9 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 10-29-22

  1. 🙂 I like it, too. And it is true. God knows.

    🙂 Saturday.

    🙂 Called my best friend from high school — who’s been an on and off (mostly off) contact through all of these years. We got interrupted and she said she’d call me back. I prefer emailing (but can carry on a long phone conversation, too) but she definitely prefers the phone communication over written. We’ll work it all out. She’s now in Washington state, has apparently moved around a lot.

    🙂 Found the flex bands used at my PT practice on Amazon so ordered a set. Several of their exercises they’re having me do are using those.

    😦 I see a couple of the dogs being evaluated by my friend at the border collie rescue have been adopted out to others. She and I have known each other for years, she’s the one who placed Tess & Cowboy with me and knows my dog history well, that I’m a responsible owner. But we need a dog that’ll be OK with cats (a challenge) so it could take some time, she said she’s keeping an eye out for me. Patience will be needed on my end, apparently.

    🙂 It feels (sort of) good to be back to work, I have to admit. Weekends are still too short.

    🙂 Just got off a 2-hour phone call with my friend, who called back, so many fun memories and catching up to do. We talked about all our beach-filled summers, the time we both (I thought it was just me) were caught out in a rip tide when the waves were high and started pounding us into the sand and neither of us, in separate areas could get back to shore where everyone else, including a lifeguard, just stood and watched. She said another time she was out there and got thrown into the sand so hard it snapped the buttons on the back of her bathing suit top when she then had to hold together with one hand while trying to swim to shore with the other arm alone. If I was with her that day (we couldn’t remember) I’d forgotten the incident.

    She reminisced about her high school band days, too, how they used to march in the Hollywood Christmas parade but had to be right behind the horses … so lots of side-stepping as they tried to stay on tune and in a semi-formation. “Our white boots were green” by the time they reached the end, she said.

    They also got to play at Disneyland for the grand opening festivities (1967?) of the “It’s a Small World” ride.

    Our baby-sittting days for the Kings, she took the kids she baby-sat to the beach once and the toddler took off and wound up face-down in the shallow wave water, friend was sure she was probably dead (she wasn’t).

    Sigh. Lots of fun, good to talk to her again. I guess it’s been maybe 20 years, she was in town back then and we spent the day together.

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  2. We also reminisced about algebra class in high school which we both signed up for even though we hated (and were bad at) math.

    So we mostly remembered Bob and Stu, two guys in the class who used always talk in low, goofy-funny tones across the classroom. “Heyyyy, Stuuuuuu” “Hey Bob…”

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  3. DJ – Your friend’s mention of the band’s white boots reminds me that when I was a little girl, maybe eight to ten years old, I wanted a pair of those then-popular white shiny boots we called go-go boots. 🙂 (Never got them, though.)

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  4. I once teased my friend about being a Go-Go dancer and she got quite upset. She was doing some kind of dance thing for a local contractor at a business fair. I was not trying to put her down, but she took it that way. I think she had an aunt who was an exotic dancer and was maybe a bit sensitive of anything that smacked of that.

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