21 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-25-22

  1. Unless you’re already out with the insane masses shopping for Black Friday deals, in which case, I’ll pray for you to make it home alive. 🙂

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  2. Morning all! I slept until 7:15!! That never happens!!

    I don’t Black Friday shop and this year I am inclined to sit in my reading chair and shop for the few items I have in mind for Christmas. I must be old or something 🙃 I am searching for 3 copies of unabridged versions of Pilgrims Progress for my local teen grandchildren. Haven’t found them yet.

    That man up there looks content with is coffee…and his blanket matches the colors in the tree. Is it weird I notice such things?

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  3. I have been upstairs doing rebounder, bowflex, and bike. Soon it is off to town to medicate daughter. Grandpa has been sleeping away.
    Other grandpa left home and went to my nephew’s house for Thanksgiving yesterday. A big step forward for him as he has been fairly housebound with his wife.

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  4. Good brunch and munch time for leftovers! I’ve had coffee, egg, and sugarless cranberry orange bread😀

    I had to round up a piece of paper that has a precious phone number . . . radiology at the hospital. For some reason, people are not allowed to cancel appointments with radiology through the portal. I had never set the appointments but they appeared on my portal. Sometimes it feels like we are caught up in the Hospital Twilight Zone. A new television series: Aged Zombies in the Hospital Twilight Zone Meet Mutant Teenage Overdose Patients.

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  5. I had wished to not have the wheelchair man in the photo, but it does authenticate the locale of the photo.
    Emory University Hospital Towers (the Penthouse building as one nurse called it). I will send a beautiful nativity tabletop display photo from the affiliate smaller Catholic hospital where we went for ER and for my surgery in August. That seems years ago by now.

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  6. Janice, yes, the human does relay hospital 🙂

    And we have this tastefully decorated tree, Southern style (your tree decorations in the south have a certain look to them, I’ve discovered) contrasted with the CAROL OF THE BELLS, the loud and wild rendition. 🙂

    Yep, it must be Christmas coming.

    It’s a pickup-cleanup day for me around here. I’ve been scrubbing some of the soot stains off the brick fireplace, thought I got them all a few days ago but there is still one area that’s a bit shaded and needs a scrub. My hands feel like ice this morning, but I did order a small electric space heater from Amazon, $30, last night so that’ll be here tomorrow, should I still not have figured out how to get this heater going by then. Annie has found a tiny patch of sun on the floor that she’s sitting in.

    No leftovers when you go out for Thanksgiving, which is a downside. But maybe I’ll make an omelette this morning.

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  7. I brought home my leftovers. They made a special salad for me without onions, but I was too full to eat it. It will make a good dinner today along with some leftover turkey and ham.

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  8. I’m exhausted.

    Family had a wonderful healing Thanksgiving.

    Last family leaves tomorrow and so all are halfway through the family soccer game.

    I’m tying on my shoes, desperately rustling around trying to find energy and will rejoin. Stargazer flies home at 2.

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  9. Sounds like Black Friday is, for now, fading out

    It was a staple for us to cover on the day after Thanksgiving, some poor reporter and photographer would have to get up before dawn to head out to interview folks in line at a Best Buy or ?. Whole families would turn out with thermoses of coffee and donuts, it was an annual (fun for them) tradition that officially kicked off the Christmas season.

    Maybe just another “thing” ended by the pandemic?

    I’ve never shopped on Black Friday but I think I have done a story or two (but not the early-morning shift, thankfully).

    From the WSJ a little while ago:

    ~ Door-buster deals are a bust this Black Friday.

    The deep discounts offered for a limited time, typically during early-morning hours, to draw customers to stores are (mostly) gone. Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Macy’s are among the chains that nixed them during the pandemic, when they had to limit the number of people in stores for health reasons. Promotions that run for longer periods, sometimes all day or even a week, became the name of the holiday-shopping game, though Amazon, Kohl’s and JCPenney had door-busters this year. ~


  10. A friend wants to see my house tomorrow, especially my bedroom. She told me she would get me linens for my bed. And then asked about a headboard. And then asked if there is room for occasional chairs. This should be interesting. Oh, she also wanted a paint sample of the background wall.

    I vacuumed the floor today before the handyman gets started on the flooring.

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  11. We stopped at a large store, Menards, which is like Home Depot or Lowes, and they had way too many workers. We talked to one worker we know and were told they were very surprised at the few people waiting to shop this morning. There were quite a few workers that looked like they had little to do. Target was not all that busy either. I bought nothing, since I have no idea what I am going to buy for anyone yet.

    I decorated the tree with the three granddaughters. We played a lot of games and read a lot of books. We managed eating leftovers for both lunch and supper. They will leave for home tomorrow.

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