23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-23-22

  1. Fly away, blue jay!

    Leaving for D1’s today. taking GC3 to lunch for her birthday, which is Saturday. Family dinner tomorrow evening (since D3 has to work all day. Hospitals don’t close for holidays.)

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  2. Morning all! That is a beautiful in flight photo Aj! All the blue jays must have flown east because we aren’t seeing them at all.

    Today I will bake a pie and make certain that little turkey is thawed in the fridge.

    Tonight wind and some snow will move in. Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go…but that will not be the case here. Just the three of us here for Thanksgiving…

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  3. Nice flight photo!

    I have one more story to do (and PT at 2) before having 4 days off. Still have to pick up a pie, also, today to take to my cousin’s tomorrow.

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  4. So Clemson and USC will be going at it for the 118th time on Saturday at Death Valley . This year I am pulling for the Gamecocks… my take on “one for the gipper”…Aka…Chas ❣️

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  5. Good afternoon! It’s perfect weather here today.

    Art saw on his portal that he does not have a blood clot in either leg. So much we went through to finally find that out.

    A friend dropped by and ga e me a poinsettia. I had a housewarming gift I’d saved for about two years for her.

    Son is getting tires on the worst day of the year to do so. He is here, but not.

    Hallmark movies😀

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  6. I think I may get some hanging poinsettias for the front porch this year, I did that a few years ago and it looked so pretty. Then maybe pull out the Christmas decorations from the garage that are also for the front porch this weekend since I have some extra time with Friday off.

    Good to hear about the most recent test results, Janice. That’s one complication you surely wouldn’t need.

    It’s been a flurry of activity today getting a story done early due to early deadlines because of the holiday, trying to find someone I needed at the port for a quote (on a day when most folks are long gone and out of contact), getting a photo sent in for the story, doing a quick phone interview, arranging some signage to be emailed to my editor for paper’s ongoing ball collection drive we do for the holidays.

    Now it’s on to my physical therapy appointment that’s in 30 minutes and I think then I’ll be free (from work) and will just need to pick up a pie at Sprouts for tomorrow. Other cousin bringing the whipped cream.

    Still need to figure out how to get the heater checked out, though I’m not too hopeful it can be fixed, will probably have to be replaced as it is from 1998 — then comes the bid process to find the best price. Chamber contact said they just went through that for their office so she’s sending me a list of the folks they called out for bids and the one they finally hired.

    Either way, it’ll be a significant expense for me. And perhaps a wait as my guess is these places are busy, though I think summer is worse for them with all the sudden demand for A/C repair work and installation.

    Today it’s warmer outside than inside my house.

    And I received the fireplace tool kit that matches the fireplace screen I bought a couple years ago (matching tool stand had been out of stock all this time) — but it came damaged, noticeable long scrapes on both sides of the stand, and returning it looks to be complicated if I want the shipping to be paid for up front (3rd party seller, of course). Waiting for a reply from them, they may be in China. I’m thinking paying myself will be pricey as it’s heavy — and who knows if they’d include that in their refund, though you’d think …

    Amazon is great, their “3rd party sellers” can be a problem when it comes to communication and return issues.

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  7. Oh, I hope so, Mumsee. It sounds like a sweet solution.

    Dj, is it pumpkin? The news reported pumpkin is most popular for Thanksgiving at 40% preference with no other type pies coming close in preference. I bought pumpkin this morning, but the apple pies looked so good.

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  8. Dj, I have two extra sets of fireplace tools and they are a bargain!!! Meaning just pick them up or pay to ship.

    I laugh at you getting a poinsettia as they grew in everyones yards in Ukarumpa. A very large bush with those beautiful leaves.

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  9. Oh, of course, pumpkin! Nothing else will do. Bought the pie at Sprouts (fresh-baked every day, they say, it was a stack of them they had and they were going fast). I first thought I’d try Marie Callenders but there was literally a line of about 50 people outside that door and I figured those were all probably folks picking up pies they’d pre-ordered.

    PT went well, did the shuttle today (equipment you lie down on and push off with your legs on a flat vertical board, back and forth) — but had some swelling again in the knee, so it’s taped up again.

    I need to move more during these work days.

    Talked to the foster person about a dog I think might be a great fit for me, border collie/Aussie — this is through the same rescue where I got Tess & Cowboy. Foster lives about an hour east of me, in a rural area, but currently is in MO visiting her sister for the holiday — her husband is still home minding the 6(!) dogs, including 2 or 3 of their own, others all fosters).

    I filled out the application last night and was rather impressed with my dog experience for so many years, if I don’t say so myself. They wanted a savvy dog owner for her, she lacks confidence and is shy until she gets to know you but then craves being near you — since I work from home now … could be a very good match, I’m thinking.

    Anyway, we’re all in holiday mode now so we’ll pick it up next week after the foster mom is home again. I’m hopeful.

    I’ve been through a lot of dogs and can list the experiences I’ve had with all of them, good/bad/ugly/hard — and absolutely wonderful. They all come with challenges but I’ve always made it through.

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  10. Dog I’m looking at was taken out of a shelter in the desert area but nothing is really known about her history before that, she could be anywhere from 1-3 years old, foster thinks closer to 1 as she’s still very playful. Sweet, too. But not used to leash walks or other kinds of socialization.

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  11. She’s tall, a blue merle (like Cowboy) but smooth coat (short hair) so easier when it comes to grooming. I love the long-haired herders, but she’s quite the beauty anyway. Seems OK with cats, which was the big question, not a strong prey drive.

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  12. My granddaughter baked a crustless pumpkin pie today. One little has to be gluten free (other one will find out December if she also needs to be). The other little licked her pie crust clean last year but wouldn’t eat it. This year she is complaining she wants a crust too. Lol. She will be quite happy with the pumpkin and whipped cream. She tried to stopped chattering for a few seconds this afternoon, but never achieved it. I could only laugh.

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  13. The best known Christmas tree lot in the neighborhood — on a corner at the bottom of the Peninsula rise heading west — is being put together quickly now, the giant tree that is the hallmark of the lot every year was being decorated with the help of machinery (it really is tall).

    Christmas is coming …

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  14. I made a pumpkin pie today. And orange jello with mandarin oranges.
    Tomorrow will be turkey,veggies,mashed potato, sweet potato casserole, dressing and rolls….the house will smell good! And looking forward to seeing snowing falling all the while.

    Excited for you Dj!!

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  15. I’m excited for you, too, DJ! I’m also exhausted by my little guy. I need to figure out how to get him to stop pulling on the leash and also how to stop him from biting me on the back of the calves – he likes to stalk and attack! We’ll get there eventually. Hopefully before he’s 80 pounds.

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  16. He will get there Kare. Pip likes to tap the back of Paul’s heel with her paw when they walk. Fly used to do that too. It is cute. And Pip does way better walking on leash when she has her harness on instead of a collar. She is progressing really well….Kootenay will too.

    Pip had a play date with our neighbor’s grand dog this morning. Paul and our neighbor took the puppies to a running trail not too far from us and gave them their first trail running experience. They both did great. But Pip thought all dogs were her friends when she returned home and promptly ran down to the road when someone was walking past with their dog! She got in big trouble for that one!

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  17. Good morning. And happy Thanksgiving. And it is four thirty in the morning. We have been up for an hour. We being grandpa and I. He seems to be getting stronger and more awake.

    Husband had said he was sleeping about twenty two hours a day and needed help getting up and around and toiletting and all. First thing he did was fall out of bed.

    Last night he was buzzing for husband three times in the first two hours of sleep. Four hours later, I heard noise from his room and scrambled to get in there before something happened that shouldn’t. Husband had left him in his recliner. I found him sitting up in bed. He had been around the room. The rail was down, heater unplugged, winder off the foot of his bed. He had been to his pot and was waiting to go socialize. I told him nobody was up but he leapt up and grabbed his walker and headed down the hall to the living room. I tossed some wood on the fire, made him some toast, coffee, banana, watermelon and here we are. Husband is snoring and that is a good thing as he was up with his dad a lot the night before.

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