23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-12-22

  1. Kim, thanks 🙂

    I’m up early for a Saturday as it’s an extra work day for me this week — I have the waterfront groundbreaking to cover and write up, which should be easy and a little fun to boot; but also there are more vote tallies being released late today by the county so I and another reporter have assignments for that. Sigh. Maybe a long day.

    Well, it’ll provide some overtime on the next check. But also a really short weekend.

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  2. I am a little sore today from going up and down my stairs so many times yesterday. I had bags of linens and I stuffed them into the linen cupboard. Didn’t even open them. Nice to see a little more what is in my closets. I found that they left the leg weights which were really the most expensive.

    Found a nice saw that I had for cutting branches and put it to work on one juniper bush. Used the long handled loppers first and then the saw on the bigger branches. It worked well. This is in the spot below my house where I back my car to turn around and this one juniper was in the way. Not any more. So nice that I still had a couple of tools. Who knows what else is in those closets.

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  3. Late night hospital story. 2:30 a.m. Art lost the remote, and you know for a guy, that is critical. He’d also lost his mask. I awakened from sleep in my convertible sofa/day bed to the sounds of rustlings on the hospital bed. In his search, he managed to get on all fours, crawling and searching the covers. His gown got entangled with the IV cord and had him tied up. I got the gown off but dared not mess with that stretched and tightened IV cord. He told me the remote was attached to a cord. Ah! A clue! I found it by following the cord to where the remote had jammed into place under the bed. I got the gown back on him, but backwards as I latter found out. He called the nurse for assistance. I was holding back hysteria, wanting to nonstop laugh and cry. The nurse got him all straightened up but had to call in a helper who could deal with rolling veins to redo his IV. We finally got resettled. Then around 3:30 they got him to go to a far building in a clunky oversized wheelchair to do a CT scan.
    We survived the night.

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  4. Lol! That’s so funny, Janice. At least he had the energy to get up on all fours. It sounds like you’re both keeping your spirits up.

    PS– I did remember to include Miss Bosley in prayer as well as you and Art. I hope you’ll all be together at home soon. :–)

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  5. Oh my word Janice I am still laughing!! You know laughter and a good sense of humor keeps our marriages strong!! 😂 And it sounds as though he is doing really well right after surgery..praise to our Lord for watching over him…and you ♥️

    I ran into town to purchase more lights at Hobby Lobby. Whew people have lost their ever lovin’ minds. You would think it was “Black Friday” for goodness sakes! I got my lights and a really nice Christmas plaid throw made in India….I should have picked up more since they were 60% off!

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  6. I went downtown after the soccer game to see if my grandson was working. I didn’t see him, but decided to get a chicken pesto wrap. The gal at the counter just gave it to me since I am family. So nice. The other day I got a vanilla steamer and was charged full price, but not all of them knew me since I don’t come often.

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  7. I’m so old-fashioned, I still use flashlights. But I use the small ones (five
    inches long, and yes, I just measured one 🙂 ) that are more powerful than the big clunky ones that we used to use.

    I keep one near my bed, and use it for when I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I have a couple extras that are available for various needs. For instance, Boy will grab one when he takes the trash cans up the lane in the dark.

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  8. Those little flashlights are very handy to have near the bed, especially if staying at a motel or someone else’s home. We were blessed to have our children give us outlet and switch plates with tiny lights on them. They go on when it gets dark in a room. I don’t have any in the bedroom, but the ridiculous size of the numerals on the bedside radio/alarm brightens the room enough (actually more than I would like). I also like to send those little flashlights, with extra batteries, in Samaritan’s Purse boxes.

    We spent all afternoon and evening at a show that featured husband’s jam group. I was bummed when my phone had no service as I was looking forward to doing the Wordle and Quordle. I was bummed I hadn’t thought to bring my iPad.

    There are a whole lot of collages of pictures in a hallway at this venue. It is an old elementary school that was repurposed for community use after it was closed down. It was not that old of a school when that happened. There are many pictures of my husband and daughters. I think I am in one holding our first grandchild, (because someone mentioned it to me) but I didn’t see it. Nevertheless, what a trip down memory lane those pictures were!

    Janice, if Art will do that right after surgery, you are going to have to put an anchor on him when he is home! So glad the surgery went well.

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  9. An anchor for Art. haha. But I see on the prayer thread he’s had a little dip today, so praying he bounces back and you two can get home soon to Miss Bosley and some more normalcy.

    Yesterday was very long, spent several hours out at the big waterfront celebration, ran into most everyone I’ve ever interviewed in town, re-connected with a couple former colleagues, former folks who worked in the council office, the new councilman-elect, his campaign mgr whom I hadn’t seen in a some time, the former greek restaurant owner who’s been such a difficult and contentious interview subject through the years, but we had a nice chat yesterday, a tall ships youth program director I also hadn’t talked to in some time — and lots of dogs who were brought along for the fun, so I got my dog fix.

    Three-thousand folks signed up to be there, as of 3-4 hours into the daylong event between 1,000 and 2,000 were on hand, creating the crowded flow up and down the promenade (which is empty when I do my daily exercise walks there on all the other days/evenings).

    Story pretty much wrote itself, as they say, but after that I had to pitch in on the latest ballot dump from the county which took much longer than I thought as I’d been given two large roundups to update, half a dozen local cities (with numerous city council races) and an equal number of school districts that had crowded school board fields.

    I finished at around 7 p.m. — and the daytime assignment required a lot of standing and slow walking which left me feeling a bit sore.

    But such a beautiful day out there, in the high 60s, breeze, not a cloud in the blue sky over a strikingly blue harbor.

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  10. The photo above: I always see a gorilla at first.

    The chipmunk’s back stripe + gorilla teeth, the head thrown back.

    The wood “limbs” on either side, arms thrown up.

    But then I spot the chipmunk face and the whole picture changes. 🙂

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  11. Today the Old Testament reading was from Malachi. Whem the priest, Mark, started his sermon he called it Mah LEE Key – His Italian ancestor. It was funny. The sermon wasn’t. It was serious. In Malachi 3:16 “Then those who revered the Lord spoke with one another. The Lord atook note and listened, and book of remembrance was written before Him of those who revered the Lord and though on His name”.
    He then went to the Book of Common Prayer and the Burial of the Dead. NOT a celebration of life- the burial of the DEAD. We should prepare for death. We should have our affairs in order. The funeral allows for the eulogy of the deceased but should focus on God and the promises of our name. being in the book of remembrance.
    I guess he touched a nerve with me. My father did not “pass away”…he DIED. We don’t “earn our wings” and heaven doesn’t “gain an angel”. We DIE. We have the hope of everlasting life with God, the Father,Son, and Holy Ghost, but we die on this earth and to this world. (This paragraph is mine, not the priest’s).
    After church I had the opportunity to visit with a friend. Her father is 83 years old and in ill health. He lives here so she is the one to look after him. She is worried about his salvation. She says he sends her random Bible verses, but he would be getting those from a subscription. I told her about my father being in Bible Study with the Pastor of the Lutheran Church. When he died and the Paster came to the house and prayed with us he squeezed my hand and told me not to. worry my father was in heaven. I took great comfort in that. I hugged my friend and told her I would pray she would have that comfort when her turn came to say goodbye.

    I also think these things are heavy on my heart because I am a realist. My husnband will be having a surgery on his neck sometime in the near future. He has spinal stenosis and there is a real danger of him being in a wrech or slipping and falling, or any number of things happening to him before he has this surgery that could paralyze him. He gets his medical care through the VA. He is seeing neurologists and neurosurgeion.s to gather his information to present to the VA for approval.
    I am NOT happy about this. I don’t want just any old surgeon that agrees to work for the VA or accept their pay for surgery to operate. My husband doesn’t understand my feer. He always thinks the next surgery will be magic, sunshine, and roses. I have learned it is not. We were married in October of 2012 and he had THE surgery that changed everything in February of 2013. I keep telling him I am not looking to be a widow. Today during the sermon all I could think about was this surgery. And I may as well be completely honest with you—I thought about my husband’s funeral and that really scares me.

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  12. Kim – When Hubby died, my pastor appreciated my honesty about how awful it was. He said that death was not originally supposed to happen, and came only after The Fall. Death is still an enemy. Yes, we believers get to go to Heaven, and the New Earth eventually, but in the meantime, death leaves behind wounded hearts and much grief.

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  13. Here’s a thought I had to grapple with: Hubby is in Heaven with Jesus and that is wonderful. But he would have gone there eventually anyway, and he missed out on living a longer life with me and our family.

    But I also remind and comfort myself that it was God’s will for him to go when he did, for His own purposes, which I may never understand this side of eternity.

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