36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-8-22

  1. I learned that about 10 years ago while trying to take an old one out for the trash. It would have been helpful to have known before I spent 20 minutes trying to get it out the front door. 🙂

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  2. Good morning!
    That bright wreath greets people on the lowest level by the valet parking for the tower where Art stayed. This is the hospital which benefits a lot from Candler (CocaCola famiy) financing.

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  3. oh, I must have done my Christmas good deed. Actually I was easily able to carry the back of the recliner into my home so I can say I helped move the furniture. With the back off the recliner easily fit into my Forester.

    Lots to do today, but one thing at a time. I probably won’t get my kitchen together until after I move in. or anything unpacked. But I have two tables put together and a recliner to sit in.

    Now to see if I can clean the mold on the door seal of my fridge. That needs to be done first.

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  4. Do any of you know of any hand lotions that absorb quickly AND work well? The one I have in my bathroom (Jergen’s Oil-Infused Enriching Shea Butter) takes a long time to absorb, so that if I use it, I have to wait a while to touch anything. Even after a few minutes, I can’t pick up my cup of coffee without having to put my thumb on the rim to keep the handle from sliding under my fingers. (No, I don’t use too much.) Then the next time my hands get wet, I can feel the lotion coming off, even if it has been a while since I put it on.

    But at least it smells really good! 😄

    I used to like Vaseline Intensive Care, but there are more varieties of that now, and I am not sure if they have changed the formula.

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  5. I am using Nivea Intense Healing but it might pose the same absorption issue. It has a really good fragrance and a little goes a long way. I think it probably absorbs faster than your description indicates.

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  6. Had I mentioned that I had been having some pain in my right leg/hip for the past couple or so weeks? Yesterday I finally figured out what it is – sciatica. I was already realizing what made it feel worse, and then realized that it all fit with sciatica. Last night I laid on my stomach most of the night rather than on my back, and that seems to have helped quite a bit.

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  7. I get a touch of that sciatica sometimes and found some helpful and easy stretch recommendations online.

    House is mid-50s still at 9:30 a.m. The little electric heater helps as long as I’m sitting right next to it (but then it can get too hot). — Goldilocks

    Busy-busy day for me today, swamped with interviews and writing.

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  8. Morning all. It’s been one of those “oh I need to get that done” organizing type of mornings for me. It is blustery outside and even the puppy wants to come back in quickly!

    I use CeraVe Lotion and it works the best for me. I do like Nivea as well and that one has a really light nice fragrance but CeraVe is now my go to lotion.

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  9. Good morning, all. This day started abruptly and has yet to slow down. But hospice CNA is here cleaning grandpa and dad is watching some home pictures on you tube so he is dreaming of the past.

    We use Eucrine intensive.

    Yes, we have removed the backs on many recliners. It makes it much easier.

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  10. I use Lubriderm Sensitive – then I pat a Kleenex between my palms so that I don’t have the slippery feeling. (I then use the Kleenex later for my nose). 😳😀. Up here in the winter we need heavy duty hand lotion to combat the cold and dry air.

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  11. Oh, CeraVe, forgot about mentioning that, I have a couple of those products but not the hand lotion.

    Also: LaRoche-Posay Triple Repair Moisturizing Cream — but that was recommended by a friend for my knee following surgery so it may be more for the bod. But it says it’s also for the face and is for extra dry skin; seems like it would work on hands too? Really a nice cream formula that seems to absorb quickly.


    One of 3 stories in, but I still have to do interviews for these next 2 stories so I’m waiting for calls. And I’m cold, it’s 58 in the house still, time to throw the jacket on.

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  12. Nightingale says that she likes to use Jergen’s Original Scent (that lovely cherry-almond scent that I love) during the day at work, and Trader Joe’s hand cream for more intensive moisturizing at night. I was the one who introduced her to the original Jergen’s. I should get more of that.

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  13. Mumsee – That certainly is a tough situation. It’s great that you can take care of Grandpa, but it’s also sad that husband and wife are separated. Sometimes life does not offer us a best solution, only a better or hopefully better solution.

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  14. Since we are giving recommendations, anyone have any for a refrigerator or a washer/dryer. Turns out nothing I got yesterday works. Well the frig works but the door seal is covered with mold and broken. Turns out you can’t replace the seal, you need new doors. Those would cost more than a new frig.
    Guess I am going shopping tomorrow.

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  15. Top loading washer, with an agitator; I went for more of a new-fangled fridge last time, the double french doors and the freezer “drawer” on the bottom. I’m restricted on all of these appliances by hemmed in spaces by built-in cabinetry so my choices re limited somewhat.

    Wish the freezer had more room. It’s been complicated further by the large ice packs I’ve had to keep frozen for this knee.

    One more story to write and I’m done.

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  16. I was correct, the deputy came by to check on grandpa. Said she had called to say he was not allowed to talk with her on the phone. Woke him up to talk with the deputy. Grandpa assured him he was fine and just where he wanted to be. Deputy was satisfied. Grandpa was a bit miffed with his wife and refused to call her, but went back to sleep.

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  17. Done!

    I have these really nice ice packs sent home with me by the hospital, they fit into a generous, wrap-around velcro thing. But they do take up room in my freezer.

    Out here, liquid sunshine, I think, refers to a spray used in artificial tanning booths. ?

    Gardeners used both my green (gardening) bin and the black (trash) bin for all the leaves they gathered this past week, both were stuffed to the brim. So my actual garbage/trash had to be stuffed in on top of the leaves filling the black can.

    Guess that worked.

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  18. Liquid sunshine has always been a reference to rain in my world 😊 🌧 I have heard it referred as that for as long as I can remember.

    When I block a phone number a text from that number is blocked as well.
    Thankful the deputy was satisfied with Grandpa’s statement. Praying there will be no more accusations from the wife…so sad

    We had dinner out with my best friend, her husband and their son. We had fish and chips at a local Irish Pub…just a delightful time!

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  19. That does sound delightful, Nancyjill. I would enjoy going out to such a place. We use to occasionally go to the Blue Ribbon Gtill which might be similar. We landed right beside it this week when we got the car emissions test. Oh, the things we miss since Covid hit!


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