20 thoughts on “News/Politics 12-9-22

  1. Dems and the media will hate this.

    Twitter Files Part 2 has dropped, and shows further proof of their bias and censoring of views the employees disliked.

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  2. O’Keefe strikes again. This is public education today folks. These are the people who push perversion on the kids.

    And a seriously strong CONTENT WARNING!!!!!!!

    Groomers ahead…..

    And the media runs cover for the groomer, of course.

    That appears to show…

    Good grief. Learn to code, ‘cuz you suck at reporting.

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  3. Sorry Schifty, there’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s not a corrupt liar like you.

    Proof? Nah… you never have that, you just spout garbage.


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  4. The media and Dems are circling the wagons.


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  5. He’s afraid Musk might start a trend. 🙂

    Hahaha! Ooops….

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  6. Also true.

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  7. I’m sure they do this when R women retire too.

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  8. President Trump was correct – again. These Leftists have rigged elections, censored truth, and promoted deadly mandates from the CDC, FDA & NIH. Biden, Dorsey, Fauci, et al need to be put before a tribunal and administered justice for the genocide and election fraud they have perpetrated against Americans. Corrupt to the core…

    In the aftermath of the Twitter revelations, guess who is silent? The DOJ/FBI (not to mention the MSM)… which says it all.

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  9. From a post on Facebook:

    “Victor Bout was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison.
    He has been in prison since 2008, which has been a total of 14 years at this point — 10 of which have been in the US.

    Because of international law, international criminals can legally serve the last 10 years of their sentence in their home country.

    One year from now, LEGALLY, we would have had to put Bout on a plane to Russia, and more than likely, they would have released him on ‘home detention’ or whatever made-up sentencing they have there.

    Our country exchanged a prisoner that had one year of a country club existence in prison left for someone expecting to be in hard working conditions for the next ten.”


  10. I haven’t seen anything else like that quote that I shared above, but I did see elsewhere that Bout had only seven years left on his sentence. (“Only” being a relative term.) I also read that the family of the former Marine has said that they understand that he was never going to be released, so they do not blame the Biden administration for not insisting on trading Bout for him, although the man himself is very disappointed.


  11. So what you’re saying Kizzie is that he served half his sentence so now should be freed to help scumbags kill innocents all over the world. Again.

    No one should be OK with this.

    Not worth the cost humanity will suffer when he’s back in his death dealing business. Griner was stupid and committed a crime in a foreign land. Let her serve her time until Bout had to be released, and then hold it up to get Griner after she has served some penalty for her stupidity. I’m pro Marijuana, but when it’s illegal, you know that and take the risk. She bet wrong.

    The marine is a red herring, I don’t know why either side brings him up when everyone agrees, bothe left and right, and his family, that they weren’t letting him go no matter what.

    Either way, yet another diplomatic failure to everyone but the LBGQTXYZ faction. Just Biden cowtowing to Degenerate Inc. Yet again.

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  12. “So what you’re saying Kizzie is that he served half his sentence so now should be freed to help scumbags kill innocents all over the world. Again.”

    Where did I say that, AJ? I was simply sharing a couple possible explanations that I have read. If the first one is true, then Bout didn’t have much time left to serve in the U.S. anyway.


  13. One reason I read for wanting to get Griner out of there is that she is black and gay, sentenced to hard labor, and blacks and gays are not treated well in Russia.


  14. I guess some of us just prefer to share something that is of interest, that may provide a different take on things than the majority here, that someone thinks could shed some light (or not, depending) without sparking a heated response.

    We aren’t looking for an argument or a fight.

    If one comes, we’ll usually just take our leave for a while, as we feel nothing really is accomplished in discussions like that (other than leaving folks with hard or hurt feelings).

    Dispassionate. It’s one of my new favorite words when it comes to political discussions.

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