34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-19-22

  1. Welcome to the weekend. It’s too cold for outside work, so I’ll stay inside and get something done, even if it’s vegging in front of the TV watching football.

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  2. Morning all. I cannot tell if those ducks (?) are a comin’ or goin’?
    It is cold here too. Some areas are showing below zero but our thermometer is registering 10. Another good day to stay put.

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  3. Yes, brrr. I told my husband it is a good day to stay in. I have more than enough to do. Neither of us will be watching football, but I hope you enjoy your time watching it, Peter. I will enjoy seeing the beautiful outdoors through my windows.

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  4. Good morning all! It’s jacket weather here and sunny. We’re going to a Thanksgiving celebration at church this afternoon. I can’t believe we’re coming up on Thanksgiving week already! There’s soooo much to be thankful for, including all of you. :–)

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  5. chilly here but sunny
    Taking care of a few chores before I head back to my house to wait for the rest of the flooring to be delivered.
    Michelle, did you get part of the countertops? I looked in the truck but they weren’t there.

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  6. This is when the calendar seems to speed up for me. Thanksgiving?? Christmas??? What?

    Neighbors are laying sod in their backyard today so the gardeners (we share the same guys) are using my driveway to drop things off.

    My last church (small, Presbyterian) had an informal Thanksgiving morning gathering every year, people would share what they were thankful for after a brief message and singing some hymns. I miss that church and the pastor who’s retired now.

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  7. They’re weeks late and not supposed to arrive until December 6ish. My husband is finishing things up today at the house–gee, I wonder if he’ll make HIS daughter’s bed–and they’re making do without a kitchen sink or cabinets.

    Since my daughter and niece really only need coffee this coming week, that should work. Internet drop tomorrow. I may have a guest room again soon–first time since 2017.

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  8. It really does take a village (or money) to set up and maintain a house.

    Think I’ll finally get down the waterfront to walk today; the time change pretty much nixed that lovely and helpful routine, I can’t seem to motivate myself to go down there in the dark after work, even though I’m sure it’s well lighted.

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  9. I was working in the kitchen and looked out my window to see an old car, model t style, parked outside my gate. So I went out and took some pictures. Which some of you have already liked on facebook.

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  10. Heidi has been having trouble getting up on my bed at night, which I figured would happen eventually, so I ordered pet stairs for her. I hope and pray that she won’t be afraid to use them.

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  11. I have been so busy I did not get on here until Saturday night. I started catching up on household chores I have been letting slide.

    I checked Art’s blood pressure tonight. It was good since he is on a med. Then I decided to take mine. Worse than ever. All these days of being off diet and not exercising. I pulled out a can of pineapple and ate chunks and made a smoothy with plain yogurt. I hope it helps. I need to make my saltless lentil soup, but I have not had time to cook lately.

    Listening to some great bluegrass on thr Music From the Caverns show on PBS. It’s a brother and sister playing/picking. Such harmony in one family!

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  12. I got a good sleep last night and may be late for Sunday school. I was cold the other night and found a thick knit cap to put on to keep my head warm. And then it falls over my eyes. It is amazing how keeping your head warm helps you to sleep. And it is a comfy hat.

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  13. Jo – And the fact that it covered your eyes may have helped, too. Due to one eye not closing all the way, because of having Moebius Syndrome, I use a sleep mask to help keep my eyes from getting too dry at night. A sleep mask also keeps out the morning light or other lights that may be in the room, such as the numbers on an alarm clock, so they help me stay asleep in those early morning hours.

    These are the ones I have been using for a while now, and they are very comfortable:

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  14. I like those, Kizzie. My preference is to wear a hoodie top and pull the hood over my eyes. I discovered how well that worked once while spending the night in a hospital and it blocked all those bright lights. And this time at the hospital I discovered I could use my Covid face mask over my eyes and nose in the night, too, to shut out the lights!

    My church service included communion this morning. I fixed little cups of sparking cider and graham crackers to use at home. I know some don’t agree with doing that anywhere except for at church, but my church invites people to participate at home as long as they are committed Christians. It was nice that Art could participate, too.

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  15. Strapless bras? That’s what I thought those were…pretty colors 😊

    Anyhoo…we studied Psalm 33 this morning and when our Pastor got to the end of the chapter these verses just leapt off the page seemingly and spoke strongly. May we always remember this in good times and not…He is ever faithful

    We wait in hope for the Lord;
    he is our help and our shield.
    21 In him our hearts rejoice,
    for we trust in his holy name.
    22 May your unfailing love be with us, Lord,
    even as we put our hope in you.

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  16. Love that, NancyJill.

    Interesting discussion in our SS/Q&A period today about prayer — with our visiting pastor stressing that sometimes we get too caught up in the prayer lists and neglect praying using Scripture, the Psalms (helpful books available, including Matthew Henry’s Method of Prayer, Book of Common Prayer), using the broad sweep of Scripture. Rhythms.

    Donald? Whitney also has a book on that, it’s not long.

    And as for lists, which are good, he also suggested praying through the church director, maybe a few folks each weekend, even though we may not know specific needs.

    Reminded me of how I (always!) want to do this more, or more consistently, or in too many barren seasons, just do it at all, period.

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  17. oops. Missed the thread.

    Had an interesting discussion with one of the aides this morning. She was telling me how horrible Trump was and how he lead the Jan 6 uprising. I begged to differ, about Trump and it being an uprising. Then I asked her view on the BLM violence. She had never heard of it but she thinks Christ’s Church (Doug Wilson) must be part of it. She is sixty two and that says something about our nation. She also has a strong dislike of Christians though she suspects I may be one. I have told her repeatedly that I am.

    Interestingly, my brother seems to have fallen into the current heading toward Christ. Praying for his awakening into new life.

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  18. We’re having a warm day here — with a warm week ahead, looks like. 70s. Sunny.

    So a warmish Thanksgiving probably. Still remember a few years ago when it was something like 97 degrees on Thanksgiving day, we were roasting along with the turkeys.

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  19. 😂 sheep herding the dog!!

    Pip had a play date yesterday with our neighbor’s grand dog Aussie Koda. While they were playing a herd of deer meandered through the back of our neighbor’s property. Well Pip decided she needed to herd them. She ran big circles around them and closed in with each circling. Paul said the deer were looking at her like she had gone mad! Koda just sat there and watched her and Paul “beeped” her collar to get her to end the herding escapade and return to him. She was probably just showing off in front of Koda who is a month younger.

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