20 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-17-22

  1. First? That’s a first.

    I’m up too early, but had to check my email for a news conference RSVP I’d missed getting submitted on time yesterday — when I was busy running Annie back and forth to the vet (she’s fine, just a check up but drive home was mired in a fwy backup due to an accident).

    Event today is customs displaying samples of some of the $1 billion in counterfeit goods seized at the port this year, including handbags, shoes, watches, and auto parts.

    In trying to connect with the organizers last night, I accidentally wound up getting approved to cover a news conference on a Napa fire today.

    Anyway, all set, but had to get a quick photo assignment in early today as the event is at 10:30 a.m.

    Annie was a trooper in handling what was a fairly long ride to and from the vet in her shiny new crate (it’s very nice, same as the last one but the updated model — last one was purchased many years ago when I was going to pick her up from the shelter).

    I do now have eye drops to give her which will be interesting.

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  2. Mornin all. 20 degrees here and it will be our high for the day. Heading down to 3 tonight.

    Dj I read an article yesterday about smiling at your cat…helps calm them down. Did you smile at Annie before placing her in her new carrier? 😊

    Praying for you this morning Aj… ❤️

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  3. I am being a “southern lady” today.
    We are having a Thanksgiving Potluck today at the office. It was supposed to be set up in the parking lot but it is currently 49 degrees here and we aren’t used to that. We are setting everything up in the office. Tables in the training room and using the counter in the resource room. The set up tables down the middle of the room instead of putting them to the other side against the desks that are in there. It’s going to be really crowded and isn’t going to work. I have managed this before but it got taken away from me when the young woman that was so mean to me worked with us. I started to voice my opinion but decided to shut up and come to Sonic to get the really good ice for drinks.
    I work with my friend M when she caters so I may or may not have learned a thing or two about setting up a buffet. I am just going to shut up and watch.

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  4. Oh I smiled, and cooed and nuzzled her, said what a sweet, good cat she is, and that she’ll now get to enjoy a little road trip …

    Faked her out pretty good — until I dropped her into the carrier. I smiled again, but she wasn’t having any of it by then.

    M, yes, I thought I could visit you if I had to cover that news conference.

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  5. I often give Miss Bosley a really big smile and say “Happy, happy, happy!” Also say, “You make me happy!” I had no idea it was a thing.

    I have not smiled much since we got home. It is a 24/7 job to take care of Art. He has support stockings for lymphodema in his legs that he’s had for years. He is swollen after the surgery so it took me about an hour of struggle to get the stockings on him. He’d not had them on since he went for surgery.

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  6. Janice, sounds like a lot as you transition back to home life, but you’ll get there. So glad to hear you’re home and Art’s now officially recovering. What an ordeal.


    Some interesting discussions sometimes on Twitter, including this one, quoted in part:

    ~ In USA context, hostility can now cost you career, business, friendships. Enemies aren’t content to spite you but leave you alone. …

    – Why is this era dramatically different than other periods of church history with significant hostility? (just me: is it? I’m not as well versed on church history as I should be)
    – Where is the place of evangelism?
    – Where is the place of persuasion?

    another comment on that thread:

    ~ I will add that evangelism will need to stress BEAUTY as well as never compromising on Truth. We live in an ugly, ugly age. ~

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  7. Janice I hope your day goes better! Caregiving is a tough job at times!
    Do you turn the support socks inside out before putting them on Art? When working on the inpatient unit at Hospice I would turn the sock inside out, slip the patient’s toes in then roll them up the leg. And of course it does matter how thick that sock is…some are nearly impossible to get on especially with swollen feet and legs. You could try compression wraps instead of socks until the swelling goes down….just a thought.
    Nonetheless I am praying for a quick healing and recovery and for endurance for you 😊

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  8. wow, the things you learn as we care for each other on here.

    I finally got on one of my retirement accounts. Had to call them as they had the wrong phone number and wanted to do a two factor to the wrong number.
    Every little thing takes time and effort.

    Meanwhile who knows where my flooring is…

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  9. Probably wandering the country with my daughter’s countertops . . . (the flooring).

    Come anytime, DJ.

    Surely you could wrangle a boondoggle up here? We could invited Jo down to join us for a part-tee.

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  10. Thank you, Nancyjill, for the hint on the quicker and less painful way to get those stockings on. My thumbnails are throbbing this afternoon from the stress of that chore. My walking friend told me her trick is get the heel in place first. I think I was trying for that but his feet were so swollen that I could not even do that. His legs are looking better now😀

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  11. Well I checked on my order again. Praise the Lord it has finally been delivered to the shipper. They say that it will be here tomorrow by 9pm. I submitted an inquiry to ask for time of day, morning, afternoon, or night.
    But this is encouraging.

    So encouraged to hear from Mumsee on the prayer thread.

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  12. I am better. After I got the ice I went to my office and unsubscribed from various emails.
    The food got eaten. I think one of the agents who had worked in restaurants since he was 14 went and changed some things. I don’t know. I got my food after everyone else and I visited with agents and vendors

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  13. Sounds like you were very wise, K and made the day peaceful for yourself.

    The email I got from the trucking company said the flooring could come today so off I went to the house. Got a lot of Bible study done and enjoyed my new fireplace.

    Now I have to go back in the morning to wait for them. But I am not going until 9 or so. I get a message when someone comes through our gate that I have phoned through. If they are earlier than that I will try calling my friends.

    Handyman has all of the base boards cut and sitting in the correct room waitin to be nailed down.

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