36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-27-22

  1. Good morning AJ, and everyone!
    It’s cool and windy. The yellow and orange maple limb hanging in front of the oak outside our bedroom window is waving ‘Good Morning’ too.

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  2. Morning Debra.

    You too Jo, sorry I’m late. 🙂

    Cheryl has some time off so I slept in a bit.


    From yesterday….

    Janice, it’s Merrill Creek Reservoir in NJ.




    There are trees in the water that have been there since the land was flooded back in 1988, most as you see are long dead. In addition to that there are several old homes at the bottom of it. They left them when they flooded it. They’re now under 225 feet of water.


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  3. Morning all! It’s still pitch black out here and I’m not seeing any light breaking through yet. Days are a getting longer!
    Thanks for those links Aj. And it only cost 217 million to create? Can you even imagine the cost in today’s dollars? When I first looked at the header this morning I was struck by how dense those trees are surrounding the lake. I then wondered if there were any homes back in there? Now I know there are homes under there! So sad…..
    While I love the deciduous trees and their beauty I kind of like being in the pines 😊 🌲

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  4. Days are getting longer, NancyJill? I am not looking forward to dark late in the afternoon again.

    The beauty of fall is amazing. Each season has its own beauty. What an amazing Creator we have!

    My cousin’s daughter is studying acting and is in Georgia. I only met her once when she was very young. She did just ask for prayer for her mom (on FB) who was in a car accident. I have no idea how she is doing. Her mom lived with our family for a few months, and we were quite close at that time.

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  5. Well it is 26 degree and snowing 🙃

    There were about 10 deer wandering through the back this morning and I tried my hardest to get a photo of the snowflakes on their ears but they weren’t having any of it! They were checking out the bird baths but I emptied them last night due to freezing.
    I did capture a couple photos as they came closer to the house. A buck was leading them and one was bringing up the rear…protecting their ladies and a couple babies.

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  6. I am trying a cup of Green Mountain Columbian coffee which I did not care for at first sip this morning, but it is growing on me. In the beginning of my coffee drinking years it was Columbian that I drank, but I have so grown beyond that.

    I had my upper main body and lower main body scans this a.m. They use an iodine contrast IV to do the quick test, but the wait for the radiologist was long. Road construction has begun on replacing three bridges in the area so traffic is snarled on the expressways because of that. Then there was an accident to add to it. The lady taking people back for appointments said many patients were late, too. We travel back roads so had no problem.

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  7. I hope your cousin is okay, Kathaleena. Do you know what part of town her daughter lives in?

    I hear Art on the phone about his medical procedure. We are medicaling together today! He is taking off these days so maybe it’s our substitute vacation since we are renting out our timeshare unit during our usual one week of annual vacation.

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  8. Janice, maybe you can plan a nice get-away once this medical period is behind you, even it’s only a break in the action.

    I noticed some of your local filming projects were for Christmas movies (for ’23 release), which reminded me that the Hallmark movies are probably running already on that channel.

    Well that’s certainly a beautiful water reservoir, though the history of submerged abandoned homes was a bit jarring and sad.

    We’re getting fog and dew in the mornings but no rain (I though it sounded like a little bit of rain early this morning, but it was just the moisture from the roof going down the drain spout on the side of the house and dripping onto the concrete.

    It is certainly getting darker earlier, I head out for my post-work day walk on the waterfront at 6 p.m. each night and I’ve definitely noticed the difference. Watched a huge container ship heading out of port the other evening, a festive cruise ship with passengers waving an evening or two after that and last night a ship that I think is the kind that carries new automobiles inside.

    Last night was the first night I wore a light jacket over a sweatshirt. It’s a jacket I haven’t worn much since the dog walks mostly ended (the long ones anyway) a couple years ago due to my wrecked knee & the dogs’ getting old and having back and hip issues.


    Still missing those two.

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  9. what a cute fox. and such wonderful pictures.

    Now I have to go write a lament.

    I shared this morning in a group circle and cried. Then they all decided to pray for me. It just left me with a feeling of peace.

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  10. Cute little fox!!
    Thankful that our Lord has covered you with His peace Jo. And thankful for fellow prayer warriors…

    We have about 6 inches of wet heavy snow. I shoveled about 4 inches from the drive but stopped short of the area in front of the garages…that’s going to take some whittling away bit by bit! Cold but gorgeous!


  11. Adorable for sure! As was the fox. Though with the fox I was thinking ticks and rabies. With the beaver I was thinking fur trappers and what beautiful creatures they are and how God has designed them so perfect for their task.

    We serve an amazing King.

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  12. Nice dam, Janice, loved the little footbridge, very scenic.

    Since this is the theme, here’s the story of the Hollywood Reservoir built in the 1920s

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  13. Puppy is home, and seems very happy so far. We are winning the housetraining battle so far, but we’re also being hyper watchful.

    He had a little nap in his crate then came out and napped on the floor. Ate his supper and is playing outside right now.

    We are really enjoying him – even Duke 😊. The cat is a little unsure yet, but did come out of the shop to say hello.

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  14. wow, everyone is going fishing. There is a pond here that you can walk around, but I have been getting over three miles a day just walking back and forth. Also the pond has alligators in it, no swimming for me.

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  15. That is a big dam, mumsee!

    Janice, I see my cousin’s daughter graduated from her college. I am not sure if she is back living in Missouri or in Georgia. My cousin is so blessed to be alive. The car was demolished. She has a lot of glass embedded in her skin. She is very sore, but it sounds like they are going to try to get her up soon. I am so glad she is alive. She lived with my family for a whole summer, along with her two brothers, and we were quite close. Now I mainly ‘see’ her on Facebook.

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