26 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-13-22

  1. Good morning, all. Or I am guessing it is morning though due to the lack of sleep, I really can’t measure it other than by the clock.

    Here we are. According to my google diagnosis, my dad has rapid onset dementia and delusional probably brought on by the stress of losing his wife and moving. He is no longer sleeping much at night, getting up at random times and sitting in the living room watching brother’s youtube videos.

    Still waiting to hear if he is a hospice candidate or if we should be setting up other medical care. My dad has never been heavy but has lost twenty pounds in the past six months. Down to 126 lbs. That makes him a potential qualifier apparently.

    On the list of seven levels of dementia behavior with one being self caring , he has reached about six and three quarters. Seven would qualify for hospice. But he has gone from about three to where he is in a matter of days.

    As far as personality, he remains the quiet gentle guy I have always known. Still praying that God will reach in and give him a new heart.

    Father in law is doing very well. He seems quite lucid most of the time with moments of mental wandering. He is also very patient and kind. I realize personalities can change in a single mini stroke, but for now, they make it as easy as it can be.

    We will need to find at minimum, a night time worker or two so we can get some sleep. I slept last night for at least five hours but husband was up for his turn. My dad went to bed at about eleven, his dad got up until three, and when he went down, my dad got up again.

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  2. This morning, a friend from church will be coming over to assist me as husband has a highway district meeting to attend. It is good to have the body of believers stepping in to help where they can.

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  3. I can’t imagine what you are going through Mumsee. With children, getting up in the night seems to be easier. You know there will be an end. With adults it is bittersweet because you know an end will come but it really will be the end.

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  4. Yesterday I had an annual check up. The doctor is always very chatty as he goes about the exam and everything else. I ended up telling him about Mr. P’s surgery next Monday. He had the same surgery 10 years ago. The doctor that is doing P’s surgery is one of 2 this doctor had chosen between. He went with the doctor in Alabama. P is going with the doctor in Florida because of the VA. It seemed to help ease my fears some that this doctor would have chosen that doctor.

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  5. Good snowy blustery morning from CO!! Brrrrr

    Praying you will find some rest in the midst of all the ups and downs which seems to be mostly ups for you Mumsee. Back in the day the prognosis of a patient’s passing within the next 6 months was all the criteria to be met for Hospice. Probably Medicare/Medicaid have gotten more stringent on their requirements though.

    Thankful the Lord brought to you this comfort in the knowing Kim. And we continue to lift you and Mr P in prayer as the day approaches.

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  6. Such heavy weights are being carried by the Wanderers these days. It is so nice people all over the globe know and care. I was thinking on Chas and Elvera this morning and what joy they brought us. I heard an ad for a generator on the Christian Radio station yesterday and thought of Chas and that blessing of warmth he was able to have on the ready for Elvera when she would not have realized the need or provision. And now Mumsee is learning all about what Chas went through and we went through with him.

    What a blessing God gave you, Kim, through that chat with the doc. Perfect timing from His gracious hands always giving blessing upon blessing.

    I found a new lab with free parking this morning. It is in a small hospital taken over by Emory and is a few blocks from our home. It is a specialized hospital and where a friend , former church I attended pastor’s wife, use to work. So now I have a third picture of a hospital Christmas tree! What a joy to discover this lab 9 minutes from home with free parking!

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  7. Difficult times, all. So thankful you mentioned Mr. P’s doctor to your doctor, Kim. I love how God finds curious nooks and crannies in which to pass some peace.

    There’s great news out of the new mom with cancer, posted last night on the prayer line. Much rejoicing there.

    For me, I need to get through a very busy today, a semi-busy tomorrow and then I can do something, anything about Christmas. We’re going to Stargazer’s house for the first time ever.

    Here’s today’s blog post about Bethlehem–not an easy spot 2000 years ago or even 5.5 weeks ago. Exciting for me–I learned how to add audio taken by my phone into the blog post.


    It’s the little things.

    You and your husband are on shift work, Mumsee. Can either of your teenagers also take a shift and then there would be four of you to share?

    Off to . . . everything this morning!

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  8. Are those made with Chinese noodles, kare?

    The other day someone (I think Janice) mentioned some women who objected about calling God “father” because of their own bad fathers. One thing (if one has the opportunity) to say to someone about that is that they must have an idea about what a really good father is, or they wouldn’t object. Therefore, they can envision God as a really good father. In fact, the thought they do have, at least, a wonderfully good heavenly father can bring them comfort.

    My SIL is driving up from TN trying to beat the storm. We will be fine here until later this evening, thankfully. Music group has cancelled the regular jam for Wednesday. Hopefully, they can get to the rest, because the people enjoy them so much.

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  9. That was me Kathaleena and those two ladies were sitting two seats away from me. I recall having tears in my eyes when it was my turn to say something. I looked at them and told them how sad I was that they had a bad experience with their fathers. I went on to tell them that our Heavenly Father is one to whom we must and can run to in time of turmoil. In this fallen world we will have difficulties but knowing Him…truly knowing Him is to have a best friend and hiding place.
    The weight of their pain was palatable. The anger on their faces … heartbreaking. The Lord brings them to my remembrance at times and I pray they found the One for whom they need to heal their pain.

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  10. Some light in the darkness — thankful for Kim’s encouragement through her own doctor, for help for mumsee, for the encouraging treatment news for new mom with cancer.

    I’m huddled in front of the space heater with fleece throws over my shoulders and legs. It’s 53 in the house, we’re getting down into the 40s at night now so I brought all the poinsettias inside and they’re lined up in the kitchen and home office room.

    Met with a cardiologist yesterday — my regular cardiologist, who’s out on maternity leave, had suggested I just have a consultation with him as he’s their go-to partner for procedures known as ablation, used to stop arrhythmias, and is working on studies and trials regarding those conditions.

    He deemed me not to be a candidate for that right now — maybe later, or not — as my arrhythmia isn’t causing quality-of-life issues. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t in the future. But he sent me away with some info he gave to me and will share with my GP for now, commended and encouraged me for having lost 17 pounds since I first checked in with their practice earlier this year. My arrhythmia is a common one, not life-threatening, he said, caused by genetics and aging. Boo.

    Nice doctor, he’s from South Korea with a pronounced accent (but speaks something like 4 languages according to his bio on the website), young, very friendly and eager, animated. As he left the exam room after our chat, he stopped, turned around and said, “Oh, and have a Merry Christmas.” You don’t hear folks say that much anymore. 🙂 He wants to see me again in 6 months so I set that appointment up when I left.

    Today is my eye appointment, the annual exam.

    Honestly, it’s getting complicated.

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  11. Ok, so my dad has qualified for hospice. We will see what impact that will have but it eases the worry about calling emergency services if he has an incident as he is so opposed to going to drs and restraints set off his claustrophobia big time.

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  12. Kathaleena, no. My recipe has rolled oats, coconut and raisins covered with a boiled chocolate sauce (made with butter, milk, cocoa and way too much sugar)

    I have had no bake cookies made with dry chow mein noodles, but that was a long time ago. 🙂

    So glad on the hospice help, Mumsee. Praying for you as you make difficult decisions.

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  13. My 93 y/o friend, Florence, makes the haystacks with the dried noodles upon request from her grandchildren. She is a dream ‘granny.’ She was on our Bible study call this a.m.

    I am rescheduling radiation at a closer location. So happy to finally be moving forward again on my ‘stuff.’ A weight has lifted regarding transportation needs.

    Everywhere I go people say, “Happy holidays.” I said it back today and always think I am wishing people Happy Holy Days. One time thisccx week I believe I even said, “Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy Everything!” I might have said Happy Whatever but not using that snarky pronouciation of Whatever😃 as in Happy, WhatEver.

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  14. No bakes with raisins? NO! Oats, coconut and chocolate, nothing else. Well, maybe a little sugar and other necessities, but NO on the raisins. Let raisins have their own cookies.

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  15. Peter, I actually used craisins. And I would only ever use Sultana raisins (you know, the ones that are basically crystallized they’re so sweet). And they don’t get soaked first – that would be disgusting.

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  16. When I was growing up, we called them Doggie Doo Cookies. We used oats and peanut butter (I think) with the chocolate and sugar. Haven’t had those in ages!

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  17. My SIL made it up just before the storm hit. He said it was the easiest driving he has ever had. Places he just went through were hit with rain and ice shortly after. We are very blessed to have as accurate forecasts as we do have. Stories of people being caught off-guard years ago are harrowing.

    No to raisins, period. I did eat them once when I had to get my iron numbers up (during a pregnancy). Otherwise, I am not a fan. I do make raisin cookies for my husband, however.

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  18. So glad you could get your radiation at a closer location, Janice. What kind of schedule will you be on or don’t you know yet. We were just less than a half hour (in easy traffic) for my husband’s. Some people have to drive more than 90 miles for daily appointments. We felt very blessed.

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