30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-1-23

  1. Happy New Year from the upper Midwest! I slept through it, too, Kim. We were home and I tried to watch the celebrations on the television, but honestly could not take so much of the music from both New York and Nashville. I guess I am old.

    This would have been the year to be out and about. I have never seen it this warm on New Year’s Eve. Usually, we have below zero (last year was in the mid-twenties below zero) not up in the twenties above zero!

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  2. Happy New Year from the windy and rainy West Coast!

    I was up late enough that I was still awake when midnight struck — along with the usual local fireworks going off throughout the neighborhood.

    Abby was in her crate for the night, which still is in the living room, so I keep listening to see if she was going to send out sounds of distress over the loud noises, but she never did.

    Due to the rain, the fireworks didn’t last too long this time.

    The Polar Bear swim splashes off at noon today — the first time in 2 years; it was canceled in 2021 due to the pandemic, then again in 2022 due to a sewage spill.

    They were concerned about county warnings about rain runoff which brings bacteria and other contaminants into our oceans (leading lifeguards to tell folks to stay out), but I suspect everyone will just charge into the water anyway this year.

    Cold out there, though, in the high 50s and very windy, likely still a high surf.

    I’ll be at church 🙂

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  3. Husband usually makes sausage gravy and biscuits with the children for potlucks but as he is laid up with back strain, daughter and I managed the best we could. A church member will come by and pick it up for us.

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  4. Happy New Year from the Deep South!

    We had an unusual fog last night. Art said it was just in our neighborhood as he had driven from the southside and not seen it anywhere else. Wes got md to go outside to see that fog in the neighborhood, but when you looked up to the sky, it was clear and you could see the stars. Very unusual.

    There were not as many fireworks as usual, but the nextdoor neighbors had friends over celebrating on their well-lit deck so we got some people noise. I don’t think Miss Bosley even had to go in the closet, but how would I know since I went to sleep.

    I made a few submissions yesterday to Ribbons, a publication of the Tanka Society of America, for their Dec.31 deadline. I got word today that one was accepted. That was a sweet beginning to 2023.

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  5. Happy new year from the frozen north! We played games and had a few snacks, then went to bed at the usual 10:30.

    Made it to church this morning and Kootenay made it through four hours in the crate!

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  6. Happy New Year from the forest of Colorado!
    We slept through the changing of the years and heard not one firework go off! Most in our immediate area are retired…and tired still. Plus fireworks are prohibited in our HOA

    It was good to be in church this first day of the new year. Our text this morning was Psalm 46 and was delivered faithfully by our young pastor.

    Now I am stitching a new project and find it most relaxing. It’s cloudy and cold outside with snow moving in tonight and all the live long day tomorrow. Winter surely has arrived and is sticking around ⛄️

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  7. Happy New Year from the Upper Midwest, somewhat south of Kathaleena and way south of Kare. 🙂

    You wanderers have been in my thoughts and prayers since I left this past summer. I didn’t really want to call attention to my departure from the non-business online reading/commenting world, as I felt that would be over the top, like I’m some kind of important person, which I’m certainly not.

    As the months went on, though, I couldn’t shake a nagging feeling that I should have given you all a clear thank you for the many prayers you offered up for me and my family, my students, and others I’d requested.

    So that’s what I’m here to say today. So you know.

    My gratitude goes far beyond any words I could try to use to express myself.

    I’ll simply say thank you for all your kindnesses and love over the years. I will always remember and cherish that, though I won’t be here on the blog anymore.

    We’ll meet in heaven someday. (Don’t worry that I might be ill or something or that I’m facing end-of-life issues; nothing of the sort, that I’m aware of, praise be to God.)

    My life is full with homeschooling my teens and teaching piano to 35 students. My weekdays are booked from 7am-11pm, as well as a significant portion of Saturdays, and God has blessed me with the stamina these last several months to keep up this schedule.

    My husband is no longer working outside the home, but the Lord is providing. We lack nothing.

    May God bless and His Spirit guide you all as you run the race with endurance.

    Love in Christ,

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  8. Aw, 6, you’ve been missed.

    Thirty-five students, that is amazing! Good for you, your plate certainly is full. But good to hear you’re doing well. Many of us here will continue to pray, pop in anytime, life changes and you’d always be welcome with open arms.

    In the meantime, happy new year to you, stay safe and healthy and may you have much spiritual growth in the year to come (as may we all).

    It’s cold and blustery here, palm fronds everywhere in the streets. 🙂

    When I left church, my long scarf was grabbed by a strong wind and went aloft (but I managed to gather it up).

    I’m on the weekend/holiday email list now for news alerts covering our three counties so I’ve been seeing it all roll through in the past couple days, from flooding to major power outages to traffic fatalities, a freeway shooting and various other crimes.

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  9. And just like that the German Shepherd knocked the Aussie to second place….how can that be?!

    Hi 6! You know we love you and you are part of the “family” here! May the Lord continue to bless and watch over you and yours…and you will be in our prayers always. You were the musician in the blog family who composed and sang a song to comfort our dear Chas….forever thankful for your gifts and heart dear sister! ♥️ A most blessed New Year to you and all…

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  10. Oh 6, I had been thinking of you this week and wondering. Thanks so much for checking in. You are missed.
    I remember praying for your first students and now you have 35, incredible!! God is good.

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  11. To start off the New Year right, I just found that my email account has been disabled!!! Oh, my, goodness. Just what i need after giving that account to everyone.. I believe Monday is a holiday so it will be Tuesday before I can contact anyone.

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  12. It is sunny, so I am thinking I should drive to my garage downstairs and load up boxes to bring upstairs. I know I can’t carry them, but I brought them in my car so should be able to do that again. Plus the rest of the week is supposed to be rainy.

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  13. I forgot to mention how I got ready for church by faith. When I got up the power was off. I had parked in the garage and did not know how to open the garage door. But I felt like God was telling me to get ready for church and just trust Him to take care of it. So I did.

    About fifteen minutes before I needed to leave the power came back on.

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  14. Meet the Press did a special program this morning about social media and its influence in a negative way on Americans. The Facebook whistleblower lady was interviewed. Some here might enjoy watching it.

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  15. Glad to see/hear from 6Arrows. What a great New Year’s treat! Thankful to have been a part of the prayer team that watched what God did in bringing students to you. Thankful also for your homeschool ministry within your family. It is a calling to do that! Happy New Year!

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  16. Hi Six, sounds like things are running well for you at this time! Glad to hear it. Not a pace I could stand but you are doing what God has called you to and He will give you wisdom and strength to do it.

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  17. Thanks, everyone, so much. I treasure your past, present, and future prayers, and please know you will continue in mine.

    I will leave you with a beautiful example of a lesson — imparted by piano student to teacher as much as or more than teacher to student — that touched my heart recently. What a blessing you prayed for more students for me, and God heard and gave me so many wonderful young people to teach.

    K is a 9-year-old boy with mosaic Down Syndrome. He is very polite and amiable, always greeting me with a smile and a “Hello, Mrs. [Arrows]” every week.

    At one of our first lessons, he shared with me a wonderful but unfamiliar-to-me song about Jesus’ love for all of us. He played by ear and sang with heartfelt joy.

    Tears formed in my eyes as I sat listening to K sing with abandon.

    When he finished, he turned and looked straight at me, his face beaming, and proceeded to tell me that Jesus died on the cross for our sins so that we could be in heaven with Him for eternity.

    I don’t remember what I taught K that day, but he taught me ever so much about the beauty of sharing Christ with unabashed joy.

    May we all go boldly forth and proclaim the love of Christ in the spheres of influence in which the Lord places us.

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  18. Jo- For future reference, power garage doors should have an emergency manual opening cord. Look for a red handle hanging down from the unit. If it doesn’t have one, get one.

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  19. I had a physical lock w/a key added to my automatic garage door (on the outside) so you can open it manually if the power goes out; and as Peter said, there is a pull inside that you can use to open it from the inside.

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