32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-15-22

  1. I have a bunch of previous year’s Christmas pics from ya’ll.

    So I’m gonna post some over the next few days. Feel free to send new ones if you like as well.

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  2. Good morning. Blizzard here as in so much else of the USA. The landline phone by my head binged a few times in the night so I was a bit concerned our power might go out. The trees are so bent over with heavy snow. It is a winter wonderland for some and a whole lot of work for others.

    Our daughter and grandson will be flying in tonight. Her husband was the one who drove up before the bad weather hit. He has been staying with his dad but will join the others tonight here where they will all stay. It will be nice to have them here.

    My husband’s group was supposed to play gigs at four places this week. Three have been cancelled. I think they should make it tomorrow.

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  3. Good morning. It’s quite chilly and gray out after a night of heavy rain.

    So thankful for Jesus taking the weight of our burdens when needed (when they seem too much) and giving us rest in Him. Isn’t it wonderful to be aware of such great love that is only a thought and prayer away?

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  4. Lol. I was thinking it was Friday. That makes only two gigs canceled for now and daughter won’t be here until tomorrow night. Whew! My husband got up and asked if it was Friday. He thought he missed a day of meds. Hmm, I guess I wasn’t a day off with my devotions, after all. Now I am a day ahead. Nice to have the date right there on the computer. Lol. The problems of old retired people. 😀

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  5. Morning all.
    Cloudy and 17 degrees here this morning. We should see some snow showers this evening but not much. We still have snow/ice covered roads from the last storm.
    Was supposed to meet with friends this morning and again with other friends this afternoon and have opted out of both. For some reason I just cannot get it together today.

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  6. Perfect, Peter!

    I was thinking of heading to the book store, as a matter of fact.

    I’m down to just the Christmas letter (and then presents and food).

    But today we’re going to go pray–and that’s the best news of all.

    Since Peter has just shown me I can include a FB link, here’s an amazing sight I posted yesterday.

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  7. The cat is sitting on my shoulder and yelling in my ear.

    I’m struggling with the dog decision, feeling a bit paralyzed. Some years ago I had a very hard and sad experience with an unstable dog who developed aggression issues and I had to have her put down it got so bad with her and my other dog. It was a long time ago but it’s haunted me when it comes to dogs that aren’t naturally confident and well-adjusted to begin with, worried it could take a bad turn. But it also could turn out just fine with a secure home and training.

    I don’t think about that past dog often, but found that she was the “what if” that was pushing at the back of my head last night when a case of cold feet set in.

    There’s a harbor commission meeting today, which is probably good, gives me automatic stories to do.

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  8. DJ, you have quite a bit of dog experience and your current situation is very calming for a dog like that, who needs a calm stable life, with adventures out with her person. But it is not required you take her.

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  9. My family would be perfectly content doing all our Christmas shopping in a big used bookstore like McKay’s in Chattanooga.

    I did order two tv trays to give to Art (for tv watching and dining) and to Wes (for use on his porch, etc. when he works out there . . . he has no tv). I hope they will be pleased with them. It is hard to think of anything to surprise the fellas anymore.

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  10. Wes and I walked the neighborhood park boardwalk this afternoonu because my CT Sim got changed from today about 45 minutes from when I would have arrived. The weather is sunny yet chilly so a great day to walk. Glad to know I can still do that mile and a half.

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  11. Well the hospice nurse and CNA were by. Both men were quite cooperative though grandpa is not feeling up to being up and about today. He is doing better than yesterday when he slept the whole day. My dad is lucid today, able to have short talks. A bit frustrated with his loss of cognition. Perhaps it is better in some ways to be completely out of it, but not really. My dad has not officially had more medical attention in the past weeks than he has had in the past ten years. Step mom in law however, keeps complaining that grandpa has not seen a doctor yet. She is the one who signed him into hospice! However, he is seen by a doctor because the nurses go back and report to him. The doc is overseeing his treatment. They bring feedback from him and if he is needed, he will come out. He has not been needed.

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  12. I was out shoveling the deck off this morning when I heard what sounded like a gun shot. I turned to look and saw a large pine tree fall next to the back of the house. It had broken off half-way or so up. It was one of two trees that I mentioned to my husband we would have to have cut down next spring. I noticed they were leaning this way in the fall. I did make my way through the snow to see if I could see any damage on the roof. I didn’t see any, not that I could get close. The snow is too deep to slog around in it too long. Our road finally got snow plowed and we are dug out. There will be more snow, but I think this was the worse for now. We are thanking God the tree situation was not worse. If the whole thing had come down, it would have been bad.

    Good news, Kim. It is surprising what allergies can do to us. It is often so difficult to pinpoint the cause.

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  13. what a busy day. Now I get to have fun returning extra flooring to the store. my leg is aching, but I am still going to drive down to return. Not sure how much I will owe the handyman as he finishes tomorrow.

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  14. How sweet is that Bernie!! That could have been videoed right here right now! It is snowing like crazy and I just got back in with the dogs. All they wanted to do was to play and eat snow. Lu never wants to come in up to the point she is shivering and we have to stomp our foot and say “get in here”!!

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  15. Got a “now or never” email from the foster of Abby, they have another good application for her from someone else who also just lost their border collie.

    So I said yes.

    For better or worse

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  16. Oh Dj congratulations! When will they bring her? Praying for a smooth transition and settling in for little Abby. .. and you! (Oh and Annie!!)

    We just walked to the mailboxes to get the mail and took the longer way home to see the Christmas lights. We have about 3 inches of new fallen glittery fluffy snow. It is so beautiful and quiet out there! And cold…11 degrees. But the snow stopped as we made our way home and those stars are spectacular!!

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  17. “We tend to focus our attention at Christmas on the infancy of Christ. The greater truth of the holiday is his deity.”

    John MacArthur on Immanuel, God with us.

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  18. Saw that on your Twitter, Peter, good to remember and focus on.

    Thanks Nancyjill, sounds like I’m engaged.

    I feel good about the decision; it’s been a while since I’ve taken a new dog in — I used to do it every few years, it seemed, when I always had 2 dogs with staggered ages.

    But I’m a little out of practice, haven’t done it for a long time now as Tess & Cowboy came together pretty much and were with me for 15 years.

    I’m hoping to get her next week, we’d talked about their delivering her and I’m planning to have next week off — they also offered to come after Christmas, but I’d rather just get her now. 🙂 Very nice of them to come out this way, too, it’s about an hour’s drive but it’s a straight shot east-to-west, all freeways, foothills to the ocean.

    She’ll be some extra work but I think that’ll be good for me. I’m feeling excited. I was in tears just 2 hours ago over all of this!

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  19. Sounds like the right decision and the right timing. There will be bumps in the road, but no regrets. You will make a difference for her and she will make a difference for you. Thanking God for His gift of pets and this one in particular.

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