28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-28-22

  1. All that fishing yesterday wore me out. 😉

    The big story about fishing around our state recently was the guys who were winning the fishing contest by adding lead weights. They won big money after a few years of competing. Then one of the judges happened to squeeze one of the fish and felt a hard round object. Actually, there were more than one. Greed makes people do some pathetic things.

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  2. That’s too funny Kathaleena.

    I was just reading this in our local paper, that comes from NY. 😕


    “Fisherman plead not guilty to charges in Lake Erie walleye tournament scandal”

    Two men accused of stuffing five walleye with lead weights and fish fillets during a lucrative fishing tournament on Lake Erie pleaded not guilty to cheating and other charges on Wednesday.

    Jacob Runyan, 42, of Broadview Heights, Ohio, and Chase Cominsky, 35, of Hermitage, Pennsylvania, made no comments during their brief court appearances in Cleveland. Their attorneys declined to comment about the case after the hearing.

    Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor James Gutierrez also declined to comment, referring questions to a spokesperson.

    The cheating allegations surfaced Sept. 30 when Lake Erie Walleye Trail tournament director Jason Fischer became suspicious because Runyan and Cominsky’s fish were significantly heavier than walleye of that length typically are. An angry crowd at Gordon Park in Cleveland watched Fischer cut the walleye open and announce there were weights and fish fillets stuffed inside them.”

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  3. I did hear that, AJ. It should be interesting to hear the evidence. The video looked convincing. Who knows, but those there and involved? Their defense should be interesting.


  4. Morning all!
    The snow is certainly beautiful this morning in our forest. Our total was 7 inches and I shoveled all of that off the driveway and the garage pad…took me like forever! The Springs got only a “trace” so they will wait for their first official snowfall…

    And the washer died. But it flooded my laundry room before it took it’s last breath! I was hauling water out the basement door at 9 last night. What is it when my husband leaves it always snows and something breaks?! 😜
    Any recommendations for a new washer?

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  5. Good morning, all. Another beautiful day here as the sun is coloring the eastern sky and beyond. Much to do every where but here but this is the season in which we find ourselves. Makes me glad we bought the house next door to daughter and have good renters.

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  6. We have a really great snow thrower…I just don’t know how to use it!! 😜

    Our washer is a Kenmore and is 16 years old. It has been a good one but has come to the end of it’s life cycle. We had Maytag before the Kenmore…would never again purchase that brand again…they lasted 3 years and had multiple repairs during those 3 years.

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  7. Phew, we survived the first night with puppy. He cried and howled ALL night. He’s had breakfast and is fast asleep now. NancyJill, how often did you need to take out your pup to potty during the night at 8 weeks?

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  8. We are at the Emory Hospital cafeteria waiting for my next step in a procedure/test. We are looking out on street level at a campus block where stidents are passing by. As I went to the restroom, Art observered about three groups of students and tour guide doing orientation or some such. He said one tour guide was walking backwards and tripped over a traffic cone. Ooops!

    Meanwhile, at the restroom, they were being cleaned. A nice man in his outdoor worker’s vest kindly asked the man restroom attendant when he’d be done cleaning the ladies’ room. Then he explained he was asking for me and not himself. He was waiting for the men’s room for himself. A sign of the times.

    There is tree trimming going on right outside the window here so that has entertained Art, too. He said, “One man up in the tree while three wait around on the ground.” A typical work scene.

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  9. I see I stand corrected on metal roofs in other areas of the country. Here with the rain, sun, heat, etc…they are not as popular. Also HOA’s have rules against them.
    On Solar Panels I will post this….

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  10. Speaking of padding those fish with weights, it reminded me of the Pinewood Derby races for Cub Scouts. We drilled holes in the cars to add those lead pellets to bring the car to the heaviest allowed to give the cars their best advantage. Such fun memories as Wesley’s magic marker colored and sticker applied car (most unprofesdional looking entry) won over the (competitive dad’s) sleekly painted cars.

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  11. oh those puppy days!! The good thing is they whine to go out. The downside was she would whine 2 times a night! We started limiting her water after 7 which seemed to help. When you have to take them out at 1 and 4 am it is scary in the forest. Dark and not knowing what lurks in the darkness. I let my neighboring property owners that if they saw a flashlight it was most likely me….just look for a leashed dog and an owner jumping up and down squealing “good girl!!”

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  12. That is very sad, Kim. I sure wish people would watch their language when they want lots of people to listen to them. It was informative, however.


  13. My Maytag washer/dryer set — only ones that fit side-by-side in my small space and they were on sale at Home Depot — have worked fine, had them about 4 years now I think.

    I briefly thought of just going with a puppy but yeah, up and down in the night — I just got through all that with my very old dogs. 😦

    Still waiting for something to come along with the border collie rescue friend, she’s keeping an eye out and I scan their FB page as well. One they recently came in contact with was a dog who had been running loose and was “in a feral state.” Some can be ruled out pretty quickly!

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  14. We bought an LG top loader about six years ago that I’ve been very happy with. It doesn’t have an agitator, so you can wash blankets and quilts in it.

    It figures out water usage and with the matching dryer we bought a few years after, a load of laundry is often done in under 90 minutes.

    My daughter-in-law bought the same machine and was not happy with it. She runs hers harder and more often than I run ours.

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  15. I’m sorry Kathaleena. I hadn’t watched it in a while and forget there was bad language. Yes, he is on HBO so I should have know.


  16. NancyJill, thanks so much. Yes, we had much howling all around early this morning – low mournful (wolves?), high yaps (coyotes), dogs barking and howling. And our neighbours farm bison so you can sometimes hear their grunts and snorts – to me it sounds like a bear in OUR brush.

    Not to mention the elk and moose that wander through…

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  17. We did have a mountain lion in Brentwood yesterday, near an elementary school — tranquilized (after some time, he wasn’t easy) and taken back the Angeles Forest.

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  18. Oh lions and tigers and bears kind of forest!! The other morning Lu woke us up at 4:30 so out we went. That is the morning I heard a raccoon scolding me and off in the distance I could hear a pack of coyote howling. And it sure doesn’t help when the dogs immediately have their noses to the ground like something is there or has been there!
    When Pip was little I did order the fake turf pad for the back deck. When I was alone I didn’t want to go out there in the dark I would open the deck door and she would go on the grass pad….it was a life saver for me at times. And she learned to go back to bed if it was too early for mama!!

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  19. A whiff of the air outside tells me that there was a skunk around here recently and something got sprayed. Glad it wasn’t either of our dogs.

    Heidi, who usually is snoozing soundly this time of evening, seems to be on some kind of alert. I wonder if it has something to do with the skunk situation.

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