62 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-24-22

  1. Oh. It’s 18 degrees here. I was not made for this. You often hear Arizona described as a “dry heat” , this is a wet cold even though the humidity is down. It seeps into your bones.

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  2. It went lower than the predicted 10° and hit 8°. The low is predicted to be 18° tomorrow. It is dry cold here but feels like -6°.

    Gotta give Amaxon a Shout Out for amazingly getting my order from late yesterday here by 8:30 a.m. It was mostly personal care items, but I also snagged two large cans of cashews.

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  3. Morning all! That is a beautiful header up there! Merry Christmas Eve.

    Amazing sunrise this morning. I could see bright orange clouds through the trees and it must have beautiful over the mountains which I cannot see from here. 25 degrees and warming to 40. Hoping the temps and sun will melt this ice and snow off of our roads. We will attend our friend’s Christmas Eve service at their church in Palmer Lake tonight.

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  4. Our pure white snow is now very messy looking. Needles, branches and old leaves litter the service. Some snow was also knocked down from tree branches by the strong winds.

    Our Samsung television (which is not that old) seems to have gone on the fritz. We can barely see the screen and nothing I try seems to work. I wish this would have happened when my more tech savvy daughter was here. 😦

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  5. Good morning, all. After eight hours of getting up with the dads, I am ready for bed, but it is not in the happening pile. Sitting with my dad watching old family photos on you tube. My brother put up a new set last night, of my dad in his Boy Scout days and their many camping adventures. One of his leaders was John Ehrlichman of Watergate fame.

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  6. I cannot tell what our day looks like until the sun begins to rise. According to weather, it is thirty and feeling like twenty one with freezing rain expected and rain for the next four days, followed by snow. It may be winter.

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  7. Still dark in the Pacific Northwest.

    This house is growing on me in its uncluttered simplicity— and everything works.

    It’s 40 here and raining— as it will continue to do the rest of the day. We’ll join the rest of the world at the grocery store and will then cook all day long.

    A church service a few blocks away around 4. Our ex-brother-in-law may or may not show up for the afternoon and dinner, and we’ll feast after church.

    Not sure what tomorrow will bring and I’m enjoying a calm weekend. It’s been a long time.

    Who has watched White Christmas this season.

    We watched it last night on the techy dream large screen TV.

    Amazing how colorful it is and the details on such a television!

    Merry Christmas Eve!

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  8. The tree was at the hotel Cheryl and I stayed at a couple weeks ago. I just love it. 🙂

    We were without heat for 2 and a half hours or so. Long enough that it dropped about 15 degrees in the house.

    When I left for prayer meeting at 7:40 this morning it was a balmy 4 degrees. The car got warmed up about when I arrived, and was cold again when I came back out a little over an hour later. Just brrrr…..

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  9. I have been thanking God that our furnace has managed okay through this cold frozen period, although by Art’s standards the house should be about ten degrees warmer for his comfort. It has been staying around where I use to set it at 66°. This year I set it higher for Art.

    We watched an Agatha Christie movie on our GPTV station that broadcasts from the University of Georgia. “Why Didn’t They Ask Evans” kept us intrigued. Has anyone else seen it from some years back? It was a stand alone, not from a series book, by Christie.

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  10. Sorry to hear about your tv, Kathaleena. I don’t understand why all these crazy things are happening right now except to think perhaps God wants to prod us out of our comfort zones. We’d be ice melting in hell if the tv broke with Art here all the time. Wes does not own a tv and I rarely turn it on, but Art has it on as his constant companion.

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  11. Okay, I hate to make you all feel bad, but it is supposed to get up to 60 around here today.
    I still haven’t wrapped a single present and am not even sure what I have.
    I need to get the dough ready for the croissants. Friends said that I could ride with them to the service at 4 this afternoon.

    I sure would like to get this house put together. But that involves cleaning cupboards and adding shelf paper.

    For my next shopping trips I think I am going to do Walmart pickup for some things. It is hard to find things in there so why not let them do it.

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  12. I said I would make buckwheat pancakes with blueberries. Guess I need to get to that! Also, Wes asked if I would teach him to make the sugar cookies I used to make (sold the big foot cookies to my brother when he sold prescription meds to docs). Wes said when he tried that his sugar cookies did not turn out at all. I hope I can remember the tricks.

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  13. It’s Saturday and Christmas Eve!

    Our service is at 5 p.m. today.

    And don’t hate us, either, but we’re going up to 71 today.

    Looks like much-needed rain coming in by Tuesday, though.

    I still haven’t been to Hobby Lobby, we now have one in the area — where the Toys Are Us used to be, replaced sometime during the pandemic.

    The new flat-screen smart TVs are fairly inexpensive now, so maybe they also don’t last all that long? Mine’s considered “small” at 40″(? I think).

    Think I’ll have some cream of wheat for breakfast.

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  14. It appears that the friends I have who aren’t freezing are now dealing with kitchen appliance catastrophes—refrigerators, stoves, and too many dishwashers going out today.

    One woman’s son, surveying the 18 family members, drove to the nearest city, an hour away through the Sierra Nevadas, to buy a new one. He and his brother installed it as soon as they got home!

    Merry Christmas indeed.

    We just survived the grocery store and now should be set for a few days— and the rainy walk to church this afternoon.

    Merry Christmas Eve!

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  15. posted by a nevada county weather guy who now lives west of Seattle:

    ***A Stocking Full of Rain****
    Merry Christmas Eve!! Just a quick update as I scan the incredible weather conditions and forecast models across the country. Wow!! It’s been quite a week in the far Northwest with a foot of snow down to sea level, then record breaking artic cold, then a rare ice storm and today getting slammed by a strong atmospheric river with winds gusts 50+mph and 3+ inches of rain in 12 hours. Hang on, the AR is aimed for California next!
    I’m not going to go into all the details this morning, but be prepared for heavy rain, strong winds and very high snow levels beginning late Monday and lasting through at least New Years Day (with short breaks in between) – and possibly into the first week of the new year. There will be a lot of snow melt, but the reservoirs have plenty of capacity so it doesn’t look like there will be any issues on mainstream rivers below dams. Strong winds could also be an issue. Snow levels will fluctuate between 4500 and 10,000 (yes…..10,000!) but will generally be above 6000-7000.
    Rough sketch: First storm Monday night into Tuesday morning. Next storm Wednesday night into Thursday. Next storm Thursday night into Friday. Next storm Saturday night into Sunday. Another storm possible after that. We could see 8-10+” of rain in the foothills by the first of the year.
    Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday everyone. Thanks for following!! It’s a blast!!

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  16. I don’t hate you. I am glad you enjoy that kind of weather, I love mine. And I really love being in a time in my life where I never have to go out in it but can if I want. Meanwhile, it is beautiful.

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  17. Wow, Jo, that actually sounds wonderful for the drought conditions we’re dealing with.

    Kim, I miss those late-night Christmas Eve services also, driving home in the silence.

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  18. mumsee, and there is the ocean … and the mountains. Spotted snow the other day on the tops of those. Beautiful.

    Our older relatives who stayed in Iowa — the one who relocated in Idaho — got to where they’d spend winters in LA/California with all of their younger kin, doing from house to house; they were all widowed at some point and dealing with snow and ice while living alone became too difficult in their case.

    But yes, the snow is beautiful.

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  19. I love the ocean. It is so beautiful and ever changing and powerful and full of life. I could live in a quiet cove, or on an overlook with a cliffside path to the hidden beach. But not one of those cliffs that collapses into the sea, thank you.

    Meanwhile, I enjoy the prairie and the ever changing scenery here and I know that God is amazing.

    What is our Abby report for the day?

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  20. Thank you all for the birthday wishes this week. Let’s just say I’ve been “under the weather” for a few days and only caught up with you all today. It’s been strange, and I’ll miss tonight’s Christmas Eve service and church tomorrow. Everyone else OK, so not a complete downer. Blessings and Merry Christmas to my Blog Family.

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  21. Merry Christmas from Chas’ herd. We miss him this Christmas season. Charlie loved Christmas and seeing all the grandchildren. This weekend we will celebrate his legacy with our entire family. Our house will be loud and crazy but we want it no other way.
    Merry Christmas, Chuck and Linda

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  22. Hi and Merry Christmas to the two Lindas, good to see you. Happy Birthday, bleated, Lutheran Linda. Sorry you’re not feeling well, lots of “stuff” going around.

    Abby report: We’ve gone back to being shy again. I had her out on a leash but just walking through and around the backyard. At some point she became nervous and suspicious, again, but we’ll keep trying that. I may try taking her outside the gate tomorrow at some point, we’ll see.

    She wouldn’t play ball, she hid in a corner on the patio and dashed into the house as soon as she could. So fast I didn’t even see or hear her do that.

    But when I came back in, there she was … on the couch. I sat with her after that for a while, talking to her. Now I’m in a chair nearby and she’s resting but keeping an eye open now and again. Soft Gregorian chant and polyphony on the radio again.

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  23. Merry Christmas to you all in the Chas and Elvera family. We sure do miss him, too! I am hopeful to get over to N. Charleston at some point this next year and visit the memorial stone/site. Thank you so much for stopping by and blessing us on Christmas Eve!

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  24. A most blessed Christmas to you Linda, Chuck and family. We miss Chas and his encouraging words dearly. We are thankful his life, Elvera’s and yours… have been a part of ours here…you are loved! ♥️

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  25. Mumsee, about the huge spiders invading? Do they resemble humans?

    Lutheran Linda, so sorry to hear you have not been well. I hope you soon have a full recovery.

    Thankful for those who have the blessings of great weather for Christmas. I am always especially happy for all the children who get outdoor type gifts and are able to go ahead and enjoy them instead of mopng around inside and wistfully gazing at their gifts.

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  26. Janice when you spoke of little children it reminded me of the story my Mom recalled yesterday while on the phone to her.

    She is almost 93 and was recalling when she was 5 and in kindergarten. That Christmas her Dad was out of work so he got a job working for the PWA. They were a poor family and her Mom was ill so there were many doctor bills to pay. But Grandpa got Mom a red tricycle. Their little home was heated by a stove placed in the middle of the living room. Upstairs in their bedroom the children could see downstairs through the crack around the chimney flue that went through their room up to the roof.
    Mom watched as Grandpa, with his dark wavy hair, rolled that red tricycle over to the tree. He and Grandma were laughing and enjoying gathering the gifts for the children to behold the next morning!
    Mom said “now we didn’t let on we knew what was going on or anything”!
    She played outside on her new tricycle the next morning and the little boy in her class who lived around the corner came whizzing by on his new blue tricycle! They were best buddies. Her “buddy” just called her last week trying to find out how many of them are still alive wanting to get together. ♥️

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  27. BG just left. This will be the first Christmas morning she doesn’t wake up under the same roof as me. While I knew it would happen eventually….
    I went to the 3pm church service. It was packed with children. Fussy children. I don’t know who thought to put church right in the middle of nap time. I sat with a family. I “know” them but I don’t know their names. After communion the dad ended us sitting by me. He whispered he was missing the 8 “old people” service. I laughed and told him to remember this whole thing was about a child.
    Mr. P is in bed. I am sitting in the kitchen listening to Christmas Hymns.

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  28. We’ll have a white Christmas with the snow from Thursday’s storm. Cold, too.

    Unless they surprise us, D2 and her family won’t be here at the family gathering tomorrow. They’re still isolating due to the virus I’m tired of hearing about. Otherwise, the grandchildren are excited for tomorrow.

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  29. Nancyjill, great illustration of what I hope for all children at Christmas. Around here, not only is the weather less than desirable, but there is so much sickness. I wish and pray all the children could be well and have a good Christmas. They have so many stresses on them these days and need a wonderful Christmas break to counteract all the other “stuff” so many deal with.

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  30. Sweet Christmas chatter. And spuders!

    After picking up my eye drops at the pharmacy this afternoon I made stops at Ralphs and Sprouts, then came home — dropping one plastic bag from Ralphs on the patio, breaking a jar of salsa inside — and got everything put away, changed clothes and made it to 5 p.m. service which this time was actually a candlelight service at our church. Some fussy children there, too, but that’s how we plan it and why we have the service at 5 p.m.

    We sang several carols, hymns and the sermon was a exposition on “O Come, O Come Immanuel.”

    Saw my friend who lost her daughter just 2 days ago, we hugged; saw some others I’ve been in touch with via emails, etc., but nice to connect again in person.

    Then the neighbors surprised me with massive plates of home-baked cookies and dog biscuits for Abby (and a squeaky toy).

    Abby and Annie have been doing some nose-to-nose communication tonight. Abby seems vaguely afraid of the cat, especially when she meows.

    Smart dog.

    Aw, she’s squeaking her new toy now.

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  31. Had to put Abby in her crate, she was really going at that toy and I was nervous about the couch … Going to have to get some rules going for furniture, just haven’t felt like it’s just the time quite yet. But soon.

    Her chew toy is in the crate and she’s going at it in there.

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  32. We’re having an egg shortage, they had none at Sprouts today, neighbor said Costco also was out a week ago.

    ~ Why is there a shortage of eggs in California?

    That’s because the chickens are getting sick, just like us. Local veterinarians say bird flu has infiltrated more than a dozen farms in California. This has killed off many egg-laying chickens and forced large grocery stores to raise prices or stop restocking. Dec 6, 2022 ~

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  33. Oooh.

    Funny how you want an omelette when you can’t have one.

    But I did order a Santa Fe Omelette Thursday night when K and I went to the restaurant. She also ordered breakfast.


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