25 thoughts on “News/Politics 12-14-22

  1. There is a battle in MN over what makes a mail in ballot accepted. In a poor ruling a ballot upheld a rule that as long as the name is the same on the ballot, it will be accepted. This is true whether or not the other factors are right or present or the signature matches at all. The higher court did accept the case, however, so we shall see how they rule on it. This is why increasing mail in ballots is such an issue.

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  2. Will the insanity never stop? I read this morning thinking surely this must be a joke right? Someone has too much time on their hands or too much funding for this stuff! But let us remember this is just “their” theory of why this is a “fact”.

    If you passed on getting the COVID vaccine, you might be a lot more likely to get into a car crash.

    Or at least those are the findings of a new study published this month in The American Journal of Medicine. During the summer of 2021, Canadian researchers examined the encrypted government-held records of more than 11 million adults, 16% of whom hadn’t received the COVID vaccine.

    They found that the unvaccinated people were 72% more likely to be involved in a severe traffic crash—in which at least one person was transported to the hospital—than those who were vaccinated. That’s similar to the increased risk of car crashes for people with sleep apnea, though only about half that of people who abuse alcohol, researchers found.

    The excess risk of car crash posed by unvaccinated drivers “exceeds the safety gains from modern automobile engineering advances and also imposes risks on other road users,” the authors wrote.

    Of course, skipping a COVID vaccine does not mean that someone will get into a car crash. Instead, the authors theorize that people who resist public health recommendations might also “neglect basic road safety guidelines.”

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  3. After the way the AMJ beclowned themselves with Covid and the “lab leak conspiracy” that turned out to be accurate, I’d take anything that politicized group says with a grain of salt.

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  4. Remember kids, some rhetoric is more equal than others….

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  5. Dump. It. All.

    Let the sun shine on it.


    “Elon Musk is performing a great public service by releasing the Twitter Files, which show how the social media company he recently purchased suppressed news about the Biden family’s foreign dealings. While the company’s actions, which occurred weeks before the 2020 election, raise knotty questions about free speech, they are a distraction. The more urgent issue is the conduct of our own government, specifically the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which created the landscape where censorship and disinformation could thrive and possibly change the outcome of the presidential contest.

    Here is a brief chronology which focuses on the bureau’s key role in this ongoing scandal.

    In December 2019, the FBI used a subpoena to take possession of the laptop Hunter Biden had abandoned at a Delaware repair shop the previous April. The bureau has not said what it did with the computer but, as it acquired the laptop in connection with a Hunter Biden investigation involving money laundering, it is hard to believe it did not authenticate the data.

    Earlier this year, several news organizations, including the New York Times, the Washington Post and CBS News verified much of the laptop’s contents, connecting Joe Biden to his son’s lucrative influence-peddling schemes.

    During the late summer and early autumn of 2020, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who had obtained a copy of the laptop hard drive, began trying to place the story in media outlets. Giuliani’s efforts almost certainly would have come onto the bureau’s radar, as he was already under investigation by federal prosecutors for his lobbying work in Ukraine.

    Around the same time, the FBI warned executives at Twitter and Facebook to be on high alert for Russian “hack and leak operations” involving Hunter Biden. Mark Zuckerberg recalled that the bureau warned that “basically there’s about to be some kind of dump” of Russian propaganda.

    These claims by the FBI – which, it bears repeating, possessed the laptop – would become the foundation of Democratic Party and media efforts to discredit the explosive material.

    On Oct. 14, 2020, the New York Post ran the first article about the laptop whose headline – “Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad” – contradicted Joe Biden’s iron-clad claim that “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.”

    That first Post article also reported that the FBI had the laptop, telling social media platforms and rival journalists where they might go to check its authenticity. On the same day, Twitter and Facebook limited distribution of the Post article on the grounds that it could be hacked material.

    The Twitter Files reveal that a prime force calling for the censorship of the news was James Baker, a lawyer who had previously worked at the FBI, where he was instrumental in furthering the Trump/Russia collusion hoax. It strains credulity to believe he never checked with his former colleagues at the bureau about the laptop before advising Twitter that “it’s reasonable for us to assume that they may have been [hacked] and that caution is warranted.”

    The same goes for the rival news organizations that disparaged the laptop story. There can be little doubt that the bureau’s phone lines were burning that day, though we do not know who called, what they asked, or what they were told. But given the FBI’s long history of violating its own policy about not discussing ongoing investigations, and the national import of this story, it almost certainly had a duty to somehow set the record straight. Officially, there was only silence, which allowed disinformation to spread. “

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  7. This is a joke.

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  8. It just gets worse. If you still buy the official lies, it’s because you choose to ignore the facts.

    Scrub the phones to hide their complicity.

    Still not seeing any issues with the lies their telling you?

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  9. Stop the madness and lies.

    They do need protection, from Dr’s and activist with agendas, and the idiot politicians who support it.


  10. And the lies never end.

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  11. Good question….

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  12. Tell me why he’s wrong….


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  13. This arrest was made to prevent Bankman-Fried from speaking to Congress, which he was scheduled to do yesterday.

    Normally, prosecutors would love nothing more than letting the “loose lips” of a fraudster implicate himself and others – especially under oath.
    However, not when that fraudster is the second largest Democrat donor. No, those are lips that need to be shut ASAP.

    So that’s what they did. Suicide Watch will start in 3,2,1…

    Isn’t it amazing how you can pull one thread and the whole sweater starts to unravel?

    If you are a criminal and know where all the bodies are buried, our DOJ and FBI are so quick to swoop in and save the people behind the curtain.

    Our money is being laundered back to Dems at a rate we can’t even imagine.

    This guy gets nailed and jailed in less than 72 hours, yet Hunter Biden and his crime family boss dad are still walking free…


    “Sam Bankman-Fried, the owner of the failed cryptocurrency exchange FTX, has been denied bail after his arrest in the Bahamas at the request of the U.S. government on Monday.

    In a hearing that lasted more than three hours on Tuesday, Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt ruled that Bankman-Fried’s $250,000 bail request would be denied on the basis that Bankman-Fried poses a flight risk because of his access to financial resources.

    The judge ordered the 30-year-old to be remanded to a Bahamas correctional facility until Feb. 8, 2023.

    Bankman-Fried was arrested on Monday by Bahamas law enforcement at the request of the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York, who notified the Bahamas Attorney General’s Office that it had filed criminal charges against the former crypto billionaire, who once had an estimated net worth of $26 billion.

    An extradition treaty has been in place between the United States and the Bahamas since 1994. Bahamas attorney general Sen. Ryan Pinder KC said the United States would likely request Bankman-Fried’s extradition and he intends to quickly process it. His legal team reportedly told the court they plan to fight any extradition order to the United States.”


  14. Yes please.

    “Gov. Ron DeSantis Calls for Florida Grand Jury to Investigate COVID Vaccines

    DeSantis’ move pairs well with Musk inviting Great Barrington Declaration author Dr. Jay Bhattacharya to review the Twitter Files on the platform’s manipulation of information related to covid.”


    “Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced plans to form a grand jury to review the safety of mRNA covid vaccines and the pandemic policies put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    In the petition filed with the Florida Supreme Court, the Republican governor requests the empaneling of a grand jury to investigate a broad group of entities associated with the development, distribution and promotion of the vaccines, including pharmaceutical manufacturers and their executive officers, as well as medical associations.

    DeSantis also said Tuesday he was launching a public health integrity committee – a panel that would counter the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which DeSantis said “is not serving a useful function; it’s really serving to advance narratives rather than do evidence-based medicine.” The panel would assess guidance and actions from federal agencies, such as the National Institutes of Health, US Food and Drug Administration and the CDC.

    During a roundtable with Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo, DeSantis had especially blunt words for the public health bureaucracy.

    “We’ve seen over the past few years, really, the bankruptcy of the public health establishment,” DeSantis said during the discussion before criticizing public health officials’ decisions to attend and promote racial justice protests at the height of the pandemic.

    “If that doesn’t just go to show this is all just a huge political farce, I don’t know what it is,” he added. “…I think you’ve continued to see people in these bureaucracies and in this establishment behave in ways that have totally squandered any type of confidence or goodwill that people would have.

    “And our CDC at this point, anything they put out, you just assume at this point that it’s not worth the paper that it’s printed on.”


  15. Mitch is such a traitor to his constituents, and his so-called “principles.”

    “Kevin McCarthy Tries to Stop Mitch McConnell’s Latest Betrayal”


    “For all the opposition to Kevin McCarthy becoming Speaker of the House, he sure is doing the kinds of things to gain support from those with a skeptical eye.

    Initially, I wasn’t a fan of McCarthy following up a subpar election performance with a promotion, but it quickly became apparent that there is no alternate path. No other viable Republican that could gain enough support stepped up to the plate, and continuing to hold things up would only benefit Democrats at this point, who have floated the idea of electing a “unity candidate.”

    With that said, even though it appears McCarthy has his leadership position wrapped up, he’s still making hay in ways that should make conservatives happy. He’s reaffirmed his commitment to playing by the rules Nancy Pelosi set, kicking Adam Schiff and other bad actors off their committees, and now he’s trying to stop Mitch McConnell’s latest betrayal.

    House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told members of his conference he is a “hell no” on an omnibus spending deal during a closed-door meeting on Tuesday as Congress looks to avert a government shutdown ahead of its Dec. 16 deadline.

    His comments come as members of the House Freedom Caucus, many of whom have voiced opposition to voting for the California Republican to become the next speaker unless major concessions are made, push for a short-term continuing resolution, arguing that Republicans will have more leverage to negotiate a better deal when they take the majority in January.

    “As I said last week, Republicans will soon be in the majority and in the driver’s seat to fight for our priorities,” McCarthy tweeted on Tuesday. “That’s why every Republican should be a NO on Democrats’ lame-duck omnibus bill.”

    For background, McConnell is once again shaking in his boots about the possibility of a government shutdown, and he’s apparently willing to hand Democrats funding for their agenda for the next year to avoid one. That would be a complete capitulation that essentially negates the power the GOP gained in the mid-terms, pushing off any fight over spending until late 2023, heading into 2024.

    But guess what 2024 is? That would be a presidential election year, so you can bet McConnell will be ready to capitulate again to avoid affecting the election. Are you starting to see the game yet? There’s always a reason to fold and give up the fight. That despite the fact that there’s no real electoral evidence that holding the line and letting the government shut down costs political parties at the polls.

    Republicans are set to take power in less than a month. As McCarthy notes, it is moronic to let Democrats set the agenda for the next year in a lame-duck omnibus bill. That McConnell is even entertaining that when he has the ability to force through a short-term continuing resolution is mind-numbing, though not surprising.”


  16. Just a coincidence…. wink, wink…

    “Handcuffed SBF Does a Final Favor for Democratic Allies”


    “What a happy coincidence for Democrats that, hours before the alleged crypto criminal Sam Bankman-Fried was due to testify before the House Financial Services Committee, he was arrested in the Bahamas. That meant that SBF, the second-biggest Democratic donor of the 2022 cycle—behind 92-year-old George Soros—was able to evade questioning from Republican House members.

    Bankman-Fried helped to bankroll President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign and threw nearly $40 million behind Democratic candidates this year, and we have a feeling that questioning from Republican lawmakers would’ve been embarrassing for the Democratic Party. His testimony under oath would also have, presumably, been a boon for prosecutors who decided to arrest him on Monday instead. The timing is puzzling.

    SBF was indicted by the Southern District of New York, which in the past few decades has served as the training ground for prominent political activists, including James Comey and Preet Bharara, and which is notorious for maintaining close ties to Washington. It is not hard to imagine that some behind-the-scenes negotiating saved SBF, and the Democrats, from an embarrassing and potentially self-incriminating performance. SBF hasn’t shut his mouth since his company, FTX, went belly up, and putting him behind bars may have been the party’s only hope.

    Whatever the case, the FTX scandal, which the SDNY described on Tuesday as “one of the biggest financial frauds ever,” should invite a much broader investigation. In a country with federal rules about what constitutes an onion ring, where have financial regulators been as more and more Americans were encouraged by a credulous press and their allies in the Democratic, tech, and Hollywood elite to put their savings into risky cryptocurrencies? We don’t recall warnings from federal officials, former prosecutors, or investment professionals indicating that crypto businesses—indeed, the entire industry itself—might be fraudulent.”


  17. Yeah, who’s the vulgar one again?

    “Biden’s return to ‘normalcy’ brought us crazy instead — like Sam Brinton”


    “Remember the Trump years? Back then we were told the administration, like its head, President Donald J. Trump, was deeply unserious: impulsive, ignorant, possibly corrupt and always vulgar. All in all, a disgrace to the hallowed history of American government.

    One argument for electing candidate Joseph Robinette Biden was that a Biden administration would restore normalcy to Washington. Instead of crazed, self-obsessed MAGA performers, a Biden team would be made up of sober, sensible establishment types. Boring, perhaps, but not crazy.

    The problem with that argument, it turns out, is that our establishment nowadays isn’t sober or sensible or boring. In fact, it’s kind of, well, crazy.

    Exhibit One is the Biden administration’s just-departed top nuclear-waste official, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy Sam Brinton. You might expect an expert in nuclear waste to be kind of a nerd. But say what you will about the deputy assistant secretary, Brinton is not a nerd.

    Often photographed in various ensembles featuring short skirts, bright-red lipstick and a shaved head, sometimes accompanied by a mustache, Brinton identifies as “nonbinary,” with the pronouns they/them.

    Well, sometimes physics nerds are a bit eccentric. Richard Feynman, after all, was known to play the bongos at parties. But Brinton’s eccentricities go beyond fashionable gender bending. Brinton seems to have a problem with stealing luggage.

    Brinton was charged last month with felony theft after stealing a woman’s Vera Bradley suitcase from the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, after which the Energy Department put Brinton on leave.

    Brinton claimed this was a simple mistake. But then it happened again, with a felony arrest warrant issued against Brinton for stealing a woman’s suitcase at the Las Vegas airport. Brinton looks quite aware of what they were doing in surveillance video in support of the arrest. That finally got them fired.”


    We had it good, but most voters are an ungrateful bunch too stupid to see it.


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