18 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-9-22

  1. And so, the Christian’s continue their walk with the Spirit, being light and salt in a fallen world. We continue to stand fast and pray for each other and our families to do the same.

    Never have I understood the division that led to the Civil War so much as I do now. Never have I understood the killing in the Rwanda genocide and in the Nazi Era as I do now. Sometimes ignorance is bliss…

    Thank the Lord we don’t have to be ignorant about the end of it all! Another thing to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

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  2. Morning all! The sun made it’s appearance in the sky this morning and it was most glorious!! How thankful that we can look to the One in control over all!! He is the author and finisher and in Him we can put out hope and trust! ♥️

    I can totally relate Kathaleena and was pondering these very things in the middle of the night as I lay in bed wide awake. You all were prayed for and I was particularly praying for the state of the church. Starting with myself that I would be cleansed and focused upon what truly matters…relying upon His direction in life…being salt and light in a fallen world. It was a good night in communication with our Lord.

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  3. Our division does seem to be entrenched. Praying for mercy that this period can end, but also realizing He’s doing something with this and that will take as long as it takes. Humility and repentance as one possible response for us? As Nancyjill said, starting with ourselves?

    We will watch what God does, though we cannot ultimately understand. It may seem counter-intuitive to us (“Why, God?”), but not to Him who allows good and evil leaders to rule and dissension and unrest to reign in a land for a purpose.

    I still haven’t checked some of our local races this morning, the two mayoral candidates were running virtually tied last I checked. And is there a runoff coming in GA or did that get resolved? What happened in Arizona?

    Guess I need to catch up.

    The national results were a bit surprising in many cases. But we’ve been surprised before. The era of reliable polling is gone, try as they might. Some were pretty accurate, though.

    The sun is out this morning, the rain has passed (I think? Haven’t checked the forecast). But it’s still all very wet outside. That’s good.

    Phoebe the black retriever is barking in the yard next door, I do love hearing dogs bark when they’re let out first thing in the morning. A new day beginning.

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  4. I have not looked at final results yet, lol. We had an early pre-op appointment at the hospital. Then other business. I’ve just made cole slaw and have plans to make Swedish meatballs with venison soon. I figure a little extra iron from red meat might be good for Art right now.

    But, yes, last time I looked it appeared we’d be having Walker and Warnock stew for Thanksgiving in Georgia.😀😒🙃

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  5. I have a sinus infection. Went to the pharmacy and was told it would be ready in an hour. Went grocery shopping returned in an hour. Stood in line 15 minutes only to be told it will be another half hour! I am sitting here waiting for 20 minutes so far…🙁

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  6. Sorry to hear you have that sinus problem, Nancyjill. And those waits are not fun.

    I have everything ready to put the ground venison in the mix and make those meatballs. I have not made meatballs in years. I really don’t want to put my hands in that stuff, but Art always loved Swedish Meatballs. I must brave up! Trying to do a few special things before the agonies begin.

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  7. I finally got my antibiotics and just made it home before I should turn into a pumpkin!! It is now o’dark thirty and ya’ll know I’m not allowed to drive in the dark! Whew!

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  8. Wow! The card that got accidentally remailed at Art’s office came to our home address again this evening! What a relief. It is a really funny card that Art loved! Several little good things like that have happened this week. I was able to send a thank you email for the cards tonight. So thankful. Doubly!

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