41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11×2=22

  1. Sorry I’ve offline the last few days. Attended a lovely memorial service for a dear Lutheran saint who passed away at age 98. She’d written the service herself and there were few dry eyes in the congregation. Tuesdays are busy with a two-hour Bible study that’s an hour drive away, before and after which I’ve been working on updating church membership information that’s been neglected for several years in the online application (Shepherd’s Staff).
    Anyhow, I wanted to let you know that the Halloween picture was our son’s first-place winning entry in the Trunk-or-Treat event at the girls’ school. He is a plumber and that is the back of his work truck. His boss gave him company pens and note pads, all of which he gave out, so it was a win-win-win.

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  2. Good morning!
    Thank you, Linda, for the commentary on that Halloween photo. I can see how it would win 1st place. So creative!

    I am having a Newman’s Own French Roast K-cup coffee this morning. It’s good!

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  3. Morning all and I saw Waldo right off!! Oh how I miss Chas’ comments on those headers!!

    Coffee is a good thing Janice. Especially on dark chilly mornings. The Lord certainly has blessed us with those small enjoyable moments in life!

    Laundry room is coming together. A small paint job grew into an entire room paint job. I will finish it off today. Then another run to Goodwill with more “stored away” things we found. 😊

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  4. I could open most of my house to Good Will or Ecumenical Ministries or the Thrift store at one of the churches. I have way too much stuff. Remember how years ago I had gotten rid of so much stuff? Well, somehow what I have has grown again. I am blaming a lot of it on being married to a pack rat.

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  5. Mr. P saw the second neurosurgeon yesterday and recorded what the doctor had to say. He explained the surgery and that for a week or two afterward the most pain would be how heavy his head would feel.
    Mr P is making noise about going with who the VA approves. I am not a big fan of that. This whole thing is making me a nervous wreck.

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  6. Good morning all!

    Kim, Mr P is so blessed to have you. C and I were just talking about how crucial good support is when you’re really sick or debilitated.
    We’re waiting in the dr office now for routine checkup.

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  7. still dark in California. Such a nice rain yesterday and today will be more of the same. Which means that the handyman will be working on my house instead of his other job which is outdoors. Lots of rain predicted. I have dates when my flooring is to arrive. Meanwhile he says that the vinyl floors in the kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms has to come out. He and the painter agreed on the right way to do things. I just listen.

    The plumber will also be there doing the propane lines. A busy day. I will go to BSF and then head down to the house.

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  8. Janice, that is an incredible picture. You keep telling us how bad your eyes are and then get a picture like that. That is the cutest little chipmunk.

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  9. Good morning. It is my last morning to sleep in. i start an 8 shift stretch tonight. This is my “cook for the week day”. I’m not sure what I will come up with.

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  10. Thank you, Jo. The phone camera works great. I could hear the chipmunk squeak, pointed the camera toward it, and clicked. I never know what I get in photos like that until I look through them and expand the photo so I can see the details.

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  11. Janice, that IS a good shot!

    I once took a panoramic scenic view of Grasslands National Park. I decided to zoom in to look at the detail and there was a rat, of all things, sitting in the middle of the valley. Could not see it in real life, but there it was on the zoom.

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  12. Kare, congratulations. At last!

    Cute chipmunk.

    It’s raining lightly here this morning, I haven’t checked to see if we’ll get more but I suspect we will.

    We always love and welcome rain, even if it’s just a little bit.

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  13. Finally, some stories are coming my way for this week.

    And while I still need to do what’s called a “lay-down” (an advance story to post Tuesday morning and update later that night) I will be working the day shift on election day. Woo-hoo.

    Election nights seem exciting when one is new to journalism — not so much after a lot of years enduring the hours-long slog. They’re just hectic and high-pressured with frequent deadlines, editors losing it. But interspersed with slow boredom, especially in the earlier hours when returns aren’t coming in on time.

    I remember having to update our numbers chart one night on the final early-morning deadline, that was the Bush-Gore debacle I believe (but we had numerous races we were tracking in the region also, so it was a big chart). The person who usually did that called in sick — she still apologizes to me about that when we talk — and it was a first for me. I had a frantic managing editor standing right behind me at my shoulder shouting and counting down the minutes I had to finish the latest number updates which made me absolutely crazy. Try typing in accurate numbers, a slew of them, under that pressure.

    Newsroom pizza isn’t enough to off-set all that, though it does help. But we don’t have that anymore either, now that we’re all working from home.

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  14. Dog trivia

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  15. NancyJill – I thought of Chas, too, when I saw Waldo in there. 🙂

    DJ – What beautiful dogs they are!

    On election day, you should order some pizza for yourself. 🙂

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  16. What drink do you all enjoy with pizza?

    Around here, at least in my family, root beer is supposed to go with pizza. But when I was growing up, when we were in Ohio, cream soda was what we always had with pizza. I don’t know if that was my dad’s preference or if it was an “Ohio thing” or what.

    However, I often just have water while I am eating, and enjoy the root beer (sugar-free) later or earlier. 🙂 The exception would be if we are all having it together and they are having root beer, then I’ll have some, too.

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  17. Diet Coke.

    Aussies are great dogs, I’ve had a couple — Pilgrim and then Cowboy who was a Border Collie/Aussie mix. They’re happy, bouncy dogs, a less serious/intense that BCs which are a close cousin.

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  18. Cowboy had his bouncy moments and enjoyed playing with other dogs, but he was more of a subdued personality overall, a very sweet dog.

    Pilgrim had a bit of the working-dog intensity in him, he obsessively played fetch.

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  19. Janie is part Catahoula Cur and a mix of maybe a couple other breeds, with possibly some German Shepherd in her. What is particularly cute is that she often happily prance like a horse. 🙂 (And she has the long legs that add to the effect.)

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  20. Kizzie I enjoy sparkling water…especially the orange variety at Sprouts. The lime is good too! They have the fizz and flavor without sugar or artificial sugar.

    Congrats Kare! My first baby was 10ths exactly and came out via c-section thankfully!!

    Aussies are great dogs and all seem to have very different personalities. Babe was the sweetest most laid back dog who just wanted to be with us and make us happy…which she did for almost 13 years. She loved ball chasing but her favorite thing to do was catch the frisbee…and go for runs with her male human.
    Lu is neurotic but sweet. She isn’t fond of other dogs but will tolerate them for the most part. She won’t chase anything but loves to run with Paul.
    Fly was sweet but a bit jumpy with others around…toy Aussie which my Vet said “small dog small brain”!!
    Pip is a follower of her humans. She is never an inch behind us. Very sweet but an alpha dog and hard headed. She is a die hard ball chaser!! She would rather eat the Frisbee than to catch it.

    Four colors of Aussie? Blue merle, Tri color, red merle and black and white?

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  21. NancyJill – “Neurotic but sweet” describes Janie, too. She is a high strung, nervous dog, but very sweet.

    Heidi is more laid back – and very sweet, of course. I just love her so much! 🙂

    Janie is definitely the dominant one. But sometimes when they are playing, she “pretends” to take the submissive posture for a bit. Kind of like she’s letting Heidi pretend to be boss for a little while. 😀

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  22. Oh, I like that Sprouts sparkling water, too. And the carbonated version (peach) they sell at our grocery store.

    And yes, while breeds have some traits in common, all dogs come with their own unique personalities and habits.

    Cowboy was very shy and insecure when he came to me — out of a shelter in the desert, his former owner, a guy, was moving and couldn’t keep him, so the border collie rescue group snapped him up.

    He did fine in my house, I still had my 13-year-old shaggy shelter dog mix, Ellie, 50 lbs, and they got along but weren’t really fast friends. Cowboy wasn’t used to walks — the first few times he wouldn’t even sniff or lift his leg, he just kept looking up at me, wondering where we were going and why. 😦

    Just a few months later, I took Ellie in for her regular checkup when the vet noticed her lymph nodes were all swollen — she had lymphoma, which can happen with older female dogs. Because of her age and the fact that there was no cure — and the treatments would require a specialist vet — I felt clear about not doing the treatment. Vet said lymphoma wasn’t painful, but she would just run out of steam after a while, which is what happened. 😦 That was a tough loss, too, she was special, very sweet and cute.

    So, after another month or two, I let the rescue group know I had a space for a female to go with Cowboy and that’s when Tess turned up. She brought Cowboy to life, he LOVED her, she was bright and outgoing and confident (unlike him, pretty much) and he followed her everywhere. She also was beautiful, a breed-book picture of the classic border collie (and she did turn out to be a purebred, a few years later I had her DNA tested).

    She snapped at Cowboy initially but it didn’t deter him, he was just crazy about her and within a few days they were inseparable, joined at the hip.

    Where one was, the other one was, too.

    Really a magical, super-bonded match that lasted for so many years.

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  23. Congratulations on the new baby, kare. Baby’s mama is going to need a whole lot of rest after all that labor and a C-section. I hope she can get it.

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  24. With twin boys that don’t turn 2 until Christmas Eve, a husband that leaves in 4 days for training in Pittsburg for his new job – not going to be much rest. I sure hope her two sisters and her mom & dad will be able to be there lots.

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  25. We had brunch with some extended family members today. We were rushing at the end, since the family member who asked us to pick a day and time and agreed to it, ended up forgetting she had a health appointment at a city a half hour away. She ended up being a half hour late even after we adjusted the time. My husband had to be at his jam, but we stayed for as long as we could. Another family member decided to pick up the tab (which was nice of him) but he said we (my husband and I) should leave a generous tip. I wanted to see the slip since I had no idea how much it was. Nope, he said just leave a generous tip. I realized later that we should have left more than we did. Prices have gone up so much. It wasn’t a bad tip, but not what I would have done if we had had either the slip or time to calculate what the total possibly was. We have had the server before and will again, though, so will remember to tip her more then. I hate trying to rush that stuff.

    I am fighting sinusitis and suffering head pain, so that didn’t help. Too many things going on this week for us, IMO.

    OTOH, it was 72 degrees here today! We may have snow on Saturday when deer hunting season starts, but we will have one more nice day tomorrow. It is so much easier to get out and about in beautiful weather.

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  26. Kare – I don’t remember if I offered my congratulations yet, so if I haven’t. . .Congratulations on the new grandbaby!

    Charlie is a cute name. Is it its own name or a nickname for Charles? (Nightingale says that Charlie, without being a nickname, is a popular name right now.)

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  27. A chilly, windy night walking on the waterfront tonight. I think it made me walk faster.

    But someone snagged my curbside parking spot in front of my house while I was gone. I park on the street Monday-Friday so neighbors have use of the driveway. If they leave later tonight I can scoot the Jeep back down there, if not I’ll take care of it in the morning, can always park across the street (usually anyway) but like the spot in front of the house, of course.

    I’m spoiled!

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  28. Name is Charles, but will be called Charlie.

    It’s below freezing here. It’s snowed about a foot today and it’s still coming down and blowing a bit. Kootenay is loving all the snow – jumping through it and burrowing his nose in it and then digging! He also loves eating it. 🙂

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