Our Daily Thread 10-31-22

Good Morning!

Today’s header is from Lutheran Linda. 🙂

This is also the day where you hide your candy from small beggars wearing disguises. Careful, they are a tricky lot.


Anyone have a QoD?


36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-31-22

  1. Senator Warnock has a new ad appealing to voters, “I don’t want to ruin your Thanksgiving with a runoff election.” So he is asking people to get him over 50%. It is a cute ad that could work to help Walker, too.

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  2. Received a nice photo this morning, of Chicago in the fall. And another from a son in Lausanne. So I stepped out on the deck to take a morning pic in the pitch dark. Some creepy appendage was in the photo, so I took two more same place immediately after. The addition to the photo was gone. A wing? A tail in the tree? An insect in front of the camera? Some strange manifestation for the time of year? Who knows.

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  3. In a not too surprising turn of events, the sun has risen. Or at least, is in the process. Hard to tell with the cloud coverage. Exercise is done, waiting for children to return from chores, then off to medicate daughter.

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  4. I got my flu shot! We were the only ones at Sam’s Club pharmacy so it was great. I told Art that I am finally feeling better so I am getting a shot so I can feel bad again😀 Thankfully I don’t yet feel any effect from it.

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  5. Happy Reformation Day!

    I still need to get my flu shot. I’ve not had reactions to it when I’ve gotten it before. I don’t think I’ve gotten the stronger version, maybe this year they’ll recommend that.

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  6. Not sure I mentioned this last night in my prayer thread comments, but Nightingale is going to look into having those Ring cameras installed at our doors, as well as motion-senser flood lights. She is also planning on getting her pistol permit.

    As Michelle mentioned at the end of yesterday’s prayer thread, I will be responsible for the prayer covering. Already on it!

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  7. So will she be a pistol-packing mama?

    Scary situation, Kizzie, and so much at stake with the boy in such a formative stage of life.

    So the question today is to hand out candy or not? I don’t have any candy so would have to make a dash to the market sometime today on a break to buy some and then get the porch set up. It’s dark by the time we get off work for the most part now. So trick-or-treaters will be coming early.

    I’m thinking of handing out candy maybe from 6-8 p.m. (I usually run out by then anyway), then shut off all the lights.

    But we’ll see, it’ll depend on the day I have working today.

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  8. I did not get any paperwork with my flu shot; first time ever. But there was a form to fill out before getting the shot. These days Art fills out the forms since it takes me so long with the magnifying glass. Maybe the guy did not give paperwork because he figured I could not read it. I must have gotten the lesser dose since so far I feel no effect. The pharmacist said I needed the 2nd pneumonia shot in the series but I said I’d had a reaction to the first and wouldn’t get it, and I’d gotten very sick from the first Covid shot. Maybe he chose the lesser flu shot for me😀 I said I’d not had problems with the flu shot in the past.

    As for Art, he got his flu shot at a CVS Minute clinic and got about 5 pages of paperwork and a fold-up cardboard carrier for all the paperwork with his heavier dose shot.😀 Enough for the two of us!

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  9. I hate the forms, my pharmacy has a way to fill them out online first but they’re so long and repetitive.

    Physical Therapy has the same routine, lots of forms to fill out but only periodically.

    My favorite question is whether I have trouble running at full speed and making a sudden turn.

    um, yeah?

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  10. I saw the opthamologist today. I am still having trouble with my left eye being read. For several years I have noticed it appears to droop and be smaller. Today my iris was much smaller than the iris in my right eye. He ran all sorts of tests and cannot find anything wrong. He is sending me out for a neurological consult. That appointment is on December 15th.
    I have some of the symptoms of Horner’s Syndrome but not enough of them to make a good case for it.

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  11. Janice, that Senate race is really close — let’s hope it’s not actually as close as it appears, lest there be more disputes over the results.

    So the Senate race IS the runoff, the governor’s race could wind up in a future run-off. … ?

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  12. Kim, glad you’re getting it checked out.

    I had a dream about you last night, you somehow lived out here and we were working in a newsroom together and planning to go see Frank Sinatra (but wait, isn’t he dead? I kept thinking) at the Copacabana (there’s one in Hollywood) — but at the last minute we decided neither of us really wanted to go through the hassle so we were going to try to find it live-streaming on YouTube after we each went home instead.

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  13. My mom got to have her dream come true of seeing Elvis Presley in concert. She said the saddest words she ever heard were at the end, “Elvis has left the building.” 🙂 She was devastated when he died.


  14. Dj, we will not know for sure about the governor or senate possible runoffs until all the election votes have been tallied. It looks from polling like Kemp has won, but we know there is a margin of error in those polls. Both could still end in runoff elections.


  15. I thought you said you normally didn’t get symptoms from the flu shot, Janice? So isn’t that pretty normal? Or you’re thinking because of all your medical changes it might be different this time.

    GA confuses me with how you vote. 🙂

    At this point, we have one big election, Nov. 8.

    We count the votes.

    It is (we hope) then finished.

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  16. So I have been off the internet or my computer all day. Google chrome would not open and I did not want to reboot until I figured out how to save something that was open.

    I took a nap and when I woke up I thought it was morning and didn’t know the day. I was tired.

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  17. So I went to my house today, expecting to spend the day. I met with the painter and then couldn’t find my checkbook to pay her. The handyman came by and we talked and then he arranged things with the painter. I trust them, but that conversation cost me. Now the painter is also doing the baseboards. I like the colors I chose. Three accent walls and two bathrooms will be a gray blue and the rest will all be an icicle color.

    Had to go find the painter later to give her the deposit, after I did quite a hunt for the checkbook.

    I also went somewhere new to order the toilets.

    So, the handyman had my original bid for the flooring. He marked it all up to show me exactly what to order. I must have left it at the house, so cannot order.

    What a crazy day. I have to think that God knows these delays and He can use them for good. I am tired and not thinking clearly. Woke up at 4:30 again. Time changes are difficult.

    Supposed to go to my daughers tonight for soup and then donuts. Then I think we walk around with the kids.

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  18. Dj, I usually get minor symptoms from the flu shot like a sore arm. Just a bit ago I leaned against the arm and I felt a touch of soreness so I thought that is good. It usually feels a little puffy and sore but had not felt like that today so I wondered if the shot was effective.

    Our elections are simple enough, dj, for southern simpletons😀 i can’t bear to think of having to choose between a Democrat and a Democrat in the general elrction. That seems crazy to me🙃


  19. Rkessler – I don’t perspire a lot. That was the question I couldn’t answer. Since letting my hair go natural and especially after layering it, it is curly which is another thing that may happen. That side would have straight hair. My hair was straight all of my life.
    I am ready to know what it is and what can be done to elevate some of the symptoms.

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  20. I have read Cash’s autobiography and several other books about him. He was a flawed man and at his core an addict. He was also a believer in God. It is part of why the video and song HURT became his and not the original artists.

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  21. Janice, (@8:01), I really dislike the change they made to our primary — this was several years ago — where you no longer have the top Republican and top Democrats in the general election, but merely the “top two vote-getters.” Because we are in an area that’s so overwhelmingly Democrat, it’s frequently a choice (not much of one, though) between two Democrats.

    I hope we go back to the way it was before at some point, but not holding my breath. I feel like it almost disenfranchises folks. At least give me someone from the party I’m closest to that I can vote for.

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