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  1. And you will pay for this how exactly….?


    “Gavin Newsom’s reparations committee will recommend handing out $223,200 per person to all descendants of slaves in California for ‘housing discrimination’ at a cost of $559BN – in nation’s biggest restitution effort ever

    A task force was set up in California to make proposals for slavery reparations

    Descendants of slaves in California could receive $223,200 each, it speculated

    That would total $569billion – more than the entire state expenditure in 2021

    Nearly 6.5% of California residents – 2.5M – identify as Black or African American

    A focus of the task force has involved reimbursing for ‘housing discrimination’

    The task force was formed due to a bill signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2020”


  2. Musk has confirmed what conservatives already knew.

    Twitter and the entirety of the MSM on Twitter actively worked to suppress conservatives and stories that made Dems look bad.

    He meant Trump’s defeat, not Biden’s…


  3. Like I been saying…..


  4. Cope harder NYT…. LOL….


  5. You mean again…..



    “The Daily Signal reports on a production of correspondence between Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, one of the most vicious members of the Democratic Party, and the IRS:

    Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., called for revoking a tax exemption for a conservative group for not masking up and socially distancing during the pandemic, insisted on a slew of investigations of other conservative groups, and pressed for the Internal Revenue Service to expand its reach.
    In a letter dated Jan. 19, 2021, Whitehouse asked IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig to revoke the tax-exempt status of Turning Point USA because the conservative organization held an event at then-President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club without masking and social distancing.

    Putting aside the fact that masking and social distancing proved to be of little or no value, they have nothing to do with an organization’s tax-exempt status. If there is a violation of local health-related ordinances, it is up to local authorities to enforce them. The IRS has nothing to do with it.

    “Tax-exempt status provides a substantial benefit to charitable organizations and reflects the federal government’s endorsement of an organization’s activities,” Whitehouse wrote to the IRS chief. “Organizations that knowingly put in danger minors entrusted to their care should not enjoy the benefits of tax-exempt status. Accordingly, I urge the IRS to review whether it should revoke Turning Point USA’s tax-exempt status.”

    Whitehouse is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but can he possibly be this ignorant? Tax exempt status does not “reflect the federal government’s endorsement of an organization’s activities.” The federal government is not in the business of endorsing the efforts of charitable organizations. In many instances, charitable organizations pursue diametrically opposed objectives, so that it would be more or less impossible to “endorse” the activities of both.

    Taken as a whole, Whitehouse’s correspondence with the IRS “makes it very clear that a U.S. senator is attempting to essentially encourage the IRS to investigate his political opponents,” as Tom Jones of the American Accountability Foundation put it.”



    “(The Daily Signal) — Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., called for revoking a tax exemption for a conservative group for not masking up and socially distancing during the pandemic, insisted on a slew of investigations of other conservative groups, and pressed for the Internal Revenue Service to expand its reach.

    A total of 176 pages of correspondence from and to Whitehouse was obtained from the IRS by the conservative watchdog group American Accountability Foundation through the Freedom of Information Act and shared with The Daily Signal.

    “It’s abundantly clear that [Whitehouse] is trying to take the 87,000 new IRS agents and put them to work investigating me and my friends because he doesn’t like their politics,” Tom Jones, president and founder of the American Accountability Foundation, told The Daily Signal in a phone interview Tuesday.

    The letters span from Jan. 19, 2021, the day before President Joe Biden took office, into May 2022.

    ‘Lois Lerner on steroids’
    Whitehouse long has been a critic of conservative, nonprofit organizations and uses an expansive definition of “dark money” groups, broadly defined as tax-exempt organizations that don’t disclose donors.

    The Supreme Court, in 1958 and 2021 cases, has struck down compelled donor disclosure requirements at the state level.

    The Rhode Island Democrat, first elected in 2006, has made “dark money” a central point of Senate floor speeches and often uses up his entire five-minute question period to make related speeches during hearings of the Senate’s Judiciary and Finance committees.

    “It’s Lois Lerner on steroids,” Jones said of what’s in the Whitehouse correspondence, referring to the Internal Revenue Service official in the middle of the Obama-era IRS scandal over the targeting of tea party groups.

    “The Lois Lerner stuff was a mid-level bureaucrat abusing [her] power to investigate conservative groups,” he said. “This is a U.S. senator basically trying to turn the heat up on investigations by the Internal Revenue Service.””


  6. This is not the win the water carriers think it is.


  7. “Canada: A Gruesome, Terrifying Culture of Death”


    “Canada used to be a serious country and a fine place to live and raise a family. Canadians fought valiantly in both World Wars, manned peacekeeping missions and have welcomed refugees, including my own grandparents, from war-torn lands with open arms and warm hearts.

    Its high taxes have been the foundational stone of a generous social welfare system, a universal socialized medical system, relatively good public schools and public universities among other social programs. As a G7 nation, it has long held a place at the table of the world’s most formidable countries.

    That country no longer exists. Canada is in indisputable moral and economic decline.

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is petulant, tyrannical, and anti-liberty in personality and policy. His anti-freedom stances, and his unapologetic admiration of murderous dictatorships such as China and their “basic dictatorship” have set the tone and pace of the decline.

    His ridiculous and cringe-worthy embrace of esoteric pet causes, playing dress-up on the world stage, his history of wearing black face, and channeling a drunken lounge lizard while on an official state visit to England to mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth are just part of his truly imbecilic, infantile highlight reel.

    His demonizing and crushing of the Canadian truckers’ convoy and invoking the Emergency Measures Act against Canadian citizens for daring to dissent with his Corona tyranny, in conjunction with his ridiculous performance on the world stage are all signs of shamelessness, decadence, and deep moral decay.

    And now that rot, that anti-human aimlessness, has seamlessly converged into a comprehensive, nihilistic, and sinister new phase. The promotion and glorification of the Culture of Death is Canada’s modus vivendi.

    Canada, as personified by Prime Minister Trudeau, and under his watch, has actually enthusiastically embraced democide in the form of the euphemistically characterized “MAiD”-Medical Assistance in Dying. This highly feted and celebrated federal murder program is both the figurative and literal nail in the coffin of a once great nation and its most vulnerable citizens. The deceptive Canadian “Dying With Dignity Organization” spells this out in plain language:

    “As of March 17, 2021, when Bill C-7 received Royal Assent, the law no longer requires a person’s natural death to be reasonably foreseeable to access medical assistance in dying (MAID).”

    They call it an “enormous change, driven by compassion, an end to suffering and discrimination, and a desire for personal autonomy.” It’s actually dangerous, sinister, and evil and some people are starting to notice.

    Journalists like Rupa Subramanya and others have discovered to their and our collective horror, that rather than being rare and merciful, it is becoming ever more common and implemented with little scrutiny or pause. It is being pushed as a “solution” for poverty. It is being pushed as a (final) solution for discharged Canadian soldiers facing depression, financial difficulties and PTSD.

    Disability activists and scholars are noticing that MAiD is “Normalizing death as ‘therapy’ in Canada.” They want to kill disabled babies. They see death as “treatment” for disability. It’s certainly also possible that it’s a cheaper way for the government to try to balance the budget, instead of continuing to lie about the fiscal viability and health of Canada’s federal pension plan (CPP). Kill the citizens, and bill it right back to them-what could possibly be wrong with that? The Canadian government even has fancy infographics to explain the wicked democide program. “


  8. I’m shocked… shocked I say….

    “Congress is shocked, shocked by the COVID fraud it created”


    “Like Captain Renault in the gambling casino in “Casablanca,” congressmen are “shocked, shocked” by all the fraud spawned by the trillions of dollars in COVID handouts they approved.

    The House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis issued a report Thursday blaming fintech firms for the pilfering of Paycheck Protection Program loans that began in 2020. But the real fraud is the illusion that members of Congress give a damn about plundering American taxpayers.

    PPP was enacted in March 2020 and eventually provided $800 billion in loans to more than 11 million businesses. Congress designed the program to carpet-bomb the nation with federal tax dollars.

    The Small Business Administration, which administered the plan, effectively told people, “Apply and sign and tell us that you’re really entitled to the money,” said Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz. He testified PPP was an invitation to fraudsters because there weren’t “even minimal checks to make sure that the money was getting to the right people at the right time.”

    Government investigators estimate up to $100 billion in PPP loans was fraudulent. The feds gave 342 people who said their name was “N/A” PPP loans. Dozens of New York City and New York state employees were arrested this week for their role in a multimillion-dollar PPP fraud scheme.

    After 15 Illinois jailbirds used PPP loans to pay their bail, cynics scoffed that the program should be named the Prisoner Paycheck Program. In Florida, a PPP loan was used to bankroll a murder-for-hire plot that left a Transportation Security Administration agent dead.

    Happily, a scapegoat has been found. According to the new congressional report, the problem was that the financial-technology companies (fintechs) that handled PPP-claims applications failed to show due diligence. Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC), the select subcommittee’s chairman, declared that “many fintechs … refused to take adequate steps to detect and prevent fraud despite their clear responsibility to safeguard taxpayer funds.”

    PPPs were a typical legislative monstrosity where the profits were privatized while taxpayers suffered the losses. Some fintechs shamelessly exploited a reckless program and received hefty fees based on the loans they approved.

    Kabbage, Inc.’s policy chief scoffed in a September 2020 email: “At the end of the day, it’s the SBA’s s—ty rules that created fraud, not” us.
    “Womply’s CEO — who was convicted of insider trading in 2014 and has been permanently barred from participating in the securities industry — led Womply’s fraud prevention efforts and instructed his company to not cooperate with federal PPP fraud investigators,” the report charged.
    Rep. Clyburn declared, “We must learn from this inexcusable misconduct to erect guardrails that will help ensure that federal programs” are better administered in the future. But it was Congress that inexcusably failed to include any PPP guardrails when it catapulted hundreds of billions at the program.

    Almost all the PPP loans have been “forgiven” because employers claimed to have kept employees on their payroll — often despite indicators of fraud that the feds are too busy to pursue.

    Though Clyburn now claims to be aghast at the wasteful spending, he championed the political exploitation of the COVID pandemic when Congress created PPP. “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision,” he proclaimed in a March 2020 closed phone call with other House Democrats.

    Democrats milked the COVID bill to seek changes for the 2020 election (including “no-excuse absentee voting and vote-by-mail,” as Clyburn bragged), medical subsidies and college funding. Citizens Against Government Waste designated Clyburn the Porker of the Month for “trying to take advantage of the coronavirus crisis to promote a radical agenda.”


  9. Just go away you hack……

    Same for the media sock puppet who just nods along….

    “Hillary Puts Pro-Lifers in the Same Category as Iran, Taliban, and Russian Soldiers

    “Literally under attack in places like Iran or Afghanistan or Ukraine where rape is a tactic of war, or under attacks by political and cultural forces in a country like our own when it comes to women’s health care and bodily autonomy.”


    “Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton thinks pro-lifers are the same as the Iranian regime, the Taliban, and the Russian soldiers raping Ukrainian women.

    Christine Amanpour had Hillary on her program Amanpour and Company to promote “a summit on the status of women’s rights around the world” at the Clinton Presidential Center in Arkansas.

    Remember, the presidential center is named for Hillary’s husband, Bill, not her. Not Hillary because President Donald Trump destroyed her in 2016.

    Since September, women have been protesting the Iranian regime after a woman died in police custody. The “morality police” arrested her because she did not wear a veil, which is required in Iran.

    We all know the Taliban treat women as objects, deny them education, etc. There are reports of Russian soldiers raping Ukrainian women in villages they have taken over.

    But to Hillary, those who are against killing unborn human beings are on the same level as those three.

    Amanpour had no problem with the ridiculous comparison. From MRC (emphasis mine):

    HILLARY CLINTON: Well, what I think, Christiane, is that we have come a long way si [sic] I made that statement back in 1995 on so many fronts. But we are also in a period of time where there is a lot of pushback and much of the progress that has been, I think, taken for granted by too many people is under attack. Literally under attack in places like Iran or Afghanistan or Ukraine where rape is a tactic of war, or under attacks by political and cultural forces in a country like our own when it comes to women’s health care and bodily autonomy.

    AMANPOUR: We’re going to go around the world with you in a second. But first, about — precisely what you’re talking about and where you are. Arkansas itself, I believe, rapidly moved to make a woman’s right to choose illegal in your state or your former home state and you are hosting this conference. Talk to me about the confluence of both these events. This pushback on American women’s rights at the same time as you’re trying to figure a way forward.

    CLINTON: Well, you’re absolutely right. We are here at the Clinton Presidential Center. With an exhibit that is just astonishing and the breadth and depth of its look at the history of the fight for the vote. To raise our voices. To claim our rights. And I think that’s a conversation that should happen everywhere.

    Not just with people who agree with you. But we have work to do to try to defend our rights, to stand up for them. And what we’ve seen particularly since the Dobbs decision across our country is that when voters, both men and women, but led by women have a chance to vote on these draconian abortion restrictions. They do not accept them. They overturned them. They certainly want to limit the reach of the government into the most intimate, private parts of our life.
    Hillary is excited about the exhibit and hopes it keeps “the conversation going.”

    Amanpour happily jumped on that thought (emphasis mine):

    AMANPOUR: So, let me ask you about that because, you know, keep the conversation going. Persuade everybody, et cetera. But, I mean, how much persuasion can we expect when it comes to our — and I’m speaking as a woman, basic rights. Whether it’s in the United States or around the world.

    As you said, they are human rights. At what point should these be enshrined even in the American law and Constitution even. I mean, I’m probably exaggerating. But it’s extraordinary in 2022 that this basic right of women, half the world’s population is still at risk.”


  10. Because it exposes how they were complicit in it.

    “Liberal Media Goes Ballistic Over Elon Exposing Twitter’s Censorship Operation”


    “Spencer wrote about Twitter revealing what they did internally to squash the Hunter Biden laptop story. We’ve known it was probably happening behind closed doors for years, but now we have the evidence, thanks to Elon Musk’s purchasing of the social media platform. The ‘Twitter Files’ exposed an extensive censorship operation at the company, where employees deleted tweets that their Democratic Party overlords found problematic. The critics would point out that Donald Trump’s staffers made similar requests to Twitter concerning the removal of tweets they found disreputable, but as with anything within liberal media institutions, it wasn’t balanced.

    It’s like the talking points the Left shoveled out about the IRS targeting scandal in 2013, where people pointed out that a few progressive non-profits were denied tax-exempt status to show that this wasn’t a partisan operation. The number of conservative non-profits held in regulatory purgatory by the IRS vastly outnumbered that of their liberal counterparts. And like this internal policy at Twitter, it greatly benefitted liberals more than conservatives.”


  11. The Biden Invasion continues…..


    “2.6 million illegal immigrants are likely to cross the southern border next year. That is a staggering number, bringing the total of illegal border crossing to nearly 7 million in President Biden’s first three years.”

    If that pace continues Biden will have brought in enough illegal aliens to populate New York City in his first term of office.

    President Joe Biden’s “wide open” United States-Mexico border is expected to see 2.6 million border crossers and illegal aliens apprehended next year, a new analysis projects.

    For 2021, Steven Kopits with Princeton Policy Advisors accurately projected that about two million border crossers and illegal aliens would be apprehended. By this year’s end, Kopits projects about 2.3 million will have been apprehended. These estimates do not include the hundreds of thousands, potentially millions, who will successfully cross the southern border.

    Now, Kopits projects that Biden’s policies will see 2.6 million border crossers and illegal aliens apprehended along the border in 2023 — another record-shattering annual level of illegal immigration.

    If the projections pan out, some 6.9 million border crossers and illegal aliens will have been apprehended at the border since 2021 to 2023 under Biden. This is a foreign population just two million short of New York City’s resident population.

    It’s difficult to conceive of a population influx of that magnitude occurring in such a short period of time. Especially since this is simply the total of illegal immigrants, minus those who escaped and are not in any official counts. Legal immigration brings in millions more.”

    “The Biden Administration has been notoriously deceptive on this issue, with multiple assertions by Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas that the “border is secure,” and of course the appointment of VP Harris to the point position on the matter. Harris is ridiculously incompetent.

    Although I suspect that if we kept Harris at the border to cackle maniacally at immigrants as they come in, some substantial number might turn around out of disgust at how ridiculous our leaders truly are. We should try sending her there with a megaphone to see how many decide to escape back south.

    Karine Jean-Pierre keeps lying to the American public about the issue, insisting that it is a high priority for the Administration and that Biden has gone to the border to see the influx himself. He has not, and even admitted as much. Reporters will still repeat any claim from KJP as credible because they are simply stenographers for the Left.”


  12. “Why Abortion Supporters Want a Culture of Consequence-Free Sex”


    “Live Action Founder and President Lila Rose started her undercover work as a teenager, posing as an underage victim of sexual abuse seeking an abortion — but with a camcorder hidden in her blouse to document her conversations with Planned Parenthood workers.

    Her undercover videos captured the attention of the nation, if not the world, prompting heavy scrutiny of the abortion giant and its practices.

    Since then, Live Action has amassed 6 million social media followers and 1.7 billion lifetime video views. And Live Action says its testing has found that Live Action’s content has changed the hearts of 43% of those the organization surveyed on abortion.

    I had the pleasure of sitting down with Rose for a Daily Signal interview, during which she shared that she had done a lot of acting in high school and found it natural to empathize with the plight of a girl grappling with an unexpected pregnancy and to pose as this victim, sent by her abuser to do away with the baby.

    “I’m 15,” Rose said she told the worker. “He’s much older than me, 24. What do I do? I’m pregnant.”

    “In the state of California, that should immediately trigger mandatory reporting,” she explained. “But the Planned Parenthood worker, without blinking, told me to lie about my age in the paperwork to get a secret abortion, and no one would know anything.”

    Rose believes the abortion industry wants to perpetuate negativity around motherhood.

    “Planned Parenthood is not interested in women having their babies and they’re certainly not doing anything to support those women,” she said. “They’re interested in women killing their children.”

    But the Live Action founder also emphasized that modern society faces an existential crisis in which people fail to realize that true happiness comes from relationship with others.

    “We’re all seeking happiness, but we think we’re going to find it in career or we’re going to find it in fame or wealth or some sort of material thing when really it can only be found in people,” she explained, noting that the ultimate person through which people will find happiness is God. “And so we reject our own children because they’re a threat to happiness when really they’re actually a key to happiness.”

    During the massive protesting that took place following the leak of the draft Supreme Court opinion indicating that Roe v. Wade would soon be overturned (and in the months since then) I have frequently heard pro-abortion protesters say that abortion is necessary to allow them to have consequence-free sex.”


    A little personal responsibility would be required, and they can’t have that.


  13. How do you pay compensation for multi-generational slavery? Good question, we now know trauma can change DNA and hence the effects are still being felt today. The federal government forgave $755 billion in PPP loans so my guess is the money is there. Just hold capitalists responsible for their debts. Withdraw all subsidies to private companies and tell them its sink or swim. There will be some dislocation as the market adjusts but the gov’t will easily balance its budget.

    I mentioned PPP loan forgiveness back when we were discussing student loan forgiveness. At the time, I received little support on the similarity. Now it appears PPP forgiveness is a right wing talking point. Perhaps they’ve seen a way to shift the blame for what was a bipartisan effort to the Democrats. In any case I never understood the program why funnel the money through the employer just give the money straight to the employee. You could use the IRS to cut the check and avoid using incompetent private firms.


  14. I’m not sure why anyone is surprised at the DHS behaviour. Jurisdictional creep is part of any bureaucracy, private or public. The creation of the DHS was a bad idea – liberatarians of the lift and right opposed it. However, the rest of America compromised liberty for security.

    I’m also not sure why people are surprised that the DHS and big tech cooperate. Big Tech has shown its willingness to work with any type of government, totalitarian (China etc) or bureaucractic (EU). The Angosphere has perhaps more limits on this interaction but in the Anglosphere, the US has the largest security apparatus.

    Its my understanding that the US bureaucracy is far more politicised than other democracies. Appointments to even minor posts seem to derive from patronage, thus it’s no wonder there’s some pick and choose among targets of a regulatory body depending on the government of the day. A more professional bureaucracy would limit this, but I don’t see it happening

    The other issue for Republicans and the right is the simple fact most bureaucractic jobs require a degree and a person with a university degree is more likely to have Democratic leanings. They may try to be professional but their natural instinct will often guide them.


  15. I don’t view Clinton’s remarks as equating the lack of choice in America to female suffering in Afghanistan and Iran rather that women’s rights are a worldwide issue. However, I’d rather not hear from her at all – she’s not helpful to young women, she’s simply trying to stay relevant. Like most boomers (and this includes Trump and Biden) she’s past her best before date. It’s time to hand the baton off to the millennials, and spend time with her grandchildren.

    Its easy enough to get someone to say something stupid and/or self centered at a rally or demostration. There’s a guy on the Daily Show who’s made a career of talking to Trump supporters. Abortion rights are far more complicated than to say be responsible or accountable.

    Even in the example given by Live Action raises issues for the counsellor. She should report the statutory rape. It’s easy enough for a 24 year old to manipulate a 15 year old so we can’t yell at her to be accountable and responsible. The clinic counsellor also has her own personal and professional set of ethics. She may think the need for abortion should be taken care of first and then address the legal issues which will result in parental notification and police reports. A good counselor, teacher, youth worker, etc should always outline the legal consequences before any disclosure and even after give the child the possible options to pursue. I do wonder how many stings Live Action ran that didn’t make the highlight reel.


  16. Of course, Pres. Trump was totally correct – the 2020 Election was totally rigged and stolen by the DNC (in cooperation with Big Tech).

    A true shame that it took a private citizen elected to office to try to drain the Swamp – even as the Swamp has attempted to drown him.

    It’s also a shame that another billionaire private citizen has to buy a $44 billion company in order to prevent government from repressing and suppressing the speech of its own citizens.


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