35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-28-22

  1. Morning all. That is a most lovely Christmas photo up there! Kare you brought your outdoors in with those trees on top!

    One last day of warmish…high 40’s…temps then the bottom falls out! Snow tonight and our high tomorrow is to be 15 degrees…brrrr.

    Of course husband is caretaking the cabin at Barr Camp until Wed. It always turns cold and snows when he is gone. And Pip always wakes early wanting out by 5 am. These are the days I am most thankful for a warm house and hot coffee! And for a husband who usually gets up early and takes care of such tasks!

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  2. Later this week Cheryl and I are taking a couple of days away to celebrate her b’day and to spend some time together before treatments begin.

    I will post as usual, but maybe slightly after 8EST instead of before.

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  3. Enjoy your time away, Aj and Happy birthday to her!

    That looks beautiful, Kare. It is always fun to see the many different variations of beauty. It is one reason I enjoy quilting myself and seeing what others do. The variations seem endless.

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  4. Good morning, all. A beautiful day here. Looks like it just might be cold out. I will see what the weather place says. Nope, apparently looks can be deceiving. A balmy twenty seven out there with snow expected and a low tomorrow of sixteen. Thankful for a warm home and dependable car for taking meds to daughter.

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  5. I tried to post earlier but lost it.

    What a beautiful display, Kare. You have a real knack for putting together a charming Christmas atmosphere. Hallmark could hire you to work on movie sets!

    We watched Love Actually yesterday, at least watched parts of it out of order as it played twice and I saw the last part first and then the first part but could not stay awake for the middle. How did I never see it before? Now I want to see it all in order😀 We also watched Christmas With the Kranks, a great tradition for us during recent years.

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  6. Walking into the sanctuary at church yesterday gave me a wonderful surprise.

    It had been several years since we had a cross in the sanctuary. The one that had been there had been taken down to paint the walls, but never replaced. Hubby and I missed it, and others did, too.

    So it was a sweet surprise to walk into the sanctuary and see a large, plain wooden cross, backlit, on the wall behind the platform. Also on that wall, behind the cross and going out several feet on each side of it, are a backdrop (not sure that’s the right word, though) of vertical wooden slats covering that section of the wall (not sure how to describe it). Very nice looking, and looking more like “church”. 🙂

    That made me so happy to see, but also caused me to cry on and off throughout the service, knowing how thrilled Hubby would have been to see it.

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  7. We now have Alexa in the house. Our new Ring doorbells and cameras are connected to it.

    We have the Ring things for if X comes around again. Nightingale is planning on adding at least a couple more cameras in strategic locations. I hate that we have to do this, but it is wise, not knowing what else may happen with X.

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  8. Another chilly morning in the house, I still need to find an agile someone to get that heater hooked back up. I haven’t plugged in the space heater yet, saw a few Amazon reviews that said it tripped off their entire electrical panel so trying to time it when I won’t be on deadline.

    Just sat through the live stream of a long and boring news conference from the port. It didn’t sound that “newsy” which is why I didn’t go in person — I was right. Photographer was there, we texted how boring it was, too many speakers, no real news to speak of, but some interesting backdrops of container ships passing by and under the new bridge so there should be some workable art at least.

    Glad you can get away this week, AJ.

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  9. Love! that desk and cabinet.

    I have a couple plain, primitive black book cases that I’ve had for years.

    Also love the decorations above.

    Kare and I have similar tastes.

    She executes it better than I do, though.

    I’m still working on clearing out some excess in the living room and kitchen and patio, aftermath of the trying dog care months, surgery prep and surgery aftermath timelines.

    Not an easy year for me, hoping 2023 is brighter. Lord willing.

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  10. We had a good informative visit with the hospice nurse and social worker. They spent a couple of hours or so here. Hopefully, we have a plan. They said the first thing out of grandpa’s mouth was how happy he is to be here and he does not want to go back to Florida.

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  11. Meanwhile, back in Moscow: my dad, who never sleeps more than a brief nap in his chair during the day, has been asleep all day other than a nice breakfast in bed. He did get himself to the bathroom.

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  12. Adventures with Alexa.

    Boy had Alexa play some Christmas music, then we told “her” to “stop” and “home” to end it.

    A little while later, it came back on by itself. I told her to “stop” and “home” and it stopped.

    About 15 to 20 minutes later, while I was in the living room, Alexa (in the kitchen) starts playing Christmas music again, and louder this time!

    I texted Nightingale that Alexa has a mind of her own, and she replied that she had done that through the app on her phone, to see if it would really work.

    Yup, it did! 😀

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  13. Kizzie, my dad is in Moscow, I am not. Dad in law is here, and sleeping through the day. We do try to engage him when he is awake but let him sleep as he needs.

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  14. Mumsee, it sounds like things are resolving with your Dad in law’s situation. And hopfully your Dad’s unusual napping is just his body recovering from the fall.
    My Dad has periods of unusual sleepiness if his blood pressure is low, or if he’s recovering from illness like covid or a mild stroke.

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  15. I don’t get it but I don’t watch Hallmark movies so may have missed something. It does seem like the few Christian romances I have read but don’t anymore. For that reason.

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  16. That was an oh so accurate recap of just about every single Hallmark movie I have watched! 😂

    Amazon delivered the package that “may have been lost”. It was a big envelope that weighed nothing and felt as though there was nothing inside. It was supposed to be a pair of mens fleece underline pants for Paul’s running pants. I texted him and he told me to open it. Inside the big envelope was a smaller envelope. Inside the smaller envelope was an empty package from Carrhart that was supposed to contain those pants. Maybe the Amazon driver got cold while delivering and is now wearing Paul’s fleece!

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  17. Kare, I really like your Christmas decor. I haven’t decorated much since covid. Thanksgiving is my favorite, but I would not even have hung a wreath on the front door this year if I hadn’t received one from a friend. My own motivation is seriously lacking, so I’m appreciating everyone else’s creativity more and more. :–)

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  18. Christmas music was playing in Sprouts where there were also some Thanksgiving packaged foods still left (yeah, I bought some — my “leftovers”).

    And the giant Christmas tree on the corner at the town’s most popular Christmas tree lot is now all lit up — with the star glowing on top.

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