15 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-18-22

  1. Keepin’ it real here…

    Most of the Dems who are winning by razor-thin margins were also lagging behind in votes earlier. In every case, once the voting approaches 90% or so, the Republican candidates’ vote count begins to slow down, the voting and tabulation machines break down, the lights go off , etc, etc, ad nauseum. In the final moments, the Dems miraculously win the election by a razor-thin margin, with most of the Dem votes coming in by mail and drop-offs, etc.

    The Dems know exactly how many votes they need to gain a slight victory in the waning moments.

    IT’S OBVIOUS TO (almost) EVERYONE! However, it would take honest audits to prove it.

    As a result, our country is still forced to live by lies, not in truth.

    And we all suffer…

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  2. How can a game be fair when a player can also be the referee? (Katie Hobbs)

    That’s the kind of world we live in now?

    Kari Lake:
    “Our election officials failed us miserably. What happened to Arizonans on Election Day is unforgivable. Tens of thousands of Maricopa County voters were disenfranchised.”

    “Now I’m busy here collecting evidence and data. Rest assured I have assembled the best and brightest legal team. And we are exploring every avenue to correct the many wrongs that have been done this past week. I’m doing everything in my power to right these wrongs. My resolve to fight for you is higher than ever.”

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  3. The Arizona and Pennsylvania mid-terms are the most obvious and egregious examples of the current election-rigging, but the Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Nevada elections were also rigged (although in slightly different ways).

    Let’s also remember that the msm and big tech constantly brainwash people with a 24⁄7 stream of lies and propaganda that is overwhelmingly skewed against Conservatives.

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  4. How quickly they forget.

    Or he’s knowingly lying again.

    Neither is a good look for media.

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  5. Good.

    “PA House Impeaches Philadelphia DA Over His Woke Policies”


    “The newly controlled GOP House has already gotten to work at dismantling the woke policies and crimes that Democrats had too long gotten away with.

    The Pennsylvania House impeached Philadelphia District Attorney, Larry Krasner, over allegations that his woke policies lead to a spike in crime.

    In a 107-85 vote, Krasner set the stage to be the first DA to be impeached in nearly three decades.

    On October 27, Pennsylvania Republicans filed the papers to remove Krasner from his position due to “negligence of duty.”

    According to reports, Philadelphia has seen 1,000 homicides and over 1,000 carjackings all within the 22 months Krasner has held his position.

    The GOP has argued that Krasner has failed to prosecute both minor and major crimes, as well as his bail request policies, his staff oversight, and reports that his office didn’t adequately notify crime victims about certain issues.

    Krasner is known for lenient criminal justice policies, such as reduced jail time, as well as instead of sending drug offenders to prison, he takes a public health approach.

    “This man has denied that there is even a crisis of crime happening on our streets,” Rep. Martina White (R-Philadelphia) said, adding “no public official is above accountability, and if not for us in this chamber, he would have no oversight.””

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  6. But some refuse to believe, because it doesn’t fit the false narratives they bought.

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  7. Can’t quit him.

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  8. The stickers we use to receive in Georgia after casting a vote said, “I Voted.” Now they say, “I Secured My Vote.” How do we secure our vote? After electronic voting, we print out a matching paper copy that goes into a machine. We push it in and the counter on the machine is pointed out to us that the number has changed by one (for those who have good vision to see such things). The sticker saying the vote is secured by us is suppose to give a false sense that nothing else could be manipulated.

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  9. “I believe we have to change the way this town works. I believe we have to change the way this Body works.”

    “They want their power. They want their committee chairmanships. They want their gavel. They want the ability to control the power and the purse strings, but they don’t want to look in the mirror and fundamentally change a broken town, a broken House, a broken Body, a broken Federal government that is stepping all over the dreams and the hopes and the future and the prosperity of the American people.”

    “Who is going to have power? The answer is, ‘Anybody but the American people. The answer is, ‘The rank and file members of this Body.’ The answer is, ‘The status quo.'”

    “Leadership. Isn’t leadership something that you recognize and follow, not something you elect?”

    Rep. Roy should be Speaker of the House.

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  10. Tychicus, thank you for your comments at the top. I certainly agree with you about the election, but I am not hearing anyone else making those comments.


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