27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-2-22

  1. Good Windy Morning to ya all!! 105 mph wind gust at Cheyenne Mountain station..whew! Here in the trees it is gusting but not at those wind speeds. Lots of pine needle blowing around but so far the trees have remained rooted 🌲

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  2. Good morning, all. I noticed the last wind storm took down one of the big willows down by the hunting mansion. But the mansion still stands to the wonder of all onlookers but not to the boys who built it. Though as they get older and more experience, there have been questions about its integrity.

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  3. Just so you’ll feel better, when I looked at the thermometer this morning, it said the temperature was -1 in the house.

    I pointed that out to the engineer, and he corrected the number to Fahrenheit.

    Which is why it was 30 outside, and a toasty 62 in the house.

    #Readingisimportant #Soishavinganengeerinthehouse 🙂

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  4. Starting into the workbook study guide of Jesus Continued this morning, and the first thing that caught my attention was that the author points out Jesus told the disciples about the advantage of him leaving and the disciples receiving the Holy Spirit. He told them this rather than about the Resurrection as a priority. I never thoughr about that before.

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  5. Yes! We are masters of our fate! We can control the world–not to mention nature!


    Maybe not.

    From World this morning:

    Mauna Loa’s lava rivers could reach a thoroughfare connecting the east and west sides of Hawaii’s Big Island as early as this weekend. The lava has oozed down the slope to within miles of the highway. The world’s largest active volcano, Mauna Loa, woke up from a 38-year nap on Sunday. The volcano has been throwing ash and debris into the sky this week.

    Can authorities do anything to stop the lava?

    Hawaiian Gov. David Ige has said that there is no way to block or reroute the flow. Ige has seen multiple volcanic eruptions during his tenure as governor.

    Ken Hon, the scientist in charge at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, said Wednesday that at their current rate, the lava rivers could reach the road in as little as two days, but it will likely take longer.

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  6. I have the space heater on this morning — but it’s either blasting (too) hot or not at all, there’s not much nuance to this thing.

    Busy Friday ahead with several copy blocks to write, a story to finish up, two phone interviews, and another story to write for the weekend (which may not get done). I also have PT at 2 so need to get as much done as possible before that.

    Fridays certainly come fast, which is good. But so do Mondays.

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  7. I came upon a lovely antique book at a local consignment store the other day. Title is “He’s Coming Tomorrow” by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Her work is the lead paper included in this little book. I carried it along with me to read while I waited for Paul to have his MRI yesterday. I would recommend the reading of her work if you can find it. This book published in 1896 and was inscribed inside George and Grace dec 25 1896 to B W Lewis Dayton Ohio.

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  8. Penguins, snow, tree lightings, Santa and boat parades — It’s all that will be going on in our part of LA this weekend, one event stacked right after another. We’ve run out of photographers, including available freelancers.

    Ah, and a vigil tonight for Ischia, striking an entirely different note. 😦

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  9. I just listened to a former Satanist who converted to Christianity speaking on an Intercessors for America call. Wonderful to know there are people like him who have been empowered to lead people out of that life (death) of deception into the light and true life of Jesus.

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  10. Freelance photographer (new guy): Hi, I’ll be shooting the tree lighting tonight, do you know what time that will actually happen ? (amid a series of other activities at the same event).

    Me: Oh, tree lighting is tomorrow night.

    Him: Oh.

    Me: Oh! Wait, no you’re talking about tree lighting 1 not tree lighting 2 (in another community)?

    Him: Yes.

    A flurry of more calls on my part trying to find out when it’ll happen (I haven’t had any luck on this before). Finally, an answer from the chamber: “Whenever the councilman gets there.”

    I text the council office, finally got a 15-minute window of time for when he should be there before he heads off to the Ischia vigil …

    Photographer, who lives a distance away, grateful.

    ‘Tis the season.

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  11. Did I mention I’ve had a bad sore throat and general weariness all week?

    I wore a mask in the grocery store today–like all the other old ladies on $5 Friday.

    Where I got a lecture from some guy about how I could make a more efficient mask, better than my paper mask, by using Mr. Clean wipes and string.


    Sigh, I thought the lecturing was done.

    Anyway, after spending $469 (after coupons), I hauled the groceries inside and now want to lie down.

    I did get the frozen food into the freezer.

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  12. __________________________


    Why are so many people sick right now?

    One week after the Thanksgiving holiday, and chances are good that you are sniffling, coughing or feeling a little scratch in your throat. It’s not just you – the country is contending with a “tripledemic” of viruses (not to mention, a whole lot of common cold).

    As of late November, reported COVID-19 cases in the U.S. were stable, but high. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recorded about 300,000 new cases over the past week, but that number is likely an undercount, as home tests often aren’t reported to public health agencies.

    Meanwhile, influenza is rising rapidly and on its way to a peak much earlier than the typical flu season. The CDC’s preliminary count is rough, but the agency believes as many as 14 million have been sickened and up to 8,400 people have died.

    What’s behind the seemingly omnipresent illness? Is it that there are suddenly more viruses than there were before? Or is it that our immune systems are weaker after years of masks and social distancing?

    According to Dr. Andy Pekosz, a virologist and professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, it’s neither.

    “It’s not that our immune systems are weaker, because it certainly seems like everybody is recovering. There’s not a really high increase in, let’s say, the mortality rate with the flu so far,” he explained.

    If our immune systems had collectively weakened since 2020, we’d expect to see people getting sicker and dying more frequently from influenza, RSV or COVID-19, but that’s not the case. It’s more likely that we’re just “seeing the effects of three years of lack of virus circulation,” Pekosz said.

    RSV, for example, is a common virus we’re exposed to regularly. It’s usually hardest on young children and babies, who haven’t built up immunity from repeated exposures. This year, adults are getting it a lot, too.

    “People have not been exposed to RSV as much, so their bodies have likely stopped making the antibodies,” Dr. Jim Scott, Dean of Touro University California College of Pharmacy, told Nexstar’s KRON. It’s not that our immune systems forgot how to create the necessary antibodies, but it just takes some time for antibody production to “ramp up and meet the need.” …

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  13. Yes!

    I have a coupled fun/nice photos of Tess & Annie Oakley (border kitty) together, they looked so cute side by side.

    But Tess wasn’t nearly as sweet around her as this bc appears to be, she’d always give Annie that unnerving “border collie eye” stare.

    I’d break the spell by saying:


    That’ll do.”



    Nooooo, my warm fuzzy sleeper socks are running late, says Amazon. 😦 😦 😦

    And the trash bags I ordered from Smart n Final last night weren’t delivered. Hmm.

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