache, but only for a day or less. This new booster is less potent from what I’ve read.

    But I do think getting the flu and booster shots together might have upped one’s chances for an overall reaction.

    In general, other than the usual sore arm maybe for a day or so, I’ve not had bad experiences with vaccines of any kind, though.

    Abby was trying to play with the cat last night, it was so cute, she was even doing the dog “play-bow” with her as Annie just sat there, perhaps amused but not exactly read to play with something so big.

    Yeah, very appropriate Chas-ism quote up there. 🙂

    I say good riddance to 2022, it was not a great year on my end. But neither was 2021. Or 2020. …

    My house turns 100 years old in 2023.

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  11. Not sure if I will be invited to celebrate with family tonight, so a little sad. But I sat here and just went over blessings, My house is lovely and it is paid for. I have no debt. It is raining and I am warm and dry. My cupboards are full and getting organized. I’m healthy.
    Lord give me a grateful and thankful heart.

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  12. Amen. My children rarely to never invite me to celebrate with them. They always do alcohol and I don’t. Though my older ones have cut back on that realizing how stupid the younger ones look when drinking and realizing they are probably the same.

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  13. People celebrate on New Year’s Eve? 🙂 I vaguely remember that from a world long, long ago …

    Sometimes a girlfriend would stay overnight (this was in our early pre- or actual teen years); I remember once we opened the little peephole “door” that was at the top of the front door back home and yelled “Happy New Year!”

    We were wild.

    We usually get fireworks in my area, so we’ll see how Abby reacts to that. Lots of “firsts” to get through with the new dog.


    From The Gospel Coalition:

    5 Constants for the New Year
    DECEMBER 31, 2022

    ~ Since 2020, I’ve felt the gnawing dread that all the norms in life—all the things I’ve come to expect over the course of my life—could be overturned and reversed in an instant.

    In the new year, will I be able to get a car loan? Is the buying power of my dollar going to erode further? Will the challenges with my kids get better or grow worse? Will I gain a new friendship, or will one of my friends stab me in the back? Will the political season stir deeper division in the church?

    There’s much I don’t know about the new year. But as I turn to the Word, there’s much I can know. The Bible—and Psalm 90 in particular—gives a set of constants on the horizon as the calendar flips from December to January.

    * God will still be my refuge …
    * This year — and all my life — will slip through my fingers …
    * Sorrow and suffering will wreak havoc because of sin …
    * God’s covenant mercies will satisfy me …
    * God will always smile on my efforts …

    This final constant moves beyond encouraging my discouraged heart to strengthening my feeble hands. Those of us who know the favor of the Lord—the happiness of God with us because of the righteousness of Jesus—approach the tasks of the new year in our homes and businesses and churches with renewed energy as the power of God reaches into our lives.

    We work under the sun of God’s grace, so this year’s toils and troubles, sufferings and setbacks aren’t cause for dismay. Instead, because Jesus has forever ensured God’s smile on my life, I can be certain God will advance his constant work through my inconstant fingers in this new year. ~

    (More on each of those categories at the link):


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  14. I do not do New Years Eve celebrations.
    When I was dating first husband George we went to a New Year Eve Dance. The next morning my dad woke me to tell me he found my cat dead in the front yard. Several years later George and I went out again for New Year’s Eve. I was miserable. Eight days later I found out I was expecting BG.
    I also have an irrational fear of drunk drivers on New Year’s Eve. Some friends were headed to a nice hotel to celebrate New Year’s Eve and spend the night when they were hit by a drunk driver. The were both ok but were injured.
    Mr P and I have never really celebrated it. He likes to watch football and I am happy to stay home. I’ll have to ask him if he was ever the New Year’s partier.
    So far today I have made it out to the store to buy 7-Up, Coke, Ginger Ale, and Orange Juice.
    I am waiting for the Sugar Bowl to be over so maybe we can go eat Mexican food. It’s almost 2. I need to be home by 5 because most drunks will start drinking then. I call New Year’s amateur night.

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  15. DJ I don’t like shots and getting me to go yesterday was an ordeal. I figured I would get both and get
    It over. This is only the 3rd time
    In my life I’ve gotten a flu shot.
    Last year was the second. I don’t think I will do it again. Almost everything on my body has ached today.

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  16. I’ve known some folks who react to the flu shot.

    I normally haven’t gotten it until maybe the last few years (following a more recent bout with the flu, which I normally don’t get, that made me realize our immune systems really do start to wane with age and the flu can be nothing to sneeze at).

    But whenever I had the flue shots, they never bothered me like they did some others. Probably an individual thing?

    Funny, though, I still “look away” when getting a shot. lol

    We all turn back into our 5-year-old selves sometimes.

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  17. I never watch, either. But most shots don’t hurt much when receiving. Pulling off a bandaid can feel worse, but it is the thought of an invasion to the interior of the body even if only with a tiny needle.
    I have always wondered if I would tolerate acupuncture. It is one thing, like PT, that is offered to radiation patients. The doc said there is a long waiting list to get that treatment which I was surprised to here.

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  18. We will stay in as usual tonight. We have never been ones to be amongst crowds to party. A quiet home and sleeping through the changing of the year is satisfying to us.

    There is the grand fireworks display which the AdAMan group puts on every New Years on Pikes Peak. We have stayed up to see it once or twice when the kids were little. I am good to see the photos of it the next day though.

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  19. Dogs are barking on the street and their owners are shouting at them. Twice lately when I walked in the driveway, different sets of dog walkers have tried to keep their dogs from barking at me. One told her dog not to bark at me because I live here. I am beginning to think I must somehow look like a threat to dogs with my phone held in my hand . . . it is a secret weapon, a dog zapper😀

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  20. Hubby and I never did anything special for New Year’s Eve other than maybe have a special meal. The last time I stayed up late to see the new year come in was when we went from 1999 to 2000, just to make sure that that Y2K thing really was just a rumor.

    We would often get Chinese food for New Year’s Day, and one year we got Mexican food instead. Nightingale likes to make Black-Eyed Peas and Greens.

    As for getting shots, I watch, and I also watch when having blood drawn.

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  21. We really weren’t concerned about Y2K. Mostly it was just cool to be up when one century turned into another, and one millennium turned into another. (Yes, I know there are those who say that those things did not officially happen until 2001, but there was something more seemingly dramatic about the change in numbers.)

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  22. New Year’s Day is big out here with the Rose Parade & Rose Bowl.

    I *especially* DON’T watch when they’re drawing blood 🙂

    Kim and I, not nursing material, remember? lol

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  23. Janice if they offer acupuncture do it. It is some sort of magic.
    I terrified of needles and had it done back in April/May. I had it on Friday, Monday, and the. Friday again. It didn’t hurt and the relief it gave my back was unbelievable.

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  24. I got the daily scare of seeing brother get shots daily from my young age of three so I never wanted to get them myself. I developed fear at a vulnerable age, but grew out of it enough as I got older to no longer dread shots. I still did not want to watch though. I think I have watched the drawing of blood from my arm which is worse, but somehow less bothersome than a shot to me.

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  25. But is acupuncture covered by insurance?

    I had a dog who got acupuncture years ago for arthritis, it seemed to help. My vet and his wife/also a vet/ were early adopters on many of those non-traditional treatments.


  26. I bought Abby an “indestructible” toy.

    She’s working on it now.

    We took a nice walk through the neighborhood at dusk, it lightly rained off and on (mostly off). She sniffed everything and was very exited when someone was walking nearby with a yippy little dog that barked and barked and barked at Abby.

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  27. I would imagine it is disappointing, Jo, when you are finally home and able to be with family and then not have them seem to be interested. Young people can be oblivious. It is certainly an adjustment all the way around.

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  28. God continues to send spiritual dreams to some Muslim folks. It is also interesting what this writer writes about continuationism and cessationism.

    “I’ve had a good number of friends tell me just what you are telling me now. That imagery or language in a dream they had from around the time they believed later proved to be from the Bible. None of them had read that part of the Bible before they had the dream.”


    “My friend Adam* dreamed about Jesus giving him a white stone with something written on it. He hadn’t read Revelation 2 yet, where Jesus says that to the one who conquers he’ll give a white stone, with a new name written on it.

    “Then there’s Henry*,” I continued, who had Jesus speak to him in his mother tongue and call him, ‘My son,’ before telling him, ‘It is the glory of God to conceal things.’ This is a sentence from Proverbs 25, which Henry had never read. It blew his mind when we showed him the verse, word for word what he had heard in his dream.

    “Or my friend Hama*, who leaned over to me the first time we took communion and told me that he’d done this before. I told him that no, this was definitely his first time. ‘No,’ he pushed back, ‘I did this with Jesus, in a dream, the night you told me you thought I was already a believer in Jesus. He gave me some bread to eat and something red to drink.’”

    Including Reza, these four close friends of mine, all believers still persevering in their faith, had independently experienced a very similar thing. As new or almost-believers they’d had dreams in which they saw or heard specific language and imagery – only to later have the hair on the back of their neck stand up as they realized it was a clear quote or allusion to a passage of scripture as yet unknown to them. The effect, of course, was a sober excitement that God really was at work in their lives – and a deepened amazement at God’s word.”



  29. Kizzie, @9:25

    No, not today, though a little different circumstance in that she was standing near me, I took her collar, took the leash with the other hand, hooked her up before she could get spooked and run away.

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